Depressed and Upset After Veneers

I had to broken upper front teeth due to an...

I had to broken upper front teeth due to an accident when I fell on the stairs when I was 9 back in 2001. Well fast forward to 2011 am now 19 and jumped at the opportunity to get my teeth fixed. But have regretted it since the moment my prep was complete.

My front two teeth were shaven down to near stubs despite my opting for veneers in the first place due to less tooth removal. On the first session the dentist drilled away quite a bit of tooth but the problems began when he called me back for more grinding. When I tried resisting he was so rude. I didn't want to left like that so had to get my teeth grounded down further.

The only consolation is the fact that there has been little pain after the procedure. I am just happy I only got 2 veneers because I've heard horror stories of people getting 6,8,10! I will try my best to take care of my remaining natural from now now so as to never chip them or get any sort of decay problems.

All in all I just want these to last at least 15=20 years hopefully. The dentist is willing to replace them for free for the next 5 years if anything goes wrong. I would not recommend them.


I'm17 and I have a full set of veneers. WHY are you upset?! They probably look amazing, I got them done in 2010 and haven't thought about it since! Kinda cool actually :) Eventually I may need them done again but my doctor said that they only really need to be if I don't like the color but otherwise they should be set!
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They tell you they are shaving your teeth down, before they do that.
I am getting 9 Veneers and Bridge, which means they are removing 1 tooth,
BTW I am 15, (:

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I never had any of my teeth grounded and i have porcelein veneers. I would go to another dentist! I will say when i first got them done, the next day one came off and i was mortified, but its been 4 years and not one has
Come off since!! I will say i wasnt happy at first but it took some time to get used to them. They made noise, mouth hurt, and my teeth felt huge.
But like a new haircut guess you have to grow into them. I just fear havng the pay for them again! It was an expense the first time!
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