Tummy Tuck-one week recovery-with no complications-Thank you!!!! :-)

Hi there: I am a 39 year old female and a mother...

Hi there:
I am a 39 year old female and a mother of a 4 year old little girl who is scheduled for tummy tuck and lipo surgery in 2 weeks. I am getting very anxious and am a little nervous going under anesthesia. My doctor and his staff have been amazing. I lost over 60 lbs and have excess skin to get rid of. My goals is to look and feel amazing. I'll post some before and after pictures soon.

Ok, I am back again and I have posted some before...

Ok, I am back again and I have posted some before photos. I am going into surgery in 5 days and I am so excited for my TT with lipo. I stood home from work today and did some spring cleaning. I guess you would call it nesting. On Saturday, I am going to finish up on some yard work, shopping to stock up for healthy salads and fruits for when I come home after the surgery. I have already filled my pain medication and antibiotics. I have done all of my blood work and am going to the hospital tomorrow for additional testing before the surgery. I can't believe I am going through with this. I am very excited and can't wait to see the results. I have been working out doing zumba, kickboxing and running. My weight right now is at 138 and I am 5'3" tall. My highest weight at one time was at about 190 when I was pregnant for my daughter. I am very active and eat very healthy. All I want is a new me.

4 more days Today I went to the hospital for a b...

4 more days
Today I went to the hospital for a b.p check and oxygen level. Everything was fine. The nurse gave me some antibacterial soap to use for the day prior and of surgery. I picked up some stool softener as well. I hear that the pain meds can really constipate people. Tomorrow, I will go food shopping and finish up on some yard work. I am also going to the gym to take my Zumba class. I received a call to be at the hospital for 6:15 on 4/16 and the surgery will be at 7:30am. My daughter will be staying with my mom for a couple of days. I will miss my litte girl.

So, its less then 24 hours too go and I am meeting...

So, its less then 24 hours too go and I am meeting with my PS today to mark my belly. My daughter is already at my moms house and I can't wait to be home with her. My husband took a couple of days off from work.
Will post more pictures soon.

3 days post op. I'll have to say that the incision...

3 days post op. I'll have to say that the incision area doesn't hurt as much as my back does from stooping over when walking. I am still taking my pain meds and antibiotics. I have to stay on top of it to control the pain. I ate pretty healthy today and was Able to have my first bm. Ouch, that hurt. I had taken a laxative and enema to help. I've had to change my binder because it was dirty. Make sure you have at least 3 binders in case they get soiled. I am still eating my moms homemade chicken soup. That has really helped with lots of fluids. I haven't really looked at my belly yet cause my doctor said not to touch it until I see him in a few days. I have been taking sponge baths to feel refreshened. Going to sleep again on the couch tonite. A lot better then sleeping in bed. Talk soon. Hope all the TT ladies/men and their families are doing well. Happy healing.

Suggestions for you before your TT surgery. 1....

Suggestions for you before your TT surgery.
1. Pick a great surgeon.
2. Make sure your body is physically fit because your lower back will ache from stooping over. Do lower back exercises with weights to strengthen your muscles.
3. Fill all your meds. You will need your perks for pain. I cut mine in half because it was too strong taking a whole.
4. Make sure you have at least 3 binders at home. In case they get dirty from a leaky drain. drain your pump every 2 hours our when1/2 full.
5. Get supplies for sponge bath. I was not able to shower or soak in a tub.
6. Get fresh salads, fruits and yogurt.
7. Make a fresh pot of your favorite soup to last at least 5 days. Trust me, you will not be able to cook.Mine was chicken soup.
8. Get plenty of rest and don't do anything strenuous.
9. Take at least. 2 weeks off from work.
10. If u have little ones have them stay with family for the first. 2-3 days.
Happy healing.

4 days post op. I was okay today until I decided...

4 days post op.
I was okay today until I decided to take off my compression garment and put a clean one on. I almost fainted because the CG was so tight to my abdomen compressing my veins. I immediately felt nausea,then really dizzy and fell down. Ughhh that was awful. My husband was so worried something was wrong. Wow, make sure you don't take your CG off didn't know that this could happen. Wow. I feel better now. I am laying down and had some fruit and took a Percocet.

6 days post op. Ok, so, I met with my ps today...

6 days post op.
Ok, so, I met with my ps today and he removed my pain pump. My drain stood in though because it is still putting out more than 30cc in a 24 hour period. I was fitted for a new cg and feels much better. I can now take a shower. My abdomen is still so numb and feels really weird to touch. Everything is so tight and am trying to stand up straight. Hopefully, I will get sensation back to that area. I know when I had my csection it took about one year. Anyhow, recovery is going well. I can't wait to get back to the gym. It won't be until 5 weeks. I am trying to eat healthy so I don't take to many daily calories. Trying to stay around800-1000 calories a day. Even though the doctor removed about 5lbs of skin and fat I want to be careful with my weight and stay under 140. Happy recovery everyone

Post op 7 days (made it to one week-with no...

Post op 7 days (made it to one week-with no complications, knock on wood, thank you God and my surgeon!! )
Good Morning all TT friends and family. I woke up this morning and felt amazing. It has been 1 week in recovery and everyday I am able to feel so much better. I was able to weigh myself today and came in at 138lbs. Pretty happy with that considering that I have not worked out for about one week. Although, I haven been eating pretty healthy with a low fat and calorie diet. So, I was able to take some photos and am very pleased with the results. Next year, I would love to do breast augmentation. Need to save up for that for next spring of 2014. Happy Recovery everyone.

Post op 8 days Ok, so, feeling really good today....

Post op 8 days
Ok, so, feeling really good today. Went out for breakfast and then picked up my daughter from school and went to the playground. It felt good to be up and around. Everyday, I feel better and stronger. Can't wait to get this drain out on Monday.

Post op 17 days. My drain is releasing less then...

Post op 17 days.
My drain is releasing less then 30cc's in a 24 hour period. I can't wait to have it removed this Monday. So far, I have been doing pretty good. I am still not 100% but everyday I am feeling better. I am getting some burning sensation in my abdomen. My PS states that this is normal. The weather has been getting warmer here is Massachusetts. We have had a very cold winter and I can not wait until this summer to soak in the sun with my new bathing suit and drink some margaritas!! wooooo.....Happy healing everyone!

Post op 19 days. Today I woke up and cleaned 1/2...

Post op 19 days.
Today I woke up and cleaned 1/2 of my house. The bedrooms I will do next weekend. I am trying not to do too much all at once. Then, I went outside and did some weeding and played soccer with my daughter. Me and my mom went shopping for spring clothes and cute sandals. I weighed myself today and I am at 136 and in a size 6 clothes. So cool! I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to take my drain out and I can not wait so that I can wear my cute spring clothes that I bought! I bumped into an exercise partner today at Macy's and she was like where have you been? I haven't seen you at the gym!! Yes, 2 more weeks and I am back. I miss my rumba classes so much! Happy healing everyone!

Post op 22 days. I am starting to feel really...

Post op 22 days.
I am starting to feel really good now. I weighed in at 135 this morning. That is about 6 pounds less pre op. the doctor did say that he removed about 5 lbs. During lunch I will go out for a walk in the neighborhood. I would love to get down to about 130. That is my ideal weight. Anyhow, I am not taking anymore pain pills or antibiotics. I love my results and I am using the scar strip for my incision. All is well. Happy healing TT friends.

Added some new photos in a Bikini! Having fun. :-)

Added some new photos in a Bikini! Having fun. :-)

10 months after Tummy Tuck

I had a tummy tuck in April of 2013 and weighed in at about 145. Currently, I am 128 lbs after 10 months. I have been back to normal and doing cardio and strength training at the gym. I have a BA scheduled for March 1, 2014 and am looking forward to not having to wear paced bra's anymore. I have attached a recent photo.
Dr Laffredo

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Its so nice to be on the flat side!! You look great!
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Thank you!! Yes, it has been an interesting journey. But well worth the investment!
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Hi Portugesegirl, it's been so long since you've updated your profile. How have you been doing? I'm already 2 months post op and still a lot of swelling when I go to the gym, not at a full 100% in my workouts either so feeling like I'm gaining weight. Hope your well. Caio
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Love the new pictures : ) you look amazing.
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TTRA: Thank you so much and happy mothers day too you/ Hope you are well and recovering good. How are you doing with recovery?
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Hi PG, Happy Mothers Day to you too hope you were spoiled. I'm doing really well getting my last drain removed tomorrow morning and going back to work as well. Are you still wearing your CG and what are you using on your scars? Hope you have a great week. Caio FYI my name is Teresa
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Teresa: That is a great portugese name, I'm Nancy. Glad to hear you are doing well and back to work. I have transitioned to wearing spanks during the day and my CG at night while sleeping. On my incision, I am still using the strip and will start using the scar cream on June 3rd when I see my PS. Today has made 4 weeks in recovery and it goes by so fast. My PS still does not want me to lift anything that is heavy. I'm more than 1/2 through recovery and weigh in at 134 and now in a size 4-6 depending on the style. I am very happy with that. I still have a little swelling, nothing really major. I love not having no more love handles. THat is the best part and clothes fits so much better. Ok, gotta run! Talk soon. :-)
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Hi Nancy, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner but being back at work has taken such a toll on me. I've been coming home so tired. Today I'm 3 weeks post op. I've been wearing spanks for 2 weeks now, but will take your advise and wear my CG at night. Question, what cream will you be using on your scars? My PS said that I can use Bio-Oil but didn't tell me when. Im so glad that no one at work noticed what I had done, I had only told 4 people that I trust and everyone else I just said that I was off because I was having surgery. I recalled what you said about people gossiping. The people that know what I did say that I look terrific and that Im even standing straighter. All that matters is that I feel great in my body. CONGRATULATIONS on being in a size 4-6 WOOHOO. Caio for now querida. Talk later
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Love your story I had to chuckle about you changing your cg, you look fabulous !! I'm calling the ps tomorrow to ask about the pain pump I see a lot of woman having one of those.. I'm getting closer & I'm still afraid ill chicken out.. I broke my foot & I'm not going to be at my best for this surgery, the drs. All say it should be fine.. You are av inspiration to the rest of us girl, keep us posted !!!!
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Hi Cute Grandma: Yes, the pain pump is a huge help. I would suggest that you ask your PS for one. The most pain I felt was from my lower back. You will get some discomfort from your lipo areas. You have to be hunched over for the 1st week when you are walking. I would recommend sleeping on a firm couch with a pillow under your knees and your head. Much easier to get up in the morning then a bed. Be strong, don't chicken out because you will love the investment that you did for yourself. It is worth it. Trust me!!! The results are phenomenal!!!!
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Hi, i really interest doing a tummy tuck and liposuction. I am from MA too and your surgeon gave you a good price. I had a c-section (6 years ago) I am 5"2 and my weight is 142 pounds. I want to know if you did liposuction too?? if yes, which areas?? the $9,000 that includes all surgeon fees (hospital, anesthesia, procedures, etc..)if not, what is the total?? I will really appreciate the answer of this questions..thank you!!
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Hi geri2006 In total it came out to 8,500 and he did lipo of my abdomen only, muscle repair and tummytuck. Total includes all fees. Dr laffredo is excellent, he is a young doctor and he staff is amazing. I would rate him as a five diamond star ps. Very pleased with his manners and safistication and results.
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You look great!!
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B.M.A.B. thanks girl.
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PG ---girl u look the best i have seen on this website in over a month. how lucky are you ??? u go !!!!! famous !!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey so long flab. Thanks. It has been a long road to recovery. IT will be 3 weeks post op on Tuesday. I will be getting my drain out on Monday. Yeah......this surgery kicked my butt to the moon and back. Everday gets better. Can't wait until I can get back to the gym. Currently at 138 with sitting on my butt for almost 3 weeks. Love the results. So want to do my boobs next spring, 2014.
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Gosh, i'm on day PO day 9 and i'm still sleeping a TON! I do one little thing and I end up sleeping for hours afterwards. I had lipo of the hips, flanks, TT, and fat transfer. Maybe it's due to all I had done? I'm finding that the lipo done on my hips has been extremely painful. Though I was able to go all day today without a pain pill until this evening. I just thank God that we made it through such an invasive procedure safe and sound!
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how much it cost you all these procedures?? its what i want and the fat transfer was for the buttocks???
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Hey PG...thanks for updating your pics! You look fantastic!
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Suzie55: Thank you very much! You look amazing. Love your New BB!! Adorable little one...:-)
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Can't wait to see how you progress! My stomach is very similar to yours. My date is in June. Thank you for the list - very helpful.
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Jocarolina: Anytime, sweetie! You will do just fine! :-)
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Whitestone09, Thank you so much!! Yes, the PS folks are great and so is Real Self!!! THis site has really helped me get through the recovery process by reading peoples experiences!! WOOOO....
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Wow! Love your list of musts haves. That is pretty much what I did! Love my PS office. I really feel like they are there for me! Looking mama! Happy recovery!
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*looking good mama!
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