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After having 3 children, I decided it was time!!!...

After having 3 children, I decided it was time!!! I am 27, in shape but my boobs are smaller than I started and my skin on my abdomen gets saggier the skinnier I am. I am 6 weeks post op. I went with 400 silicone HP. The recovery was miserable for me. As soon as I stopped taking pain meds(next day cuz I didn't hurt!) I'd wake up at night and my whole body would shake with tremors. I developed anxiety at first about complications and then about nothing. I cried about what I did to myself and regretted it 100%! Now, I'm on an antianxiety and feel GREAT! I can hold my baby again, drains out, I can stand straight, and sneeze with minimal pain:) I'm so glad I did this, just wasn't mentally prepared for the procedure. Healing takes time, everything is temporary, keep calm and carry on. I developed a seroma 12 days po when drain was removed. I had it aspirated once and it's gone. Dr ness also has a patient coordinator, Mikaela. I'd text her ten x a day with my worries! She was fabulous!

Time has flown by!

I'm already 7 weeks! Next week I should get the ok to take off cg but I think ill keep it on a little longer! I'm so afraid of the seroma coming back. I went shopping and bought some jeans and felt great when my belly didnt gush over the top of them:) my butt needs a good workout! I can't wait to run again. Anyone know when I'll be able to do this?

7 weeks and seroma

My seroma was aspirated at 3 weeks and I haven't noticed it since. Until yesterday I noticed the waterbed effect just under my bb. It's smaller than before but still worries me. I've seen patients having trouble w this over a year out. I went to get fitted and was sized 32DDD!!!! I didn't believe it so I went to 3 other stores...believe it or not that's my #! Not many stores carry that size. Good thing sports bras are so comfy:)

Loving my girls!

I was really worried about my size being too big or too small! Now I can't get enough of them and think they are perfect! If only my seroma would go away:(

No more CG!

I had my 8 week yesterday and am officially out of that spandex!!!!!! I feel so free;) I have a little blurb in front that looks like a tiny seroma but when he tried to aspirate it nothing came out. He said that above the incision is a small jelly like area because its acting like a dam and it'll go away within a month or two. BEST NEWS EVER! I'm so happy most of my complication period is up!

9 months postop

It's been a long time! My how things have changed! During the recovery phase I regretted this 100%! I was diagnosed with anxiety and was disabled from healing for 8 weeks! Hang in there anyone who needs advice. It'll be worth it. You need to let your body heal. And it takes time. Remember that. I'm so happy with my results. I've needed to have a Seroma cavity removal and am currently in a garment again. Feeling great! Please message me for any support. I had a horrible experience following surgery mentally and physically. You can get through it

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I just had a mommy makeover 17 days ago and my recovery has been rough too. I've been experiencing these weird burning and tingling sensations and have also had muscle tremors. I was told it was anxiety and given Xanax, I hate taking meds so I try not to use it. I have never had anxiety before this and I am concerned it's something else. Some days I feel good like I've turned a corner than other days it's miserable, sure would like to know who else if any have experienced this and if do did it resolve? Can't wait to feel normal!
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You look great!!
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You're BA looks awesome! I can't wait to see my ladies once the tape can come off!
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U look great!! Thx for sharing your story! Gives us earlier along in the journey something to hold onto on the rough days.
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You look great! And wow!!!triple threat on your breast!!!;-) they look great!!! I hope to do it next year! I am 4 weeks post op and still swollen on my side,:-( i wanna see some curves! Lol have you started running?
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No. I love running, and my butt has disappeared so I really want to:) not worth it yet. I feel great at week 9 but I haven't swelled yet at all and I'm afraid I will. I've learned to relax and let time heal me, but I def can't wait to run again!
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You look amazing!
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You look fantastic! Perfectly symmetrical and perky! I'm glad you are happy, ya' little model!
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** whistles!! Look at those sharp curves! You look beautiful!!
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You look fantastic btw :)
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I had the ok to run very slowly...more jog at 4 weeks. I am 7 weeks now and am getting closer to my normal pace. It feels so good to run again! Every surgery is different though so definitely ask your ps. I was lucky and have had a very smooth recovery. :)
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Hi! You look beautiful! I swear though I can't get over how many similarities we have, lol! At 8 weeks I tried to jog, and I quickly walked and jog a little for an hour on the track and was swollen for a week. I haven't done it again. If he tells me I can in September then I will, but not until then, lol. Maybe it'll work better for you, plus I'd wear the binder (I didn't and maybe that's why I swelled). Good luck!
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Thank you for sharing your experience! I'm sure it's helpful for others to know that it can be rough, but it does pass. I'm glad you're feeling so well now. You certainly look fabulous!

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Thanks! This forum helped me to not feel alone. Appreciate feedback
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Hi! Same body type, you and I, hip bones and all, lol! You look great! I'm sorry it was rough on you getting the surgery. I bet it was hard too, because you have small children, it sounds like. Good to meet you!
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