FTT Lipo to Back and Flanks - Annapolis, MD

I truly don't have a grand expectation as of yet....

I truly don't have a grand expectation as of yet. I truly want my apron gone and a flat stomach. I will work and exercise the rest away. I met with my ps and the consult was awesome, he answered all my questions. I had a nice list for him. I will ask additional questions prior to the surgery and post pictures day before and day of and day after and every week.

October 2013 Vacation

Two weeks ago ---- The start if the journey.

4 Days Away

I am really antsy. I am so addicted to this site. I looked at pictures of people my weight size and same type of built this morning. Yes it is 4 am est. I am up and working. I work from home. So, that will help with my laptop in my lap as I heal. So, most likely just a week off of work. Yes indeed. But, overall this has a been a long time coming. I remember when I had my C-Section with my son. I had an infection in my excision and the nurse had to come up everyday to pack it and clean it. I just don't want to go through that again. The doctor said there was nothing that I did to cause it or could have done to prevent it. It just happens I was very skinny at the time. So, being overweight was not the issue. I see in the pictures and reviews it is 50/50 in success stories. Some have really scared me. But, I do noticed that most people who have drains have the most problems. I hope that works in my favor. Because my PS doesn't use them. I truly like my doctor you should check out his site. He is honest and funny and the staff that I have met have been awesome. I checked every site and every review and verified his credentials. He even wrote books and does work other than cosmetic procedures. When I was at his office a gentle hurt his finger on the job and they sent him there to fix it. They saved his finger. I couldn't be in better hands. More so the prayers of the righteous availth much and I am just prayerful that all things work together for the good for them that love the Lord and are called. So, I am in the best place and that right time. I bought all these new bra and panties and they are pretty sets, but will not wear them until week 8 po. YA.. Well the pictures above taken 1 week ago, not much difference now. I will post more the day of the surgery after he marks up my body and see if they can get one after he is done. Be bless ladies.

3 More days to Surgery

House is clean, groceries are bought have to get hair braided and last minute items. I laid in the bed this morning just looking and playing with my 26 year old apron. My son is 27 years old and I had a C-Section with him and my C-Section was horrible and have been wanting to get rid of my excess skin every since. But, financially wasn't able to. So, in three days I will get rid of it. I truly love my physician staff and all the help they give. When I call they answer the craziest questions and never make me feel stupid.

Count Down

Excited today. Recliner will be delivered on Wednesday and hair braided on Thursday. Groceries bought for the family and house is cleaned. I work from home so I am hoping I can go back to work in 1 week on my lap top for a few hours. ..... In a good place over all. I told my BF today and she was supportive. :) Missing my oldest son today. He didn't want me to do it, because of a dream he had. But, I told him God got it.

Surgery Corner

My Surgery corner

1 Day to go

Will work a couple of hours and go get the rest of items on my list, pay bills, get my hair done. I laid out sweats with a draw string for the day of and a zip up jacket and long sleeve tee-shirt. I also will wear slide on shoes with thick socks, a hat, scarf and coat because after being opened you have to stay warm because you are more vulnerable. I will take my vitamin today that's it and eat light. I have had a nervous stomach so I hope it stops before the surgery. Bought some MOM and Antibiotic cream, Voltaran, and scar cream. Chair is here and tested. It is remote control and lifts you up to a standing position. I have to get groceries today as well.

Day of Flat Friday

In the pre-op area and ready or not we are doing this.

Before and day 3 pics

Feeling good as I should.

3 day post

Welcome the flat side

Post op

More day three pucs

Day 4

2nd BM ate three meals only one meds winging off now. Shower tomorrow...

Day 8 swollen but in love

Updated pics -Introduction to my $47 Spanx from Macys. I wear my CG on top still need the mid protection. I will wear the CG for 6 weeks.

Day 9

I laid in my bed and got in and out by myself. My ps wanted me to move around more. I noticed the more movement the less swelling. I am ready to cook a meal for my family. Something quick and easy. I am so grateful to the success of my procedure I was so nervous after reading horror stories and seeing some of the pics. The journey after day 10 has to be uphill. Yes, I'm tired if my recliner, of the CG that moves all over the place or is to tight, and I want to workout at least hit the treadmill.

Post Op Day 16

I slept on my tummy last night and stood up completely straight today. I cleaned my bedroom and I am calling RentACenter to pick up the Recliner. I sleep without my binder for the most part, but I wear my Spanx as much as possible or put on my binder most of the day on top of my dress or tee-shirt. I have noticed that the skin is really loose now and I can feel some sensation coming back in my bully area. I weighed myself today I was 180 last week seems 184 today give or take. I am staring eating healthy and no sweets, soda, bread, starch and lots of water. I wonder when I can at the least hit the tread meal. I have 25-30 lbs of weight to go. I order T25 and I won't start that for 6 weeks post-op. Oh, ya I went to Red Lobster yesterday and took my mom too get for a sofa at one store. That drained me and I had to tell her. It is time for me to go home. I really think my iron is low. So, I will start back taking iron pills and prenatal vitamins again today along with a healthy diet and maybe a brisk walk around the complex. But, my body is fab and my husband is all over me. Yes, I finally had sex more than once and he seems to be very protective. The surgery has really made me feel good in my clothes. I have curves like no body business and feel confident and I don't put my hand over my stomach and look for clothes to hid my tummy. I will definitely do it again and again... So grateful.

17 Day Post Op Photos

More 17 Day Post Op

Day 20 Post Op

Wow... Stood up straight today and sit straight. No shower seat, no toliet seat with bars, slept without CG/Spanx and feeling pretty good other than a few lbs give or take. I go to see my PS on Monday. I will post pics after my visit. Overall doing well, started eating different today. I

Day 25

Day 25 Doing Atkins and T25 low impact cardio.

Week 6

Still wearing my CG and I had a suture abscess. The suture came out on its on but I do have burning. Otherwise, I got a B12 shot and I have a lot of energy and I'm not as weak. Didn't do Christmas shopping, couldn't do the lines. Otherwise awesome, did the fireworks for New Years which required a lot of walking.

6 Months Later

hello everyone--- 6 months still a little numb. Started doing Ab exercises this week. stomach still tight. But could be tighter.
Annapolis Plastic Surgeon

American Society of Plastic Surgeons American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery American College of Surgeons (Fellow) John Staige Davis Society of Plastic Surgeons American Board of Plastic Surgery, 1990

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How is your incision doing?
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Girl you look great! But what is voltran and arnica for? Omg, I am at post op day day 10 and I soooo want to resume widely duties! I think I have lots of swelling or fat on my sides, my curves aren't in yet on my side but I do have 25lbs to lose! I am going to order t25 as well, but was it hard to do? I am so afraid I will tear sumthin but my dr states all is well inside. Do you get winded? For the compression binder, help me understand, the tightness helps with swelling or just gives support? Happy healing!
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I only do the first CD and low impact. Nothing hard I wouldn't do anything until later in the process day 10 is really early.
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Good to hear from you again SoldierTuck. Thank you on your update. Im 20 days po and scare out of my mind. One of my drain holes reopened and has been bleeding for 2 days. To top that off, the center of my incision by pubis started leaking as well, no opening in incision. It look like a pimple at first and then it burst. Dr is not concerned and says that as long as it continues to leak, it wont open. I dont really like that answer. Anyways, tomorrow it'll be 3 weeks and I seem to be going backwards :( What signs did you have from the suture abcess?
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Luna, mine is also a little funky in the middle. Scabs came off and have left me with three separate spots that drain just a teeny bit. Not even enough to soak the pad of a bandaid during the day or at night but still every day for a week it has been like that. I see my ps on Friday and I hope I hear what you heard, which actually makes me feel a little more relieved that I didn't go nuts and rush to an after hours clinic between Christmas and today. I don't have any symptoms of a problem, but I am going to be very happy to see my ps on Friday and see what she says. My incision looks bad in the middle but nice on either side. You aren't going backwards, and neither am I. Stay positive!
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Thank you Kats. I too considered going to the ER for the in-going bleeding from my drain hole. But I guess its a good thing that its draining. I'll stay positive :)
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Yes, please stay positive. You can always call your ps they always have someone on call. Do you have a fever, swelling, redness and pain. My ps told me if I noticed any if these to call ASAP. The pain went away. In that area. Take it easy and remember we all are different but we all are here for each other.
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You will be fine. Thanks and stay encourage
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Yesterday my ps's nurse looked at those three spots I told her I was so concerned about. She said it is normal to see skin and cells healing and regenerating from the inside out, and that's how it should heal. She said not to be concerned as my body is still recovering and healing. The sides of my incision look great and I can start scar treatment once the center of it is better. She recommended neosporin to help it, so I stopped to buy some on the way to work after my appt. I got the cream not the ointment because I don't really want that ointment getting all over my Spanx and possibly my clothes. Just wanted to update you. And say thank you again to SoldierTuck and Luna1975 for your reassurance. It helped me so much - I appreciate it.
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Thank you for the update Kats. Glad to hear that. The drain hole that reopened has diminished the bleeding to almost a stop. The middle of incision spot continues to bleed significantly. Dr. Says its normal and will get better after all the liquid drains. Thank you Kats and Soldier for the support.
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Looking curvy Hun very good
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Hi there, you have some serious curves ;-)!!!! Congrats. U look super hot! Great collection of bras. I love polka dots..I'm on day 10 so grateful to see reviews like yours! Thx.
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I can see the difference in swelling, even in those five days it less. You look so good, like you're much further in recovery than you actually are.
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Can't wait to see my dr. the snow has delayed my appt I really don't want to try it with me not being able to move quick.
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U look so good! I feel like I don't have the same results as everyone else..probably due to swelling, Idk...but u look wonderful!
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We all heal differently, don't be so hard on yourself. What are you eating and doing everyday. I cut out all sodium. I truly hate salt since the surgery and love water. Prior the surgery I hated water and had to have salt on everything. I also wear my CG/Spanx or a clingy t-shirt everyday and have slept without them only once. I took Arnica for the first two weeks and rubbed my stomach with Voltran prior to the surgery and after the surgery. It helps a lot. I bought it off the web Amazon. I am going to order some more. My physician didn't use drains and for me that worked fine but the swelling still comes and goes and I made it my business to constantly move up and down every two hours because the more you move around the better. I was getting very stiff and I didn't want the fluid to position in one stop and moving helps the blood flow better. I just walked to the kitchen to my son's room, sat on the couch, went to the bathroom, stood up and talked. It wasn't long, but movement is a must. If you sit a lot the fluid will build up in one spot as well. But, sometimes it is just our body. But, trust me you will be fine.
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Thanks for the tips, I walk around downstairs a few times a day, I drink nothing but water and eat plenty of fruit. I'm going to purchase some voltran today and see if it helps, I'm only a week post-op so I think I just need to be patient. Thanks for the encouragement!
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A week I was not doing anything. You are doing awesome.
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Really? Thank you...yeah I been up the last three days or so
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Great to hear. I've just factored in some weight gain and muscle loss into the long term recovery box! I can fix those things later.
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Awesome. Your doing to good!
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