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I Will Be Having my TT on March 2nd 2012! A New Year a New Me - Plano, TX

I had Gastric Bypass surgery 5 yrs ago and lost a...

I had Gastric Bypass surgery 5 yrs ago and lost a total of 137 pounds and kept it off! I have always wanted a tummy tuck but, just never really looked into it. But, now I am ready!!

My surgery is scheduled March 2nd!! Have anyone in the DFW area had or knows someone who had a TT with Dr. Ronald Friedman? I have researched and researched and found only GREAT things about him...what I really love is he is an artist he sculpts woods and marble.

His work is phenomenal!! So, I know he will do my body just fine!! His results are flawless!! I had my first consult with his nurse assistant and will have my pre-opt consult with him next Monday 9-26-11 I am just soooooo excited!

I have been doing a lot of research since I...

I have been doing a lot of research since I discovered this site....it is very helpful and informing. This site is the best yet! Take a look at my before pics and let me know if you think I will have a flat tummy after the procedure.
Welcome to this wonderful site. It's a great support system. Because I was so prepared for my surgery by knowing what to expect, it has made my recovery go so much better then I could have ever expected. It's because of this site that I was so prepared.

Congratulations on your weight loss. What a huge accomplishment. I think you will see amazing results with a tummy tuck. As part of my TT, I had lipo of my lower tummy and flanks. I also had some muscle repair but that wasn't to extensive because I never had children.

I am very excited for you because I know you are going to be thrilled with your TT. This procedure has one of the highest satisfaction rates. It is so worth it.
Thank you for responding...I was beginning to wonder if people respond to posts on here...LOL...Yes, I am very excited and I appreciate you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I will keep you posted.

My surgeon will do lipo of my abdomen and will do muscle repair...I have a son and I was a fairly large woman so muscle repair will be GREAT for me...I already do 100 ab crunches every other day and I can see some abs under all that skin and flab...so we shall see!! I have 6 months to go!! It seems soooooo far away!!
That 6 months will go fast. Your special day will be here before you know it. When I decided it was time to do this, I made an appointment with my plastic surgeon and 30 days later I was having my surgery. I still can't believe this Tuesday I will be 4 weeks post-op.

Well, today is the day I see Dr. Ronald Friedman...

Well, today is the day I see Dr. Ronald Friedman about my upcoming tummy tuck procedure....I am so excited!! I can't wait to meet him..I heard so many GREAT things about him. I will keep you guys posted.

Ok, today I went to see my surgeon for my 2nd...

Ok, today I went to see my surgeon for my 2nd consult(first time was with assistant)well...he saw my flab (skin) and recommended a body lift to get rid of the extra skin on my sides....I told him I can't afford that procedure...so I decided to go with the tummy tuck only...he says I will still have my sides of excess skin but, I will have a flat abdomen...that's my main concern anyway...I can deal with the back fat...it's not that bad..well, they also recommended for me to stay overnight...for an extra $750 I don't have $750 laying around...what do you guys think? Should I stay overnight? My husband will take good care of me at home...I have no worries in that area. Well, I am just debating...suggestions please!!
My doctor requires a one night stay in the hospital so I had no choice.

I must say, it was worth every penny. The nurses were fantastic and I was so relaxed and comfortable. They automatically came into my room every four hours to give me my pain meds so that I could stay on top of the pain. I slept so good after my surgery and through the night.

The other great thing was I didn't have to keep getting up to go to the bathroom because I had a catheter in. That was a HUGE plus. They put the catheter in while I was asleep so I didn't feel a thing. I would have been running to the bathroom all night if it wasn't for that thing . The nurse had to empty the container connected to the catheter several times. I couldn't believe how much urine I was producing. I would have been up all night running to the bathroom. Instead I was able to get a good night sleep. They took it out the following morning about 3-4 hours before I went home. I can remember shortly after she took it out (didn't hurt at all), I had to go to the bathroom. I remember thinking how glad I was that I had that thing in after surgery so I didn't have to keep getting up. I did have to get up and walk once the first night, otherwise I was able to rest comfortably and that was soooo nice.

The other good thing, they put these things on my legs that acted like blood pressure cuffs. This helps prevent blood clots. Otherwise I would have had to be up and walking a lot more then the one time I had to get up. I also got a blood thinner shot in my thigh that first night.

The nurses emptied my drains for me while I was there so I didn't have to mess with those either.

I had gingerale, cranberry juice, and crackers at my reach my whole stay so the pain meds would not make me nauseas. I had soft foods and liquids for dinner and a great breakfast (eggs, oatmeal, fresh fruit and wheat toast).

The doctor came in the following morning around 7:00 and discharged me. I left about 3 hours later (after my very nice breakfast). I was really treated like a queen. It really got my recovery off to a good start.
excited to see your results!
Yes!! Me too!! Will keep you posted!!

Well, ok guys I have decided to do the overnight...

Well, ok guys I have decided to do the overnight stay! Whew!! God will bless me with the money I know He will!! I am still very excited and can't wait to see my new tummy!! Thank you all for your kind words and information.
hey dear, just read your review and saw your pics, yeah we do have the same body shape, you will amazing after the procedure.
Staying overnight in hospital is a good idea. I had to stay 3 nights in hospital (in South Africa its a must for the TT procedure) , the medical staff was just great.
Thank you so much for that advice....I can't wait I am so READY and excited!! This new year will be my year of SUCCESS!!!

I am counting down the days to my TT!!! I have 51...

I am counting down the days to my TT!!! I have 51 days to go!!! I am super excited!! I am not the least worried because I know who my Savior is!!!! He saw me through Gastic Bypass 5 yrs ago (with NO complications) and I know He will see me through this!!! If it was NOT in His will I would not be having this procedure done!! I owe ALL praises to Him! I will be even healthier after this is all said and done...then I can continue to go share the good news that Jesus healed and delivered!!! I AM BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED!! Be Blessed!
tamfitz73...girl...you look AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for the compliment!! Girl, I can't wait!! Congrats on your weight loss as well! We deserve this!! I am doing Zumba as well and I am HOOKED!! I already LOVE to dance so, it's like a party for me!! I am now working out and preparing my body for surgery. I am doing strength training concentrating on my legs and back. Since I will be using them for awhile due to my tummy and abs will be really sore. Girl, I am just too excited and seeing your pics made me even more excited!! I will follow your journey and ask a TON of questions if you don't mind...LOL
Congrats on the weight loss! Look at your tiny waist! You have a great shape...your results will be amazing!!!

Okay ladies...I got a question for your post...

Okay ladies...I got a question for your post oper's...lol...looking at my pics is it necessary for me to have my flanks(love handles) liposuctioned? I am not sure...my doctor didn't recommend it but, who knows....he will lipo my abdomen which comes with the tummy tuck no extra charge...but if I want lipo of my flanks there will be an extra charge. See, I just need your feed back as to what do you think? Thanks in advance!!'
HI Young2931, I bet your counting down the days!!! What did you decide on the lipo? Im excited to see your results. You are going to be so happy with you!!

I have just added a pic of me after working out to...

I have just added a pic of me after working out to Zumba Fitness! OMG! How I love it!! I am preparing my body for surgery with cardio and strength training...I know my body will need it. I am now counting down the days! So excited!!
I was just thinking of you today. Goodluck with your pre op!!! While you are pre oping (lol) I will be getting my beautiful figure back! Hope all goes well and please keep me updated. I will post more on Tuesday the 21st because i have to stay an extra night because I live so far away. Love and Prayers to you all!
AWESOME!!! I will be praying for you!! You will do GREAT!!! I am so excited for you!! I will be next!!!
Lol..thank you!! I am also renting an electrical recliner!! Heard great reviews about that investment!! My pre-opt is Feb 20th!! Excited!!!!

Today is day 2 and my pain level is tolerable...I...

Today is day 2 and my pain level is tolerable...I have a high pain tolerance so that's a good thing....it only hurts when I walk...trying to gt a lot of rest!
I know me too!!! How many drains do you have?
I go Monday and I cant wait I just want the pain to go away!
Bee...I am right with you!! Today sucks...the pain is not that bad...only when I am moving around....can't wait until better days!! I go for my post opt on Tuesday so hopefully I will be able to see my new Tummy!!

Feeling better today...still in pain when I walk...

Feeling better today...still in pain when I walk but that's to be expected. Everyday is a good day!! I am still happy!!!

I POOPED!!! YAAAAY!! I am only 2 days post opt and...

I POOPED!!! YAAAAY!! I am only 2 days post opt and made a bowel movement!! WOW!! I feel sooooo good right about now!! I never heard of anyone making a bowel movement this soon. Is this normal?
Congratulations. It's good to hear that your doing. Keep us posted
Thank you ladies...I am not on the pain meds for pain I am taking Tylenol Extra Strength....can't stand walking or using the restroom very painful...but I can do this! It is getting better!
Aw hun I am glad you are doing well, you are going to look fabulous

Today is day 3 post opt....and I am getting around...

Today is day 3 post opt....and I am getting around by myself!!! Yaaaay!! I am using the restroom by myself as well!!! SUPER YAAAY!! And super swollen! The swelling hurts! I am almost standing up straight...so, I hope this is progress!! Until next post happy healing!
Hi Young, seems like ur doing good, I think ur going to be very pleased w ur tummy, it looks really flat!
Hey Young, Just wanted to check on u! I'm so glad ur doing well. It also appears that u arent so stressed bout the CG after all huh! Keep us posted!
Girl....this garment is HELL ON WHEELS!! LOL I knew I was going to have a problem with it! It has a velcro closure in between the crotch area and man that thing is killing my poor va-j-j!! I have to shift and move it around so I can get comfortable! This garment is NOT made for women who are blessed with a "Nikki Minaj" Booty!! LOL this garment is acting like a G-String on me!! LOL and it is not suppose too!! I called the nurse on today from my PS office and she was like I am so sorry...I was like I told ya'll!! So, here I am with this horrible garment! But, I will hang in there and think about my new flat tummy that will get me through!!

Day 4: I am back from first post opt visit and...

Day 4: I am back from first post opt visit and GUESS WHAT!! I got a pic of my new TUMMY!! Now beware it is SUPER SWOLLEN but, you can see a difference from my before pics. They took out the pain pump that was given and I am still stuck with theses dreadful drains!! They showed me how to clean my incision and wrap myself back up!! I am soooo excited about what I see and it is not even a week yet! So, just imagine how the results are....he took 10 hours on me!! He told me he took so long because he knew I was concerned about my flanks...he lipoed them for me with NO EXTRA CHARGE!! Now tell me God is GOOD!!! I cried when I saw my tummy!! It has been a LOOONG time coming and finally after losing 140 pounds in 6 years and keeping it off this is my REWARD!!! Stay tuned!!! Check out the pic below!!
Looking amazing already! Hope your back feels better soon, keep us updated and post more photos when you get a chance please!
young2931..u are looking good! WOW!!! Hope all is well and you are resting..!
You are looking Beautifull!! How is the pain??

Day 5: I am feeling pretty good today...today is...

Day 5: I am feeling pretty good today...today is the first day I stayed home by myself and hubby went to work...I realize if I do too much you will swell like crazy! WOW! I am drinking pineapple juice and water. For the most part pain is minimal just the back is still hurting but, no as bad...everything will get better in time.
Hey Butterfly-- you look super, I agree the most pain is getting up to go to the bathroom and stuff it is getting better the muscles are relaxing a little, my back is killing me from they way I am sitting I guess I am so sick of that if I could get one drain out I could sleep on my side more or lay on my side but will have to wait!
Yes, today is a little better...I am getting round by myself so I am taking my time...just can't wait until I can stand straight up!! My back pain only hurts when I am walking hunched over...but when I am sitting I am great...I sleep and sit in a recliner so its soft and comfy! Tomorrow is another day! We will be "foxy" in no time!

Post Opt Day 6: Feeling GREAT!! Back is not...

Post Opt Day 6: Feeling GREAT!! Back is not hurting as much...had to break down and take a Vicodin this morning...I think I did too much on yesterday felt really stiff...I had to stand for a while when I was sponge bathing and changing my gauze....also, I washed my CG so I had to wait until that dried...but, all in all I am feeling GREAT! I do see some swelling going down...also, I have 2 drains that are barely out putting anything!! So, that's a good thing...on Monday I go for my 2nd post opt visit....hopefully a drain or two may come out!! Well wishes on you ladies that are going in on today!! Until next post happy healing! New pics below!
hey butterfly3638, hope you are feeling better today!
Yea, just curious. I go for a follow up tomorrow and will ask him.
Hey B, I'm with you, did too much yesterday and now I'm paying for it. This is the worst my back has hurt ever! I wonder what the conversion of cc's to lbs of fast removed is. Mine said he only did 800 cc's of Lipo, even tho I had it in three areas. I'll bet that was only a pound or two.

Day 7 ONE WEEK POST OPT: Really nothing changed.....

Day 7 ONE WEEK POST OPT: Really nothing changed...still feeling good..my back still hurts though...but, I am walking around a little faster....and have some tightness when I am sitting for long periods of time. Other than than I am good....I have been napping all day which is a good thing. On Monday I will have my 2nd post opt visit...hopefully I can get at least 1 of the 3 drains out....#1 drain produces 30ml and #2 drain produces 5ml and #3 drain produces 5ml.....and that's when I change them twice a day...so...really nothing....but, I am still swollen...I see some change but, not that much....it will get better!!!
Yes one week today was the best day so far, thank God I am praying it continues, I agree when these darn drains are out life will be better! I hate them now! I am really trying to stay positive!!!
Trust me Beje...I know how you feel!!!
1000 cc is roughly 2 pounds

Butterfly- hope you are feeling better!!!

Day 11: Everything still is the same...I have my...

Day 11: Everything still is the same...I have my 2nd post opt vist on Monday....my drains are out putting between 20cc & 5cc...it's been that way for awhile now. So, hopefully they will be taken out on Monday!! My back still hurts and walking a little hunched over but, getting around a little faster...I am still swollen...hopefully I can go down soon...I see some of you all's pics and ya'll are FLAT on sides and front!! I am still puffy....hopefully this goes down and soon! I will ask my PS about that...Stay Tuned!

Day 10: Sorry other post should be day 9...Today I...

Day 10: Sorry other post should be day 9...Today I went to PS for 2nd follow up and I still have the dreadful drains!! He wants to keep them in for one more week. I go back next Monday. I am definitely feeling the SWELL HELL....I look like I am 5 months pregnant!! PS says it will go down...They gave me a smaller size garment as well...I was in an XL and I have a L....so there is progress!! I AM HAPPY!! Stay Tuned!
Looking Great girl! Hang in there! You have a beautiful shape! :)
OMG I pity you with 3 drains but it is true better to have them in then have an issue pulling too soon, that is what I keep telling myself!!! I sIeep really well in bed, I prop my head up and pillow under my knees and sleep like a baby, try it you might be surprised how well you do. Keep on trucking I wanted to go to work MOnday I am not sure I will be ready for that especially if still toting a drain!
Butterfly- I got one drain out today, thank heavens!!! My other he said call this week SO now I am hoping if I get to 30 cc or less. So now I am hoping to sleep on my side a little and change positions somewhat! I need another compression garment I am sick of this binder!!! Hope you are doing well, it has been a long 10 days for me!!

I am now 7 weeks out and I am soooo loving the...

I am now 7 weeks out and I am soooo loving the results!! It get's better everyday!! My body has taken on a new shape and it is AWESOME!! I am able to do light exercise so I walk on the treadmill for 15 mins I do a brisk walk....I can't wait until I can do Zumba Fitness again!! I know it's coming soon just want to tone up!! I have new pics...enjoy!!
You must be happy with your transformation!!! you are looking great!!! keep up the good work. WOw
Now look at you with the new body! Your results are great! Happy Healing!
Sunkysd....thank you soooooo much hun for the compliments!!! I really appreciated that!!! To answer your question girl, I was born with big hips shaped like this!!! God has truly blessed me!!! I only gotten at Full TT with muscle repair and lipo of my abdomen that's it!! I have a GREAT PS!!! He made sure I was satisfied with my results!!! I will take more pics as time goes on and swelling goes down!!!

Uniquelynoone....thank you for that compliment!!!

I am now 8 weeks post opt and loving it!! The...

I am now 8 weeks post opt and loving it!! The swelling is minimal and getting better!! My PS is AMAZING!! I would do this all over again!! I have now started Zumba Fitness again and loving it!! Progress here I come!!! New pics below!!! Stay tuned for updates!!
Your results are fabulous! All of your hard work has paid off wonderfully. I too am working out to loose the weight before the surgery. I still have weight to loose, but seeing your results just keeps me motivated.
Thank you ladies!!! I really appreciate the love and compliments!!! Just think it will get better!!! I started my Zumba Fitness again so it's in now!!!
WOW!!! The curves!! I am in Plano as well and having my TT May 11th!! PM me and let me know your progress- I HOPE I look like that after mine!

It has been 13 weeks since Tummy Tuck!! I am...

It has been 13 weeks since Tummy Tuck!! I am feeling and looking AWESOME!!! Check out new pics!!!
U must be soooo thrilled. Well done your results are amazing and you've now got such a tiny waist
@maof2...thank you so much girlie!!
you look great!! love the curves girl!!
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