BBL, Rhinoplasty with Dr. Contreras - Santo Domingo

Hello. This is my first review on RS. I really...

Hello. This is my first review on RS. I really wanted to write in because this forum has been so helpful to me. I am going to Dr. Contreras in Santo Domingo on August 4th. I really did not do much other research because he has done my breasts and lipo on me several years ago. I would not consider being touched by another doctor. Even if it was here in the states. I was referred to Dr. Contreras by a friend of mine who had her breasts done by him. Her breasts were beautiful. I arranged my flight and was set to go. I spent $400 on the flight and $3000 for my breasts. His office at the time was beautiful and the staff very attentive. The only thing I was worried about when I entered the operating room was the equipment was outdated but it looked like it worked. The actual tools were sterilized the old fashion way using autoclave but thats ok. The surgery was a success. My were very sore afterwards. I stayed in the recovery house one day and flew home the next. I returned to work after 3 days. My breasts have healed well over time and they are the most beautiful breasts I have seen in my life. They are very natural looking and sexy. I did not have a wish pic photo to show Dr. Contreras. I just described what I wanted and he did it to perfection. He is truly an artist. I came back doan a few years later and had a BBL with a conservative fat graft to my butt. Again - pefection. I will post pics later. Now I am interested in Dr. Contreras performing another BBL with aggresive lipo to my back and arms along with rhinoplasty. I have not really thought much about a nose job but I realize it is something I have always wanted. Dr. Contreras is an artist and I trust him completely. He has worked on so many famous Spanish models and actress and I am confident that he will give me exactly what I am looking for. I am scheduled for SX on August 4th. I am not going crazy with the supply list. I am pretty tough and do not really need too much. I will be bringing my own Faja and medication down with me. I will also bring my own labs and EKG report to save money. I have ordered my Faja with a zipper and my arm compression sleeves. I plan to have surgery on the 4th of August (as soon as I get to the DR). I also plan to have all of the surgeries at the same time. I will be staying in DR until the 8th of August to recover. I know it does not seem like a lot of recovery time but I should be fine. The last time I only stayed 3 days (crazy I know). The recovery house is 80/day in a single room with all meals and 24 hour nursing. I am very excited. Dr. Contreras has a new clinic which I hear is even more beautiful that the first one. I am looking forward to seeing it and getting this over with. In general I am happy with my body and my face, but I am just looking for a little tweaking. I am also trying to get motivated to keep a steady gym regimen. I will post again the day of my surgery and some pictures afterwards. I will also post some before pictures in a bit. Good luck ladies. I rarely post but I really had to speak for Dr. Contreras who has done the world for me and increased my confidence. When I had my BBL, I did not leave the operating room with a Nicki Minaj ass. I have am an administrator at a nursing facility and I can not be walking aroung this place with a huge donk!!! I have a very nice ass that makes people stare and I get looked at a bunch of times each day. That was enough for me. From what I see, Dr. Contreras gives nice asses not necessarily K MIchelle or Nicki Minaj asses. That was not my experience and I do not want that to be my experience. I see the work of some other Dr.'s Yily, Durran etc and I like their work but I am pretty conservative so I am not ready for all that ass!!! LOL! I really loved how Dr. Contreras shaped and molded me and I cannot wait to see how my Rhinoplasty will come out. Dr. Contreras will answer your emails within the same day if not within a few hours. He speaks well enough english and is extremely responsive.
I will post again soon!!

before pictures

before rhinoplasty....... surgery slated for 8/4

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!!!

I am patiently waiting for tomorrow to come. I am so excited! Everything is set. I am just wrapping things up at work today. Dr. Contreras and I have been in close communication. Every little questing I have, I email him and he gets right back to me. I have been reading so much about different peoples experiences and it has really helped me. I just emailed him the other day and asked him for his assurance that he would be the main person performing my surgery. I have heard so many stories about the bait and switch. I told him my belief in HIM is the reason I am flying by myself to another country to have this surgery. He assured me that it would be. I will bring it up again to him while we are face to face. That is really important to me. Tonight I will go out and enjoy my last night of partying for the next few weeks. No drinking though!!!!!!!! I am not putting myself at risk. I am bringing my ECG, my bloodwork, my faja, my arm compression sleeves, my narcotics for pain and my antibiotics. I am wondering if I will have to pay for anything else outside of standard incidentals. My surgery quote is $3500 and it incluses a rhinoplasty. I am the most nervous about that. That is my face!!!! A face no one has ever complained about!!! SCARY!!!!!! Anyways.................My flight is at 5:30AM. Please keep me in your prayers ladies!!! I will post again right before. I asked him to do me first. I want him to be fully rested and focused. I hope he had a good weekend!!! LOL!

Oh yeah...........One more thing

He said he would do my arms for free!!!!!!

It's Done!!!!

Hello lovely ladies..... My surgery was yesterday and so far so good. I arrived ataapproximately 930am. The driver picked me up and off we went. We stopped at the cardiologist first. Even though I came with my own ECG and blood work, it was still required. That was $60. When I got to the clinic, I was pleasantly surprised. It was even more beautiful than the previous clinic. Everthing was tastefully done and modern. Flat screen TVs everywhere. I got my blood work done (another $60) then off I go to see the wizard!!! Ladies (and some of you gents), you will be floored the by Dr. Contreras. He is a very attractive and humble guy. (His wife is also gorgeous and looks like a beauty queen.) his office is amazing. Leather setees and beautiful art everywhere. He brings me to a back room in his office where I take off my clothes and tell him exactly what I want done. He looks at my nose and asks me some questions. I tell him I want a more defined bridge and smaller nose all together. I asked if he needed to see a wish Pic and he said no. I know exactly what you want. Same with my body. I didn't even have a body wish Pic. He is an artist and I knew I was in good hands. He told me that the secretary would direct me to my room while I waited for surgery. I waited about 4 hours in my room. It wasn't the recovery house room, more like a tastefully decorated hospital room. I was collected for surgery around 5pm. It was a basic surgery room. I was given something to mellow me out and then an epidural block. I think I woke up briefly because I remember my arms being on fire. I was put back down immediately. When I woke up, I was in my room. I couldn't really sleep last night so I peeked at my nose. It looked battered and bruised from what I could see but the shape is exactly what I wanted and it hasn't even been a day. My lips are swollen and you can see Dark circles under my eye but nothing crazy....Yet. My stomach looks a bit smaller but I have I haven't been put in the faja yet. I will take pics later on today. I actually feel amazing. Glad to be alive. Just took a walk by myself and came back in the room to sit my ass back down! I have a tenancy to push myself. My nose doesn't hurt at all. The pain in my body is like a 4 . I am on Tylenol #3. I didn't get
much done to my butt at all. Just a tiny
fat transfer to the top to give me a bit of
projection. Thank you all for your prayers. So far this experience was seamless. Will take pics after my faja placement. They said I have a lot of fluid covering my true results. We shall see!

Day 2 post op

I officially feel like crap the faja makes everything difficult. I am in a lot of pain. I had to take the faja off because my legs are still big even though everything else is getting smaller. I didn't want to mess with my thighs although they feel sore so I have to ask him about that. My nose profile looks great. I am happy I went through with it. I had some last minute reservations about my nose because I really didn't have a major problem with it. Now, the only issue I have is that I have to breathe out of my mouth due to the dressing on my nose. It also feels really congested and I am dying to blow it but I can't :(. I feel homesick. I miss my own bed and my own sheets. Thank you ladies for all of your support. Oh by the way. I am going to upload pics in a few. I officially look like the bride of Frankenstein!!!' My face is now massively swollen along with my left arm. My fingers look like little sausages. I am going to get a massage today and put that evil ass faja back on. I swear I haven't disliked anything in the world more than this faja. This is coming from a woman who wears waist trainers 24/7 just for fun. This thing is totally different. Pictures are coming right up. Thanks for being my diary.

The bride of Frankenstein !!!!!!

new pics coming soon

I am posting more pics asap. Please keep in mind that I wanted (and received) a conservative BBL. I am not in a position career wise to be walking around with a ginormous donk!!!! I am sure Dr. C could have done that if I wanted but I didn't. I I actually just wanted him to smooth out my butt the best he could and get rid of some of the cellulite. I am really happy.

back home and feeling great!!!

Hello ladies! I am home and healing well.I actually went out with my swollen nose and sutures still in last night! Ever one seemed to think there was something different about me but nobody could place it. The best part of the healing process is that the change happens gradually and it gives you an opportunity to ease your new nose onto family and friends! I am still swollen from my BBL and am hating this blasted faja. I will post some pics without the faja tomorrow. Later ladies!

more pics

These were taken on day 3

9 days post open rhino pics

Hey ladies! Just a quick update. I am fine and healing well. Here are some nose pics I took just now. I am still really swollen but the shape is perfect. So glad I went through with it. It changed my entire face for the better. Can't wait as it till the swelling is gone. Will post body pics tomorrow. I always seem to be in the dumb faja lol.

by the way.....

I removed my own sutures. It was totally easy and painless. I used a nail clipper to snip and then I pulled them out with a pair of tweezers. There is a tiny one left that I can barely see. I haven't decided what to do about it.

few more pics in better lighting

my new nose

It's been strange getting used to my new nose. It is still very sore and sensitive. Since I have been back home, I've been obsessing over it. For some reason, it had a lot of dead skin and discoloration that I scrubbed off. I have also been gently picking stubborn residue out with my tweezers. I believe I have an inner suture in both nostrils that I believe will dissolve on their own. I want to pull them out because all the snot and debris are clumped on them and can feel it and it's driving me nuts!!!! OK..... Anyway......I needed to vent

updated nose shots

I am totally happy with the transformation of my new nose. It is still really swollen but it looks better and better every day. I couldn't be more pleased.

full face pics. don't know if I will keep it up, but I wanted you ladies to see what an artist this doctor is

Sorry for the delay. I really am excited about my new nose (and everything else):-)
Dr. Edgar Contreras

I couldn't ask for a better doctor. I am so impressed with his vision and heart. I would go to him before anybody else for plastic surgery hands down. Truly a master at his craft.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So happy you had great experience...I went to Contreras in March for BA TT and Lipo with fat graft to hips...I have a facebook group if you want to join befriend me on facebook. My name is Contreras Queen on there and I will add you if you're interested in sharing your experience. You look great!!
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Thank you so much!!! I would love to join. I will do that join asap. Thanks for the info!!!!
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You look good before and even better after, my husband is so opposed to my nose getting done its my nostrils thats the problem to me that is lol, but he is also against me going to another country, ... Any way you really look great
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Thank you so much!! I can't lie, i miss being able to put some finger in my nose if I had to lol!!
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Can u post b4 the rhinoplasty pics and omg ur boobies r perfect
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Thank you so much!!! Send me your number and I will send you pics.
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Lol. u r a lifesaver finallysomebody who contrearas did rhinoplasty for
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Looks great! I'm in the swelling phase also. It's amazing how much the nose changes each day. Keep us updated!
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Wow he did a great job... congratulations again and happy healing!!!
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Please read reports on this Dr. People have died.
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If you would like to post information, please start a blog and do it on your own time. I am using MY blog to tell of MY experience with this wonderful doctor because 18 days post open I am 100 percent alive and pleased with my results.
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Wow and thank you very much for this information!!
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You really look Great. I am planning on going to Contreras in October. I haven't sent my deposit yet... because I been going back and forth between Contreras and Cabral. I must say I am impressed with a lot of Cabral realself after photos. But after seeing this girl I know personally who went to Cabral for BBL... I was not impressed. Now I am not blaming Cabral.... It could be lack of effort in trying to get to a healthy weight that Cabral could work with...or she could have disregarded his advice for aftercare But after seeing you "Girl" ... I have got to book with Contreras ASAP. You have like the most perfect breast ... and your nose ...flawless.. looks natural ... if don't mind me asking .... how is the feel of your breast after they feel natural and what size implants ?
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Thank you soooooooo much!!! My implants feel pretty natural. It took about 6 months for them to drop with daily self massages and to feel natural. I can't lie. I haven't seen prettier breasts than mine. You cant even see the scar under my arms. I don't know what size they are. My bra size is a 36D. I hope that helps. Good luck to you!!!
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Thanks hun... Yes u did help. If you don't mind me asking ( AGAIN)lol....I know you say you had a great experience with Dr. Contreras and so far with me ...He has been great . But did you find it hard in person to communicate with him . I am from Canada and my Spanish... ya never got that far.. our 2nd language here is French ... so that's no help in the beautiful DR ... Do you think Dr. Contreras will still be able to communicate with me? Does he speak any English ?... If I am lost about anything else .. I will try to inbox you and hopefully you can help... No more essay's on your wall. lol... And YEs your boobs are PERECT!!!!
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I only speak a tiny bit of Spanish. His English is really good and it was a breeze communicating with him. The only issue I had was communicating with the staff. They understand very little English. The lady that works in the faja shop downstairs speaks fluent English so she did a lot of translation for me. I know enough to get by and it helped. You can ask me anything! Lol
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Contreras speaks french, I heard
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I'm not sure........
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And I totally understand about the snot etc I have had loads clumped together with my stitches I couldn't even remove it with tweezers because its completely stuck to the stitches I had to cut it out with sissors lol
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Thank you soooooooo much!!!! I needed to hear that.
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Hi thank you for this review. From what I can see of your new nose it looks amazing. I love it. This is the kind of result im looking for in terms of nostrils, I want my nostrils reduced significantly. I recently had surgery but ive been lazy writing a review. Do you have any pictures from underneath
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I am going to post some ASAP
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wow! I'm hoping I can see Dr. C in a couple months! Is the area safe to stay in a hotel? Also if I want rhinoplasty surgery how many days will I have to stay in town? Thanks for sharing :)
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There are nice hotels in BocaChica which is about 40 mins away on the beach. I stayed at his recovery house which was really nice. I don't know if there is a standard amount of time that you need to stay in town, but I had my surgery on Monday morning and flew home Friday morning with no issues. I hope this helps
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Wow awesome... you nose has a beautiful shape... I really love your results.. great job!!
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