Vitalize Peel Ruined my Skin and Life - Plymouth, PA

Well I had turned 31 and wanted to do something to...

Well I had turned 31 and wanted to do something to keep my skin fresh and young. I had this peel done and had major redness under my mouth but thought it was part of the process. It wasn't. My skin has never been the same. I have spent 3 yrs obsessing over this. I have gone to numerous dermatologists and there is nothing that can be done. Please don't take Chance if you are thinking about trying it. You will never understand the anguish you will go through until it is done. Then you just wish you could turn back time. I hope this helps someone from ever trying any type of skin resurfacing. I have read so many heartbreaking stories from people who had lasers, peels microderms going horribly wrong. Just enjoy the skin your in and don't let these doctors, new age esteticians or whoever make money for their porshes on selling you the idea that these things will help you! They are selling you lies and hooking you because you will do anything to get close to a glimpse of the skin you once had.
thanks for your story, i also had chemical peels that went wrong such as lactic acid 15% and 30% on my nose it burned so bad my skin got much thinner and left me with more pores and blackheads, and my nerves are damaged, the best peeling i had was neoderma organic peelings and products are the best!
Hi Red Rose, do you have constant pain from the nerve damage? If so please let me know how long it lasted. I am at a year and half and I am still in constant pain. Thank you so much and I hope you're doing better!
Hi LF5 thank you for your comment, its been almost 1.5 Year ago i damaged my nerves and its got alot better The pain but its not completly gone. Its very important to use organic skin care that Will help healing sea butter is very good i use iT from The brand Lavera i suggest you try it . You can contact me if you like
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Sweet as pie. But ruined my life

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