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40yr Old Mommy of 2 Ready to Have "Normal" Tummy Skin Again - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Hello, I had my full TT and Lipo to outer hips,...

Hello, I had my full TT and Lipo to outer hips, flanks and outer thighs on the Dec 30th. I did it!-- still can't believe it's behind me. I delivered my oldest daughter almost 11 years ago via c-sect and my second little girl 2 years later also via c-section and since then I have just had very saggy, wrinkly skin. I had stretch marks below and above my belly button and everywhere else. Growing up I was a string bean and when I got pregnant at 29 I was still small ( wish I could still be like that) but my first baby girl was big and I got huge! I've wanted this forever but have been so scared of the surgery thinking What if I don't make it, what if I can't walk for months, who will care for my family as a recover, how can I miss work ( I work with my husband part time) I'm spending how much on me! But 8 days post op I guess I did it! The surgery went well- afterwards as others have said u feel okay. I spent the first night in the surgery center ( which I liked and is one of the reasons I picked that surgeon) and had to walk for the first time at Midnight. I had 2 c-sections and I recalled that feeling of literally not being able to walk. I had a pain pump and pain Meds so I was okay. I'll tell u when I walked the outside of my legs and hips burned a lot!! But I kept telling myself to suck it up-- it's worth it to have the fat gone!! I came home to my rented recliner ( yes I suggest it!!!) and the 1st day I got up every hour -I walked to the bathroom and. that wore me out till had to do it again in an hour. To me the pain level was okay but hardest part was the muscle spasms- to me it felt almost like a contraction but higher on my rib cage. The first shower was hard, that darn binder hehe, but by day 2 I did it alone, I was very slow but I did it. I'm post opt day 8 and I can walk up and down my stairs, I am sleeping in my bed, still hunched over, my drain is out so I can get the binder up and down easier (thank you God) at my appt today they removed my drain ( I was terrified but ladies it didn't hurt) removed all my stitches and sent me home. I'm doing this day by day and everyday I get a little better!!! -- tx for reading

Photo post opt day 7

Post op day 9

9 days post op-- still swollen but the bruising on outer thighs from lipo is fading!

13 days post op

Here's the first shot with my bathing suit bottom on hiding my scar and one showing my scar. I still look puffy to me at the top of my bottoms. I go back to work tomorrow for about 4 hours-- nervous. I am feeling good as long as I take Motrin. I still get very sore if I do a lot. Drove today. Everyday I am a tad stronger. At 13 days post op
1. Sleep in my bed with pillows-- not comfortable in my side yet
2, about 90 %upright when I walk
3. Only taking Motrin
4. Stomach still feels very very tight
5. Wear binder garment 24/7
6. My lipo leg bruises are about 50% gone
7. Emotionally feeling better

Hiding scar

Back to work post TT 15 days

I don't know about you guys, but when I drive my tummy feels very tight. So driving was hard. I was exhausted after work and I only worked 4 hours geez but I did it and made sure I got up every hour and walked around. I'm feeling about the same honestly, still tight and sore and when I've been sitting and stand up at first my legs really hurt from where I had lipo--is that how you guys feel? This darn lipo takes forever to heal but my legs are smaller so I will not complain. Sleeping is easier since I can sleep on my back flatter than last week. I still walk hunched over like an old lady but I know its worth it!

??? A second scar???

Am I the only one with the normal TT scar that goes from hip to hip and another small scar/line that runs an inch below my new belly button to my TT scar (perpendicular to the TT scar). I did not know I was going to have a scar there but my doctor said it was bcse of old belly button skin? That is the only area that is not healing great. Just wondering if anyone else has 2 scars and if so how are healing .?Thank you

23 days post Op

First big news I ordered a bikini from Victoria secret!! I can't wait till it arrives and I can't imagine wearing it!!! Yah! Well life is going well! I am still sore on my outer thighs from lipo?? Is anyone else still dealing with lipo soreness? I feel much better- still wear compression garment 24/7 but I drive, sleep in my bed, my scar is healing well but im not loving my vertical scar ( trying to be patient!) - I still feel swollen! I still move slower but I'm getting there! Looking forward to working out at week 6! I'm taking arnica, trying to eat well and still going to bed early! Happy Healing everyone!

Stomach Virus urghhhhh

Ladies I need to whine!! Late Saturday night 24 days post op I came down with a yucky stomach bug and I am still under the weather. Urgh. I missed work today, I am back in my bed, I'm hunched over bcse my stomach hurts from gas pains. Today I'm better and eating saltines but still I don't want this or need this. I am sorry to whine. I'm just being honest!!! Okay my vent is over.

34 days post op

For some reason I woke up today and was much flatter--no swelling-- it lasted for a bit and it was amazing to really seen my results but by noon I was puffy again. I had a skinny margarita last night so I didn't deserve to be flat-- who can figure out this swelling thing!!! Urgh The only bad part was without all the puff I saw the stretch marks that are still there-- I'm 100 x better but still I have some :-( . And my VS bathing arrived, it looked scary on me so I sent it right back ha! It was the top that fit all funky-/ I need to try them on in person. So....At almost 5 weeks post op here's where I stand
1. Still wearing CG 24/7 it's a love hate reflationship
2. My clothes are loose!!! That is the best part!!!
3. Trying to realllyyyyy watch my diet since I'm not exercising yet-/ going to try to walk more this week. Miss the gym
4. Sleeping well on my side except the CG drives me crazy at night
5. I still take Motrin a couple of times a week-- I'll just feel sore and achy-- usually at night
6. Still have the tape on my scars-- they are healing great except I wish my vertical scar was smaller flatter -- trying to be patient
7. I still am very careful about lifting anything -
8. I still take arnica 3 times a day
9. Lipo sites are much better but still tender -- mainly outer leg
I'm hanging in there and excited to heal even more!! Tx for reading!! Best of luck everyone!!

8 weeks Post Op!

I can't believe I'm 8 weeks post OP! Crazy, I'm posting some pictures-- you can really see my vertical scar which in time I know will heal-- patience!! Urghh!! So I'll bullet point my progress
- since week 6 I'm soo much better- not as tight in my tummy, don't need Motrin ever, not as tired--girlies for me that was a big week
-I'm back in the gym-- I am at about 60% but I'm there-- running is still too hard, I do the bike, stairclimber, lunges, machines with lighter weights than before my surgery. I'm am going @ 4 days a week but this week I'm shooting for 5!!!
-- only wear Flexiis at night-- never during the day-- getting easier to go without them
--pants, underwear etc, irritate my scar bcse they sit right on it so I'm wearing granny panties- lovely!! but it keeps the scar sheets on, keeps pants from rubbing so...for now it's granny panties for me! Ha!!
--I'm still swollen especially after I work out :-(
-- I'm down about 7lbs but I've got to stay tight with my diet I'm 5'7 and weighed 140 bfre surgery and I'm 133 now. Goal is 128.
--no complications so far (fingers crossed)
I'm still soooo happy!! So thrilled I took this leap and did it!!! Happy Healing Friends!!!

More pictures post 8 weeks

9.5 weeks Post Op

Ladies!! 9.5 weeks post op is great! Here's some shots in my work out clothes! I've been "getting my fitness" on about 5 days a week! Feeling good-- not 100% but I'd say 90%! Some specifics:
1. Trying to jog more on treadmill-- I run walk about 3 times a week. Lipo on outer legs bothers me when I first start jogging but I'm just pushing through it--
2. Doing weights (lighter) but I'm doing strength training
3. No ab exercises though I feel like you engage your abs when doing lots of other moves
4. Only wear spanx about 4 or 5 nights a week
5. Swelling: yes after I work out-- and swollen right over BB always
6. I feel overall a lot better this week-- still tight but better!!
That's it for now!! Happy Healing!!!!
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You have had results!! You look fantastic!! What a difference.
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You look great!! :)
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Thank you!!! Every single day gets better!!!
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You look great! What are you using for scar tape? I honestly don't think that your vertical scar looks weird or obvious, in fact your scars look great. I'm still in granny panties.... actually hipsters (somehow they seem more fashionable :-) but.... Good luck on your further progress.
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I'm just using BioCorneum on my scar. Are you still using the strips? You look great too--thank you for the kind comments.
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You are looking awesome. When did you turn 40? My birthday is beginning of June and my mom's is 4 days later and she'll be 60. So we are having a big party together. I love your pics we look like we have similar body types, I've always been really thin as well until the girls then came the lovely belly.
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Ahh thank you so much!! And...how sweet you and your mom have such close birthdays and can have a party together in June--you will be looking great by then!! You will be all healed and flat!!! I turned 40 last August and my husband threw a dinner party for me--it was really fun and sweet!! I think it was that birthday that made me decide if I am going to do this TT thing I need to do it now so I can enjoy it!! And yes, I was always skinny growing up but my two girls did a number on my tummy. I do hope you are feeling better! This first week is hard but so worth it I promise. Every shower, every time you pull that CG up and down, every workout (when you start) gets easier. My girls were a huge help (I don't recall if your kids are still at home) but if they are--I hope they are helping:-). Good luck!! Glad you got some new meds so you don't feel sick and you can sleep!! Happy Healing!!
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My girls are 14 and 12 and have been really helpful. Today is going to be my first shower....a little nervous but I know it'll be fine. I'm just happy that I'll feel clean!
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That first shower is the hardest!!! don't get discouraged!! But feeling clean is the pay off and then a nap. I remember now your girls were a little older than mine--yes little nurses :-)
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you look fantastic! i have a vertical scar (my old bb) and it is becoming less noticable. You can get laser treatment to lighten. I'm starting my laser treatment next week (on whole scar plus vertical). I have olive complexion, so my scars are always dark.
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I'm as white as a ghost!! Wish I was darker-- I've been following your laser treatments and can't wait to see the progress!!
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You look great! I ordered my bikini from VS too! I got 3 bottoms and 2 tops. I think I got that backwards tho, should have gotten more tops since I'll prob wear swim shorts mostly...
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Thank you!! So fun to be able to wear bikini tops this year
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you look great xo
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I've been searching this site for people who have vertical scars because I'll probably be getting one too. It will fade eventually. You look great!
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Thank you! I had no idea I would have that scar till after the surgery but who cares-- before I had grey yucky, wrinkly skin! Now I'm fixed vertical scar or no scar!! Thank you!!!
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You look great! Your scar is nice and thin. Sounds like you've mastered the scar sheets! Happy 9 weeks tomorrow!!
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Thank you Yayme22! We made it to 9 weeks-- yah! I'm doing great thank you!! I hope you are too!! What a journey! Txx for checking on me!
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Hey girlie, how you doing? Do you wear your binder at the gym, or just spanx? Hope you're feeling great!!
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Hi YayMe I've been to the gym 3 times- no binder just tight Capri workout pants--it went pretty well! I'm really feeling a lot better after week 6! I did the stair master, bike, can't run yet- hurts in my thighs where I had lipo, I did some machines (lightened the weight) I'm getting there just slowly! How's the gym for you? How are you feeling?
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Your 2 month post pictures are fabulous! I bought a bikini from Victoria's Secret too! I got it in the mail and promptly tried it on! LOL Isn't it just so exciting?! Has your surgeon told you yet that you don't need the compression garment? When he says you don't need it anymore, ditch it :-) Happy healing!
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I ditched it at 6 weeks! I emailed the nurse and she said I didn't need it even when I worked! Ahh heaven. I do wear it at night sometimes though or if I swell to much. I'm actually only 7 weeks -the site says 2 months. I have started back at the gym and its going okay. I did push it too much the other night but I think I've figured out how much I can do. I will post pictures tonight. I am beyond excited about the new me!!! I just can't believe this is my new body. Yah for all of us!! Great motivation to eat clean and hit the gym. TX for the message!!
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I do the same thing when I look in the mirror: Is that really ME? It's crazy! So glad to hear you ditched your binder! I still wear my Spanx to bed though ;-) Looking forward to your new pics!!!
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Happy 6 week Anniversary! I hope you are continuing to heal beautifully:)
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Lexi you are so sweet. I just can't believe we are 6 weeks!! Yah!! And I read your update yesterday and saw your pictures. Wow!! If you look at your before in the same "outfit" then your after its night and day. What a good idea to go see Dr. S. I've been wanting to see him too but have been sending Sharon pictures once a week (mainly bcse of my vertical scar) so she's been very helpful. What are your plans for your compression garment based on what he said? I think I'll try to work up to just wearing mine at night. I need to go to the gym--I've been scared but here we are at 6 weeks so I guess we can start slow. We should meet for lunch one day!! Just too crazy we had it on the same day. I'm going to post pictures this week. I bought a bikini yikes!! My vertical scar is still not pretty and I'm praying it flattens. Again, tx for the good wishes and congrats on your progress. You look amazing!
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