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My story Ever since the age of 13 I started to...

My story
Ever since the age of 13 I started to notice some changes with my nose. From having a petite nose with a sharp tip my nose started to turn more bulbous. This lead to a lot of bullying in school and in 9th grade my former best friend decided to made snide remarks about my nose (making downward motions showing that my nose is droopy, while hers is upwards). Unfortuneatly, she does objectively have a better nose than me, since she has nordic genes. Today, at age 20, I have a nose with a droopy tip regardless if I am smiling or not, with a small hump on the bridge. Regardless of people´s opinions I have debating of having a nose job from the ripe age of 14 (!).

When I have shared my beliefs of wanting a nose job, I have heard things like ”Oh, but no you are already so pretty so there can’t t be any improvement” or stuff like ”be happy with the way God give you” or stuff like ”you are my daughter you are insulting me, since you resemble me”. I have felt guilty for wanting to have a nose job, even though I truly believe it would make a difference for me.

The main issue is that when I do have my photos taken I constantly complain of how the nose ruins all pictures, cause I think my other facial features aren´t that bad. I hate my nose since it defines my ethnicity too much. I am from South Asia but have roots several generations back from Middle East, I don´t think I have thick skin since the hump is so visible even though it is so small.

My goals for a rhinoplasty is to get a nose with: a smooth slightly curved bridge with a pointy refined nose tip, nostrils that are showing more from the front view and no hanging tip while I smile.

My nose: ugly with bulbous tip, hump on bridge, droopy tip when smiling
Goal: Petite ”barbienose” , see Dotuzen Kroes nose (that´s basically the nose I want)

Are my goals realistic, what do you guys think? I am debating between going to a surgeon in Poland vs a surgeon in the US in December. Since both have had good results I don´t know who to pick.

Any questions? Please, comment below or pm me.

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Anil Shah patients please come forward

If you had rhinoplasty with Anil Shah please pm me and show me a before and after picture (you can blurr your eyes out). It will help me and I wish more people was unselfish enough to share their results. There should be more results of Dr. Shah on realself considering the amount of rhinoplasty procedures he does every year....


Hey! I have read some good things about Dr. Kalecinski but also some not very good ones on Polish sites (those weren't for rhinoplasties though but other procedures). Apparently, he's not a certified plastic surgeon, just a general surgeon - I am not really sure if that's true though. I was considering him myself since I'm originally from Poland though I don't live there anymore but I decided to go with Dr. Charbel Medawar in Beirut. I think Doutzen's nose is really cute and I don't see why it would be unrealistic for you to achieve something similar.
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Hi. I am not sure either if he is a certified plastic sugreon or just a general surgeon, I read somewhere that there are a difference between surgeons that are general and surgeons that are specialized in facial plastic surgeons. Apparently the general plastic surgeons are trained in general surgery, they can perform all plastic surgical procedures while the facial plastic surgeons do 2 years of general practice first and then specializes for 3-4 years on facial procedures (rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery etc). The difference of the years studying to become either seems to differs with either 6-8 years. Source: http://www.realself.com/question/plastic-surgeon-vs-facial-plastic-surgeon-there-difference I found some before and afters of Dr. Adam Kalecinskis patients could I pm you to get your opinion and then show you some results by Dr. Shah?

Some rhinoplasty after results that I like

I have attached some new photos of a model that underwent rhinoplasty with Anil Shah, I really liked the result he did on her alars and he refined the nosetip so it became a beautiful upturned nose. I really like the tip work he does.

I also liked the result this girl received by Adam Kalecinski (http://www.realself.com/review/poland-in-rhinoplasty-surgery-harley-street-without-the-price-tag) but I am concerned that he might not be able to refine the nosetip the way as Dr. Shah has done. I don´t feel like choosing purely on cost...


So it has been said before, but here it goes one more time: you have a super pretty face and a nose that seems to suit it. I think you have really striking bone structure and it really fits with it. People used to say this to me all the time, but I still did mine. I know that you have already made your decision, but for what it is worth, please let me tell you my experience. My nose was a very little bit on the big side-far from perfect, but somehow, it fit my face. People used to tell me (friends and total strangers) that I was "pretty" and "exotic" but all I saw was a wonky nose, so I got mine done by a great and really reputable surgeon (who also told me my nose suited my face really well, but that he could tweek it to make the nose itself look better-he almost tried to talk me out of it). So I got the nose done, and although the nose looked slightly better (more refined for sure, and a little more narrow) and my recovery was a breeze, it thew everything else on my face off. Like, everything. So, I went from being a really pretty young woman with a slightly odd nose that somehow blended in ok, to a really average looking woman with a 20% nicer nose. So that one detail sort of threw off the "big picture."I am sorry to bore you with the details of this story, I am not in anyway trying to be judgmental or negative, and this certainly sounds like you have put a lot of thought into it (more than I did, for sure) so I really wish you good luck with your recovery and your result. I just wanted to tell you what I wish someone had told me. Take care and good luck :)
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Thank you so much for sharing your story! I know I am taking a very big risk since I am already quite goodlooking. I think people might think I am mad for spending so much time on reaserching but I think it is necessary. I am actually born in Scandinavia where many girls are born with the nose I currently want and eventhough many people think I am striking here on realself, I personally haven´t heard it from people outside my family and friends - only when I visited US one year ago I heard from people that I was goodlooking. I am almost obsessed with having a better nose and I delete pictures where I think my nosetip dropps too much and I actually even deleted my graduation photos because I hated the way my nose looked... I actually understand what you mean by being a a beautiful woman with a slightly odd nose to really average looking woman with a 20% nicer nose, some people are actually more pretty with the nose they have and I dunno how the outcome will be so I am still nervous. But I think I would be most confident in having Anil Shah as surgeon because of the result he has produced on the "ethnic" girl in the photoalbum on my review.
I like your nose and think it suits your pretty face quite well. I don't think it is droopy either. If you wanted to get a rhinoplasty, I would suggest very minimal changes. Maybe just smoothing the dorsal hump and barely any tip lift. I don't think the "Nordic nose" that you described would suit your other features. You're very pretty already. Good luck. :)
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My nose from different angles (pictures taken by phone)

I just wanted to give you guys an idea of how my nose looks like from different angles when I take photos with my phone at home. All of the photos are taken while I am smiling.


I would trade you noses any day. Mine is like maybe 5x bigger than that. Ive always hated my nose since the age of 14, but then i broke it at 20. I'm almost glad I broke it because it made it a tad bit worse and now i have the excuse to go get it fixed. It's hard when it's just not that bad because it makes your decision that much harder. If it is something that is going to bother you for life than i say go for it. Just find a surgeon who does subtle natural looks so he doesn't throw everything off. If you want the barbie nose, I would say go to LA, seems like that is what they specialize in. Good luck.
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Oh thank you for the kind words, yes since I already think I am goodlooking with the current nose I have I am afraid of choosing a surgeon who isn´t competent when it comes to fixing the nosetip since that is where the issue is. I am feeling like I am only one step away from getting the "barbienose" meaning a very refined nosetip and no bulbous nose from the front. I think Dr. Rawnsley is the best with the noses in LA, but I personally feel the two realself reviews of Anil Shah shows how good he is with nosetip and I think Chicago is more cheaper for me to stay in than LA since I will have to travel abroad to get to US.
Check out this website( www. Kofi boahene.com) he has a good reputation as a rhinoplasty expert.i think he will give you exactly what you're looking for. Pls I wouldn't want anybody to scatter you pretty face.He' s the one doing my revision in december.goodluck in any decision you take!

Quote from Dr. Adam Kalecinski (SEE PHOTO)

Hi guys, I emailed Dr. Adam Kalecinski´s "third party" beauty professional through whatclinic.com and I received this email. Here is also the email adress: bridget.white@clinics.whatclinic.com
Please, see the attached photo. I am not sure how I should react to this, I think that all before and after result pictures are natural, Dr. Adam seems to favour rounded nosetips with no hump on the bridge. I have only seen him perform sharp nosetips on two girls on his "Adam Surgeon Poland" facebook group, where all before and after patients can post their own photos. But I only liked two nosejobs he did (the one I have linked before and one of the girls on the page). The fact that he doesn´t feel that my nose is bulbous makes me worried, I attached the same photos that I have here. I am getting the feeling that he wouldn´t change my nosetip as much (it is already rounded), which is my main concern. Obviously, I understand that I won´t get a nose exactly like Doutzen but the answer makes me believe that he would not change my nosetip as much as I would like. So for you people out there searching for a natural looking nose or natural looking boobs, Dr. Kalecinski is great (seen many good examples of boob jobs made by him). He takes a fixed price of 2000 GBP for closed rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty, please see: http://www.realself.com/review/poland-in-rhinoplasty-surgery-harley-street-without-the-price-tag). Although, for me who wants a refined nosetip that goes along with my sharp features I do not feel that he is suitable...

Any comments? Am I being too judgemental? I like it when you guys comment and voice your opinions! Ask me anything.

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Quote from Dr Adam Kalecinski (text version)

Hi guys, foolish me uploaded the smallest pictures in the world in the previous post, so here is the text version of the email (quote by Dr Adam Kalecinski, email from Beauty Professional who is the third party that arranges taxi to and from the clinic + secretary):


Just to confirm the surgeon has now reviewed your photos and he feels you are suitable for surgery. His recommendations are She does not have a bulbous tip based on the photos sent, but it can be reshaped into a bit more pointy one and upturned. Some muscle needs to be cut in order to ensure the does not droop when smiling. Also qualifies for osteotomy with hump removal and nostril correction. Of course she’ll not get a nose like Doutzen Kroes.

If you wish any more information please do not hesitate to contact me and if you would like to discuss dates for surgery please drop me an email confirming when you would like your surgery and I will confirm the available times.

Please not that your surgeon will be Dr Adam Kalecinski and he has over 15 years experience in performing Cosmetic Surgery.

Kind Regards


Any comments? What are your opinions of this quote?

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Booked in skype consultation

Hi guys, I have booked in a skype consultation with Dr. Shah now and hoping it wil be good. It is the beginning of August and I hope he agrees with me with what changes that has to be done to make my nose look a certain way. He is an expert of artistic styled noses so I am very excited. Hopefully I will be able to visit him just before christmas break...

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Skype update about Dr. Anil Shah - contradictory statements

On Friday the 9th of August I had a skype conversation with Dr. Anil Shah. He was very informative - that there is a risk that a nosejob can make breathing worse. He said he liked my nose the way it is and that I have to think long and hard before having a nosejob, since he felt the nose was already good (he liked the length of it + the bump). He said that if I have breathing problems because of my nose it might be because of some allergy and that I should try nose-spray from the nearest drugstore. Moreover, he stated that he only wanted to remove my hump on the bridge with a closed rhinoplasty, at the same time he also stated that it is the hump on my bridge that gives the "illusion" of me having a short nose. I think those statements are contradictory, since he thinks it is the bump that makes my nose look short, so removing the hump only would make my nose look longer. I asked him during the skype conversation if he would remove anything on the tip, as my nosetip drops too much when I smile. Which is very evident in many other pictures as well. He completely disagreed and said that I would regret it if a surgeon would make my nose shorter, and compared me with other Indian ethnic patients that they are normally not satisfied if their noses are shorter.

I am in fact kind of disapointed since I can´t pay that much for a nosejob to go overseas for a surgeon (Dr. Anil Shah) that would ONLY remove my hump, then the MAIN problem with my nose - that the nosetip dropps when I smile would still remain. It is also extremely evident compared to many other patients of his on realself that I have a worse before looking nose than them, see attached photos of model patient he performed a nosejob on in the gallery above. But I guess I am not white enough to deserve a barbie looking nose. That´s what I felt after the skype conversation. I am angry, sad and frustrated now.

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Booked surgery with Dr. Adam in December 2014

I decided to choose Dr. Adam in the end mainly because he adressed the issues that concerned me, the nosetip that dropps when I smile, humpremoval, tipreshaping and nostril correction (which I know he can fix based on many photos I have seen on a private facebook group that consists of his patients and another review on realself). I also have noticed that he isn´t too concerned with keeping some ethnicity and mind, and since I want an improved profile + no nostip hanging when I smile I feel confident in choosing him as a surgeon.


To answer you question, Shah suggested for me an osteotamy and alar base reduction. So basically, reducing the width of my nose. I think Shah believes in keeping things natural and ethnic. I mean if you're South Asian, a Nordic nose would probably look a little off. You want your nose to suit you. But what you asked for seems like it would be achievable (lessening the droopiness and removing the hump). It might not look exactly like Doutzen's nose, but yeah.
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Also on camera, it is harder to tell. Your nose doesn't look TOO droopy in the pics. Sometimes, we look completely different in pictures.
i understand, but there are plenty of other pics of me where my nosetip looks signifcantly more droppy.

Simulation I did myself - "before and after"

Some simulations I did before and after, I want a more refined nose with no dropping tip, more nostril show and no hump on the bridge. No hanging tip when smiling. See the simulations I did and please comment if you think the results look natural/good.

I will show these pictures to my surgeon so he can visualize the outcome.


I'm getting my surgery done by Dr. Shah on December 18th and I ask myself the same question why don't doctor Shah has more people posting regarding his surgeries :(
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You're gorgeous and in my opinion your middle eastern look (inherited genes) trumps any Nordic one you may be looking to simulate! Yes you could remove the hump but going after a Caucasian girls upturned nose like the famous photos you've put up might cause you a bit of heartache when it comes to taking the cast off, especially if you have thicker skin. I'm sure your surgeon will give you a natural look as the simulation shows though, so best of luck xx
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Hey! I am really interested in having a rhinoplasty with Adam also as I already went to the surgery last December for another cosmetic procedure. I too have a bulbous nose which I would like to make more pointed but I am concerned that he won't be able to preform it how I want as I am of ethnic origin too. Please keep me updated!!
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Adam Kalecinski

Booked time with Dr. Adam Kalecinski in december 2014. I know he will do a great job with my nose, I am confident because he has performed surgeries on girls with similar noses like me and even girls who have the same sort of ethnicity. He seems knowledgable. Hopefully I will be able to save up money until the procedure, I will pay beforehand, but I am still in a very insecure state at the moment about financing my nose job.

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