Within Weeks I Have Bubbling Pain on Left Side and Cysts on Right (And Lots of Pain) - Port Orange, FL

Within weeks I had a bubbling feeling on the left...

Within weeks I had a bubbling feeling on the left and went into see Dr Slade. Granted some say his bedside manner is not the best but he was always polite enough. I also told him I thought I had cysts on right side. He said he felt nothing. Sent me for a mammogram and followup with ultrasound and yes I was right. I had cysts. Even if he didn't feel them I certainly did (I have since have them removed surgically elsewhere by a PS that I trust) But the bubbling continued. I went in a time or two or three? altogether but just felt like they thought I was crazy (EVEN THOUGH i had cysts and was right when he didn't think I did) But the bubbling on other side got worse, I got sick, sicker , couldn't even work.

Finally went to Dr Susan Kolb in Atlanta a few months ago and had explantation. Turns out the left one was indeed leaking. Granted if saline leaks into your body - saline itself is not harmful but with a leaky valve (is what we guess with Mentor saline smooth under the muscle) SO close to my heart it really wreaked havoc and created a moldy environment. I had called Dr Slade to explain I was having them out in Atlanta and could they remove the stitches take out tubes, do the explant check up afterward. The rude woman said go to your primary care doc for that (uh primary care doc? Is going to do all that? My PC doc didn't feel comfortable doing that!

Again I was happy to pay Slade 4 yrs later to take out tubes and stiches as I couldn't stay in Atlanta a week after explant surgery. I called again after I got back from ATL and I couldn't find anyone who could do this. They still refused even if I PAID and said they were too busy?! I was in tears , said my PC cannot do (actually turns out my PC doctor during that whole week too which was sad (in his 80s) so I was going to a walk in place to have it done (emergency care- as these drain tubes HAD to come out and stitches) when I passed Dr. Zamora's office just by coincidence literally in the same building. I walked in and even though they were busy they agreed to do it. 200 dollars. I'd never met the surgeon (great plastic surgeon I hear and he did a great job) WONDERFUL bedside manner and very understanding. No one could believe Slade's office refused. Even though I had leaking implants, never asked him to replace them, never asked for anything except to pay to have my stitches and drain tubes out after surgery in Atlanta at a well known surgeon's 4 years after Slade put them in. Oh and when I went to ATL they required a deposit but accepted the rest by credit card day I arrived.

I found out Zamora and Dr Lentz (another local surgeon here in Fla is the same) but at SLADE's I had to pay the WHOLE amount in advance CHECK only (if i recall WEEKS in advance!??!) I should have known that was a bad sign to start out with. I live with a doctor (who isn't a surgeon and his practice isn't local and didn't feel comfortable taking out drains and stitches) and he was appalled when he heard me on the phone w Slade and felt so bad for me. Zamora saved me. I'd see him or Lenzt if you go to local surgeons.

Oh and Slade is NOT in Orlando. he's many miles away in a small town called Port Orange. I will never be going back there and recommend you don't go either.

Should say my Primary Care (PC) doctor ended up...

Should say my Primary Care (PC) doctor ended up dying during that week. That's only change. So thankful I found other competent surgeons in my area who actually care.
Hi, found your story by doing a search for Dr Susan Kolb. Did you do a review of her explant? I'm researching for an explant/lift. Thanks!
Hi Hope! I didn't do a review of her explant but really need to. She saved me! :) My boyfriend (Dr Mercola- who is a doc but more into natural health these days) and I both knew Susan. She has been such a blessing. We didn't know I also had Lyme disease at the time (just got back positive blood test- had a while as I got bit by a tick BEFORE getting implants) but implants just made everything worse. I lived through the surgery though and she's an artist at putting me back together and did a nice lift (Natural looking too) She was on Discovery channel too recently (a little cheesy how they did the program but she is the best -really cares about her patients) You can tell her Erin and Dr Mercola sent her if you end up going to her. They get pretty busy there so if you leave a message they will call you back. She's in ATlanta not too terribly far from the airport in a nice comfy office and I like that her surgery center is RIGHT there. Everything is there. She's been there years (think nearly 30 yrs as a surgeon) I need to write up a review to help others. I'll do that. I am doing SO much better after getting them out. I didn't get better immediately (other friends I have who went to her personally got better faster than I did) but then thankfully that showed me something else was wrong, we did the Lyme test and solved the rest of the riddle :) getting treated for that too and now all my problems just about solved lol... I was surprised how good everything looked afterward. i was left w actually a small C cup lifted and very happy. (Just happy to get them out too as I had mentor saline smooth which are known to have leaky valves and mine caused mold.. Hope this link comes through- if not just do a search Dr. Susan Kolb Monsters Inside me Discovery Channel... I hope it goes well for you and feel free to let me know :) She's really the only one I'd go to is her because she almost does all exclusively explants and that is not an expertise as most docs as it is her. You might get insurance to cover it too. My friend's did but mine went bankrupt (my own ins co!) at that same time (ugh) BUT my new insurance Blue cross probably would have paid for it. Good luck! :) XO Erin (oops just tried to include the link and it won't work. do a search for what i said and it has a short (really short) program at her surgery center w what she does.... The tv program is cool and very short.

You've certainly been through a lot! Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Read my review above of why. It explains it all. Oh and they'd totally "dropped" over 4 yrs by the time I had to take them out. My explants (with no new implants put in) look better (with a nice lift) than the implants he put in. I will never go back and will tell everyone who asks about my story.

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