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The procedure was painful, i had my entire face,...

The procedure was painful, i had my entire face, neck and chest done. I have sagging skin, dark circles under my eyes, sun spots, and wrinkles on my forehead, and around mouth and eyes.

Im 40, and wanted to try something to make me look fresh and not tired looking. It seemed even after exfoliating my skin was not dry and not smooth. So, my doctor reconmended ematrix, i was interested in fraxel. I had no numbing cream, big mistake, procedure took 30 minutes, i could smell burning skin, my level was a B, (range is A, B, and C). I expected to look like a lobster after since the procedure works with deep layer the dermis, all I could do was sun screen and mineral powder, no coverup or ice.

I did go to work the next day, and the red color did improve and not as noticeable with powder, people at work could only tell up close. I did have some swelling all over my face the first day, the second day not so bad, just certain sensitive areas.

Day 2, my skin color was still red in certain areas where the probe was used, but not bad, pain okay. Day 3, red color gone, just small scab dots where the probe was used but not noticeable unless close up. No pain or swelling. I can see a difference especially on the sun spots faded, on my checks and forehead, the skin texture is still rough from probe and Im sure it will improve every day. I am only using sun screen and mineral powder to cover. Day 4, can wear no coverup, only lotion, just faint grid marks, only visible to me, (i know what I am looking for), skin texture is still alittle rough, can feel the grid marks where probe used, but after the lotion, little mineral powder and eye makeup, I can tell I look refreshed. Day 5, skin texture is much smoother, it seems the grid marks are slothing off.

Im scheduled for another procedure in a month, I will post my experience. Once I get pictures ready I will post, that where you can really see what to expect. I will schedule my next procedure on a friday and use numbing cream. Good luck..

My updated comment was on day 5...not to mix any...

My updated comment was on day 5...not to mix any one up.

Had my 2nd tx of eMatrix last Friday, did a level...

Had my 2nd tx of eMatrix last Friday, did a level C this time on my face and neck. No, numbing cream and it was painful. The probe zaps were very deep, and they were not zapping as she would say each time at full strength, so those did not count. I could not finish the entire treatment, gave the remaining zaps to my mom, had my entire face and neck done. The smell of burning skin, and I was so sensitive, had to take a couple of breaks in between. My face was very hot the entire day and lobster red, putting the lotion on and mineral powder was painful. Not allowed ice or pain med for the entire process, this would interfere with the inflammatory process. The grid marks were noticeable even with mineral powder. Did have two days until going back to work. The burning sensation lasted 2 days, with swelling around my eyes. Day three all you could see was pink grid marks on all the areas zapped. The grid marks would diminish each day, and scab over, very lightly; hard to see, have point them out and can feel with touch. This treatment, not sure if I notice anything much different. Not able to go in sun or exfoliate my face and neck until all grid marks are gone on their own time. It’s been 8 days now and still have slight grid techure and slightly visible under light. Will have to wait and see how this treatment compares to the first one. The healing process has been longer. Only wearing lotion and mineral powder at this point with eye makeup.

Name not provided

My clinician was very helpful, even gave me personal cell number for any questions.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Also...am using aloe vera and aquaphor....my scarring looks the same so far...hope i did the right thing, but at this point, not too sure bout that!
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Hi Neighbor,
I am considering ematirx and I also live in Plantation. Can you tell me who you went to and if you would recommend them? What are they charging, if you care to share that.
Thank you! Beth
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Hi Beth, I had the procedure done @ Weston Cosmetic Surgery Center in Weston {edited} Michelle Hoff, MSN,FNP nurse practitioner did the procedure, she is wonderful. The cost was 600$ for face and neck. I would recommend this place, I have been a patient of his and Michelle for 5 years. I recommend having a consultation with Michelle before having the procedure. Good luck, Karie

{By Britt, please PM user for info. Thanks!}
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Beth I am having dr. Jaynee Steinburg in Tamarc , florida do my face ....I trust her and have been going to her for about 30 years. She is a board certified dermotologist.
I might have spelled Jaynee incorrectly...getting old is not pretty
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Did you do the ematrix and were you happy with it?
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im thinking of doing the E-Matrix for acne scars, do you think that will help? I also thought of adding in a Vi-Peel first...
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Hi, I am looking forward to seeing any before/after photos. I am having my first ematrix in a week and I am very hopeful :-)
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I have been thinking of having this procedure for over 2 years, but fraxel was the option then. Once I did my research on ematrix decided to give it a try. I am defintely going to do it again. I want to see if it really does what it claims. On day 4, my skin has really improved, smooth and less noticeable grid marks, I can get away with wearing no coverup, just lotion with mineral powder. Will keep everyone updated and post pictures once I figure out how to without people recognizing me. My mom is having the procedure done also, so I can have her post her experience too, since everyone has different experiences. K
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Hi Fort,

It would be so nice to just wear lotion. A lot of community members who don't want people to recognize them, post pictures with blacked out eyes, if that helps.

Thanks for the added info,


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Hi Fort,

Thank you for sharing your first E matrix experience with us. I just have my first one 2 days ago, and I was freaking out, because of the little red to brown marks all over my face. I wish I was told about that, the only thing I was told is that I was going to be red for a couple of hours, which is not true, it last until the next day. I'm glad I just read your post, it makes me feel better and calm me down, I was a little be upset because of how my skin looks with those little dots all over. I'm just going to wait a couple more days and see. Good luck with your next treatment, I migh have my second one next month, well I'm no sure, only the results of the first one will tell. Thank you very much.
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Hi Fort Lauderdale and Plantation,
I am going to a dermologist in Tamarc for three treatments of e-matrix....I was looking at the Matrix IR ..does anyone know the difference? I will be getting my lips done at the C level and now everyone is making me nervous! I will be getting a dental shot in my mouth to stop the pain....so..
I am 62 and want to wrinkles 60 percent better from my mouth....I am not a smoker just a coffee drinker through a straw to prevent my teeth from getting ugly for 25 years and now we have teeth whitners ....but who knew this ?
Thank you all for writing this
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HI Fort,

Thanks so much for such a detailed review. It will be really useful to the community. How long had you been thinking of getting this procedure? And will you have it again? The info you provided the community of how your skin was day by day again is going to be so useful. Please keep us updated and yes we would love to see pictures.



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I know mostly women have this done, but I'm a guy and had my 1st one Friday afternoon and it's now Saturday morning. I went for improvement for acne scarring. I did the max at 400 pulses/level C. I have been going to the same clinic for the past 5 years for other procedures. I still have some reddening today, but my bigger concern is that my eyes are still badly swollen. I'm really worried as I have to go back to work Monday. I did a honey mask and took benadryl but no improvement. I'm worried to say the least cause I look like a freak I've got one more day to go back to a somewhat normal look... haven't left the house yet. HELP!
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