23 Year Old Male, Coolsculpting (4 Abdominal Areas) - Portland, OR

23 year old active male who has never been able to...

23 year old active male who has never been able to get rid of the "side rolls" or "bottom tummy." I have always been below 21% body fat, I went in the procedure weighing 210 pounds, being 5-10 and was hoping to be able to see elimination of both side rolls and lower abdominal fat. I consider myself an active individual who will go to the gym 5x a week and do cardio 3x a week which consists of at least 15 minutes of jogging at a speed of 6.5 mph. I have never been able to get my body fat % low enough to be able to have a six pack, let alone even eliminate the "side rolls" in my abdomen. I was pretty hesitant to go into this procedure as it is not one that comes easily financially. I found the doctor online and my appointment was set up within a week. I spent less than 5 minutes with Dr. Rajani who was too busy doing other procedures. I went in and was given an evaluation by the technicians assistant. I was treated by "dual-Sculpting" which in reality is only two machines working at the same time. The procedure time took 2 hours as two areas were being treated per hour. The cost was $2000 dollars. In all honesty I felt scammed and uncared by the staff as they seemed in a hurry to get me out of there. It has been 3 weeks since the procedure and I had bruising the first 5 days along with severe itching sensation. I had no down time I went to the gym the next day to jog and I felt just fine. Since the procedure I have been careful to workout 5x a week and do cardio which I now do 30 minutes a day 3x a week. Has anyone ever had any experience with this doctor? I decided I will take weekly pictures of my progress within my stomach.
Thanks for starting your story and sharing pics! Photos really help you to see the progress you're making, and I hope you get the results you're looking for.

DualSculpting seems to be catching on. Was it uncomfortable or painful during treatment, having two areas treated at once?

23 Year Old Male, Coolsculpting (4 Abdominal Areas) - Week 1

So I am posting some updates a little late because I been busy. I decided that I would take pictures every 7 days (week). as this would allow me to see and share my progress. Since the procedure I have continued my exercise routine while avoiding any fast food. Below are my week 1 pictures (7 days after treatment). I also decided to attach a picture of me flexing my abdominal muscles. I figured this would allow people to see if there was any progress.

23 Year Old Male, Coolsculpting (4 Abdominal Areas) - Week 3

So once again this is a late post but the pictures are accurate. There is no week 2 results because I forgot to take them and it was already thursday (my procedure was done on a monday). So I decided to simply wait until the following week to take pictures. Since week 1 I have continued to go to the gym 5x a week as usual. I have limited myself to eating out once a week. I don't think I see any results. Also since my procedure, (21 days). The only follow up email I got from Dr. Rajani was when I requested my "before" pictures. In fact he didn't email me, it was his assistant. Pretty disappointed that Dr. Rajani hasn't followed to ask how I felt or if there were any improvements. Once again the last picture shows me flexing to show any improvement in abdominal muscle visibility.

23 Year Old Male, Coolsculpting (4 Abdominal Areas) - Week 4

its been 4 weeks (28 days) since my procedure of "dualSculpting" I still feel like I am not seeing results. I think this puts me at the 1/2 line that most people see results. I have read that results take 2 months to see their full effects. Since week 3, or the past 7 days I have decided to add more cardio to my routine in order to burn the immediate extra calories (fat) within my body. I still feel like I am not seeing any from my previous week 1 and 3 pictures. My cardio consists of doing the stair stepper (I consider this the hardest cardio machine) for 30-50 minutes. I have been building to up to 45 minutes at 60 steps a minute. If I am not doing the stairs I have done a 3 mile jog at a pace of 8:30 a mile. I don't ever do cardio without pushing myself to the limits but so far I am disappointed with my results. It is even more disappointing that Dr. Rajani has not followed up I wish I could see other people who have actually gotten treated by him. Hoping the next month is better. Those who have had this procedure care to share what I can do to improve results. My diet is carefully measured and I don't think more cardio is the solution considering I am doing over 45 minutes a day 5x a week.
I'm considering this myself and had asked the PS who does my Botox about it. He said he was never a believer until he got it himself, but also added that the improvement didn't come until 6 weeks later. Stay focused on yer workouts and hopefully you'll see results soon! I did see a slight change. I wonder if you would benefit in doing something like us girls would do like sleeping in a girdle to train the skin and muscles to be tight? Just a thought, I've had friends do it after having kids and they slimmed down really fast. Also try asymmetric holds, let all air out of yer stomache while laying back flat and then suck in and hold yer stomache muscles as tight as you can for as long as you can that works for me. Good luck, keep us posted on yer progress!
I am hopeful that I will continue to see results. I am currently doing weightlifting 5x a week while maintaining it at 12 reps. I also continue to do cardio doing at least 15 everyday and doing 30 minutes every other day. Never heard of the girdle, will have to read into it. thanks for the kind comment. Hopeful that these next 4 weeks are better.
I forgot to add that this procedure only takes 20% of fat cells out,it's NOT as effective as smart-lipo But no scars or incisions and needles.

23 Year Old Male, Coolsculpting (4 Abdominal Areas) - Week 5

Well this is week 5 and still going strong. Not really sure I am seeing results, still keeping up with cardio making sure to do the daily amount. Although I feel healthier and stronger due to the jogging I still feel like I am not seeing results. I tried to put shorts on didn't feel like they were any looser than before. I am currently at 217 pounds, I have noticed that I have gained weight (perhaps muscle). Although my waist isn't increasing. This post is a little late I will be uploading my week 6 pictures tomorrow. So its been 6 weeks or about 1.5 months and I still have not heard any follow up call or any follow up email. At this point I strongly do not recommend Dr. Rajani, and if anyone is able to comment if they had any experience (positive or negative) with him it would definitely be appreciated.
Hey there, just checking in with you since now is about the 10 week "magic" mark to see what your final results are and how many inches total did you lose around your waste. It's been about 6 weeks for me and so far it's about 1.5" loss around my waste from a 37.25 to about 5.75
*35.75 not 5.75
Wow I can't believe they never even followed up with you! I have heard some people need a couple treatments and if that was something you wanted to do they ruined any chance of that happening! Yer still only 6 weeks into this so give it more time, although I'm sure I'd be obsessing about it if I was in yer shoes too. How long did they say that the results could take? 2-3 months? I mean if someone were to want a 2nd treatment how long in between treatments do they want you to wait? I'm looking into it in October I believe so hopefully you'll have some more improvement by then. Ya think it's something that perhaps works for 1 person and not another? Just weird when they said they were more extreme about it and you feel like yer still not seeing much. Hope you get a nice surprise in the next few weeks and the fat starts coming off :)
Dr. Anil Rajani

The Clinic was under Dr. Rajani. I spent 0 minutes with him on the phone. All my questions via phone were answered by his assistant Alexa who had been trained to perform coolsculpting. When I got to the clinic the assistant Alexa didn't even attend me or carry out an evaluation. The assistant apparently had an assistant named Aimee who carried out the evaluation and the procedure itself. Alexa would step in ocasionally for 30 seconds or so. The clinic's wall showed that Alexa had a certification to perform Coolsculpting but nothing showed that Aimee was certified, she didn't even have a name tag or anything. Dr. Rajani came after I said I was going to get the procedure to say that I had made a good decision and that he was excited to see results then he stepped out and thats all I saw from him. In all honesty this was disappointing, after the procedure he didn't follow up with me at all and its been three weeks and have not heard from him. If anyone else has ever gone to him I would LOVE to know how your experience was. It is currently week 3 since my procedure and they say that it takes over two months to see results. At this point based on my results, or lack of results so far I would say that I do no suggest this procedure to anyone. Or perhaps at least not this location.

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