Getting my Tummy Tuck at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery with DR.BASS!!!!!! - Plantation, FL

Went for my consultation and im so ready to do...

went for my consultation and im so ready to do this but also so nervous, the staff was very nice and during my consultation the way i was explained in great detail helped alot with what i wanted to do and my decision. i go in on wed to meet with the dr that will be preforming my surgery and make sure all is well. i did my bloodworm yesterday so i am a bit nervous and happy at the same time.


Good luck to all of you ladies! We are in good hands with Dr Ghurani :)
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Omg! My surgery is Friday July 5 with Dr Ghurani also. Very scar because I looked him up and could not find any good or bad things about him. So I pray he make me look nice and that god have his hand on him so I can wake up and be ok to go home to my three babys. Good luck everyone.
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Wish you the best, I am having a mommy makeover on August 1st with Dr Ghurani, he is Awesome!


Soooooo I went to see dr bass at the plantation office and he will be performing my extended tummy tuck with lipo and I am tooooooooo excited


Thank u it is painful but he is good. I was so nervous but he made me feel better by joking with me to relax me. If I can I Will try to but pictures up very soon. Good luck to the other moms who surgery coming up.
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How are you feeling?
It gets better every day I'm walking more and more back still hurts from bending over so much. I go to him tomorrow I hope he take these damn drains out lord knows these shit gets on your nerves lol but I'm good all and all. Good luck to you tho.


I walked up 3 flights of steps today fine, I took this pic to show you all how swollen I was day 1


Looking good lady!! He did a great job. Did you go home the same day? Keep us posted on your recovery.
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Thank you and yes,I went home right after
Can't wait to see your results!

Can't wait for the final results

Day 3 in my pjs


Can anyone guess why Dr Bass has no pics up????? He claims no one will give them the okay to post such pics... I had my surgery done with him and offered to use my before and after pics and they still have not returned my call. Go figure.
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Please let us know how you have healed over the year with Dr. Bass. Hope all is well!
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Was this at vanity cosmetic in fla ?
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

cant wait to meet him wednsday

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