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UK Tummy Tucker - Surgery - Poland

Well Ladies, I have read all your facinating...

Well Ladies, I have read all your facinating stories, your befores and afters, your highs and lows & now it's time for my journey to begin. You have all provided me with so much help & information & I thank you all.

I have wanted a tummy tuck for as long as I can remember, - I have 3 children, the eldest being 20 & my youngest is 9. They were not big babies but I had an early menopause after donating my eggs & the weight in my tummy area has been sooooo hard to shift ever since being on the horrid HRT.

I can dedicate myself to a healthy lifestyle and the the gym yet the blob around my middle refuses to go. So here I am, funds in place, flights & hotel booked and I am ready to go! I decided to go to Poland because all the clinics in the North West were so slack in following up my initial enquiries, I got very little information from the few who did bother to call or email me back & those that did just did nothing to encourage my interest.

I rang the London based phone number for the clinic in Poland & have not looked back since. Nothing has been too much trouble & every question has been answered. I have avidly been following other ladies on this site who have also been to the same clinic & it seems that they have had faultless experiences & terrific results.

I am getting a little anxious now, it is less than 2 weeks away & I just wish it was over with! I am trying to be healthy & eat well, I have been trying extra hard at the gym but I think I am just going to calm it down & patiently wait!!


My partner and I are staying at the Leo Apartments. I arrive on 13 Sep late evening. Also having thigh lipo and doing boobs. Not long to go now! It's so exciting.
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My partner and I are staying at the Leo Apartments. I arrive on 13 Sep late evening. Also having thigh lipo and doing boobs. Not long to go now! It's so exciting.
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My partner and I are staying at the Leo Apartments. I arrive on 13 Sep late evening. Also having thigh lipo and doing boobs. Not long to go now! It's so exciting.
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Hey Ladies....!!! I am going to post a full update...

Hey Ladies....!!! I am going to post a full update shortly, I now know I have a low pain threshold and can't sit for long, so, I will be back soon!! Here are some pic's to keep you going! xx

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One week post op. I hope you like the pic's, Adam...

One week post op. I hope you like the pic's, Adam took one kilo of fat & 1lt of lipo fat. Yuk! I can't believe it is all over, it has been a really emotional week. I had no idea what was really instore for me. There are lots of things that I hadn't really thought of re; the pain thing. When you leave the clinic they give you 3 pain killers to be taken 8 hrs apart. I will remember the name of them & add it later, but it was basically a strong Nurofen, along the lines of Diclofenac. It was, in my opinion no way strong enough. Not only do you have the pain from the surgery, which was minimal to be fair, but the pain from the lipo & muscle repair was very bad. On top of that you have the pain from the drains,- I did not realise that they were my biggest pain (!) until they were removed on my last day in Poland. What a relief. They were sharp and catching every time I moved, horrid things. Then you have the back pain from walking hunched and only being able to sleep in one position. I am still walking slightly hunched over but getting better day by day. I also suffered with bad constipation, I have never before been bunged up, & did take Movicol the day before the op- I had read that a lot of ladies suffered post op & I took precautions, but boy oh boy, I should have started a week before! And of course on top of all this you have the lovely binder to wear, 24/7 for min of 4 weeks. I have had my binder off for a max of 15 mins when I had my first shower, & to be honest I am very reluctant to go without it at all now. It's an absolute pain in the arse, it is so tight you can barely breath & it does nip & pinch sometimes if you don't get it lined up right, but the support that it provides is invaluable. A tip for you ladies-when you get to Poland, go & buy a 2nd or 3rd binder from the chemist. Adam doesn't stock them & they are very expensive here in the UK. They cost 45.00 Zl, about a tenner, but we had to get the chemist to order them in for me as they only had xl or xxl in stock. Adams binder was a size M & the one I bought was almost identical. There is a Superdrug type shop in the Magnolia Park shopping centre just across the car park from the Clinic & they ordered 2 for me, to arrive on the day of our flight home.When we went to collect them, ( the Poles call it a 'Belt') the order hadn't arrived & we then had a frantic dash to the Marker Square on a hunt for another chemist, (thankyou Teddy- we did find it eventually xx) They only had one in stock & I could have kissed the bemused Pharmacist! You also need to stock up on gauze squares or dressings,- Adam checks the wound daily & it is re-dressed, sprayed with some very cold spray & clean gauze squares applied before re-wrapping you back in your binder. I had some dressings at home but today I have only managed to get to Asda pharmacy & buy a box of gauze. A little bit of info that will help your prep. I feel like this has been one long moan, but I wanted to write frankly & truthfully about MY experience. I feel I have not been as strong, emotionally or physically as the two prevous ladies & I was surprised that I wasn't out shopping the next day, I did have a lot of pain & I cried like a baby most days. I think the build up was massive, I was hooked to this site & I ate, slept & breathed tummy tuck. Today I can see the light, I haven't been governed by the clock & my meds, in fact I am late with them tonight & only now beginning to feel a little sharpness. I still wake every 3 hrs throughout the night mainly because I'm stuck on my back,- one last tip for tonight,- you will need extra pillows to go under your knees, there are 2 large Tescos in the area & they sell cheap pillows, but don't wait until after your op, go get them asap. I am sure you will need them! I will write some more tomorrow, I hope I haven't come across too negative, - I think if you have all the facts you can cope so much better. Prepare yourself, get to the gym and work on your back, arms & legs, brace yourself for a rough couple of days & then you can join me with the next stage, more waiting... I look like a keg of beer, I have no shape at all, i'm shapeless from bust to hips. I know it could be a while before I see some definition but for now I am proud to say that I do in fact have a flat tummy!!! Sweet dreams and happy healing. xxx


No fatties!! Guff. I'm sure they're just hiding away. :-) Red thank u for your story and tips. Your incision is so neat. Did you have lipo on your tummy only?
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Take extra meds, meds that you are used to, - I took some Tramadol & they didn't agree with me at all, take some stooll softners or gentle laxatives, take some panty liners or tena lady liners, you may find that as you can't dash to the loo normally as you are stuck on your back & may have a little accident or two... and if you have time to shop & soak up the sights before your op, dress well! The locals are immaculate, they dress beautifully, there are no leggings, no chav's, no visible muffin tops, no vpl's, no cracked hard skin heels, no trainers or tracksuits, seriously beautiful people. And no fatties. At all!! xx
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Hi Sarah,- Thanks for your hugs, and yes very gentle is appreciated! I sent the clinic an email re the shaven haven thing & never got an answer so I used my initiative really & got rid before I saw Adam. All the other pics that I had seen showed ladies with it all off & I know that any surgery in that area is best with it off, so off it came! Good luck with your op, one bit of advice would be check your accomodation,- we asked & paid for a one bed apartment, assuming it would be a seperate bedroom & a lounge with a sofa bed, & found out on arrival that over there a one bed apt is what we call a studio. So we were stuck together in one small space for the whole week. Also the beds tend to be very low & ultra modern, a big issue for me in trying to get up,- impossible without help! Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with. xx
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10 day post op. Good afternoon ladies! I'm...

10 day post op. Good afternoon ladies! I'm continuing to improve, today I have been to the hairdressers & taken Horrid Henry to the dentist,- both trips required me to drive so I gave it a go and I can say it all went well with no problems. Getting in and out is still slow and careful but the actual driving part was fine. I am able to walk a little taller and sit a little longer, I am only taking paracetamol and ibuprofen first thing and last thing. Sleeping is still a little awkward and still I am on my back with a couple of pillows under my knees as the pull and tightness is still very strong.I still tend to have a little nap in the afternoon and have surprised myself in how much I can sleep! It is my upper ab's area that is the most uncomfortable, it is very tight and restricting. But no pain as such. I do however have a whiffy sticky odd looking belly button and the mid point on my incision looks less than healthy. Adam did warn me that it was likely to open up and then heal as a thicker scar which he would fix free of charge after 6 months. He said it would become 'necrotic', - I didn't really grasp what he meant at the time but my other half said that it was a poor oxygen supplied area and there hadn't been a great deal of skin to re-attach, maybe something to do with my previous c-section scar? and although it may look terrible it was nothing to worry about. Hmmmm, I think I will email Adam and see if I can get him to explain again. I am loathe to investigate too deeply at this point and will just continue to change the dressings daily and keep everything clean.


Red, Sarah and I will be moaning in a few weeks so you need to rest up and be better for that lol!
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I agree with Dee... It's only been 2 weeks and I know as women, we feel like we have to be up and about and back to normal in superhuman time but your body did go through a major trauma and it sounds like it's telling you that you need to take it easy for a little while longer. It could also be that because you've had the little man around you've been running on Mummy Adrenaline and now he's back at school you've slumped a bit. I reckon in a couple of days you'll feel a bit better when the new routine kicks in and you adjust to it...

Have fun at your lunch with your daughter and take it really easy. Now is the time you need to be listening to what your body is telling you!
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Hi ladies, a bit of down day today, i seem to have just slept and slept! I am still taking paracetamol,& nurofen, mainly for upper ab pain. I seem to be still tight under my rib cage & still not fully upright. Im going with what my body is saying but it seems to be taking ages! Tomorrow im meetng my daughter for lunch & im looking forward to making an effort & getting out &about. Hoping to take some more pics as well. Xx
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Post op day 21. Hoorah!! I seem to have turned a...

Post op day 21. Hoorah!! I seem to have turned a corner today,- my ab's are not screaming and I actually slept on my side last night. It took ages to pluck up the courage to try and even longer to manouvre into position and relax but I did it and even though it wasn't for long it was an achievement all the same. I had a good weekend, I did a little sweeping up and tidying in the garden, I shopped and had a lovely sunday pub lunch, (chicken salad and a few herby roast potatoes!!) - today I have had a manicure and a pedicure and managed to help H Henry with his homework without giving up half way through... My scar looks awful but is slowly healing. It has a black crusty middle sectin but it is not infected and doesn't hurt. This must be the necrosis bit that I was warned about. I still look very thick through the middle and am still lacking any definition. I hope in time the swelling goes away for good, it really is as bad as everyone says! My BB has lost it's scab and is looking pink and healthier. I have found that co-codamol work much better for me and they last a lot longer than paracetamol. It has been a very odd, mixed up 3 weeks but I am almost back to being me again!


I know how you feel. My other half didn't know where to look when Adam examined me. I usually kept my wobbly bits well and truly hidden so seeing me there in all my pre-surgery glory was awful for us both!! You really just have to grit your teeth and think thin!! And I am sure Adam has seen far worse and will be immune to any shocking wobbles. Go girl... I look forward to hearing your account. I hope I have been of some help, Will be thinking of you and Dee. xx
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You stay in gown til u leave. Take something comfy to get dressed into. You will wake up in your binder as well. When u see Adam he asks you to show him your belly while standing in front of him. He squeezed & felt all my fat.. Yuk. Then you pay at the desk & when you go through to ur room & after ur shower Adam comes back with his felt tips & draws you up& takes his pictures. I took my camera as well & took my own set at this point. You can ask him more q's at this point but it all happens v fast & I think it is all decided from your original emailed pics. He is not a small-talker but I did trust him & let him just get on with it! Your taxi is ready for you the following morning as soon as Adam has popped in to check on you. Everything is conducted with military procision & it works! I also thought my surgery wouldn't happen but it's not inhis best interests to send you home unhappy. You may be wishing he did next week! Ha ha! Sorry. Xx
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LOL Phew! That's not so bad then... I'm a bit nervous about a man seeing my body to be honest. Don't even let the hubby see much most of them time! LOL But I reckon it'll be so worth it once it's over and done with!

12 weeks post op! Well, what a rollercoaster of a...

12 weeks post op!
Well, what a rollercoaster of a ride. I am slowly healing, my middle section went from scabby and black to a weeping awful sticky yellow mess. It was smelly and stringy and for a while I was very concerned. I went to see a tissue viabilty nurse who prescribed various types of dressings and after trying several I noticed that the wound responded best to the dressings soaked in a medical grade of honey. I have seen a big difference over the last 2 weeks and am confident that the area will be healed and dressing free before Christmas. I still have sore ab's, - my ribcage area is still quite tender and I still swell in the evenings but it is all around the area under the middle section. I have still not managed a whole nights sleep, I wake with a very stiff back, i still can't get back to sleeping on my front,- but on the whole, even with the distress of the necrotic area it has still been worth it. JUST!!


Hi Red 14, just finished reading your review :) hiw are you feeling now and how is your incision healing nearly 1 yr post op? If you don't mind me asking :) xxx
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Hi you haven't mentioned if you used anything on your scars like silicon sheets as I'm thinking of doing it but it seems only Americans do this. Looking good by the way x can't wait for mine x
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