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I had the VSG on 7-11-11 with Dr. Nick Nicholson...

I had the VSG on 7-11-11 with Dr. Nick Nicholson in Plano, Texas. He and his staff are wonderful. I'm 48 yrs old and 5'1. My highest weight was 236. On day of surgery I was 212 lbs. I've went from a 3x/20-22 to a 10/12 or M/L top.
I'm a slow loser and I'm ok with that. I changed the way I eat forever. As a family we eat clean whole foods. No more processed foods or fast foods. I never wanted to be on a "diet" again. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

In 2012 I did 3 5K's. I would have never thought about doing a 5K before in my life.
This year I'm onto the 2nd part of my journey. I will be having a tummy tuck with hernia repair in Sept.
I've maintained in the 160's for the past year. I would like to be between 140 and 150 lbs. Having some of the loose skin removed will help with that.

3 years after VSG

July 11, 2014 was 3 years since I was reborn. VSG saved me from being obese and unhealthy for the past 3 years and hopefully for the rest of my life. Is it easy? No, it's not easy. I still have to think about what foods I eat. I'm just thankful that my tiny stomach now only allows me to eat so much. I've changed "what" I eat. My goal is to eat whole, clean foods. No more processed food, no junk foods, no fast foods. No soda's!!! Giving up my Diet Dr. Pepper I thought would be the hardest thing of all. But it wasn't. I don't miss it at all. I do not want to damage the gift I was given.

Now that doesn't mean I don't crave the sugary, fatty foods. Because I do. After that first 18 months my food cravings came back. Not horrible, but they are there if I let them in. If I stay away from my trigger foods I'm ok. I don't care to have them. But once I start, it's hard to not want them again and again. So my advice to you, is to never start back eating something you know will trigger you to start eating badly again. Because once you start to let in those "old foods" its hard to stop.

My downfall is crackers. Sure I may be eating healthy crackers, but I still shouldn't eat as many as I do. Also I've let sweets back into my life. And it's only certain little things, because most sweets still make me a little sick.

I've made a new commitment to myself. I will rid my diet of all sweets and grains for a few weeks to detox from them. I have never reached my goal. Although my doctor says I'm a success, because I lost over 70% of my body weight, I still want to reach that number on the scale. For now my goal is to be between 140-145 lbs. If I can get there and stay there for more than a year, then I will feel like I've made it.

At the moment I'm 165 lbs. I've maintained being between 162-168 for over 2 years. It's just where my body wants to be. I've been as low as 156 right after my tummy tuck/hernia repair. But my body bounced back to where it feels comfortable. I wear a size 8-10 in pants and M-L in tops. Remember I'm only 5'1. But I remember where I came from. Size 3x and 20-22 was my largest.

Thanks for listening to my story.
Dr. Nick Nicholson

Dr. Nick is awesome.

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You don't know how much it means to see someone who has done so well and maintained their weight, it gives me hope. It's great advice about the trigger foods, I'm never going to have them in the house, even the so called healthy versions. I know that I'd progress from those lower fat baked chips back onto my favourite sort. Why test yourself that way? Congrats on your TT!
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Robin you look sensational in that black and weight dress! I was pleased to hear what you said about being a slow loser, the important word there is 'loser' huh? It's taken me about 40 years to put all this awful weight on, I know it's not going in a couple of months. Thanks for the review, good luck for the next stage!
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Thank you Allie. I've always said, I'm ok with being a slow loser, because at least I'm a Loser. :-)
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Hi Robin! I use to live in Plano but moved back to Arlington 2 years ago. Thank you for posting. I would love to hear more about your journey. I too feel like I'm a slow loser but kissing none the leas
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Sorry typing on cell phone mad typo then hit the wrong button and it posted. So here is part 2 I'm loosing and I'm happy with that. Please if you had the time please fell a little about what your journey was like. The food bad and the ugly. I post my videos on YouTube under the channel bodyrockbylisa. Hope to hear more from you. Nice meeting someone local.
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Thank you Lisa. I also make YT videos. I found and you subscribed. :-) I'm Texasmom 2011. I'll post more about what my journey has been like also.
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Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us! 

What an achievement! You've done really well and you look awesome. I hope you're proud of yourself! How was your recovery from the sleeve, any problems, did you have much pain?

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Thank you Kirsty. I did not have any complications. Yes I was in pain for a few days, but pain meds helped. :-)
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Congratulations! And you look great! I am scheduled for 9/11/13 to have mine! Can't wait~
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Thank you. And congrats on your surgery date. You will love it.
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