4 wks PO - Not Sure - Plymouth, MN

I'm a mother of 5 boys and am turning 31 in Dec....

I'm a mother of 5 boys and am turning 31 in Dec. I'm 5'2 and am abou 123#. I was 18 when I had my first son and my youngest and last child is almost 2. I've considered having a mommy makeover for 2 yrs now. I haven't told anyone other than my husband and a really good friend who was the inspiration for me since she had a tummy tuck done 3 yrs ago. Any type of surgery in my culture is looked upon very negatively even if it's for the health of the patient, so can you imagine what people must think when I volunteerily go in for a cosmetic surgery????

I know this is a tough decision and I love my husband so much for being supportive and yet at the same time, I feel so alone because I can't tell my closest family members. I'm afraid they're going to judge me as someone who is shallow and into my looks because I'm not thinking about all the things that could go wrong and what they could mean to my boys. What they don't know is that that is all I think about but I also know that I need to be happy for myself too so that my boys can see the happiness they've brought into my life.

I'm so grateful to have found this site so that I don't have to feel so alone. I thought my story was unique and have found a community that can relate to my story and will be supportive regardless of my decision so THANK YOU in advance if you happen to read about my journey and comment. Know that you are making a difference in my life as I go through this journey.

What are my personal goals? I have lots of life aspirations but I'll share my mommy makeover goals. After this surgery I want to look down and not see extra skin surrounding my stomach. I want to sit down and not have to worry about rolls showing up. I want to try on clothes and not have to think too much about how it makes my stomach look. I also want to see similar size breasts that I had before breast feeding and losing weight. When I first researched this procedure, the scar freaked me out the most. Over time, I've come to realize that I'd rather see the scar than deal with all the other things I've written above.

Even with all my research and 3 consultations, I feel like I still have many questions. I select a PS who is a woman because I liked her work, personality, and background. My surgery is scheduled on Jan 16, 2013 and I'm super excited but am still so concerned that I'm making a rash decision. I met with my PS once for the initial consult and am feeling uncertain. Is this normal? How many times did you meet with your PS before setting a date? As a result of this, I did schedule another appt with her on 11/9 to ask additional questions. Hit would be great to hear from some of you who've had the surgery done to see how her answers are similar or different or if i should add more questions to my list

Here are my questions: BTW I'm having a BA and Tummy tuck done.

1) I know surgery time is never the same and will vary from PS to PS but my surgery is scheduled to be 3.5 hours long (1hr BA, 2.5 hrs TT) and the fact that it isn't so long freaks me out. My PS has 20 yrs of experience and does more than cosmetic, she also attaches limbs, etc. so does her experience mean that she is quick and efficient (that is what I would like to believe but am not sure)????

2) I'm really nervous about the potential of getting "dog ears". Is this typical for tummy tucks and should I be worried about them? My friend, who I mentioned earlier, had them and is now redoing the procedure because she also lost more weight.

3) I'm not getting lipo done outside of what will be included in the tummy tuck so I'm nervous that my thighs and back will look odd after the procedure if I don't get it done. I didn't ask my PS about lipo in my consult so I'm assuming that's why she didn't point it out but can I just get a BA and TT and still look normal?

Any words of advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

I am having a MM on Monday - TT - lift and augment. My PS told me to expect 10 hours. I am freaking out about that.
Wow, 10 hrs. Please let me know how it goes. I will follow your journey as well and look forward to hearing about your experience.
Hi MN. Again, welcome to RS. I am with Angie. It sounds like you have done your homework and all your worries are normal. Just read around the community and you will find most of us had your same concerns. First and foremost, be very open with your concerns and fears with your surgeon. Very important. Have you looked at albums of her work? Also very important. In those albums try to find women who have your same weight, height, and body frame on their before pics and see if you are happy with their after pics. You didn't post pics, so can't answer any questions about lipo, but feel if your surgeon thought you needed it, she would have stated. My surgeon stated I only needed minor lipo on my flanks which is included with the TT, so you will probably get the same. I am still very swollen because as you read from my review, I have not had that much recovery rest our bodies need, but I will post more pics once my swelling goes down some. On the other side of fearing not getting support, always remember it is YOU who lives in your body. It is YOU who has to be happy when she undresses and looks at herself in the mirror. I had all of your same doubts. I live in a small town where this type of surgery is frowned upon, but I did this for me and have no regrets. I honestly spend hours looking in the mirror and taking pics of my recovery progress. I can't believe all the extra skin and rolls are gone and my breast look normal again. I am not a vain person, just very happy I went against my doubts and had this done. Having kids (especially 5) takes a huge toll on our bodies. We have the right and deserve to have our bodies back.

It's been great hearing from everyone. Your...

It's been great hearing from everyone. Your comments and encouragement have made me feel more confident about my decision. I have a follow up appt. with my PS on Friday and 2 additional consults next week. I'm excited for my Friday appt. because you gals have given me so much to think about so I feel more prepared with questions than I did in my first consult. Thank you!! I'm excited about the new me in the new year.
About the time length and scars...I've had two c-sections both took about 45min from start to finish and I have a great scar. I don't think time has anything to do with the quality oftthe scar. It's your own body that decides how good your scar is to heal, how well you follow after care directions, etc....my two cents. Wish you the best!
Runner77, you took the words right out of my mouth. MN, I too was estimated the same time frame for the same procedures. I would actually question it if it was longer. How many ccs are you having done? Silicone or Saline? BTW we have similar stats, my date is for Jan 4th.
Thank you gokusgirl. I'm not sure how many cc's because she doesn't believe that I should worry about that. She wants me to bring photos of breasts that I like & describe what I like or dislike about them. Then I'd share what I think I'd like from a size perspective. She says that it is her job to make the best decision for me when I'm on the table based on her experience and how I've described what I want. Should this freak me out?

It's 4am in MN and I can't sleep so I'm looking...

It's 4am in MN and I can't sleep so I'm looking through Realslef, lol. This is addicting :)

I've decided to post a question here for help. I've not informed my workplace of my surgery and will need to soon. As a reminder, I'm scheduled for a BA and TT on Jan 16, 2013. I'm sure you all know where this is going. I would like to know if you didn't want work to know what you did, what did you tell your workplace and did your PS help in any way? Here's some background on my situation to help give me the best advice possible.
- I work for a large company and have been on this specific team for 4 yrs
- a typical work day requires lots of walking and standing
- my PS said I should keep it simple and private "having personal woman surgery" but because I lead a team and am close with many individuals, I know someone will ask me what I'm having done because they would be concerned for me.
- I plan to take 3 wks off and hope to be in pretty good shape (80% healed maybe) by the time I return if all goes well. Is this an unrealistic expectation? I know recovery time varies but best case scenerio???
- I plan to ask my PA for a note to restrict the amount of walking and standing required to do my job, is this weird to ask? I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask but also didn't want my PS to look at me weird, lol.

Any advice, thoughts, or comments would be extremely appreciated and helpful for me.

10 more weeks to go. My time will come fast and I...

10 more weeks to go. My time will come fast and I am looking forward to it.
I work at a Dance studio. Only once a week, but have three kids in dance and two of them on the Dance Team, so everyone knows who I am. Besides that it is a very small old community where everyone knows each other and grew up together, and we're the outsiders that just moved here (4 yrs ago). This type of surgery is frowned upon, so I decided not to say anything. I stated I was having a hernia repaired and maybe some muscle repaired. I'm back and know one has said anything except how I'm feeling, so I'm guessing they didn't notice the new boobs. Maybe think they are showing more because my "hernia" was repaired. I think 3 weeks is plenty of time to take off work, and YES... Definitely ask your PS for a note stating not too much walking and light duty. He/She will not look at you weird and will probably even think it's a good idea.
BTW... I did not lie, I did have a hernia and muscle repair. If anyone asks, I will tell them the truth about the BA/BL and Full TT, but so far everyone has just been concerned my surgery went OK. I think they believe my stomach is smaller due to hernia repair and making my boobs look larger. ;-)
Are you taking sick leave or just vacation time? I'm taking both, I'll be out for 6wks. I had my fmla approved for that time, I told my hr person that I needed abdominal muscle repair to help my back pain. My PS stated that I would need to be out for 6wks and my surgery was to reconstruct muscle caused by child bearing. It's not weird to ask for a note at all.

I had another consult with my PS this past Friday....

I had another consult with my PS this past Friday. It's funny how time makes you forget the excitement and fills it with anxiety and doubt. I knew I liked my PS the first time I met her. She was personable and took the time to answer my questions. This time around she made sure that I would feel confident about my decision and didn't make me feel bad for taking up additional time to ask more questions. I left feeling confident again and excited. I hope this feeling stays because I still have 2 months before my surgery. I have another consult on Monday, which I will go to just to confirm my feelings but I feel pretty good. I also know she's not the most cost effective PS but she's a perfectionist and that's what I want. This is just one of those situations that I'd prefer to pay more on than take a risk for a couple thousand dollars. Ann I crazy? I could use a couple thousand with 5 kids and the holidays but this is for me.
No you're not crazy! You deserve it. Think of this as your Holiday gift. ;-)
Thanks Jen! i sometimes think my situation is unique and forget that many ladies have similar situations. My note will state muscle repair, which is true. I also forget sometimes that most people have good intentions and truly do want the surgery and healing to go well. It's so easy to think the worst in these situations. Thank you.
Thanks Jane! I am getting so excited and can't wait for my surgery. I know the time will fly by pretty fast because of the holidays but it feels so far away still.

In a waiting room waiting for the PS for a consult...

In a waiting room waiting for the PS for a consult on BA & TT. I'm excited to see how similar or different this will be to my other consults. I'm hoping it will confirm my decision to go with the other PS. Fingers crossed.

I'm in a dilemma now. I like my original PS and I...

I'm in a dilemma now. I like my original PS and I also like this PS that I met today. I'm really struggling now on which one to go with. Ladies, I'd really appreciate your guidance on this.

PS1 is a woman, 20 yrs experience, works in hospital, has been featured in magazines, cost is ~$15k includes BA, TT, lipo contouring, binder
Cons: didn't provide a lot of info so I had to ask a lot of questions, expensive, doesn't include surgical bra, had one negative review regarding a BA that she did and patient felt it was too big. This PS doesn't believe in sizing until you are on table and she picks for you based on how you've described what you want

PS2 is a man, 20 yrs experience, surgery performed in certified office location, solid reviews on Realself, cost is ~$13k includes BA, TT, ultrasound massages (does this help???), lipo contouring, catheter (he didn't want me getting up to use bathroom frequently on day 1 - is this good or bad????), binder and surgical bra. I also got a 10% discount because I found him on Realself.
Cons: had a negative review in 2009 on BA. Patient said it took 3x surgery to correct BA. Surgery is in clinic office (this kinda freaks me out so any insight in this would help), he wore a suit and it felt like a sales pitch (am I making this out to be more than it is???)

Open questions:
1) anyone go with a PS that had a bad review? I'm trying to be optimistic by telling myself it was a long time ago and they are most likely better now than before. Am I fooling myself?
2) PS1 inserts her tubes from the ends of the incision and PS2 does it from the pubic area. Does it matter where? I kinda don't want additional scarring if possible. Thoughts???
I agree w Jen. I bad review does not make a bad surgeon. I wouldn't let the surgery center scare you; I interviewed 3 PS's and they all work from their own surgery center. I would make sure it is certified. All things aside I would go w whom you feel more confident with and comfortable with in the long run. One of my PS's wore a suit too...lol...but didnt' feel like a sales pitch...Hope this helps :)
Thanks FNR! It makes me feel better but still conflicted on both PS. PS1 was personable and I connected with her but felt really rushed and PS2 was like a sales pitch but he took his time, answered all my questions, and gave me more info than I needed. This is why it's so hard. Thanks for sharing your thought, I do truly appreciate it. Also, I'm glad you've scheduled your appt. I look forward to hearing how it goes in Feb.
You're so welcome...I can see where you're conflicted. Altho most PS's know that the initial meeting is where most patients make their decision. It would make me question why PS1 was rushing thru interview. Also, maybe research this sight for the placement of drainage tubes. Most of the pics I've viewed have drains in the pubic area.

After long discussions with my DH and input from a...

After long discussions with my DH and input from a couple of you, I think I'm going to go with PS2. I'm still open for input and will see one more PS after Thanksgiving just to throw another one in this to see if this helps confirm my decision. I will keep both surgeries on calendar for 1/16/13 until I know for sure in Dec. There's no fee to schedule or cancel so I'm going to continue to validate my decision.
I just read your post on my review as well as your blogs here - it sounds like you are confident in PS 2 - which, if I'm reading through the lines, is Dr. G. Right? If so, I think you will be VERY happy. Really, I said to him the other day, "Dr. G, you are a genius". He does great work, and the whole office is wonderful. Let me know if I can be of any more help. Amy
Thank you!! You're right, PS2 is Dr. G. I'm so glad to connect with someone who has had a recent experience with him. How do you like the ultrasonic massages? Are they helping the healing process? You look great now so I can only imagine that your final results will be fantastic. I'll continue to follow your journey and look forward to hearing more about your recovery.
I had my surgery Fay before yesterday. Full TT, BA and lift. 13 hours later I was a new woman. Completely manageable with pain meds. I would totally make the investment in On-Q pumps

With all this confusion on which PS should I pick,...

With all this confusion on which PS should I pick, I forgot to mention that in my sizing part of my appt, the nurse and I landed on 339 ccs. I actually thought it wasn't big enough but that's because I'm afraid I'm going to be one of those women who regret not going up. I thought it looked ok but the sports bra they had me use was really funky looking and couldn't show what I could look like without making my breasts look lopsided. I also don't want to be too big and have it look like I'm spilling over in every outfit or I cant button up a shirt because of them.

Like I said, PS1 doesn't practice sizing at all so I didn't get a perspective. If we talk cup sizes, I think I'd like to be a full C or small D. My breasts have been deflated since I was 18 so I don't really know what a full C would look like on someone my size. One of my other consults, we agreed on 350 ccs.

What do you ladies think? Remember, I'm 5'2 and I weigh about 123# now.
On size, the regret I hear much too often is going too small and I did't want that to happen to me. I decided to go as big as I could. I am 4'11 and at surgery weighed 120 lbs. I wanted to go 500 cc's, but my PS didn't think he could fit that in me. He said he would get as close as he could and was able to give me 375 cc's and overfilled them to 450 cc's. I chose Saline Mentor Moderate-Plus, so they can over fill them if they had to. I am VERY happy with my results. Need to post new pics as my last pics have me lopsided, but my left breast finally dropped and is aligning with my right. I don't think I look too big at all.
Yes, I really like the ultrasonic massages - aside from my "hole" the other parts of my incision look perfect. The "hole" was not Dr G's fault - I think it was one of my boys hitting me accidentally and then it didn't heal well. Please feel to message me if you want to talk more!

It is becoming a reality for me. I said it out...

It is becoming a reality for me. I said it out loud today at work to my manager so I could take the time off. It's funny how talking about it with you ladies, going to consultations, and my husband didn't make it feel real until I actually had to start to make preparations for it. OMG, I am sooo excited to see the new me.

Btw, I saw some fall photos of myself with my kids and I could see the rolls from my shirt sitting next to them. I was very disappointed when I saw those family photos. Makes me more eager to get this done. Hope everyone has a great holiday this week and happy recovery for anyone still in the healing process.
I know that feeling you get in looking at pictures and seeing the rolls. :-( But at least you are doing something about it. How exciting that it's all becoming more real to you!!!
Thanks so much Jen! I'm so happy your left breast finally dropped. My biggest concern is that I'm not going to be able to run and/or I can't button up my blouses, lol. I also don't want them to be the center of attention even though my husband would love them. :) We'll see.
LOL... totally get you. Have you tried on ricers? You can find the instructions here: http://www.justbreastimplants.com/size/rice_test.htm

And the count down begins. 8 weeks to go...

And the count down begins. 8 weeks to go officially starting tomorrow. Yeah!!
It's funny- because you and I are the same height and same size. Well..I was a little bigger but that was because I put on another 5 pounds over the summer. I guess I drank too much beer around the campfire. ha!! I do want to add some comments though. First, as for the BA...I also had this done 3 years ago. It's so hard to know what size to get. I'm not sure how many cc's they did off hand) but I was super flat after having my daughter so maybe that woudln't matter anyway. My end result is I'm wearing a 34D. I guess it depends on your own preference but I personally wanted my boobs to look real when I was done and not be one of those that "you can clearly tell i have fake boobs". ha! I'm super happy with my size and they absolutely are perfect size for my height/weight. I guess if your at a crossing point..I would suggest NOT going smaller though. If you anything...go little bigger but again, you won't want to be to unproportionate. Also- I feel bad for saying this...but did you get a consult done by change at Edina Plastic Surgery? I know both Dr. Philbin and Dr. Leigh and the other one come highly recommended. Little cheaper too. I do fully realize it's not all about cost...but my point is is that if you can get a top notch doctor for little less than I would do it. I actually went there to set an appt and realized I couldn't get in until January and I really wanted my TT done in November for work reasons and also going on week vacation at end of January so it was either have in in November or wait until March. AT any rate...when I couldn't get it done at Edina PS...I started to research as there are SO many PS out there it's actually scary. But hands down I love dr. G and again, his work is great! So either route you can't go wrong! Ok...so I'm babbling now. haha! I have to run...but I know there were a few other comments I was going to make so I'll be back.... :-)
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience with me. It is very funny that you and I are very similar in size. Interestingly I want my BA to take me to a full C or small D so I'm glad to hear that you are a D and feel like its still very realistic looking. Your results look awesome and I can only hope that mine are the same. I will get a consult with Edina per your suggestion. Cost absolutely is not the main reason to go with PS but it is the icing on the cake if I could get it for less. Please feel free to share anything you want with me on here or through message. I would appreciate anything you have to say. Take care!
Woohoo!!! So excited for you!

Thanksgiving was hard because I'm trying my best...

Thanksgiving was hard because I'm trying my best to lose additional weight before my surgery. I've got to stay focused. Black Friday was difficult too because I wanted to buy clothes but didn't want to waste money on things that I wasn't sure would fit after surgery.

I font eat vitamins/supplements so here's a...

I font eat vitamins/supplements so here's a question for anyone who can help:
What is the best vitamin(s) to take before and/or after the surgery? What has helped the recovery process in your journey?

I picked up some One A Day Women's multivitamins but wasn't sure if there was something better or addition to it that I should buy.

Hi there! Just as an FYI on the vitamins, ALL PS recommends to stop taking the multivitamins because of the vitamin E. However I did some researching and I found the following that was approved my my PS. Here's the list and I hope this helps: 1. Purchase a Multi-Vitamin specifically for plastic surgery. What's the difference you ask, this multi-vitamin does not have vitamin E. Which is why most PS recommends to stop taking multi-vitamins due to that reason. I bought it for $66.00 but I think it's worth it. The only thing I bought separately was the arnica montane. I read the review and it was pretty good so rather than buying several bottles, I bought this set. Plus I had my PS approve it too. Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Supplements & Vitamins Kit (Pre & Post-Op Formulas) @ makemeheal.com
Thank you! I will review that and get it approved from my PS as well. Hope things are going well with you back at work!
I had mine done on November 12. Today makes two weeks and I am up completely straight and back to work. Its wonderful. Just tell your surgeon that "today you are the queen and for him to make you pretty". LOL Good luck.

I didn't go to my last consult, which was...

I didn't go to my last consult, which was scheduled yesterday. I am confident that I will be happy with PS2 because of the research I've done and thanks to Monica and Amy!! I also went ahead and cancelled my other surgery appt with PS1. At this point, I've stopped looking because it feels right. Now I need to focus on preparing for my surgery.

Also, I love my workplace. I found out today that I could take 2 weeks off as sick pay and 1 week of vacation so I don't have to use up too much vacation time. This is fantastic news.

Lastly, I'm feeling more confident about going with 339-350cc. I will leave it up to my PS to decide what will make me happy and natural looking based on photos I've researched and will share with him at my next appt or PreOp appt.

Thanks ladies! I'm still working on trying to lose more weight but I'm good with where I'm at too.
Just found your blog and I can totally relate to everything you're feeling! I'm glad you settled on a surgeon and that you are confident in your choice. I'm also having a hard time not buying any new clothes! Each time I go Christmas shopping I pick up an item for myself, walk around the store with it for an hour and then think, "What am I doing? This will be a waste of money in just a few weeks!" And then I put it back. Lol. Oh well, makes it easier to save for the procedure, right? :)
Lol, me too. I carry things around truly wanting to buy it and then walking out with nothing. I would love to start shipping immediately but I have to mentally prepare myself for the swelling as well. But I'm looking forward to shopping for the Summer because they always have really cute sun dresses or skirts our that I couldn't wear because of my bluffing stomach. It will take time for me to get comfortable wearing things that I didn't before but at least I'll know that it's an option for me.
Hey I don't think I will have dog ears(1 month post op) I think it's because my ps went far back with my incision and lipoed my flanks. But I never asked why I didn't get them- just my theory.lol You totally can just get what u are getting. I went in wanting a BA,BL, and tummy tuck. He told me what he would like to do. Then gave me prices for several different "packages. 

Ok, so I posted my update in the comments area...

Ok, so I posted my update in the comments area instead of here (common mistake from what I've seen), Lol. Here's the post again but in the right place:

Work is simply crazy. I'm also trying to wrap things up in preparation for my time off. I'm not posting as much but am still excited and reading lots of recovery stories. I sent an email to my PS with questions based on what I'm learning on RS. His staff is awesome. I'm going to schedule another consult to have him confirm that I have enough skin to avoid a vertical scar. I also want my DH to meet him and get his perspective. I also measured my stomach to capture that number so I can compare later. Managing my weight has been the most difficult. I am really pushing myself to TRY to get to 120 by my surgery date but I'm not confident it will happen. There's just no time at all to workout these days because of work. We'll see. Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year if I don't post again until 2013.

5 weeks to go!!

5 weeks to go!!
Can't wait to hear how your surgery goes with Dr. G in January!!
Hopefully all the work is keeping you busy enough to not think about the surgery as much. 5 weeks will go by so fast. How exciting!!!
Hi Jen! You look absolutely fabulous at 7 wks po. Your "problem" with big breasts and tiny waist is one I'd like to have, lol. I know 5 wks will fly by but I wish I was 5 wks PO instead :) Thank you so much for your support and comments! Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year with the woman if your dreams :)

This is what feared scheduling surgery during the...

This is what feared scheduling surgery during the main winter months of MN, I had a cold. I'm pretty sick with extreme coughing. The bright side is that it's still early enough for me to recover before my surgery. I just hope that I don't spread it to my kids because I'm the only one sick right now.

3 weeks and 3 days left to go. I cannot believe it! I'm starting to question my decision now. Is it the right thing to do? I'm spending so much money on this... What if something goes wrong? Ahhhhh. I know this will pass but this waiting sucks. I wish I could've been like one of the women who decided today they were going to have the surgery and then did the surgery a week later. I have another appt scheduled with my PS on Friday. I need to go back in to determine if I have enough skin laxity to avoid a vertical scar. I wouldn't mind it so much if the scar would disappear over the years. All the PSs I've seen have all mentioned that because I'm Aslan, the scars will heal dark so I'm trying to minimize the # of scars I get from this procedure. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but ever since it was brought to my attention, I've seen so many women with similar bodies to mine currently end up with a vertical scar from their old BB. My DH is also going with me this time so I'm excited to hear what he thinks.
what surgeon did you end up chosing? and how much did he quote you ? YAY COUNTDOWN BEGINS :)

Merry Christmas all!!!!! I hope everyone is either...

Merry Christmas all!!!!! I hope everyone is either healing well & enjoying their new flat stomached or waiting patiently for their turn and celebrating Christmas with hope in store for their big day.

As I prepare for my big day, can someone help me figure put what size I should buy for my granny panties? Same size now, one size larger or what?
Not sure what type if compression garment u r going to have??? But with mine I didn't wear granny panties. I had a hole so I could go to the bathroom. To be honest I basically wore my CG sports bra and that's it for 2 weeks(besides drs visits) and if I walked @ I put on a bath robe;-) 
I'm going with PS2. I'm glad I did more research even though I felt good about PS1. I'm quoted right now at approximately $14k. Hope your search is going well.
Thanks! I'm really counting down the days now. My biggest concern is that I've gained weight because of the holidays. I'm going to have to work hard the first couple weeks of the new year. You look great and I'm happy your mini surgery has healed up well. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Made my payment today. It's officially 2 weeks...

Made my payment today. It's officially 2 weeks today. I'm soooo excited. My last appt went well. I confirmed what I'm going with (339ccs) but it will be adjust slightly on the day of surgery to make them more symmetrical. My DH liked my PS so I was happy with that and my PS confirmed that I should have enough skin to avoid a vertical scar while maintaining a low scar, yay!!! What I'm most nervous about now is my PreOp exam on Monday and getting everything ready at work to take this time off. From a surgery perspective, I'm nervous about going under and waking up and my results (same thing everyone is worried about).

Happy New Year to all!!
WIshing you all the best!!!
Thank you!! I'm going to continue to track your recovery so keep us posted.
2 weeks away so exciting!!!! How are you feeling??

RS Post Exactly one week to go. I cannot...

RS Post

Exactly one week to go. I cannot believe how fast time flew by. Its funny because it hasn't really hit me yet that I'm having surgery next week because I'm so stressed out from work. There's so much to do still and so much going on while I'm out that I'm nervous about taking the time off. At the moment, I'm actually really excited to finally getting some sleep after surgery. I know that sounds lame, but I've been working so hard through the holidays and to prepare for my surgery so it will be a good break. I've also been having a tough time getting to sleep. I think it's because I have so much going on that my body can't seem to relax. I know I will need to be at a different pace after surgery so I'll have to force myself to relax.

On a different note, I had my PreOp this past Monday and am all set to go. I gained some weight from the holidays that I wasn't able to take off yet but I'm hoping to do that before surgery. I hope I wont be in too much pain PO days 1-3 and I hope I've done a good job preparing myself with supplies, mentally and physically. The only thing left to do is pick up my prescriptions.
So excited for you! I promise...it will all go fast and it will be sooo worth it! Just look back at all of us that have already gone through it and would do it again :) Good luck! Will be thinking about you!!
Yes, I hope I have a quick and easy recovery. Thank you!
Good luck!!! I am scheduled for Jan18th:-)

Omg, its today. I'm so ready but am sooo...

Omg, its today. I'm so ready but am sooo nervous!!!! Of course it had to snow. Looking forward to March. Pray for me. Thanks all. Will post again when I can.
I hope things went well today!! May you have a speedy recovery!!
Good luck!!! I am thinking about you! Everything will go great and you will look amazing:)
Good Luck & Congrats!!

I'm alive and flat. Pain is tolerable. PO follow...

I'm alive and flat. Pain is tolerable. PO follow up tomorrow. Will post again soon.

I'm not exactly sure how to count PO days so I'm...

I'm not exactly sure how to count PO days so I'm considering today as PO day 2 sibce I got out of surgery at 12 yesterday and its past 24hrs. Not sure how the breasts look yet and not sure how I feel about my TT. Time will tell. Thanks all!
Impressive that you can post. Glad you are doing well :) happy healing..
Glad surgery went well!
Thank you!

PO day 2: word of the day = itchy. I itch...

PO day 2: word of the day = itchy. I itch everywhere. Urghhh.

Holy sh*t, I was drinking water and it went down...

Holy sh*t, I was drinking water and it went down the wrong side. This resulted in me choking on the water, coughing like crazy and man did I feel like I was going to split into two with the pain that came with this. Here I was thinking that this was going well and then this happens. Now my stomach feels like its burning and I'm afraid to drink again. Worst feeling ever. Never would I want to go through that again. Geez.

PO follow up went well. We've been having trouble with the cg so the nurse showed us how to do it tighter. My next appt is Ties and I may get one drain taken out. I hope so but they haven't caused me too much inconvenience. They jus make me feel like an alien more or less.
Hi. So glad I found your post. I'm also scared about scarring, since I am Asian ..I do scar easily. I would love updates of your pictures and scars. Thanks for sharing and happy healing!!

Not sure what to think of my results yet. I feel...

Not sure what to think of my results yet. I feel good for 3 days PO. Ive been walking pretty straight since yesterday and haven't really needed my pain meds. Like running, I've decided to look forward to milestones to help motivate me. My first milestone will happen when the drains get removed. I'm hoping that takes place at my Tues. follow up since I've been draining pretty low. It will be bitter sweet because I know swell hell comes with drains being removed.

This is still my own little secret so the sooner I can get back to normal, the easier it will be for me not to stress that someone is going to visit and see me like this. I've also been eating a lot. I'm not sure where this appetite is coming from since most people lost theirs. This makes me worried because I'm not able to work out. I can't wait to see my results better once my drains are out. In the mean time, I'm sleeping a lot and watching a lot of QVC, lol.
I am on post op day 2. I could sleep all day! I haven't been able to see any results until tomorrow at the PS. They have me bound up tightly. I am still needing pain meds bc I am still in some pain, really hard to get round. Glad you are recovery well!!!
Congrats!! How much ccs did you end up with? Looking forward to seeing the new you! I hope to update photos once the drains are out. I get extremely exhausted quickly so am still sleeping a lot too.
I'm glad your surgery went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery

Can't believe its been 1 week! I got one drain...

Can't believe its been 1 week! I got one drain taken out this past Tues and will get my second drain out tomorrow, yay!!!!!! I know this is going to sound weird but I've not tried on any under clothes. I've spent the last week in my husband's clothes (button up short and shorts) because I'm so paranoid about the incision and drains. This means that I don't know if my incision is low enough to be covered so I've been a bit stressed about it. That's the first thing I plan to do when I get home from my appt.

On another note, I'm a little disappointed in my PS's customer service. I've not been told anything proactively about my surgery. I've had to keep asking the nurse and she doesn't give details and makes me feel like I'm in her way. My PS came into the room, looked over my file and said everything looked good. He asked if I had questions but I was in pain from the nurse ripping the tape off my incisions and taking my stitches out so I said no. I know, it's my fault for not asking for more details so I plan to ask tomorrow. I just feel like it would be courteous of them to proactively share what took place on surgery. Things like, how many ccs were put into my breasts, did I have a MR, by how much, how much skin was taken off, how much lipo was done, what can I expect next week or in 2 weeks, etc.

Am I expecting too much?!?! Minor worries compared to healing. My incision looks very lumpy but that could be from swelling. I wish my PS would look at it and tell me not to worry instead of me guessing based on what I've read here. I'm concerned that I will have a dog ear on my right side. I know it's too soon but it looks worse than my right side. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is swelling.

Thanks all for your support!!

Thank you for letting me vent. On a positive note,...

Thank you for letting me vent. On a positive note, my DH loves my new breasts. In also happy with how flat my stomach looks and healing has been going better than expected (knock on wood). The worst part has been the lipo done on my back. It's still bruised and ugly looking but I'm excited to see how it turns out once it heals more. I'm also interested to see if I will have more of a waist. Right now it doesn't but I'm attributing it to swelling. Again something I wish my PS would share with ms (where did he lipo?).

My left breast and arm is sore too. It's the side that he was going to put a larger implant in because it was more deflated than my right side. I don't know if that's why it's sore or if I over used it even though I'm right handed. It could be both, who knows.

Thanks for listening/reading!! Good luck to those who have upcoming surgeries.
Yay for having one drain out!!! I'm so sorry your post op care is not going so well... You are definetly not asking too much, he should answer all your questions and worries... I did not have any tape on my incisions... My doctor is the one who pulled out the drains and took out the few stitches I had. I wonder if the share nurses? My nurses were great, especially Krystal:) My ps sees me on the weekend because I live so far away and answers my e-mails promptly. Your end results will be well worth all the frustrations. Good luck with your recovery!
Thank you so much for your support! I don't think they share nurses. I told my nurse that there was a pinching by my hip that hurts and her response was that she was 7 weeks out and it's still pinching by her hip. I took her response to mean, based on her tone of voice and facial expression, that I should just suck it up because it's normal. I didn't feel comfortable sharing more after that. I'm so glad your ps is working out so great for you. That's awesome that he's open to seeing you on weekends. Hope your still healing well and I do look forward to seeing my results.
Thank you! It does get better everyday. I am hoping and praying for minimal swelling once my drains come out.

9 DPO, last drain removed yesterday and I took a...

9 DPO, last drain removed yesterday and I took a nice hot shower this morning, yay!!!! Feeling good, outside of swelling, and excited for my next milestone: transition from CG to Spanx. I'm really looking forward to this because my CG bites into my hips and pushes up against my incisions (which hurts like crap). It's also too long so it either cuts off my blood flow to my legs or it rises up to my breasts. I'd say that I hate my CG and its been the biggest pain for me throughout my recovery time thus far.

I tried on my low cut underwear and it covers my incision, yes! I am praying that the remainder of my recovery remains uneventful and cannot wait for Summer.

It's interesting how different each PS is regarding care for their incisions. I never had steri strips. My incision was covered with some sort of tape and some have nothing on their incisions at all. My PS typically puts the drains in the pubic area with 2 separate holes but I requested that he put it through the incision to avoid additional scars. He did this and I don't regret the decision at all. I'm glad I asked him to do that.

Follow up on my PS's post op care: not great. I went in to remove my 2nd drain and they were behind schedule. I've had 3 appts so far and they were running late at all these appts. My appt was at 4, they took me in at 4:15 and I didn't get out until almost five. All I had done was the removal of the drain. I wanted to ask my PS questions about my surgery as I mentioned in my last post but he came in 5 mins to 5 and was flustered because he was running behind. I had asked him about when I could wear spanx and he quickly said we'll talk about it next week. I asked about how I'll know my drain sites are closed and he answered again that we'll discuss that next week so I figured at this point he wanted to go and didn't ask anything more. I hope I have more courage next week to stand up for myself instead of feeling like I'm in their way and not asking. Also, I had the same nurse at the beginning of my appt and then got a different nurse at the end and the second nurse was fantastic. She was so nice and caring. She was patient and took her time helping me back into my CG and I felt so at ease with her. I wonder how we get assigned nurses and whether or not its worth asking for a different nurse at this point in time. Who knows?

That's all folks. I'll post again next week. Enjoy your weekend!!
Looks great!
Thank you!
You look great!! And your results will just keep getting better once the swelling goes down:) I am so sorry that the dr is making you feel this way... You have paid him a lot of money to take care of you:( just curious what is the nurses name? Funny, I was on the phone with my nurse at around the same time you were getting your drain out...

2 weeks PO today, wow. This journey has been...

2 weeks PO today, wow. This journey has been interesting. Thanks to all of you ladies, my expectations were set realistically and I feel prepared. I swell after a long day, my shape is different from morning to evening, my scar is slightly pleated, I'm super slow and my breasts are dripping at different rates but I don't find myself disappointed, angry, or upset because I've read this in your journeys. I'm just trying to be patient. My DH is fantastic. With 5 boys, he's done all the cooking, cleaning and more and I've been in our room for 2 weeks on the recliner resting and healing. I've not had this much sleep since I had my 12 yr old son.

I found out at my follow up yesterday that I did have a muscle repair and 2 liters of lipo from back to hips. My aftercare expectations has been the only disappointment so far. Yesterday when I went in, my PS came in took 2 mins to look me over and said "things look good, I'll see you in 2 weeks". I had to stop him before he left to answer my questions about my surgery and when can I start wearing shape wear, what about a wireless bra, when can I start doing light cardio, scar treatment?!?! Again, why wouldn't my PS share these things with me proactively with his patients do they know what to expect? Why must I ask and if I didn't ask, would he ever share this? Just me venting. I guess, if this is the worst part of my journey, I'm ok with it. I have RS to thank for all the information and specific details all the ladies on here share so I'll continue to rely on you guys and then confirm with my PS.

I'm back to work next week, working from home on Mon & Tues. I'm nervous because there's a lot of walking that I must do so we'll see how I survive this. I still get tired fairly quick, I walk slow and start to hunch over mid-day so wish me luck. Additionally, I need a shape wear to hold me together. I have a spanx from before but it's soo tight I don't know how to get into it. I struggled getting into it even before this surgery. I'm paranoid about trying it on and hurting myself or my incision/stitches. How did you gals do it? I'm in awe.

Had my first ultrasonic massage today. It felt...

Had my first ultrasonic massage today. It felt wierd and a bit tender. I fidnt really notice a difference but we'll see in 6 weeks since I'll be doing it once a week for the next 6 wks. Its suppose to help with the swellibg and the healing process.

So far I'm satisfied with where I'm at. The pleating on my scar is less visible now except at the ends on each side. I Hope it continues to get more flat with no pleating at all soon. My scar is super thin and doesn't bother me at all really. I'd rather see the scar than the rolls and wrinkley excess skin. It's what I expected so even if it doesn't get lighter, I'm ok with it because it'll be covered and I don't plan to get into stripping so I'm happy. No new photos because I've been extra swollen this week due to mother nature and am not feeling up to it - maybe next week.

I'll be starting light cardio this weekend but am not looking forward to the swelling that comes with exercise. I'm excited to start because I'm sure I've gained weight eating and laying around for 2 weeks.
Oh wow, 2 weeks post op already! I haven't been here in a while and feel like I missed so much. You look absolutely amazing!
how is your scar looking?? Any new pics to share?? Looking great hun!
I got spanx today and am 3 weeks out and it wasn't as painful to get them over my them outer thighs (lipo site) than when I tried a week ago so you may find it easier next week to get them on.

I'm almost 3 weeks PO and am starting to think...

I'm almost 3 weeks PO and am starting to think about scar treatment. My PS doesn't provide anything and simply states that I should just use vitamin E oil. My scar is not as flat I'd like it to be (I know it's too soon) but I'd like to use some silicone strips to help. What have you ladies used and was it worth it? Worth it meaning, made your scar more flat, less visible and maybe made it thinner? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
I haven't started any treatments yet. I'm 4wks po. However I'm planning on using Oleeva silicone strips. There's a girl on YouTube that's used it and is already one year po...so you acn check out her resuls. Her account name is April29oregon. please do your research with vitamin e. I've read up on it and it actually places a barrier between your scar because it dries it too soon, therefore the sets of skin cannot come as.close to each other . Do your research before trying anything. I will order my strips from makemeheal.com.
Thank you for your information! I was looking at that silicone strip too but I hadn't seen the utube video so I'll take a look at it. I liked this one because of the shape of the strip. I'll ask my PS about the Vit E side effects. I appreciate the heads up!
I'm 3 weeks PO as well, and my PS is recommending that I massage my scar for 2 minutes every day. Just a back and forth motion with light pressure with 2 fingers. He said that this will help it lay flat over time. He also had me order silicone strips from biodermis.com. They recommended ordering the large sheet (item #EDGTNT-1116). This way I can cut strips to fit my scars and get the most for my $$. (It was $100.) Your order will come with instructions on how to use and care for them. If you don't want to use the silicone strips, I would probably at least do the scar massage with your Vit E oil.

PO 3Wks - tomorrow I had my first ultrasonic...

PO 3Wks - tomorrow

I had my first ultrasonic massage last Thursday. It felt weird and a bit uncomfortable. It's suppose to help with the swelling but I still feel pretty swollen most days even though it doesn't really make me uncomfortable. The part that does bother me about the swelling is how it makes me look. I feel and look fat when I'm swollen but I know with time it will get better. As long as its not making me feel like I'm going to blow up, I can be patient with this.

My drain holes have been a bit of a nuisance because they're taking forever to close up. Remember that I requested to have my drains come out of my incision instead of through separate sites in my pubic areas. I still don't regret this decision because this eliminated 2 additional scars and once it heals, it will be part of the scar that I couldn't prevent when doing a TT. One of the holes is pretty much closed but the other is slowly closing (which you'll see in my photo).

I have to give my PS great credit for my scar. It looks amazing at almost 3 weeks. There's still some pleating and rippling but this will only get better with time.

On Sat, I did my first fast walking on my treadmill for 45 mins in my binder. The highest I could go was 2.7 but I'm excited to be doing light cardio.

I'm back to work tomorrow so wish me luck in my spanx and hopefully not too much swelling. Happy healing all! I'm looking forward to my next milestone: scar treatment. Yay!!
You look amazing!!!!! Did you manage to keep your procedures to yourself? I am SO worried about this aspect. Do you feel well enough and look well enough to not frighten the kiddos? I'm so worried about post op stuff!!! I hope you continue to heal beautifully. Thank you SO much for your review. It really is inspiring!
Yes I've been able to keep it to myself. My husband and good friend are the only 2 people who know. Right after the surgery, the kids were just told that I wasn't feeling well so to stay away so they didn't catch anything (we just had a round of sickness in the family so this worked out well). I was literally confined in my room for 2 days before I was feeling well enough to come out and say hi. I wore a loose black zip up sweater that covered the drains and sweat pants. I did inform work that I would be having surgery, I just didn't specify what kind of surgery and no one asked for specifics. As I progressed with my healing and started to engage with family and friends, I told them my back hurt (maybe pulled a muscle or something) so they didn't question why I hunched over at times or walked slow. I didn't want to lie to them and my back was very sore. The timing was the best time for my situation as well since it was after the holidays and January was a snowy month so people didn't visit or question me when I wore constantly my sweater and sweats. It wasnt as easy as it sounds because i was constantly paranoid and still am because I have a waist that didnt exist before. I'm sure it's all in my head but that's the trade off I have to make since I didn't want to tell anyone. Good luck to you and it can be done discreetly but you will need someone to commit to helping you heal.
That is so true. Thank you for reminding me. ;-)

3.5 weeks PO // POD 25 Pain level: Feeling food...

3.5 weeks PO // POD 25

Pain level: Feeling food. Sometimes I feel like my sides are burning and I still itch but I'm walking straighter and faster every day. Still have pain at the ends of my incision by my hip bone.

Life Situation: I'm sleeping in my own bed now but still cannot get myself out of bed myself (not really painful but more paranoid about using too much ab muscles and arms to get up so my DH helps me up). I'm back at work and swell like crazy by mid-afternoon. This will be my 2nd week at work and I'm sure it will be better.

I spent most of yesterday with family and friends and was paranoid the whole time that someone would notice how different my body was. This was all in my head though and no one really noticed so in relieved.

Exercise: I'm only fast walking on the treadmill at the speed of 3.2 fir now. It takes me about 20 mins to complete a mile. I know this will get better with time.

Results: I'm in between on my results, hence, not sure.

The Good: As you can see in my photos, my scar is healing well. There's still pleating and rippling at the ends of my incision so I'm hoping to start scar treatment soon. I'm going to ask my PS if I can use silicone strips. My BB looks good. It's so circular that I wonder if it looks too fake. Thoughts?

I love my breasts. They haven't completely dropped and fluffed but they are looking good. My PS put more ccs in my left breast because it was more deflated and I can tell its bigger than my right breast but they're never going to be completely symmetrical so I'm ok with it.

The Bad (more like concerns that I hope resolves itself since its too early - maybe)? Please share your thoughts on these because its bothering me.

1) my tummy is flatter than before and I know I'm still swelling so its not as flat as it can be. However, my issue is more with my waist. I feel and look like the right side is more defined than my left side and my left side feels like there's more fat there. Wearing my bikini bottom or my underwear, I can grab and see a roll of fat from my left side. My right side is similar but not as bad. My DH keeps saying its swelling but it concerns me when I can grab a roll.
Ok I am having the same problem!!! My right side looks great, curves in, but my left side is visibly larger than the right:-( I do have more swelling in general on the left but I was wondering if my PS didn't do enough lipo there. Even in the morning when i am not as swollen you can tell, my hubby even commented on it! I am going to wait to see the final result but I will bring it up at next appt. I am really hoping that a lot of this is swelling because even though my stomach is flat it looks swollen and by the end of the day it looks like I am pregnant!
Oh and I maybe thought it had something to do with binder over lapping on the right side and switched it to he left side...
Omg, that's exactly that I did too and there hasn't been any progress. Like you, it's uneven from morning to night. I agree that I think my PS didnt lipo it as well as tge other side but will wait to see how it progresses. I also plan to bring it up at my next appt which is this Thursday.

4wks PO / 29 DPO Had a follow up appt today....

4wks PO / 29 DPO

Had a follow up appt today. The appts get shorter and shorter with my PS quickly looking and everyone says "you look great" but I'm still not sure how I feel. I'm ok with my results. Could it be worse, yes; but could it be better, yes too. I paid a lot for this and went through a lot of pain and disruption in my life that I wish I could say that I love my results versus I'm ok with it. I always considered my expectations reasonable but were they too high this time? I shared my concerns with my PS and he says its still too early to tell. I hope they'd the case.

My swelling is down a lot but my right side of my waist still has way more definition than my left side. Should I be happy with just having a waist? I feel like my stomach is flabby and not tight like week 1&2. Is that because I need to do ab exercises or should it have stayed flat all the way through the healing process?

My wonderful milestone today was being able to get into my skinny jeans, yay! I was able to put on jeans last week but wasn't sure if I should push it and try on my skinny jeans. I'm healing well and am increasing my cardio workouts. I ordered Oleeva Silicone sheets and received it today. I'm not able to use it yet because I still have one opening from my drain that is still healing. It's close so I hope to use the sheets in one to two weeks. Wish me luck.

Happy Healing & Happy Valentine's Day!!
Let's all pray the swelling goes away fast! I too have uneven sides where the Lipo was done but honestly it doesn't really.bother me because my side's have always been lopsided. My left flank has always had more fat. Talking with my PS he took out the same amount of fat on both sides...therefore my sides are still uneven. Maybe that happened to you...? Any way, I hope you feel better soon and let's keep on truckn through this recovery stage.
Thanks for your encouragement. I'm not sure what happened other than speculate. I hope it's swelling because the unevenness is absolutely noticeable and I didn't have this issue before so it would be a new issue that I'd have to get used to. All my PS keeps saying is that its too soon. He didn't specify how much he took out from where just the total. I'm keeping my chin up until my next appt.
Did you wear the garment that Velcros over your tummy? I've heard a lot of ladies commenting on having to switch it around because the swelling seems to stay on one side. Maybe that's what's happening...maybe? I hope it gets better and better!

When I asked my PS the other day about returning...

When I asked my PS the other day about returning to underwire bras, he didn't provide any guidance and simply said "when you feel its right," really? oh well. So I decided to go shopping for a bra today just to see what my size might be. I got a 38D which I was excited about because I wanted to be a full C or small D and I think once everything settles, I will be right around that.

My shopping experience was interesting. The clothes for wonderfully but I had to buy larger sizes to accommodate my larger breasts (I didn't realize how much of an impact larger breasts could make so I'm glad I didn't go any bigger). I also realized that this body doesn't feel like me anymore. It's going to take time to get used to it. I'm still self conscience about my look except it's not because of my tummy anymore. Now I have larger breasts that I don't want to call too much attention to and hips that I didn't have before making me feel like they're too wide now. Don't get me wrong, I like what I'm seeing so far and have great self confidence, I just need to get used to this new me especially since I didn't tell anyone about this surgery. In the end, I bought 1 bra and a tankini swim suit (will need to work up the courage to wear a bikini in public). I'll continue to wear my old clothes until this summer just so I don't call too much attention to myself.
Thanks for the reply hon. That's exactly what my PS said. The fact that your tummy gets slimmer means you project more on top. Just communicating with you now and seeing my PS yesterday. I have decided the best thing for me would be to hold up on the BA and see how my TT goes. I was trying to save £2000.00 by doing the procedures together. But I will wait and see how this goes first. Thanks for the update and insight. Much appreciated. You look fab by the way. Xx
Thanks for the update Hun. When you say you had to buy bigger sized clothes, do you mean you've now gone up a size? I saw my ps yesterday and he's strongly advising against a BA. He's saying I don't really need it and to have a TT done first. See how that goes and then see if I'd I need a BL. My DH agrees with him and now reading your update I'm starting to agree to hold off the BA?
I was wearing a small before and now I'm wearing medium, sometimes large depending on the store. I still fit a small but its super tight on top. I also don't fit any of my button up shirts now and I didn't go that big. I like my new breasts a lot because they're not deflated as before and I don't regret getting it done at the same time as my TT because I saved $ and healed all at once. They actually didn't impact my healing much at all. If I had to do it over again I would probably have gone smaller to just get the fullness back into my breasts instead of fullness and a tad bit larger. Keep in mind, I'm still early in the process so my breasts will soften up more and drop more so that could impact the size of clothes. This is why I didn't buy anything new. Good luck and do what's best for you and your situation. :)
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