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I'm having a full tummy tuck (with lipo) and a...

I'm having a full tummy tuck (with lipo) and a breast reduction on 11/18/13.
I'm 35 years old. I've given birth to three children (one c-section) and nursed them. I'm ready to take back my body!
I don't work out. I enjoy leisure activities. I don't expect to look like a model. I just want to feel comfortable in my skin.
I'm anxious, excited, and nervous. It seems like tummy tuck reviews are all over the place in terms of recovery and results, but I have complete confidence in my surgeon!


Good luck. I also am 35 with three kids and one c section. I am 5 weeks today.. You will be just fine. And just be repaired it is a slow recovery but worth it!:)
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Where are your pics? Don't want to be a internet sensation;)
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