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I had Vaser lipo done to my flanks, lower abdomen...

I had Vaser lipo done to my flanks, lower abdomen inner outer thighs and knees on 3/22/12. The doctor took out 7 liters. A lot more than I thought he would. I consider myself lucky to the general anesthesia. I woke feeling like it was a long nap, and felt tired for about 3 hours then I was back to normal.

The pain is best described as very tight skin and muscle soreness. The first week was the worst. I would only get up to go to the restroom. I wasn't allowed to take off the compression garment at all for 7 days. I could shower in it after day three. I went in for my first post op on day 7 where I took off the garment for the first time and they took out the stiches. I am now barely at two and a half weeks and I dropped 12 lbs... It just keeps coming off. I also can tell I dropped a good pant size possibly two even.

My lower back and pelvic area are the most swollen. I am beyond happy with my results. All I can say is that each week gets better and have patience. I'm also very bruised but I've been taking arnica pellets twice a day and using the gel everyday after I shower. It works wonders! I am very excited to see the final result. I will post some before and after pictures soon. I also still have swelling in my legs as well. Also I am very numb all over, but you just get used to it. I took hydro condone for three days, but then switched to Tylenol extra strength. After two weeks I went off all painless. Now the only time I have discomfort is when I sit down for a long time and have to get up. I feel very very tight, and stretching makes it feel better almost immediately.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Sounds like things are going great so far, please keep us updated on your progress!

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Well, it will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Haven't lost...

Well, it will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Haven't lost anymore weight but lost another pant size. I was initially a size 8-10, I am now a size 6, and even a 4 in some things.

All the bruising is gone, and I would say I have about 15% more swelling. I started walking and working out in the elliptical but no high impact workouts yet. My bac is still tender, but nothing unbearable. I'll be posting some before pictures today I just got from my doctor, and some after pictures as well. So far happy with the results, and it's only getting better :-).


Hi Butterflies123. I will try to post some after pictures this week for you. I'm very happy with the results but have to warn you about one thing. If you have cellulite now it will most likely be more visible after the lipo. It depends on how much you get taken out. I had 7 liters total which any doctor will tell you is a lot, and I can probably have more taken out, lol. Which falls into the next comment by vernes. I was told before hand that the outcome might make my cellulite more visible, but my doctor recommended velashape instead of smooth shape. It's a temporary treatment for cellulite, but for summer along with exercise and diet will do for me. I'm still looking into starting the vela shape treatments. So I was warned that everyone is different and it might be a possibility. My doctor was very open with me, which is why I am not surprised nor upset. I'm extremely happy with how my clothes fit now, which is more than I could say for my before. (sorry for grammar/spelling mistakes. I'm on my phone)
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For persons who have done Vaser Lipo have you all done Smoothshapes? Are they really necessary? it more money spending that wasn't explained to you before surgery.
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I can't wait to see your after pics !
I'm so excited for you!
We have a similar build I am having vaser on June 7th along with a TT
So your review so far is encouraging to me!
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Here are the before and after. As you can see my...

Here are the before and after. As you can see my abdobem and lower back are still a bit swollen along with my knees. I can tell these areas are swollen because they are still hard and lumpy a bit to the touch. I'll post more pictures as I un-swell.


I see you haven't been on here in awhile. I am new to this site. I have been looking into getting smart lipo for awhile now. i have a few consultaions set up for the next few wks at different places. I'm wondering what questions everyone would suggest I ask. Also do u have more recent photos of your progress? THX
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Your results looks GREAT! I'm scheduled to have Vaser Lipo on May 23rd, 2012. I am having my stomach, hips,flanks, inner and outer thighs done. I am worried that I am doing too much at once?? My doctor is also going to put me to sleep for the procedure. Any advice?? I'm SUPER nervous!!!
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Sounds like exactly what I had done, except I had hi take some out of the inner knees. I was put to sleep as well. And honestly it was the best thing. I can't imagine being awake for any surgical procedure. My advice is to take off work a good week. I needed every bit of it. I'm a sucker for pain though. Also make sure you drink lots of water and vitamin water. Try to stay away from Gatorade but if you must drink the G2. Less sodium. Of course try to limit your sodium intake as much as possible. I could only handle the pain meds for a few days. They gave me headaches so I switched to Tylenol extra strength an it worked ok. After you get past the first week you'll feel a lot better. Also wear your garment. I wore mine nonstop the first week. Literary, I even showered in it. My first shower experience was very unpleasant :(. I had to have my boyfriend basically wash me, an blow dry the garment for me. Very lucky to have him. After a week I wet to the dr and took my garment off for the first one so they can take out the stiches. By then I felt 70% better. Also the arnica tablets and gel are awesome!! So take the pellets 5, 3 times a day. And I would only put arnica in the mornings after I showered, after week one I took off my garment to shower and wash it only. Some people use arnica twice a day. I bruise easy so I had bruises for up to four weeks. Walk as much as you can and keep your feet elevated. Your lower back will be the most sensitive. Good luck! You'll do great!!! I was Sooo nervous and read so many negative things, that I almost talked myself out of it but as long as your doctor knows what he's doing and is preferably certified, follow his directions to a T :-)
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