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I Deserved It After 92lbs Lost! Port Huron, MI

Hello. I've been addicted to this site since I...


I've been addicted to this site since I googled all about tummy tucks. I love how people get back to you and have weekly pictures and updates. I decided I'd post my experience to help and for my own refection.

Right now I'm 2 days post-op but before I got to this point I lost an outstanding 92lbs (give or take; depending on the day). I was small in highschool and new I'd have no boobs once I lost the weight. I was a part of the itty bitty tittie club and was very insecure about it.

I also knew losing that much weight I'd have loose skin, and I remember googling if it was worth to lose the weight and have the skin.. I used lotions and creams like crazy, but I got the loose skin anyways..

I decided to promise myself that if I actually lost the weight I'd get a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck.. Well, I did it and I rewarded myself.

I haven't seen my suture yet, or belly button and truthfully I'm nervous to see them. I hope all my hard work wasn't ruined. That's the thing you work your butt off to have the final result in someone else's hands.. That's tough for me; I like control..

So far: my butt is numb from sitting all day. My boobs I can see half of and so far I like them. I got 400cc. The BA doesn't phase me, because the TT gets all the attention.. The BA just makes moving harder because I can't use my arms..

This morning I felt sick but realized its because I don't eat in the middle of the night with my perks; I will tonight though! I haven't pooped yet :( it doesn't hurt but worries me.. I may do a enema tomorrow; I used them before surgery and had issues before so I knew I'd have trouble with it..

What else.. My pain is mostly in my back and I can't walk very well. If I'm on top of my pills its not horrible, but would love to get off them. I'm not a pill person and think they do more damage than good but right now they relieve me from agony so I'll take them..

Swelling: I'm usually a sweller in my feet and hands but I'm not to bad! My vagina is a little and I have no idea if my stomach is.. I'll know that in three days. I'm excited for that.

I'm nervous to post me before photo I need some time for that.. But, eventually I will.

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post-op day 3

I knew from others that day three was a rough one; physically and mentally. I prepared for the Boohoo me day..

I ate with my pills last night, and it didn't help. I was so close to puking this morning. I felt awful! Its not the direct pain from the surgeries its all the indirect pain. Like, my neck hurts from sleeping in a recliner; which causes a massive headache that makes me want to puke. My numb butt issue is getting better; I'm sitting on a blow up raft thing, and it works.

My back hurts from walking. I try to walk at least a little bit and even ate outside with my family. Of course with tons of help!! I can't do anything on my own yet :(

My left boob is hurting but is probably normal. I've cut down on perks but still use them.

I wasn't too emotional today.. I'm hanging onto all the ppl who are up and moving on day 5.. I can't wait for day 5!

Oh I pooped with a suppository, and not much at all. Hopefully that's not a bad thing..

Oh and I should mention how much I miss laughing! Soon enough :)

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My before and post op day 2


I'm so glad you started a review! I hope your numb butt is feeling better as each day passes. And, YAY for poo! You're doing awesome. Sending you healing vibes.
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best of luck to you
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I am happy that you are doing well.
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Day 4

It's true it dies get better each day, and it's amazing how much one day makes! I'm walk a lot more, and sitting up more.

I still can't get out of this recliner without help, and I'll be by myself tomorrow; eek! I can get up if I'm sitting upright so I'll have to do that all day. My little girl comes home today too, and will be in daycare tomorrow.

I'm still hunched majorly and my left boob still really hurts.. Like the implant hurts.. I don't see the doctor tomorrow; it's changed to Thursday. I hope everything is okay, and that's why I want to go so bad.. If my boob didn't hurt I wouldn't be worried..

I've really cut down on the percocets and only take them when needed.

What else.. I haven't showered.. I'm not sure how all these amazing women did half the things they've done.

So, for all the ones feeling like: why can't I do that... I can't do anything and I'm a little slow on progression.. But, I and you will get there :)

So I guess why big question is how do I fix my R rated photo??? Like can I take it down and replace it with one with a sticker on my vaginia.. Lol


Awe, thanks! Your scar and bb look amazing! Hope mine turns out good. I'll know Thursday :).
Thanks so much!
Thanks much appreciated!

Day 5

Much better!! I wrote a big long story and lost it :( I'm doing this from my phone so it takes awhile.

The good:

-I'm moving around more
- I pooped freely!! Lol tmi
- I got up from my recliner twice last night by myself!
- off pain pills

- couldn't sleep I was soooo agitated.
- left boob still hurts... Thinking its muscle pain because it hurts more to rub with same arm but not nearly as much with opposite arm... Which makes me happy that its not an infection.
- I officially stink and need a shower...

That's all. Day 5 is as great as everyone describes :)

Now come on day 8 - 10 so I can walk upright!!!

And post op appt on Thursday.. Can't wait to see my belly button and scar.. And of course ease my crazy mind and know all is good.

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Day 8

Yesterday I had my post op appointment, and finally got to see my new body. I was terrified to see it because I am a bit of a perfectionist. As he took the bandages off I didn't even look down, and closed my eyes when I was placed in the mirror.. But, guess what?? I LOVE it! He did an amazing job! I'm so relieved. I was worried for about 3 months about the scar and belly button, and that worry is gone!

I'm still swollen, and I look awesome! I even have a bit of AB definition and Dr said I'll likely have a six pack once I'm done swelling! YAY! That was my goal. Before surgery I was working my butt off to achieve a six pack but it couldn't be seen with the stretch marks and loose skin... I could feel it and sort of see it, but now I'll actually see it :)

I've tried on some shorts and the ones that were baggy on me and about 1 to 2 sizes too big fit! The ones that were a perfect fit do not.

Overall I feel great. That scares me because I want to stay inactive and get the proper healing in. But, if I feel good I'll over do it. I already went out shopping yesterday before my appointment, and want to venture out again today, but I am going to take it easy.

Oh and my daughter has a nasty cough right now... Please pray I do not get it! I sneezed once and wanted to die!

Now that everything is okay I'm going to focus on healing, and making sure I do not get an infection. That;s my main concern!

And for anyone curious I weighed 140 the day of surgery, and I now weight 137. I've weighed 135 weeks leading up to the surgery though. Also, I weighed my self POD3 and was up to 149, so its normal to gain a lot in the beginning its just fluid. I wanted to track to make sure my fluid retention was going down. I'm worried I'm losing muscle too though!

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Day 10

Well Day 8, 9, and 10 have been swell hell! I got my bandages off and ever since then I'm swollen. I just want to get the bandages put back on! I'm going through the blues, and from reading so many other blogs its normal; I suppose.

I rather not see my tummy than to see it like this. I'm regretting my decision 100%. I love my BA, but hate my TT. I just keep thinking I wouldn't be constantly stressed because I think I have a seroma every other hour, and I wouldn't be so immobile. I'd basically be healed, I wouldn't worry about infection either!

I miss my old body! I miss looking in the mirror and being proud that I accomplished that. I miss that when I was feeling fat (which I do) I could run it off, or do Pilates. I've been eating so good better than when I was trying to lose weight, and I'm still so fat. Ugh, I hate feeling this way. I hate knowing I spent a crazy amount of money to feel like this.

I also found out that the stretch marks that were about the belly button stay and anything below goes. Well, just my luck I have them all above and beside, so guess what... I still have stretch marks lovely...

In the end I paid thousands to replace a little bit of loose skin for a hip to hip scar... As of right now it was not worth it for me. I had no lipo done, and the ABS are already healed which tells me they weren't the stretched and from before pictures they weren't that stretched..

I feel bad posting this but this is suppose to be real right? These feelings are real.

I'll let you know if I feel any better about my decision, and I really hope I do.

I want to add this has nothing to do with my surgeon at all; he did an amazing job. Its the tummy tuck procedure in itself.

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Here are my before and after. Doesn't even look like the same body!


Don't feel bad about being honest. This is definitely the place to write how you really feel. I'm sorry that you are unhappy. You're about 2 weeks out, right? Maybe even standing up straighter and moving around a little easier? I hope you are feeling better soon. Also, you look pretty darn good for only being 11 days out in your last picture.
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Two weeks!

Alright, I'm at the two week period; yay! My body has changed so much from the last time I wrote. Day 12 I had a doctors appointment, and got my stitches out. Before my appointment I took my spanks off (I didn't have CG or Binder, or drains) to wash them, and I noticed my swelling went down. I figured not wearing it to my appointment would be easier, because I wouldn't have to take it off. So, I left it home.

What I noticed?? My swelling went down incredibly. I found it weird and talked to my PS about it. He said that I can definitely experiment but he didn't think it'd work. I can tell you it worked! I have wore the spanks since and I'm Flat!!!! I of course have some swelling but I'm only a half inch bigger than before surgery! I can live with this swelling, and I am not depressed about it.

My point is don't be afraid to experiment.. What works for one person may not for another.. I find it weird because I know a lot of people have there CG's and yet I found comfort in wearing mine, but there's no chance I'll wear it again. I worry I may slow my process, but I think I read somewhere swelling hinders healing too.

As for pain; I'm not in any.. I some times can fell my incision, but for the most part I feel nothing. I feel like I can do anything, but I remind myself I should take it easy.

The count down until I can workout is on!

3 weeks and 6 days :)


Thanks! I just didn't want to scare or change anyone's mind on a TT, or be negative. I'm doing so much better now that I fired out it was my spanks blowing me up like a balloon.. I have swelling but not as bad and is something I can deal with.

3 weeks post - op today.

Hmm, what to say about being at 3 weeks... I basically live for the next day now, and constantly think about my tummy tuck.. I've went up in weight because I eat too much, and cannot run it off. I eat too much because I am depressed on how swollen I am. Obviously I shouldn't do that, and I am doing damage control now.. I am going to smarten up!

I realized my recovery is completely different than most. I had drainless, and garment free recovery. I know you may be thinking that's why you're so swollen, and it very well could be. I tried spanks and it made it worse.. I also noticed that I am more active than most, and have been going out for hours since day 8.. Again I know you may be thinking well that's why I am swollen.. No oddly enough I tested that theory.

I sat around the house one day to see if I swelled like I did when I carried on with my regular activities and by the end of the night I was just as swollen as I was before.. Its not like I'm hugely swollen its just the bottom abdomen has these two bulges, and I hate them.. Plus my butt swells, and makes it hard to fit in any clothes..

Aside from swell hell everything is healing nicely.. As far as I know. That's another difference with my recovery is that I have only seen my incision twice.. I wear steri strips and cannot see it.. My belly button is open a little because the stitch came out too early. It has a little drainage but I have been very good with cleaning it and make sure it's taken care of. It just may take longer to heal because I have to make sure it heals inside out..

My breasts incision is fully healed. My breast swell with the rest of me too. I believe they are pretty much in place, but would really like to feel someone else's beast implants so I know what they should feel like. Mine aren't super soft, but not as hard as they were..

I start back at work in 10 days, and hope I can fit in some pants... Swelling and my fault for that... Can help but eat I'm bored!

Happy healing to all.

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Almost 4wks post-op

Today I go see my doctor for my 4 week post operation appointment. I didn't have to see him in 3 weeks because I was healing nicely. I cheated and took off my strips yesterday to have a peek at my scar and its pretty much healed. Two spots are slightly raw but not bad. My belly button is still open and oozing. I only care because I want it healed. Other than that spot it is healed, so it would have been nice if it wasn't open.

I am still swollen of course. I have been watching what I eat, and is considerable a lot less than before surgery, and a lot healthier. I am an inch bigger than before surgery on my hip area (where I'd like to wear my jeans). I've went shopping a lot lately and have tried on clothes because fall is coming and my size 4 pants are not fitting and don't see it happening anytime soon.

Before surgery I'd shop and had a huge issue because I'd buy everything. Everything looked good.. Now, Everything looks horrible and I have not bought a single thing.. I wish I could be like all the other girls on here and happy and excited that they have the body they've always wanted.. I wonder if its because I didn't have much to change before surgery..

My doctor said the average skin weight taken is 2 pounds, and mine was less than a pound. I also see that the majority before picture have bulging ab muscles that they couldn't tighten, and mine weren't bad, and lastly I didn't get any lipo.. I wonder if this is why I am so disappointed with my results..

Before surgery measurements:

Weight: 135 - 140
Chest 32 inches
Top waist: 30 inches
Bottom wasit/hips: 34-35
Butt: 35-36 inches
Jean size: 3 - 6

After surgery:

Weight 140 - 145
Chest: 37 inches Whoo-hoo)
Top waist: 32 inches
Bottom waist: 36 - 38 inches
Butt: 37 inches (which would be nice if it was because I was doing squats.... But no its way flatter/fatter)
Jean size: 6 - 8

So, yeah those are my results for 4 weeks post operation, and have had those same numbers since 2 weeks post operation. First week I was barely eating so was down a lot due to that. Then with the swelling because of the spanks I was up there, and when I eat like I did before surgery I shoot way up there...

I eat around 1000 calories a day now. First week I was getting about 800. Before surgery I was eating 1500.

Today at my appointment I am hoping to get approved to walk on a treadmill, and stepper. I also want to have a bath, and find out if I can wear tight jeans or will it ruin the scar.. Which is the only thing going well for me, so I really don't want to ruin that!

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4 Weeks today

Well I went to my doctor appointment and didn't get approved for anything. My swelling was out of control at the appointment. The doctor suggested going back to the spanks, and I did. They have helped, so I am really confused, but will keep with what works and I have to say I prefer wearing them because I feel more secure. I don't worry about hurting my scar or bb as much.

I am still swollen though, and can fit in most pants/shorts. My really tiny ones not so much. Although I can fully say its all the swellings fault; I haven't worked out in 4 weeks! I have noticed my definition in my arms and legs are fading. Which I find odd that it takes forever to develop the muscle but 4 weeks to disappear.. Oh well muscle memory and when I can exercise it'll be back.

Oh yeah, so I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone business. Well, because I was fat before and then lost all the weight I was questioned for being a drug addict (lovely jealous people) well now because of the stupid swelling I am the talk again, and the jealous people are saying I am getting fat again.. Its so depressing even if I know it won't last..

My belly button had a stitch left in it which caused it to be slightly infected, and delayed the healing too. I will post a 4 week photo of myself too.

Plus side I only have 2 weeks until I can exercise!!!!!!!!

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4 wks

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5th week

Things are settling down and not much is changing. I still swell later in the evening, but not nearly as bad as when I said I hated my tummy tuck. I do not hate it anymore, and I am happy I got it done. I am just waiting to be fully healed and perhaps fit in my old jeans.. I question if I am just fat (or gained weight) or if it's swelling. I believe I still have swelling.. I am not sure.. I can't wait until i can go really hard at the gym and work on my abs!

I have went back to the gym but I simply walk and use the bike. I do an hour. I don't swell like crazy just the normal amount that I swell at night. I do wear two compression garments when I work out. Also a fun fact they don't make small CG's?!? I have to get a medium and they fit like a swimsuit would.. I wish it was squeezing the heck out of me.. Oh well.

I am just trying to get into a routine with going back to the gym that way when I am allowed to go back to normal I will already have a routine established. Hopefully next week I can begin running/jogging.. Oh and perhaps weights, squats, and push-ups! I am not going to get to excited to be allowed to do ab work because I've read that isn't allowed until 6 months, boo!

I was on my feet for a good solid 4 hours and my back killed me. I am wondering if it's my boobs..

Anyways all my whining and complaining I did before is over. I like my tummy tuck and love my boobs! I will love my tummy tuck when I can get my big ass into all my jeans.. lol

I will update at 6 weeks.


They do make size small CGs... depends what brand. I've even seen XS! I don't think I could starve myself into a small CG bcz of my hips! :)
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6 Weeks tummy tuck post-op

Alright.. I have went back to the gym and even jogged for 5 minutes; twice. I jogged at the 5.3 mph. Before surgery I ran 45 minutes at 7.2 mph, so I have a long ways to go. I did some weights, but only ones that focused on my thighs and biceps/back.

It felt so weird to jog, and I could feel a slight pull in my tummy. My boobs felt really weird running.. I also do the stepper at a lower speed than before surgery. I like being back to the gym, but wish I could be "normal".. I'm trying to get there.

I still cannot fit into my tiny jeans :( So depressing because I've already made it there through weight loss and I don't like that I have to do it again, but I am determined to get back to that. I have started my very strict diet and trying to get to my crazy exercise routine. The swelling should be minimal right now but I am still about 1 - 2 inches bigger than before surgery.

I weigh less than the day going into surgery, so that tells me I lost muscle. I should also mention the hardest part about jogging again was breathing. My chest felt tight and I could expand my stomach enough to get a lot of air... My incision on my hip is fully healed, and my belly button is pretty much healed too (slight peeling and little dry)

Also its very very hard below my belly button and I wonder it it'll soften up.. I have to say my scar is sooo thin and I like that. I have some bruising still just around the incision.

I can't wait to be at 8 weeks post-op because I believe they say that's basically your end result.. I can't wait to know what I am working with. I've come to terms with that I will not have the results I (a perfectionist) wanted.. I'll still have some loose skin, stretch marks, and fat..

Also to note I am still slightly hunched.. Which must just be habit and I am hoping once approved I can go to a chiropractor just in case something is out.

Ill update at 7 weeks.


You look and sound wonderful! I'm 5 months PO and just feeling like I'm back to my old self in terms of working out, although I'm still not doing ab work. So, you are doing great, especially at only 6 weeks out! The swelling will dramatically lessen over the next couple months, but you'll still get puffy at times. Try Orchard Corset for small shape wear. The sell a lot of Vedette and that brand makes even an XXS in some of their products. Here's one that comes in an XS and might be a good replacement for your Spanx: http://www.orchardcorset.com/shapewear/vedette-134-dual-compression-latex-waist-cincher-w-boyshort-bottom/.
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You look good in your 4 weeks picture.
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Thanks! I think we're our own worst critics, and I find it especially hard knowing I got to a size that I loved and now I am not that size after paying a lot of money... I will get there, and eventually love it.. :)

7 weeks!


Alright since the 6 week mark I have returned to jogging and no longer walking. I jog at about 5.7 mph for 45 minutes. Still a little off from where I was, but I am confident by October I will be back to that point. Oh boy did my muscles hurt! I also am still doing basic weights, and will ask next week at my appointment if I can start back extensions which unfortunately use ABs too.

My weight isn't changing but I figure because I am re-gaining the muscle I lost. My leg muscle came back and look awesome; same with my arms.

I also like the thought that I can lose more weight and not worry about my boobs so much.. I use to always look down and see bones, and it'd discourage me from losing more weight (chest bones). SO, I love my boobies!

As for tummy tuck.. lol my roller coaster of a decision. I am still the same size, and I am losing hope that its all swelling.. I am hoping through diet and exercise I will be able to get rid of whatever it is and return to my old size.

I also still have loose skin when I bend over, and it depresses me. I want to ask others if they still do too, and even when I sit I have a roll. I still think my tummy tuck is an improvement just not exactly what I was expecting; especially for 7000 dollars.

I am very ify on if I would have got a tummy tuck again. I'm not sure if the money, and pain was worth it. If it cost less perhaps it would have been worth it, but I am not sure. Again maybe in a year I will say it's worth it, and I really hope I do.

I also want to add once I started exercising a little harder my incision went purple and blue. I immediately contacted my PS and sent a picture of my bruised incision and everything was okay. Thank God! I was worried I'd be told to stop exercising.. lol

I did find one small CG and I where that one for exercising but I think in my town and surrounding areas (up to an hour and half away) have sold out of small ones! So I where them religiously but perhaps they're too big and not really doing much.. I wonder if loose skin will be the result of that and I will not lose the swelling.. Hmm no idea.

Nothing else to report..


Wow. That's alot of info. $7000 is alot for a TT. Mine was $4400, I believe. I remember being VERY hunched over the first 3 days after sx (almost to the 90deg angle!) and thinking, is everyone hunched like this? I read RS reviews where some were saying it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be and they could almost stand straight right after sx! But my PS said I was like that bcz he pulled me extra tight and boy, i could feel it. If I tried to stand straight, it felt like I would rip in half. The upper part of skin right under the boobs was stretched so tight it was shiny! Anyway, now 1.5mos later, I know why - bcz he stretched as tight as he possibly could so I would be totally flat. I don't know why some PS's are more conservative than others in their techniques... and you won't know for a few months whether it was technique or is it just 'swell hell'. :/
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But you're definitely right about one thing and something I can confirm - it's alot of pain and trouble to go through again, now knowing what we know, and I don't know if I'd do the TT again. Boobs - YES for sure. TT - iffy... I'm glad I'm over that hump and don't want to do it again (same feeling I have about having kids!).
Yes, it was expensive! My boobs were 6000! I was hunched for a longtime too! I still notice I'm hunched.. I think I need to go to the chiropractor and get re-adjusted.. I'm glad I am not the only one who is iffy about the tummy tuck! I agree it is just like having kids and after having one I said no more.. lol So, perhaps I wouldn't do the TT again. But, then I think I would not want these nice boobs on the saggy belly.. lol

8 weeks + 2 days

I am a little past the two month mark; yay! Nothing much has changed other than the fact I am approved to do anything. Which I've tested out some old moves in the gym and even though I have to rebuild I feel like I am getting back to normal.

I now am up to 6.3 mph, and I go up from there during my 45 minutes. Although I forgot what it was like to hurt all over from exercise, and man does it suck lol. I use to strive for that feeling before surgery, so I knew I was making progress. I think after exercising so long you just don't get that feeling too often. I am now looking forward to that again.

Everything is healed completely and swelling isn't bad at all! I still swell a little at night but there's not all this fluid in my love handles. That scared me the most I thought it was fat but my love handles are back to normal (I wish he would have lipo'd them! lol).

There are some pants that I still can't get into.. But, my dang eating is not good! If you can't tell I am the girl who exercises to keep their weight and the food part screws me. I would love to lose another 20 lbs but I just don't see it happening for me.. Who knows though.

So far I'd have to say I like my tummy tuck, and my boobies.

Was it worth it........ Yes. That is coming from a perfectionist.

Also I have started accutane (yesterday). I don't have server acne but persistent and have tried everything in the last two years to rid of it. I had amazing skin all through high school, and then I got pregnant and it all changed.. Gezz and people wonder why I stopped after one. I've paid a lot of money to get what I have before pregnancy! Hopefully I will not go through the worst before it gets better phase.. I have went through that with every drug that was suppose to help. They usually do help after I go through hell, but then just go back to normal.

The only thing I found was after surgery I had amazing skin because of the antibiotics! Oh, is was lovely.

Anyways I will try to write at 9 weeks, but it'll mostly be about my skin now. I don't see much changing with my TT and BA.


Loved reading your journey!! I'm glad you are doing so well now. It sure is a long road of recovery. I'm 11 days out and really see myself in in your you when you were at this point. Gives me hope for the future!
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You look amazing! I think you'll love your TT especially if you're only 11 days out! I can already see your abs.. I think if I can grow to like my TT anyone can.. As much as I hated hearing "it gets better" it really does...

9 wks and 4 days!

Yep I am slowly missing the weekly updates.. To be fair my daughter had to come home early from school because she is sick, so it gave me an early day too. I thought I better update, because it really bugged me when other's didn't post anymore, and I was left wondering what happened! lol

I will be posting a few pictures too. I think everything looks good. I didn't show my boobs, but trust me they're perfect. I love them, and sometimes I get boob greed. Which is something I thought I'd never get because I wanted small because I wanted to continue to run without black eyes ;)

Anyways. I am not quite where I was before surgery with exercise but I had a reality check when someone mentioned that I am only 2 months out from major surgery. I was thinking ONLY?? But, I guess I was assuming all would be good after 6 weeks, and when it wasn't I was disappointed. I still am a little but I will get there. I've done burpee's, jumping jacks, fast feet, jump rope, jumping squats, and rockstars. Basically everything except full on sit-up.. I've even done planks..

One thing I find is that it doesn't feel like this is my stomach... Like it feels like its draped over my body and it's not contouring to my abdominal... I wonder if that makes sense..... I wonder if it will ever go back like it was... Almost like it's too tight... I don't know, if anyone else feels like this please let me know..

Accutane: nothing to report, some dryness but not much.. I am on 10 days and still have acne...

Overall I realize how lucky I am.. I had a problem free major surgery. No drains, no compression garment, no openings, and no infection!

Tummy tuck...... Most likely worth it! Especially once I'm done healing :) As in, can do exercise without worrying about it... :)

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9wks + 4 days


Great review...honest and forthright. Glad you are happier now! You do look great!
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Thanks! That means a lot!
Dr. Rafai

He is nice and did an excellent job on my friend. Hoping mine is just as good, if not better :)

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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