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I had a bump visible and wanted this removed but...

i had a bump visible and wanted this removed but feel its still there my nose from the left looks fab but from the right is still humpy. its only been a week but i only had a splint on overnight then no support.

i had it done abroad and cannot afford another rhinoplasty i arent even tell my friends ive had a nose job because you cant tell that much.

why has my bridge still got a lump? surely skilled surgeon would file it all down to diminish it???? why is the left side great and the right side disgusting????

i also had a breast enlargement and that went perfect although would have liked bigger but wasnt allowed. i dont feel any better after plastic surgery i expected a massive difference.

Its hard to say whether i am happy as looking from...

its hard to say whether i am happy as looking from the left of me i am extremely happy and grateful to my surgeon but from yhe right hand side when i wake up i cry and just want answers i saved so hard t make my dreams a reality and i still fel so unhappy with myself because of my nose
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Hey did ur bump ever go down?
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Hi my surgeon has Been in touch & said if I'm not satisfied I can go back after 6 months for correction surgery free of charge I feel so much better now I know it's not a massive hump but to me it is that was my major concern so I want it completely filed down & straight :-) as for the swelling this bump ain't budging it's all bone but fingers crossed your right Thankyou for the re assurance xxxx
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Where in poland did you go and who was your surgeon?

I'm also considering rhinoplasty and go to Poland often.

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Yes! Where did you go? I was considering going to Poland to have rhinoplasty next time I visit my family.
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If you have a bump this early after surgery it may just be a result of swelling. I was told that it takes two months for 80% of the swelling to be gone and six months for all of it to be gone. I think you need to wait until you hit two months before you'll really be able to tell if you're still going to have a bump going forward.

It's unfortunate that your surgeon wasn't more forthcoming!
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Hi that's so nice of u to say but I guess on a digital camera my nose looks better but there is seriously a large difference on one side of my face to the other it's do strange I consulted my surgeon all he said was be patient give it 6 Monthd but gave me no re assurance that he shaved the whole hump I'll try upload a different picture so u can see it like I do but u have made me feel better xxxx
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I bet the bump looks huge to you, but in your photo, even from the side you don't like, I think you look amazing. I had to enlarge the photo and look twice to see even the tiniest bump. Maybe I'm not seeing it more because of the photo quality, but to me and my untrained eye, your nose looks very pretty. One thing I had to learn about my nose is that we can't expect, or even really hope for, perfection. After two rhinoplasties there are STILL things I hate about my nose, but it's vastly improved. And I think that's what we need to focus on. Improvement. You're a beautiful lady. Truly.

All that said, if you still feel your nose is not remotely what you want, you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon and see if he or she thinks they can tweak it to get closer to what you're hoping for.

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hi i have updated my profile u will see no difference in before and after pictures from the right side of the nose thanks
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Hi there,

I'm sorry you're unhappy with your results. Do you have a photo you can post so we can visualize what you're describing? Where did you travel to Poland from?

Rhinoplasty is a very intricate, difficult procedure, and not every plastic surgeon is good at them. Hoping what you're experiencing is just swelling, though an actual hump still on one side of your nose sounds a little strange.

Please let us know how this resolves and if your hump goes away as you heal.

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