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I'm 27, have three children, and breastfed for a...

I'm 27, have three children, and breastfed for a significant amount of time, so I lost a lot of volume, and feel droopy. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this because I know what I want, but wasn't sure if I was being realistic. I really want my breast size back, and my nipples to be leveled.
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I was so nervous and excited about my consultation that I was shaking and my palms were clammy. I felt awkward about getting undressed in front of a male doctor, and was scared that he would rip me apart and say I needed a full body transplant (Hahaha). I was relieved when I met him because he broke the ice by coming in and talking to me first, and then left the room so I could change into the cape. He was so down to earth, yet professional, and managed to make me feel better about myself because he said things weren't as bad as I originally thought they were. He gave me his professional opinion, and I was happy because I knew he was right; and he NEVER suggested any unnecessary treatments or procedures. Dr. Bohley was kind, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. He answered all my questions, even the ridiculous ones, and explained everything clearly so there wouldn't be any surprises. Dr. Bohley's staff were all nice, funny, and helpful. They were understanding about my busy schedule and somehow managed to squeeze me in to get my consultation, and were also able to schedule me in for surgery without any hassle. The best part of all: I Ieft Dr. Bohley's office with my head held high, feeling confident, and better about myself because he helped me realize things aren't as bad as I anticipated, and with his help, it's going to get even better.

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