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I was an early bloomer as a child, started showing...

I was an early bloomer as a child, started showing around 5th grade. That's when the "quiet remarks" started. By high school I was a D cup and the school nurse suggested a breadt reduction. From that day on I hated my breast. I am 38yrs old and have two boys. With each pregnancy I went up a FULL cup size and never come back down. I had my BR on 1/23/13. I was hoping I would be a C but I think I look like a full B.

I unfortunately have experienced wound separation. I don't seem to have an infection but it has separated so much that I am bulging breast tissue. Even though I am upset that it will take another month for me to heal.....I'm VERY happy I had this done. :)


Thank you for posting your review.  Sounds like it may take a while longer to heal so hang on.  I am sorry that you experienced the wound separation:(

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Yay finally I'm showing signs of healing. My wound...

Yay finally I'm showing signs of healing. My wound area is starting to form new tissue. I only have to take one shower a day but do two wet to dry treatments with basitracin. I'm having a hard time finding a sports bra that doesn't rub. I'm sooo sick of this surgical bra. My PS said I'll need a revision in the future but i dont think I want to go through it. To finally heal and have to re-heal again??? No thanks. I'm no model so who cares about scars?? ;)


Did you have any other problems and how long into post op did you have that happen?
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I had NO other problems. The doctor said everything looks great and since I was "young" and healthy everything should heal up great. I think I popped a stitch and just like with your clothes...it unraveled. I also think I did too much bending. I felt great a week after so I started cleaning the house again and playing with my 4 year old. so I think the pressure of bending down made the breast tissue bulge. I think it started at two weeks. I've seen other womens pictures but their wounds are indented. But of course I had to be unique and push my tissue out. lol
Of all times to b unique. I am of finally 1 week out and feel good but keep reminding myself to just chill out the trashed house will still b there in another week! Thanks for your info. Very appreciated!

So last week I went to see my PS and he was very...

So last week I went to see my PS and he was very happy with my healing. He said I have made tremendous progress in two weeks. So he wants to see my in a month. I am back to working out my lower half on a regular basis. I took it slow the first week back but now I'm doing my full workout on the cross trainer. I can't wait to work more on my core...with the big girls it definitely stands out more but at least now I feel more comfortable and confident working out! :) I almost dont remember having DDD's/F's......almost ;)


If the stitches unraveled why didn't the doctor just invite you in to have the stitch resewn? Or during a follow up apt just fix the stitch. I don't get it- is that usually just how this process works? U cant request that small area to just be closed? Its not like its full blown surgery all over again. I would've been pissed.
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The tissue was too soft around the opening. It wasn't the Doctors fault I was doing too much and felt the pulls a couple times. I've read a lot about this and people always say...it gets worse before it gets better. That's exactly what happened, my PS did keep a close eye on it and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. They can do a revision after like 6 months of it being healed...that way the skin is nice and tough again....but I don't think I'm going to get it done.
I'm so happy for you. You look great! That line closing is scary mine is just starting to worry me by the way it looks,,, but I'm sure it's all normal!!... I want mine to be add small as possible.!
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Oh my what luck I have! now that finally it is all...

oh my what luck I have! now that finally it is all closed up and there are no threats of infection. I have developed Keloid scars! Yep those ugly thick scars. The PS put medical tape on them hoping to stop them from forming but it made them worse for some reason. I think I was having a reaction to the adhesive. So I stopped that and have been putting Kelo-cote on them. They are not only ugly but sore and they formed where ever an incision was made. I'll try to post pictures in a bit.

I know I said before I didn't care about scarring.....well maybe I do just a little. :(


phew glad you didn't have an infection and healing now. Also a testament to this surgery to have complications and still think it's worth it. Do you think there is anything you could have done to avoid wound separation? Just taking it easier longer? I wouldn't want the revision either. You're healthy and have no more neck pain, done. Thank you for sharing!
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I think I should have just laid low for a bit longer and everything would have been fine. My neck and lower back feel great!!! So it is still worth it!! I never knew scars could hurt though. :( Hopefully in time they will diminish. I am looking into essential oils for it too.
I hope so. You were brave for the wound healing you deserve faded scars. I got some rosehip seed oil that I am using on my face but it supposed to be good for scars too. It is very gentle on the skin and soaks in quickly.

1 year and 3.5 months post op

Although I have horrible rope scars I am very happy I had the surgery. I plan on going back for a revision as soon as my son goes to Kindergarten and I have time to heal in the fall. My scars do bother me a litte..sometimes at night I get a very tight feeling as if they are being ripped. I'm thinking a lack of moisture. I'm also going to see if lipo is an option considering my right breast is a little larger than the left.


I'm Glad that you got all healed up ! Good Luck on a revision if you get one ! Your Size and Shape look great for your Frame.
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