Please Dont Get a Threadlift - You Will Be Sorry

I am a very ordinary person so please listen to me...

I am a very ordinary person so please listen to me.

I went to the BEST plastic surgeon and he did a wonderful job doing the procedure BUT my THEADLIFT was A BIG MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAKE. Even with the best surgeon/I paid alot of money/I had no complications/ BUT it was still a mistake I REGRET and I write here just to try and help you if you are considering a threadlift.

Bruises takes weeks to heal. You often feel tension in your face. Your activities are restricted way more than warned. It lasts maybe 6 months and then NOTHING. A waste of time and money and not even worth it if FREE. I often still get discomfort and tension from the strings in my face.


I wish I knew what I know now about the thread lift. It is not worth the money. The pain is unbearable. The lift only last for 4 to 6 months, the threads come out of your skin causing bleeding and pain. I look worse now than I did when I got the threads done. My face is so saggy...i was trying to achieve the disappearance of the nasal folds.

I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal, cancan! My first thread lift was for nasolabial folds too, and it HURT awfully the first day or so. I'm guessing there's a lot of sensitive nerves in the mid-face region that can get tweaked. (I've had the procedure done on my jaw line and the pain was practically nil.) My experience is opposite to yours - I really wasn't fully satisfied until 4-6 months had passed. How is it now, 6 months after you wrote? Hope it got better.
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Even the best doctor should not do it

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