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I saw Dr. Chan for Asian eyelid surgery. I don't...

I saw Dr. Chan for Asian eyelid surgery. I don't have an eyelid crease, and wanted him to create one but in a very natural and subtle way. I didn't want to look unatural or different-- just a small amount of double eyelid.

I found Dr. Chan by referral from a family member who has seen him for other facial surgeries. I wanted an Asian surgeon who I felt comfortable working on my eyes.

I had a consultation with Dr. Chan and his manager Yvonne. They were both great-- very informative, kind, and sincere. He told me exactly what to expect, and I felt confident in his knowledge and skills. We looked at pictures of other patients he had done, and I felt comfortable with his work.

The procedure was painless, but I swelled up after surgery. I looked like a monster and my son was afraid to look at me.

Once I healed, the results are amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better upper eyelid. I am so happy I found Dr. Chan and would recommend him to anyone needing facial surgery. I did see one other doctor before deciding on Dr. Chan. Dr. Chan was a little more expensive, but hey-- you get what you pay for! It was worth every penny to know that he is a professional at what he does. I have no regrets about the price, procedure, or results.

Thanks for sharing.  How are you doing now?

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Great surgeon, very kind and compassionate. Does excellent work.

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