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I've always had ittybitty tittys,and when my...

I've always had ittybitty tittys,and when my daughter turned 13 and fit a 34 d I knew it was time to spoil myself!
I've always been jealous of these gorg girls with the backless dresses or fantastic boobs in bikinis and despite my husband loving my lil boobs he loves them even more now.i couldn't be happier!-I'm a little(actually ) really worried as for some reason my genitals have bruised and gone black.docs aren't available till Monday.im new to this so I'm not sure if any of u lovely ladies can help or give any suggestions as to what could of caused this????-thank you in advances babes xxxx

1Week later

I'm really pleased and happy with how my breasts are settling and becoming part of me.I'm still a bit sore with bruising around my ribs and can't wait wait to have the dressing off that covers my stitches so I can see how the scar will be and more importantly be able to enjoy a really hot bubbly deep bath instead of really careful strip wash and showers as I have long hair and it's so hard to wash my hair and keep the dressing dry!
Can't wait our British summer there's only a small amount of sun so getting to the beach and getting into a bikini and feeling confident will be fantastic.good luck to any of you awaiting surgery of any kind I won't sugar coat it it's a difficult and painful recovery but after that first week you start becoming happy once again for going through it!-good luck and go for it xx????

Beginning to see how much it's worth all the up and down complications

I've realised you really have to just suck it up and think of the end result.im trying not to look at my breasts until at least a months time(unless I'm in real pain)
Mother Nature just needs to do her job.;))

Finally found an unbelievably comfortable well fitting post op bra and for penny's !!

So I've paid between £36 and just recently got myself a cheap sainsburys (tu) bra for just £6 and wish I'd got this at the beginning!-it doesn't interfere with stitches it's not overly tight but gives great support!-Ive had front fastening sports bras post op bras but this bra has by far been the best -I'd recommend it to anyone as the pain if recovery is hard enough finding a comfortable bra so you're shoulders back stitches etc aren't a problem make life so much easier with a good bra!-
I personally went two days worth out a bra as it hurt so bad but in so thankfully for my sweet husband buying me every kind of bra he thinks might of helped and who'd of thought a £6 bra would be the solution! Thank you babes xx

My £6 tu(sainsburys) uk comfortable bra

Unbelievable how a bra for just six ponds can be so comfortable and not cause discomfort on stitches shoulders back or and were else! Wonderful!-????

Nearly 4 weeks post op teardrop

Still got some settling down to do and my stitches need to be sorted my right side hasn't settled 100% yet I thought once the swelling went down they would go really small as they didn't look like the size I wanted(d cup) however the more time has gone on the more the swelling goes down the more they seem to grow bigger????how strange ...(????)

370 cc teardrop anatomical gummy bear

4 weeks post op...nearly there very happy with my new additions
Bristol Plastic Surgeon

He was down to earth very relaxed and put me at ease.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Can I ask, was the price £5,023 or $5,023?? I'm looking for someone to lift and implant mine. but need it to be no more than £5,000
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Your latest picture looks like you've dropped and fluffed perfectly into place. Congratulations...I think you look wonderful!
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Please tell me more if your genitals are OK... I'm 6 days post op and one side is bruised! I was shocked because I just did my boobs! So I'm not sure if I should be worried and go to PS right away...
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Oh sorry I read further down after posting!
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I know how scary it is and you think the worse but it's to do with blood travelling in a certain direction.my bruising has gone but I did c my gP just to b on the safe side and have a record of it especially as a few days later I had a water infection.perhaps u should c ur ps just to put ur mind at rest.good luck let me kno how you get on x
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Feeling bleh
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Congrads on your new look! I can appreciate you waiting until your daughter was well developed before making this move for yourself. What type and size implants did you get? Did you ever find out what the additional bruising was near your gentials?
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Hiya thanks for your reply, I went to see my gp who was also a little baffled the only thing he could think of is that bruising can travel anywhere in you're bod after surgery. I have my revealing of the stitches Monday so will Have a word with my surgeon.i had to back to my gp again but got the loccum doc instead as I has agonising lower abdominal pain with shooting pain going through my front and back passage.on a corse of anti-inflamitries and antibiotic,docs are from from keen giving u any kind of pain relief. I went for teardrop anatomical silicone gel med high profile and 360 cc and I'm a fair D cup. I am in a little pain near the sight of the stitches are and a permanent dull ache in my left shoulder and (excuse the pun) am a little chesty,hopefuls the meds frm doc will help clear that up as it's making me a bit grumpy. Will post after Monday see what fittons says .
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Glad you're in close touch with your doctor. I think being proactive with the antibiotics and the anti-inflammatory is a great idea. Keep a close eye on this, especially if you have any further abdominal pain. I'm not surprised that bruising can travel anywhere in your body, but I hadn't heard of your specific situation. How did your appointment go today?
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I couldn't go to my appmnt as I have a virus! Typical
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