Chest Football Tatoo - Plymouth, England

I have a chest tatoo of the football team...

I have a chest tatoo of the football team Manchester United. I got this done approx. 2 years ago.
I booked myself in for tatoo removal at a clinic in Plymouth in England recently and my first session was on December 12th. I had the colour and the black outlining treated and it cost me £60.
I've recently had a second session on January 9th and the lady that treats me said because it is painful for me, she will treat the black ink today and i come back next week for the colour to be treated. I therefore paid just £30.
I am rather worried because before i got booked into this clinic, i went to another clinic for a free consultation and the lady said it looks like you have some scarring already. She wanted to charge me £90 a session!
Would anyone be able to tell me if there looks to be any scarring already, im scared their is, i want this tatoo gone as soon as possible and i know there will be many sesions to go before the tatoo is fully removed. The last thing i want is scarring outlines.

Gosh, that is harsh. My next treatment is 26th Feb (6 weeks to wait). Primarily I have been waiting 4 weeks between treatments, however today I have been advised to come back every 6 weeks after the colour and black treatments as the fading may improve which I'm happy with. I know what you mean, I've been getting wound up about it too. To help you and other fellow readers on here I'm going to post regular updates with pictures after each treatment. I believe the cooling machine soothes the burning temporarily but doesn't numb it. The pain is like an elastic band being flicked against your skin, it's uncomfortable but your be fine. They can't tell me how many treatments I need as it varies from person to person and how good your immune system is at flushing the tattoo particles away. I'm hoping after 10 though!
Yeah i couldnt believe it, initially mine was £90 but i decided i wanted another little line done and she put it upto a £100. Hoping to have my first treatment round about the 15th of feb. Aww good, i keep reading all these horror stories about the pain and im getting myself so wound up about it!!! they say the cooling machine is meant to numb it but im not convinced lol did they say how many treatments you will need?
Hi Abbie. I can't say I've come across a fellow uk review yet either! I had a previous consultation with Laserase prior to the clinic I'm at now and they wanted 90 pound a session, which I feel is rather greedy. If your familiar with Google Earth I'd search around on there like I did for Tattoo removal clinics and get a decent quote. As I'm sure your agree 100 pound is alot of money. The pain is certainly tolerable and you can ask at any time for a break if it becomes to much. The cooling machine is essentially a tube on the removal machine blowing out cold air as the treatment is being done which does help to a degree. I'm not familiar with numbing cream, the clinic I'm with recommends their patients to take paracetamol before the treatment which doesn't make any difference to me. It's apparantly a 'gold standard' laser so I wouldn't worry about that.

So i've woken up the morning after the second...

So i've woken up the morning after the second session on the colour ink on my tattoo. I am still feeling very sore from yesterday and i did not sleep very well last night because of it. This time it has not blistered which im surprised about but it has wept in a couple of places. I just hope it doesn't cause me discomfort later because i have to go to work.
Hope all goes well with your tattoo removal process, I'm planning on removing a tattoo with about the same shade of red as yours and black as well, this helped me. thank you. 
Your welcome Jake. Best of luck with your removal process.

Today is the 16th February and i must say some of...

Today is the 16th February and i must say some of the black lines are fading now. I've not noticed much change on the coloured ink although alot of the red at the top of the middle has gone.
Hi. I'm at about the same stage as you. Will be interesting to compare notes. My practitioner was concerned mine not fading quickly due to having 2 off at the same time. But looking at photos & comments on here I think it's going ok. I'm also in uk.
Hi JannV. That's great. It's a long old process but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Mine isn't fading that quickly either, though I'm hoping to start seeing better results after my next treatment. My next treatment date is tomorrow, and I'm getting the black ink treated. Thank you. Good luck for your removal process.

I've had recent treatment on Tuesday 5th March...

I've had recent treatment on Tuesday 5th March 2013 and I have added a recent photo of this.
This time the lady turned the machine up, and because of this it hurt more to have the treatment done. I had blood spots all around my tattoo this time which hadn't happened before but I was told this was normal.
Im not nervous as i was before at going to the laser clinic i think mainly due to the fact i know what to expect now.
The black lines are clearly fading away now, slowly but surely.
I have my 3rd coloured ink treatment booked in for 13th May 2013. Your probably wondering why 8 weeks away? Janet advised me on my last visit that as the treatment is getting more intense it is advisable to now space it out to 8 weeks rather than every 6 weeks which i don't mind doing. At £30 a session of black or colour treatment i can't complain.
Hi Chris, i'm also from Plymouth looking to get a chest tattoo removed!! Ive seen a few on the internet, such as the Laserase and Hyde Park Clinic. Where are you currently getting yours removed? Thanks Mark

Treatment done on colour (3rd session).

I've recently had another session of tattoo removal on 13th May 2013. In total now I have now had 6 treatments (or 6 sessions) of tattoo removal. After the most recent photo I have uploaded here I can now see that the ink is breaking up all around my tattoo. I believe I am now half way there to getting this removed so hopefully after the twelve session this will be gone.
I realised after this session that the wavelength used to treat my coloured tattoo is set on 532. When Janet is treating me on the black ink, the setting is on 1064. I always thought when I have been treated on the black ink, it hurts more, now I see why.
I'm thinking on my next session to get the black and coloured treated together as I am now seeing a difference and the tattoo will also be gone quicker which will give me piece of mind. It will cost me £60 so I am going to start saving immediately for this. My next session is due on 8th July 2013.
Hi Mark, I go to Hyde Park Clinic. Laserase are too expensive, and I fully recommend Hyde Park Clinic. Regards, Chris

Update from session on 8th July 2013

I have attached a latest photo of my removal which is proving it is going and I am feeling a lot happier I am now seeing results.
The black is definitely fading more than the yellow and red.
I got the black and the colours done together this time.
My next session is booked in for tomorrow (02/09/2013) where I will be getting just the black removed.

Update from session on 2nd September 2013

Attached is another photo after my last session, of which I got just the black ink treated.
I am finally starting to see results now, and my patience is paying off. As you can see in the photo the ink is breaking up and fading.
Some of the black ink on the top crest of the logo tattoo is gone, which is making me feel a lot more happy than before!
I have now been advised to wait 10 weeks apart which I'm not fussed about since I am now seeing results.
My next session is this Friday (22nd November 2013) where I will continue to just get the black ink treated. I feel now I want to get the black ink treated until it has gone, and then start on the colour until that is gone.
Thanks for the update, I can see some fading forsure :) Hang in there!!

Update from session on Friday 22nd November 2013

From my photo attached, you can see that the black ink is becoming less noticeable which I am very proud of.
On my previous post, I mentioned I will get all the black ink treated and removed before I get the colour done. I got the black treated this time, but as of next year (2014) I am going to get the colour and black treated together, so it speeds up the process more. I will be sticking to this.
My next session is for Friday 31st January 2014.

Update from session on Friday 31st January 2013

I am seeing good progress after my latest session of tattoo removal and some of the lettering is gone! I had the black and colour treated again.
I actually feel I am half way through the treatment, can't be too long to go now until it is removed for good.
My next session is on Friday 28th March 2014.
How many sessions are you at now? Looks like you are having some really good fading :)
Thank you! I am at 10 sessions now, just had my 11th session done today :)

Update from session on Friday 28th March 2014

As you can see from my latest photo the progress is coming along very well, and even more black fading away.
My next session is on Monday 12th May 2014.
Good luck on your laser session today!!! Let us know how it goes :)

Update from session on Monday 12th May 2014

I am feeling very confident on the progress of this tattoo removal. Even more fading has taken place this time.
My next session is on Monday 14th July 2014.
Good luck with the treatment! :) Hope to see even more fading!
Thank you :)

Photo after treatment on 12th May 2014

My next session will be on Saturday 19th July 2014, not the 14 July 2014 as previously stated.


Some nice fading. Have you checked to see if Liverpool might sponsor some of these treaments?
Thanks! Nah, I'll pass ;)
Fading very nicely!!

Update from session on 19th July 2014

I only got the black treated today due to a lack of money.
On my next session I will get both colour and black treated.
Latest photo is attached.
That's looking great! Keep going! Not long left! :)
Great fading, you are almost there!!!!!
Not far to go still it is all gone! Good luck!


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