Having my 600cc Mcghan Implants Removed !!

Hi ladies, I've been reading all your reviews for...

Hi ladies, I've been reading all your reviews for over a year now which has helped me make my decision and I have finally plucked up the courage to book my explant. Its scheduled for the 24th of January i am feeling very nervous aswell as scared at what they are going to look like after! I have very large breasts (40G) and for now I have just decided on the explant without a lift and reduction, I'm praying for a miracle here I think that they will return to how they were before. I have had these implants for 9 years I was a 34B before I told my surgeon that I would like to be a d cup, which never happened, I couldn't believe the size of them after, I had the implant under the muscle. Over the last 5 years or so I have had so many symptoms that make me feel like I'm 60 years old, I'm only 34, i have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis recently, all my joints ache constantly, I have been getting sharp stabbing pains in my chest, memory loss and I constantly feel tired and drained, iv been to my dr a few times who cannot say/find out what the problem is, I had a scan which said my implants were all intact and that they were only rippled and to buy a decent support bra, I just want to feel fit and healthy again and I'm hoping that once they Are removed I will start To feel better again! Has anyone else had these symptoms and had there's removed? How did you feel after?
Although I'm scared, I am looking forward to having them out, I can't wait to be able to buy some nice tops and dresses and a normal size bra, and actually feel comfortable.
I'm hoping my recovery will be smooth and I can't imagine there being to much pain!
Is anyone else having there surgery soon?


thanks for all your replies ladies :-) its coming around so fast! i think im definately making the right decision and look forward to hopefully a speedy recovery and feeling better. its great to have all your support, i dont think without this forum that i would have decided as theres so many "what ifs" but ive decided its now or never, not sure that ive prepared myself mentally for the after look lol, well i shall keep you all updated and wish you all a healthy happier new year xxx
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This site has really helped me make my decision on getting my implants out. I've had two surgeries, the last one in 2010 -remove,replace (he halved the size to 325cc silicone) and got a lift at the same time. Within 3 months I got a capsular contracture and now I am in so much pain, and my kids ask me why my boob is so hard- I can't even exercise without thinking about it!! I am so glad so many women are going back to their natural self!
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I really think you will be much happier without the implants. Ech day I feel stronger and healthier! I have also been doing some juices (Soya) and I believe they help your body to remove toxins and help your body heal. I am only 5 days post op but doing great and don't regret having them out, only regret not doing it sooner! Find the doctor you feel the most comfortable with and there are lots of women here that will help you through the healing process.

Well 1 more sleeeeep and I will be free :)

Hi ladies, just a quick update!! So I'm having my implants out tomorrow … at long last, Yipppeeee. I am feeling very nervous :-/ well I suppose this is only normal, i have been heaving all day must be to do with my nerves, although I'm not quite sure why, I've had other surgery before and was fine, think it's probably because I'm worried how there going to look after! I have seen some great reviews though so I am hopeful. I will update once I'm free eeeeek x


Hope you are doing well....... Inhad mine out on the 22nd of jan and I am very happy! Hope you feel the same!
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Hey..hope all went well and you are feeling fit and strong soon. xxxx
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Hi, I just read your profile! I know how you feel-I was a 34 C before implants, wanted to be a full C. first surgery had 675 saline-34DD. Second surgery four years ago -got 350 silicone, with a breast lift and still ended up being a 32DDD. It's awful lugging around these melons. What is interesting is I am 41 and at 40 I all of a sudden started getting "peri-menopausal symptoms". However, for some reason my primary doctor did a rheumatoid panel along with a hormone panel and my ANA was high and Rh factor positive and antibodies too!! I don't even have joint pain or any other symptoms that would negate doing the panel. So it does make me suspicious that the silicone implants may have done something to me because I had that panel tested years ago and it was normal.. And yes, my memory sucks. So hopefully when you get your implants out, you will go back to normal. I am getting mine out too on Monday-no lift or capsulectomy. If after 6-8 months I look horrid, I may get another lift but that was a painful recovery. I'm looking at pictures of myself 15 years ago to get myself ready for my appearance. The biggest obstacle is telling my two young girls this weekend that I had fake boobs!! Best of luck to you tomorrow. please post pictures. Thanks for sharing your story.
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