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Girls I need help with this, i'm 44 and had...

Girls I need help with this, i'm 44 and had ALOT of surgery from a hit and run accendent. my whole right side from heel, ankle, knee, thigh, hip, arm, jaw and cheekbone and nose! Can not work out enough to lose weight 10-15lbs gain back (roller coaster) dont laugh.

I'm 5'0 and 185lbs. Had 5 children (28,18,17,11,10) and 5 c-sections. alot of my weight is belly. I want a ftt but Im scared that doctors wont touch me because of my weight..I dont want to look like a super model,I just want to see my crotch again.waste of money or go for it? oh im also a smoker:( is this a big deal or just frowned upon? help i'm so confused!

Ok going for consult tommorrow in miami and gonna...

ok going for consult tommorrow in miami and gonna do it!! lost 7 lbs. and only smoking 2 cigs. a day for 4 days got alittle time to be completely 4 wks. clean before surgery. god i sound like a crack head!! lol in all honesty it proberly is the same feeling. im a nervious reck because i never thought i would go under the knive by my own choose!and after all my surgerys,16 from hit and run accident and 5 c-sections,i hope im not pushing my luck on what some would call vanity. we,ll good luck to ever body and ill post soon.by the way im just nervious cause i dont think god himself could talk me out of this one!!!!
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OMG!! Fot, it is gonna be sooo tough -no lie! But I send you strength, you CAN do this!! Just keep telling yourself what is of utmost importance in your life. You are having the TT for YOU --you gotta quit for YOU! ...easier said than done...I sooo know! I gain 10lbs almost as soon as I quit smoking, each and every time. And I am miserable already, then I feel fat, and I just keep stuffing my face... til I get fed up and start smoking again. It's a vicious cycle, but I think I may have it figured out this time LOL. I had my TT Apr 4th and my PS actually refused to do it if I was still smoking. I actually considered lying to him, but I couldn't handle the "what if". What if I spend all this time and money and emotion, and I botch it over cigs? What if I get necrosis and I am the only one to blame for an irrepairable tummy? Anyway, PS said smoke free for min 6 wks before and 4 wks after surge... I started quitting in Dec, but I couldn't break my 2 cigs/day (before n after work in car) until Feb... the very day of 6 weeks prior! And let me add, I had all intentions of starting again in May... but I didn't... YAY me!!
I can relate to your (nico-inducing) stresses as well. I was dealing with some heavy child and husband issues pre-op as well. I had to remind myself hourly why I was quitting, how important TT was to me, and tell myself that it was only temporary...I've been through worse shiz in life...As I'm sure you have too.
Stay strong Girl! I'm here for ya :)
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Hi Fort,

Let me be honest (with no harm intended)... it does look like you swallowed a bowling ball! It is clear to see that that poor tummy of yours is not porportionate to the rest of your body. And also, in all honestly, you can work your little tail off (w/o pre-existing limitations), but there is no way that tummy will shrink to your frame... and you're only 44yrs young.

I have no medical knowledge, but in my humble opinion, with some personal experience/perspective, I say go for that FTT! Sounds like you have had mummy-tummy for 3/4 of your life, and sounds like you have endured a lot that took a great deal of perseverence... you deserve to "see your crotch" -LOL Not to mention, you will feel like a super model!

As for smoking... EEP! As taboo as it is in everyday life, it's thrice fold in the tummy tuck world. But, I promise you, you are not alone! After 20+ years of smoking (and many failed attempts at quitting), I quit pre-surgery. It was one of the toughest things I ever did, and has been the hardest "quit" yet. Trying to quit at a time of high anxiety and stress, and while trying to skim off all extra pounds, was extremely difficult! ...and keeping quit ONLY for the sake of surgery takes massive will power :(
But in graver reality, the risks of smoking with a TT are insane! Now THAT would be a complete waste of money. (Please research necrosis.) I am 5 months nico-free, and I still miss it daily... but the TT, for me, finally became MORE important.

I agree with Kimmers... stay focused, you will get there. Best wishes :)
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thank you for your insight, i am gonna do it and guiting smoking is sooo hard!!!!!!! 4 days and i always smoke w/ my morining coffee and when i take a bath!!! so for 2 days no baths for me(and i have a huge jacuzzi tub)lol and i cant quit coffee, so im down to 2 cigs aday. but i have some time to try to break that one and ive lost 7lbs.consult tommorrow i am a nervious reck>>i hope i can drive 4 hrs w/out smoking, better yet i hope my husband can!!!!lol oh did i mention i wanna eat when i grave a cig.god give me strengh cause between my 18yr.old (who is leaving for school in 4 weeks and not ready and thinks hes a man since his 18th b-day 11 DAYS A GO) and my 28 yr.old who keeps leaving her asshole boyfriend and always going back to him, "I STILL LOVE HIM" and the tt and cant smoke ,im gonna have a nervious breakdown!!!!!!
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First let me say congratulations on stopping the smoking.  That is a very hard task to accomplish but the health benefits will pay off.  You will be glad in the long run.  Not to mention all of the money you will save. 

And also the weight loss!  Wow you are like Super Woman taking everything on at once.  Keep chewing that gum and it will help you through. 

Drink lots of water to flush your system out.  That will also help curb the hunger pains.  Also try suckers or blow pops.  They taste good and help you through the worst cravings.

Generally fat under the muscle is what you need to loose with diet.  And the fat on top of the muscle is the areas they are able to lipo.  See what your doctor says about that. 

Keep me up to date on how you are doing.  And if you need some support to help you through any of this process please just ask.  I am here:)

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thanks i'll let you know what they say on sat. omg nerves and not smoking are not a good combo:) did you see me my before pics? do i look 180 or do i look like i swallowed a beach ball?
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Darlin you have had children, gained and lost weight, been in an accident, had c-sections and your poor tummy has been to hell and back,

Don't stress yourself out over the pictures.  We have all had our "not so fun" pictures posted.  That is what we are all here for...to support each other. 

Just stay focused on the not smoking and healthy eating.  You will get there and this will all be behind you soon. 

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kimmer, thank you and ill do it, ive got to!!!! consult tommorrow in miami, nervious,nervious nelly!!!but im ready and i will be 4 wks.clean by then maybe a little bigger but not a smoker!!!lol my husband is being great about the whole thing and i dont know if hes smoking at work but from 6pm-5am he isn't!!! god i hope my legs can with stand the drama my body is about to go through agian!!! im a old bitch now, should of did this 10 yrs ago after my last baby!!!i hope he tells me the fat is OVER the muscle not under, i dont want to go through this fro nothing,omg my husband would never let my live that one down!!lol well i go on later, thank-you and talk to you later
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LOL you are not an old bitch.  I was older than you are when I started this process.  People can't call us old until we are 90!

Well you can do this and have already started the process.  You are on the road to the new you so just keep moving forward.  I know you can do this!  

If your hubby is smoking at work then whatever.  As long as he is clean around you that is what matters.  You do not need the temptation.  Keep chewing that gum. 

Your body will make it through this and soon you will be sporting a new bikini with the rest of us "Old Broads"..LOL

I am anxious to hear how your consult went...


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hi kimmer,my consult went horrible!!! i was suck in miami for the whole day and nite with my husband who thought after my consult it was gonna be this romantic getaway (kidless)and i was so depressed after he proberly wished he stayed home with our animals lol our kids r a handful!!!! i actually cryed during (as he calls it a mercy lay)i was a little better by breakfest. we stayed in hotel til noon and (he was happy then)they we went to south beach til 6;00 dinner and home (4 hr ride)the said i have to lose 20lbs before he can do it!!! i have fat under the muscle that will pretrude even with a tummy tuck... and he said "i gain weight like a man in the belly only! beer gut!!!!" i dont even drink... he said my back has hardly any fat and my hips will look great after a tummy tuck. he also sayed ive got great natural boobs and and they are firm and round (nipples are facing forward) he wouldnt do anything to them! my husband was a little jelous at that point because the whole time he was talking hes hand where on my boobs!!!lmfao great tits and a beer gut!!!!! i want to crawl under a rock and die!!!! we'll time to starve my self.....no one said this was gonna be easy. talk to you soon
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hi kimmers 25..thank you for the links my husband and i quit smoking 2 days ago and doing ok go for a consult on sat 7-16 in miami and found out all the plates and rods in my body are almost 15lbs. and ive been dieting and lost 6 pds. in aweek and a half...so hope to lose 15 more. what does it mean if the fat is under the muscle or on top of it? thats what hes checking on sat.??? so nervious and cant smoke and since i quit smoking i am moving surgery up to last week of sept. hopefully the first week is the worst cause my mouth is tired from chewing gum!!!
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The first thing you need to do before even considering this procedure is focus on your health.   You definitely need to stop smoking before jumping into this.  That can really complicate and hamper your healing process.  It's just really dangerous.  Risk of blood clots, poor healing of the wounds, and a hole lot of other very scary things.

As far as the weight goes most surgeons want you to be within 15-20 pounds of your ideal healthy weight for optimal results. 

With this procedure comes a very long and hard recovery.  You really need to be in tip top shape and ready to tackle this one head on.  I am not trying to scare you or be a Debbie Downer but only want you to have the facts. 

I have attached some links which contain some really good info.







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