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Excited and Nervous at the Same Time ...Love All the Blogs..- Plantation, FL

I am 44 yrs old have 3 children 25yr , 22 yr and...

I am 44 yrs old have 3 children 25yr , 22 yr and 18 yrs old .. My children were all large .. 10lbs, almost 10 and 9 lbs. ... I have been a yo yo dieter for years ... I have terrible excess skin and have wanted a TT for 20 yrs ....

I love reading all the blogs and it has made me excited and nervous at the same time .. I have an appt tomorrow with my PS and have so many questions to ask him after reading some of your posts....

I have a very supportive husband who i have been married to for 26 yrs .. He gave me this as a Christmas gift ..

I look forward to finding others who are having surg around same time as me ..
And thanks all of you for all your sharing of your experience ..

What an awesome present from the hubby!!  You are going to love it.

How did your appointment go today?

Hi there :). Congrats on your decision to do this. You sound similar to me. I had my TT in march. I'm 46 and have 2 kids in their 20's. also had wanted a TT for about 20 years. Im in south fl too. Pembroke pines. The procedure was life changing for me. I am so happy with my results. I wish you the best of luck!
Did you go to a Dr in Pembroke .. So , been a year almost now .. how long were you swollen for ?? And thank you ..

Saw my PS yesterday .. They did blood work and a...

Saw my PS yesterday .. They did blood work and a EKG ... talked for a while with the PS - hes very nice , patient and answered all my questions ... He did say I may want to lose some weight before the surgery (which I already knew lol ) I have started eating healthy and working out again .. I had stopped when I sprained my ankle and was in a air cast for 8 wks then the holidays came and eating right and working out seemed to go out the window .. but , I'm back on track ... so heres hoping to lose 10-15 lbs by surgery dated of March 4th
Appt went well .. liked the PS a lot and he answered all my question took time and made me feel really comfortable .. thank you ..

Wonderful!!!   Go with your gut instinct.

I went and looked at you profile , I think you look amazing and I enjoyed reading about your journey .. thanks for sharing ...

Just thought I would update been alittle bit since...

Just thought I would update been alittle bit since Ive written .. Trying to lose this weight before the surg has been very depression .. I am eatting very healthy ( Im a pescatarian - vegetarian that its fish ) so I usually eat healthy anyway - Ive cut out all junk and limited my starch , and salt ... I started working out with 2 friends on Monday , Wedsday and Friday - and on my own the other days and really havent seen much change .. I know it takes awhile and I need to be patient but Im not .. lol ..
Been following everyday all the wonderful blogs and love watching the outcomes ... I am still extremely nervous dont want to be the one who doesnt like it when its all said and done .. but I am extremely excited .. Trying not to wish away my days but am anxious for March ..
Well, hope all that are having surg today good luck and hopefully not any pain ..
you need to post some before pics! :) good luck, you'll do great!
Thank you .. I will post some soon need to take some 1st .. not really liking pics of my stomach but I will for the blog..
None of us did! it really helps highlight the improvement though! everyone is supportive, don't worry!

Just thought I would update a little ..... Last...

Just thought I would update a little ..... Last time I wrote I wrote about my struggles to lose some weight before my surg , we'll I have really be working out hard everyday and eating really healthy no cheating and I'm happy to say I've lost 8 lbs and I'm so excited . Hope to lose some more before surg in March ...
Good luck to all upcoming surg people and I look forward to watch all those on flat sides journeys everyone has given a lot of inspiration and information have great night ladies xoxo
Hi! So happy for you! It's about time to do something for yourself! You will be happy you did! I will find out Monday when I can be scheduled. Hope I don't have to wait months.
Thanks! March will be here b4 u know it! Your on your way! So get ready for the flat tummy girl!
you c@n do it LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow , cant believe that I only have 3 weeks from...

Wow , cant believe that I only have 3 weeks from today .... On one hand seems so far away still , but on the other its coming so quickly ... I have been so busy my mom had hip replacement and my grandfather 92 yrs old took a bad fall and has needed alot of care ... Its keeping me busy so I dont think so much about the sugery but , its also not been helping me get stuff I wanted to get done for myself ... My sister came in to help from Chicago and shes been a great help but not so great on me losing weight .. she always wanting to eat out lol ... hope all that have had there surg are doing well and healing .. And those that have up coming surgery are ready ... good luck ... Finally took some before pics not sure Im ready to put them up yet .. Even if I am , Im not sure I now how to post them .... Well, have a great day ladys and happy healing .. oxox
Are you feeling better?
Hi Excited2 - yes not completely better but im getting there , glad I still have alittle over a week should be good by then ... how are you ?? getting really excited .. xoox
Good to hear that you're feeling a little but better. I'm super excited and nervous!! I'm getting my last minute things together.

Well 6 more days to the flat side ... I am soooo...

Well 6 more days to the flat side ... I am soooo EXCITED , but also nervous .. I have decided to post several before pics finally ... I realized thats part of this journey to show what it was like for all these years ... I hope Im ready for it all .. I dont worry about children mine are grown , but I worry about the pain , the results , drains , all the swelling ... Ive read soooo many blogs , watched utube video I feel prepared but you never know till we get there ... wishing all the ladies today and upcoming - great results ...and Happy Healing ...
Wow!! Can you believe this is your new tummy? What a transformation! You look so tiny already. I hope the ps visit goes well and the pain is not too bad for you. Take it easy and don't over do it for a while. Happy healing and you look great!!
Thank you !!! see PS on Monday and looking forward to drains coming out .. Other wise hasn't be to bad ... Resting a lot
you look great! How do you feel?

Well hard to believe that I'm 10 days PO now ......

Well hard to believe that I'm 10 days PO now ... The swelling is definitely the hardiest part .. I'm feeling good today came back to work yesterday it was hard I have sit down job so that's good but work 12 hr days and I had trouble staying awake today been going better yeah .. I'm not going to lie I had couple of bad days , pressure , constipation , sleepless nights but that only lasted for 2 days and may of not happened but I had to stop pain meds to come back to work so who knows its in the past now .. I am extremely happy with my results ... So here's to continued healing
Hey TT twin, how are you doing?
I am doing well ... its been alot of ups and downs but - I love the stomach ... I have to stay away from fatty and salty food or I swell bad .. Ive been back to work now and thats going well .. 1st day was really hard I kept wanting to fall asleep but Im adjusted now .. how are you ?? do you love your new belly ??
Fantastic result! Wow. You look fabulous;-)

Been awhile since I've written ... Im now a month...

Been awhile since I've written ... Im now a month PO and Im feeling pretty good .. Ive been back to work for about 2 weeks that was an adjustment .. I dont enjoy wearing this garmet , but I am because when went to PS I wasnt wearing it all the time anymore (pain when it digs into me while sititng at work for 12 hrs ) and he said I was getting some fluid build up and if it doesnt improve they wil lhave to removed with a needle .. no thank you !! so I am wearing it all the time now ... I am happy with my results and cant wait for the finally outcome .. I still get alot of swelling at the end of the day ,but from what I read thats to be expected for up to 6 months .. So , Im dealing with it .. hope all you ladies are doing well .. Happy healing ...
U look great !!!
Just had the needle talk with my PS Tuesday too! Ya, I'll pass! I was told I don't have to wear my CG anymore, but I do.. Not ready to give it up yet. You look great! Congrats on the new you! :)
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