22 days PO, TT-drainless, MR, Hernia Repair, Lipo of Flanks, Plano, TX

The straw that broke the camels back, shopping one...

The straw that broke the camels back, shopping one afternoon and two different people asked me within 30 minutes if I was pregnant. I'm not!!! To make matters worse, this was on a day when I thought I was dressed really cute too:( so my journey begins. I'm 41 a blessed mom of a 1 and 3 yr old. Pregnancy did a number on me to say the least. Having kids 2 years apart at my age and one baby weighing in at 9.5 lbs left me with an umbilical hernia and diastasis. I'm about 5'2" and weighing in at about 142. I've worked out since about May to get my pre baby body back and I've lost about 50lbs since having my daughter. I only have 7lbs to be back to wedding day weight but, sadly I still look pregnant. Since I have to get the hernia fixed, I am going for the works! My husband has been very supportive of my decision. I interviewed 3 PS that were board certified and I have made my decision and set the date for surgery, Nov. 19th.

I will try to load photos as soon as I figure out how. Thanks for your support on this website

GOOD LUCK!! I have mine scheduled for Nov 13th!! How are you feeling?
I'm totally obsessing about it. It's all that I can think about. How are you?
Hello again nettie71, so lots of similarities , kids around same age (one was 9.12 pounds), similar surgery , dates close. But my daughter was the one who thought I was pregnant She started rubbing my belly saying baby. When is your pre-op I go the first

Just turned in my FMLA paperwork. I am taking 3...

Just turned in my FMLA paperwork. I am taking 3 weeks off work. It's all becoming very real now. I have my preop on Monday, Nov 5th. I am scheduled for BL but now I'm wondering if I should go with small implant. What do you guys think???? I should add that I am small frame and a runner so I am so undecided. PS said I would end up a b cup. Ugh, maybe I shouldn't second guess myself. Seriously, I change my mind every other day. Any advice???
I was happy with just the BL decision but now after reading all the comments on RS, I don't know if I should consider the implant. Anyone know if the replacement surgery for the implant down the road is as an intense procedure, downtime, etc?????? Thanks guys for your help and support!
Hi nettie71, Hope you are doing well. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better about your decision. You don't need the stress and the doubt hanging over you. I go to my pre-op on Weds the 17th. My surgery is the 20th. Now that our family trip and carpet nightmare is over, I am getting really nervous. I am trying to get more motivated to get things ready for post op. Hope I don't forget anything. 10 days to go! 9 for you! We can do this!
Good to hear from you nomoreflap. Hope you were able to take your mind off the surgery while at Disney. I had my preop last week, got all my meds filled this weekend. Next week this time I will be a nervous wreck! I'm slowly by surely gathering my supplies. How are ya feeling? Once you have your preop it's going to feel so real. My preop, was not my proudest moment. I was so not prepared for the photos but it definitely emphasized the reason why I need to have the TT. 7 days and counting. Let me know how everything goes with your preop. Good luck
Disneyland was just what I needed. Thanks! Pre-op went fine. I felt the same way about the pics. Not my proudest moment either. I feel good about my choice of implants. My husband was with me today and confirmed my choice. I went to the lab and had blood drawn and got all meds filled. Then I did some shopping for supplies. I have a pretty box I put all my supplies in that I can keep next to my recliner. I'm excited and nervous about Tuesday. Hope you are doing good. Do you have a time for your surgery yet? I won't have my time until Monday. Make sure you keep me posted on your progress! Good luck, remember you are not alone. I'll be right there too!

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm really nervous. Got a...

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm really nervous. Got a call today that they moved me up to the first surgery so I have to be there at 6am. Really sad I wont be able to see the kids in the morning when they get up. I decided against the breast lift so just doing the the tummy part. I feel better since I made that decision a week or so ago. I feel like I'm not at all as ready as I hoped I would be. House isn't clean, didn't get laundry done, Didnt pre cook and freeze any meals. Time just got away from me and I only worked out once his week and of course I ate like a pig all week. Oh well, I can't do anything about that now. My overnight bag is packed and ready. Just have to jump in the shower and Use the surgical scrub they gave me in the shower and then I'm out he door. My Dad will be here @4:30am to stay with the kids until they wake up then they are off to grandmas for a sleepover. My parents are so great!!! I told my hubby that I left a notarized copy of my will on the mantle. And he just rolled his eyes at me, thinks I'm being over dramatic. Just had my last glass of water until tomorrow. Ugh, I hope it all goes well. Have to be up in in 4.5hrs so I guess I should try to sleep. See ya on the flat side
Hope you are doing well!
Slowly but surely. I'm still walking hunched over but trying to work on that. I really the compression garment makes it hard to breath
I'm at almost 3 wks PO and still hunched over. There is no way I could stand up straight. It hurts to much lol. Plus that skin needs time to restretch so don't try to stand up to straight to fast. The cucumber water n lemon really helped me. I had seen somewhere on here about the cuc water and decided to add the lemon for the vit c instead of taking a pill for it. Helped me get it the natural way. :-) if no BM by tonight try some oatmeal! Add some banana to it. See if that helps. Hope you feel better soon!

I've spent a majority of my time in the recliner....

I've spent a majority of my time in the recliner. I'm still taking all my meds but they make me so sleepy. I am in absolute hell with this compression garment. One side of it keeps digging int my incicision, not to mention its difficult to breathe in as well. I hope I can switch to spanx soon. I had an itch in my throat yesterday and went into a coughing fit. I thought y insides would explode. The pain was so horrible. Do not cough!!! Appetite is starting to come back but I could do without that to be honest. My husband has been great, helping me clean and doctor up my wounds. I really don't like to look at the incision. Reminds me of Frankenstein or something. I'm going to start drinking cucumber& lemon water today and see how that goes. Ive been taking the colace the past few days with no luck so I'm going for the MOM today. I bet that does the trick. The hardest part of all this is not being able to pick up my 1 yr old when she asks for me. Breaks my heart.
It's gonna be hard to breathe regardless. I had no compression garment or binder at all, and I couldn't breathe either, because of the pain from all the sutures and because of the narcotics. The drugs have a serious side-effect of hampering your respiration, which is why they keep testing your breathing while you're in the hospital. It will get better with time, but you have to try to force yourself to take 10 deeeeeep breaths in a row every couple of hours at least.

It's been a pretty good day. I only took one pain...

It's been a pretty good day. I only took one pain med all day and I'm about 80% standing up straight. Not as much swelling today but I've been drinking cucumber and lemon water all day. The MOM finally kicked in, though I think the really hot Starbucks latte really did the trick. Took a shower today and cleaned my incision all on my own. I finally got a really good look in the mirror from all sides and Wow!!!!! I have a waist again & a belly button that isn't all gross looking. I will say they must've done a lot of lipo on my flanks because my entire backside is black and blue. Honestly though, it doesn't hurt much a little sore but that's about it. I haven't used my walker too much today at all. I am glad that I did a lot of running before I had this surgery because I use my quads a lot to squat and pick things up instead of bending over. Quads have also gotten a really good workout just getting up from the bed and recliner without any help. Starting to eat more but my big appetite hasn't come back yet. Let's hope it doesn't. So I have a question, some of the surgical tapes on my incision are coming off. Do I just replace them or put more tape on top so they don't fall off entirely? My post op is Monday but until then what should I do? I've been going over the incision and tape area with hydrogen peroxide and then polysporin. Next question, for those that had lipo with our TT how long did you have to stay in the compression garment before moving to spanx? Last question, does eating pineapple help with the bruising? I read it did but was curious if anyone had tried it. I am taking the arnica pills already. Happy healing everyone!!!! It's getting better day by day.
Man coughing does suck! And sneezing!!! It still hurts me and I almost 4 weeks post op. I Cary halls with me everywhere I go:-)

Went for my 1 week PO visit today. Just getting...

Went for my 1 week PO visit today. Just getting ready was a chore. I've been home bound and had to make myself presentable. Not that I did a ton but by the time I washed my hair, put on make up, shaved legs and got dressed, I was pooped out. Anyway, found out I was totally cleaning my incision area wrong but luckily no real harm done. Turns out I shouldn't have been doing anything at all to the incision site strips just clean bb and put this special tape over it. So, could've left the hydrogen peroxide and polysporin alone. In fact the polysporin was making the strips lift off. They ended up taking off all the strips and re taping everything and showed me how to do the bb part. They said everything looked good though with the scar and no fluid retention or anything. I'm so glad I didn't have drains. The little swelling I do have is because of salt I know and probably from doing too much with the kids. That is my fault and I'm going to work on that so that I don't have any setbacks. One more week in this compression garment from hell. My next appt is next week and if things look good I can go to spanx type of garment. They also told me the swelling on my backside from flanks lipo will decrease at least another 70% or so over the next 6 weeks. Can't wait to see that, woohoo. Things are so so much better than 1 week ago. Happy healing everyone!!!
Hi Nettie, I have been thinking about you today. How did your PO visit go? Is it getting any easier to get around? Hope to hear all about it soon. Take care of yourself!
Hi nomoreflap, how are you feeling today? Getting around so much better. My back doesn't hurt today and I'm pretty much walking straight. Just Tylenol today but I did take a 2 hour nap around 3 pm. I was worn out. Just getting bathed, and presentable to go go out in public for my post op was a lot for me. Your post op visit is Thurs?
Yes, I my 1st PO is Thursday at 10am. I had to take a pain pill and muscle relaxer today. The weird pain in my boobs was getting bad. My back and tummy were really sore too. I'm better tonight. I took a shower and dried my hair. So how did your PO go? I'm sure you are doing great. Good for you getting off the pain pills. I hope I can soon.

12 days PO, I had a good day yesterday. I ran...

12 days PO, I had a good day yesterday. I ran errands and did some shopping for about 3 hours. By night time, I was so swollen at my incision site and sore too. Took a valium to help me sleep because I was so uncomfortable and have not slept well the prior few nights. Today I am still sore at incision site, and still swollen. I haven't eaten much salt today and I have been drinking lots of water today. I think I over did it yesterday for sure. I'm supposed to start next week so I think I'm bloated from that as well. I have sat in my recliner most of the day today, took Tylenol, napped, and used an ice pack on my incision area most of the day. I feel guilty for not playing with my kids today, I feel lazy, I feel like my house is dirty, I feel like my husband is doing everything, I feel like I'm getting fat, and overall today I just don't feel good:( Also, yesterday started getting little pings, burning pings in my stomach area. I guess that is the nerves rejuvenating, feels weird but only lasts a second. So can anyone tell me, did you swell or feel real bloated when you were about to start your period, and did that make your incicision area a little uncomfortable? Hoping for a better day tomorrow. One day at a time, right? Happy healing RS friends.
I hear you! I'm right there with you. I was so worn out and sore yesterday that I couldn't even think straight . My husband gets on to me all the time for not asking for help. I'm talking before I had surgery. It drives him crazy. Now it is even worse. I plan on resting today. It's hard though. I have the burning feelings in my stomach and my boobs still feel like I just had a baby and my milk needs to drop. I can't get comfortable. I hate being a weak complainer. I sure hope this gets better soon. You're right this is a roller coaster ride. Thanks for sharing. At least I know I'm not the only one that feels like this. I'm sorry that you are having a hard time. It will get better! I will pray for you!
I just got my period today, 3.5 weeks PO (yeah, I had my period during surgery,) and I can't tell whether I'm swelling more from that or not. For me, the biggest predictor of swelling is how long I spend not lying down. The more I'm up, the worse the swelling. And the more I sit, the more I swell beneath the incision.
hi 2plusone, I think you're right, the more I sit then more swell bellow incision too. You've been so busy and active with your kids. How do you do it? I hope to have a good day tomorrow and Monday. I have my next post op on Tues. hope to lose some of this bloated feeling by then.

I am finally adding pics today. These are before...

I am finally adding pics today. These are before & after. I hope the before pics don't gross you out. The after pics are 7 days PO. I'm more swollen today than when those post op pictures were taken. I go tomorrow for my 2 week follow up visit with the Dr. I hope it is just normal swelling and not a seroma. I'm scared about that. I'll post the outcome tomorrow. Keep healing...
Your pics look really good. It doesn't look like you need anything done o your boobs. You look great!
Thanks nomoreflap! The boobs look bigger now that I have a waist again so I'm happy about that decision. I will post some side view after some of the swelling goes down.
You look great!

15 days post op. Went for my follow up visit with...

15 days post op. Went for my follow up visit with PS today. He said my swelling was normal. I'm so glad it wasn't a seroma and I didn't have to get anything drained. All that worry for nothing, I guess. My bb still looks funky. PS said it too was still so swollen and that he had to do quite a bit of work in that exact area to fix the hernia that was partially on the inside and outside of my old bb. I'm still taped up at incision. In a week, They told me to put some Vaseline on the tape and will loosen them up enough to fall off by themselves in a couple of days. Since my bb is barely an innie at this point, almost flush looking really, they want me to cut a cotton ball in 1/4 size then ball it up, shove it in my bb then put tape over it & then compression garment on top of that. That should help in making it more of an innie especially once the swelling goes down. They said try to increase it to 1/2 size cotton ball once room allows for it in my bb. So, I did that tonight & it's kind of uncomfortable but I want an innie so I better get over it. After my surgical tape falls off around my incision they want me to continue to tape it with silicon tape. I bought the one they suggested since they sell it there anyway for $24. They want me to tape it for the next 3 mos.. I take it off when I bathe and just put the same tape back on. I will put new tape on once a week. They said I could switch over to spanx type of garment going forward so I guess I need to some shopping for that. Oh yes, I weighed today and I'm 6 lbs lighter than they day of my surgery. Come to find out today, PS told me they removed 2.5lbs from my tummy and 2lbs from the lipo on my flanks and waist. I guess I've only lost 1.5lbs on my own. Here I was all excited because I've been trying to eat really healthy proteins and stay away from carbs and junk. PS said no jogging for at least 6 more weeks. He did say I could start on treadmill though so I'm glad about that. I'm going to strap on my pedometer tomorrow and do some shopping and see how I do. I went to 2 stores after my appt today and I was so exhausted by evening time. Just getting ready for my Dr. Appt wore me out so I sat in my recliner for an hour before I left for my appt.. I don't know how much treadmill I'll be good for but I guess I will just work my way up. I won't go back to my PS until March unless I feel like I have a problem or concern before then. I'm about to call it a night and get some rest. Thanks everyone for your support in healing.
Hello, happy you are doing good. I have to say I'm jealous my ps said no exercise until I'm 6 weeks post op. I see him again when I'm 5 so I'm hoping ill get the ok. Your looking great !
Glad to hear it wasn't a serima! Keep taking cae of yourself :).
Seroma, even :-/

22 days PO, I returned to work yesterday. I was so...

22 days PO, I returned to work yesterday. I was so tired By the time I got home. I have to admit just getting ready to go to the office wore me out. I definitely need to tack on an extra 20 minutes to my getting ready regimen. I need the extra time to reapply my silicon tape and put the cotton ball in my BB & then squeeze back into my CG, & then try to find some pants that fit that will still be comfortable 12 hours later. It's a process, no doubt. I'm healing pretty well, just exhausted by the time I get home. My BB still looks a little weird to me, could be the swelling. Just hope it stays an innie, it's to very far in so I just have to Poe the cottonball thing works. I've read some use a marble but I don't think one would even fit right now. I'm trying to drink a lot of water at work so I Poe that helps. Did anyone else end up with extremely dry skin post surgery? I asked my PS and he said it was side effect from anesthesia as it dehydrates the body. My skin is awful, sounds weird I know. Leave it to me to have crazy side effects. Happy healing everyone.
My PS told me the same thing about the dry skin. I think most people deal with that. I hope work and life in general is good. Thanks for helping me through this. I am so glad to have had you and others on this site earlier in the healing process. At almost six weeks PO, things are starting to get back to normal again. I can't wait to be released for intimacy and exercise!
Hi Nettie, hope your swelling is getting better. Mine is better in the morning. My skin got really dry too. I also have some skin that feels a little loose above my BB. My PS says it will tighten up as it heals and I exercise. (I have to wait until 6 weeks PO to really exercise) No matter what, I look way better than I did before. I don't know if I would have done the BA if I had known how annoying the recovery was going to be. Maybe I should wait until I heal to make any judgements. I feel like my boobs are huge. I hope the swelling is causing some of it. It's hard to tell what you are going to look like with all the swelling. Let me know how the cucumber water works for you. I hope working gets less tiring soon. I know what you mean about pants fitting later in the day. It's a little frustrating. I'm glad your PS said you can start on the treadmill. Mine said only walking outside or around the house. We just have to give it time and remember that once we can exercise things will get better. I'm keeping my eyes on the prize! A better me in time. ( If I'm honest, I'm already better. )
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I definitely wanted to go the no drains route for the TT so I started researching and then interviewing doctors who performed the quilting suture procedure. After consultations it was really just about how I felt about the doctor. The nurses are all amazing. I never feel like any of my questions are stupid or like they are rushed. My husband met my Dr. The day of my surgery and he walked him through the whole thing and spoke with him about how things went afterwards. He knew the Dr. Was really busy all day but really appreciated him taking the time.

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