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I recently read an article about the...

I recently read an article about the subcision/suction method.
I took the study to a Doctor in Dallas and asked if we could try this. He agreed to it and on July 22nd I went in for the subcision. 3 weeks prior I bought a 4 in 1 Facial Machine (Pro 2023) off ebay from LCL/Beauty/Salon Outfitters that cost $150. All I was focused on was the vacuum part of the machine. The vacuum is specifically designed to target small parts of the skin and you can adjust the suction force.
The doctor made one stick with a needle and worked it around my cheek area (under the skin) underneath the scars I pointed out before the procedure started. It took about 10 minutes at most. He put a small bandaid where he had stuck me and sent me home.

My whole cheek area was sore, swollen and bruising. I didn't wait until the 3rd day to vacuum like in the study. I started the evening I had the subcision done. I put the small glass tip on the vacuum machine and softly went over the bruised area and the scars, lifting up the skin lightly. I didn't do it to aggressive because I didn't want to damage underneath the skin. I repeated this 2 to 3 times daily and now Im on my 10th day. During this healing period, at times I could feel the skin starting to tether down, like tightening, and when I did, I pulled out the machine and gently vacuumed the skin up to stop the tethering process.
This method works. I have tried every laser procedure out the. I've done it all. But this procedure is the only procedure that I shed a few tears over because it actually worked.
With all of this said, I do not have any affiliation with the doctor nor the vacuum machine company. Regarding the doctor, I think he is excellent and I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
I would not recommend subcision with out the suction method. Without the suction, the scar will just tether back down.

I am including picture of my healing process. The one and most important photo I am missing is the before, and I will get that one when I return to the doctor for my follow up.


I'm very happy for you and for your results Would you please show us by a picture the vacuum machine and the glass you used please
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Thank you for posting your pictures and sharing the process with us.  Wow what a difference in the appearance.  Keep us up to date.

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Vacuum used

Hope this helps...


thanks for posting the review. How have your results held up?..what type of scars did you have?
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hello, my results are permanent. the scarring is becoming less visible. i had pretty big ice pick scars. they are smaller in size now. i have to wait three months to go back to the doctor (dec). the last time i went he made one incision and targeted multiple scars from under the skin. this is the reason i had so much bruising. the one incision was made because essentially he would be making another hole in the skin. I vacuumed the entry point and made sure I put neo-sporin and covered at night. The entry point has healed without any scarring. the next time i go, i am going to see if he will target each scar with a smaller needle. he will probably only agree to one ice pick scar and see what the results are with the vacuuming. hope this helps.
Thanks so much for ur quick response
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Plano Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Raphael is one of the best doctors in the Dallas area. He has extensive knowledge in subcision and he has GREAT pricing. He makes the procedure affordable for any one. His staff is so kind and they spend as much time with you as you want to answer questions.

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