Not as bad as I thought it would be!

I had pretty small boobs until i gained weight a...

I had pretty small boobs until i gained weight a couple years ago. My boobs went from a d to an i...thats right I said an I. I am 38I cup right now. it hurts when people only look at your boobs. i cant wear tank tops or pretty dresses. bras cost over 100 dollars. and i get rashes and my bras dig in.

My sister had a reduction years ago and loves it. She was very large as well. So i decided to go ahead with it. Luckily in canada it is covered if you are over a certain size

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Well i have 22 days until surgery and I am so...

Well i have 22 days until surgery and I am so scared. I have an anxiety disorder so I am usually scared of everything. But this is taking it to a whole nother level. I have panic attacks when I am not near an exit. I cant go into malls and stuff like that. So how am i going to survive a hospital? I really want the surgery but i am so scared :( I dont know if i will be able to handle it or if i will run out screaming. Hopefully the anesthetist will help me out with some drugs i can take before i even get to the hospital


I know it's normal to feel anxious about many things especially having surgery and the more you think about it the more anxious you become. I remember having several sleepless nights before my surgery, going thru the what ifs & fear of the unknow....However what helped me a lot to calm my nerves was the reassurance of so many around me that had gone thru having a reduction. Besides the wonderful testimonials of those on this site, along with whenever I mentioned that I was having this (or thinking of having this) procedure someone always seemed to know someone who had gone thru it too. It was amazing how so many others had a reduction. And all those I heard from had the same thing to say - "it was the best thing they could have done for themselves" & that they would "do it again in a nano-second". Dwelling on these comments really helped me a lot!

I had my surgery on Jan 20th so I'm 2 weeks post op and thankfully doing very well. Every time I look at my new boobies I'm so thrilled that I finally went thru with having them reduced. I was always known for my large breasts - someone actually used to call me "boom boom"! So finally, at age 57 & never having had major surgery, decided to do this. All I can say is that I agree with others, it was the best thing I could have done for myself. The surgery wasn't bad at all. It all goes by so fast & you don't remember much. I wanted to go in as early as possible so I was at the hospital by 7:15 and home by 3pm. I was mainly sleepy the first day due to the anesthesia but didn't need to take any of my prescription pain meds, only took extra strength Tylenol and that was sufficient for 2 days. The pain was very tolerable and the proceedure is over before you know it. I know that others have been given anti-anxiety meds before hand which I believe did help them to relax so you may want to chat with your PS about that. I wish you the best as you move toward your big day. I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax and think positive thoughts about your new look and how much better you're going to feel. You will be so happy you did this and relieved once it is over. Again, that day goes so fast & then you're on to the healing. After 2 weeks I've resumed many of my normal activities. So try to focus on that day and how much better you're going to look & feel. We'll be thinking of you so please continue to keep us posted.
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I understand your anxiety but honestly this is not such a bad procedure.  The results are far worth the little bit of discomfort you have for a short time.  Just focus on how excellent you will look and feel with some perky new breasts.  This will give you a complete confidence boost.  

I have attached a link to some tips on Dealing With Surgery Anxiety.  Give them a try and I think you will find they help. 

Keep us up to date on how you are doing.  

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Well I just got a comment that sealed the deal. A...

well I just got a comment that sealed the deal. A guy said that i met online said that he had seen me petting his friends dog in the area before. and his friends wife said "those are the biggest boobs I have ever seen" sealed lol


I too,am scheduled for breast reduction surgery,Feb.16,2012.I struggle with anxiety as well,I have started have heart palpitations and sleepless,toss & turn nights.I try to reasure myself that it will be well worth it in the end..I am a D40 going to a C40,so not to drastic,but mine hang low so I can't wait to see them perkier.
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yes i started having palpatations as soon as i got the call with the surgery date. i got all scared thinking my heart was going to give out. so i had all the heart tests done and they cleared me so i feel better now...but i am still scared of being in a hospital bed hooked up to an iv. I will be thinking about you on the 16th
I agree with the women above! I had mine done on Jan 17 and it was the best thing I could have done to get my esteem back! I am standing straight, tall and proud! I am wearing clothes that I hadn't been able to wear since having kids. It is so worth it and the recovery is really easy! I have had a lot of surgeries and this was by far the easiest recovery!!
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Today I went for my pre op appointment with my...

Today I went for my pre op appointment with my surgeon. Itdidnt help ease my nerves at all. So that sucks, but I do need it done...i think. I will have to see if this is a mountain I can conquer..or just another one that i fall off of


In two days I will be having my surgery and I am scared out of my wits. I am trying not to punk out and not even go. I have to have faith.
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yes getting there is the hardest part i least once its done its done..even if you still have to stay in the hospita. just try to remember tht it will be worth it
well he answered all my just nervous about being in the hospital and being hooked up to an IV. i have anxiety so being somewhere that i cant escape easily and quikly is terrifying to me...also not being in my own clothes is scary too
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Today I went to the hospital for the pre admission...

today I went to the hospital for the pre admission nurse and anesthesiologist appointments. They explained everything to me and asked me tons of questions. I let them know about the problems my sister had with throwing up so they are going to give me some preventive meds for that and I am going to take a couple of ativan before i get to the hospital. I will be into the day surgery where they have recliners to sit in while you wait. and my mom will be able to be with me through all that which also helps. So after my meetings with them I am feeling much more confident. Also that hospital is tiny!!!


Hey iowa thanks for asking. Im in almost no pain but i am very naseous. When i close my eyes i get dizzy but im so tired i want to sleep. So i am kind of stuck in limbo. He took 2 pounds off each boob and the nurses were amazing. I didnt have a single panic attack!!
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Hi Kitten.  How are you feeling?  Hope you are recovering comfortably.  Let us know how you are doing!
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Hi Kitten.  How are you doing as your day gets closer?  It is ok to be anxious about this.  It is pretty normal even for people who don't normally suffer from anxiety.  Just keep thinking about how much you want this and how you have to go through this to get to the place that you want to be.  And are NEVER stuck anywhere.  There is always a door you can get out of and you are surrounded by professionals who will know how to help you if you have any trouble. Wishing you the best of luck!!
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Well its done! You all know how terrified I was...

well its done! You all know how terrified I was but the day of i was completely calm. May have had something to do with the two ativan i took lol. So i got to the hospital at 630 am because i was first on the list. It seemed like it went so fast. I went back to get changed into the gown and socks and the nurses asked me some questions, the anesthetist came and talked to me and so did my surgeon. Next thing i knew i was taken back to the marking room where my surgeon drew all over me like a 2 year old on a wall. I went straight from that room into the operating room. I laid back on the operating table and they were attaching things to me, I felt the iv go in and then i was out. it was a matter of seconds! I woke up without issue. I didn't throw up or feel nauseous. They gave me an anti nausea before i woke up though because my sister got so sick when she had hers done so that may have helped. When i woke up there was a nurse sitting at the end of the bed and as soon as i started talking they gave me two oxycodones. I started talking about miscarriages for some reason and when i was laughing and such they moved me to the next recovery stage. Thats when my mom got to come and sit beside me for the rest of my time there. I had compression stockings on...those things are awesome! they are like a constant leg massage. it was so nice. I had a heated blanket and was in no pain at all. I had the SWEETEST nurse. man I got so lucky with her. then the oxys kicked in and every time i closed my eyes i hallucinated...mostly good things like dogs and cats crawling all over me. But when i opened my eyes nothing was there. That kind of freaked me out but o well. So the next time that i was supposed to have meds they offered me oxys but i didn't want to take them. So they gave me t3s instead. Which i had them cut up because i suck at swallowing pills. So i took those and went back to dozing off. then i had to pee. Took me a long time to get on my feet, luckily the bathroom was only a few feet away. Again my wonderful nurse walked with me there and told me to ring the bell when i was done. So I did and she came in and flushed the toilet for me and helped me wash my hands. She walked me back to my bed and i fell back asleep. At that hospital they keep you in recovery for 6 hours to make sure you don't hemmorage or anything.And that time flew by. Before I knew it it was time to go home. But i had to pee again first. So my mom walked me to the bathroom and came in with me and after i peed for 5 minutes she flushed for me and helped me wash my hands. I went and sat back on the bed and my mom helped me get my pants back on. They sat me in a wheelchair and gave me a bag in case i threw up. I got wheeled out by one of the nurses from first recovery. She said i seemed to know alot about miscarriages and TV shows lol. I told her i was hoping that was a hallucination lol. So i got helped into the car and we headed home...good thing they gave me that bag. I swear my mother has never driven so awful in her life! And i didnt have any water. I needed water. So she pulled into a little store and did like 2 3 point turns and i almost barfed. But i didn't lol. so we got home incident free and i went straight to bed. My mom has taken excellent care of me waking up every four hours at night to give me my meds. I slept like crap because i have to sleep sitting up on my back. I am used to sleeping on my side. Oh, I forgot to mention. My surgeon took 2 pounds off each breast. and because there was so much fat behind my nipple He said that I have sunken nipples now because the fat was pushing them out. So there are a few options i have with that if it bothers me...but i don't think it will. we will see. So here i sit in bed again watching hockey and writing to you about how proud I am of myself for going through something that terrified me when i usually quit. I get the drains out on Monday and will be more free feeling i think. I also got a really cute compression garment to wear (see below picture) SO I have to wear this for four weeks. but like i said its cute so i dont mind. I get to start showering after I get the drains far so good. Although I am still freaked about the possibility of hemmorage and hematoma....oh and one more thing. when i got home last night i had a message on my machine with a job offer at a local pet supply store...RIGHT AFTER I HAVE SURGERY!?!?!REALLY?!?!?! so i called them today and said i cant do anything for four to 6 weeks. especially since i will have to lift stuff. so hopefully they still have room for me at that time...


Glad it went so well!! Hope your recovery goes very smoothly. Getting the drains out is awesome!
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Glad you are doing so well Kitten!  And that you did so wonderfully at the hospital :-)  Get plenty of rest and allow yourself to heal, then you will be ready to tackle a new job!
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So glad it went well : )...yes the day seems to fly buy.I"m exactly 10 days post op,I feel good,they are starting to itch,been told thats a good sighn that their healing,have had no issues,will get my tape off on this tuesday,then I will post the new girls,can't wait till I can sleep on my side again,go back to work on Monday(light duty).My husband loves them by the way,says how perky they are now,don't hang down to my knees anymore lol.Dr just has me wearing a tank top with a shelf bra in it,I've never been able to wear those,its GREAT!
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Got my drains out today. He told me to take a deep...

got my drains out today. He told me to take a deep breathe but it didnt hurt. the most painful part was when he was cutting the stitches that held the drains in. Man do i feel better having those out! They are so gross. So I have to go back to see him in 2-3 weeks. Took a shower today and was scared my stitches would rip but they didnt...phew! Also took a new picture for you guys to take a look at.


Thank you so much for writing your story! It was hilarious by the way with the dog & cat hallucinations, I was cracking up!!
AND you look FANTASTIC!!!! You must be SO pleased! Rest well and keep us posted!
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Well I had to go to the dr yesterday because i was...

Well I had to go to the dr yesterday because i was leaking pretty bad. I called my surgeon but they are on spring break till the 28th lol. So I went to my family doctor. he pulled the tape off the bottom part of my boob under my nipple and said "yup, its infected" Great! so I have two raw spots, one worse than the I have to take 2 different kinds of antibiotics and put polysporin on them everyday. Its pretty freaking gross. I feel like my boobs are gunna fall off lol. But I know its just my head. So I have to go back to my family doctor next monday so he can check me out again. I have a feeling when I see my surgeon hes gunna flip out that the dr took the tape off lol. But it was getting pretty nasty from all the dried goop on it. Anyways thats the update!


That is rotten! Sorry to hear about the infection. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon and you are back on the road to recovery!
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Well sorry about the infection. Wish your doc would of gave you another surgeon to call just in case. Sounds like you are getiing it taken care of. Hope it heals up fast!
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Just took the rest of the tape off so I thought I...

Just took the rest of the tape off so I thought I would send over another picture. You can kind of see the raw spots but they are healing.


Congrats! Bet you feel as if you have really been set free!
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From your photos you can really tell how much higher they are! How's the infection? Hope all is well, you look great!
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hi kitten,,,,you sound exactly like me,,,i have aweful panic,i had a simple procedure last year and got up crying and refused to have it done,,the anesthisiologist reassured me they have good stuff for panic and they did cause seemed minutes later i was all done! ive had a few mri that freaked me out though,,if i ever need one of those i will surely take a xanax before going,im so happy to see you went through it without panic and you are recovering,how is you coming along,i notice you havent posted since you said you had an infection,? i hope all is going great for you!
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Dr Ukani is based out of port moody BC Canada. He is a great doctor and is realistic about what will look good on your body. He gave me confidence and answered my questions. He is a really nice guy and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get this procedure done that lives in the area. He had no issues getting me approved for surgery.

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