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I'm having breast reduction, lipo under my arms,...

I'm having breast reduction, lipo under my arms, flanks, hips and a tummy tuck. I've never had any surgery before or been put under anesthesia. So I'm a little nervous to say the least. I really like Dr. Dulin, his nurses and consultants. Most of them have had procedures done in their office and have been able to give me realistic expectations for the surgery and recovery.

Mommy Makeover Post Op Day 3

Wow! What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was absolutely miserable and today I feel fantastic!!! I'm up walking around a lot and I don't need helping getting up. Just had my first shower and we are currently washing my garments. I know I need to take it easy but I'm just so dang happy today!!!! :D Now...I've got to start introducing solid foods. I just haven't been super hungry.

Post Op Day 5

Every day is so amazingly better! I'm only taking the pain meds at night and really that just so I'll sleep through the small discomfort of the drains and the itching. I love my new little boobies :) Seriously, I'll be able to wear things that I couldn't even imagine wearing before. Drains come out tomorrow and I'll certainly update then. Hang in there ladies....this has soooooo been worth it!

10 Days Post Op

I've been doing really well. This itching is what is driving me nuts. I itch all around back and abdomen. Anyone know why that is? I've been using tons of lotion!

15 Days Post Op

Trying to reduce the Hydrocodone I've been taking because that's causing the itching. Otherwise, doing well. Just very tired at the end of the day still.

3 weeks Post Op

I went to the doctor Monday and every thing looks good. I still have a lot of swelling but he says that normal. I still have some tape blisters healing on my breasts so we will start the scar treatment tape in 2 weeks when I go back. They did recommend me to a masseuse for lymphatic massage and I went yesterday. WOW! What a difference that made. I already feel better and I'm going again next week.

I'm still really tired in the evenings. An entire day of work is wearing me out. But my husband has been great! I am quite grateful for him.
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Bio oil and eurcerin helps
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Congrats. I had the same done on the same day in frisco with dr. NajerA . I have the itch also and the nerves coming back together ouchy!! I got my drains out yesterday and yes I'm in love with my boobs too and. Belly button. After 6 kids(2sets of twins) I look like my age now.
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Yay! So excited for us!!
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Well done and congratulations . Happy and fast healing happy new year
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Mine is the same day! I'm just starting to get a little nervous about being under for that long...the what ifs going through my brain. In the end I keep telling myself woman do this all the time and this is my turn. It is our turn and look towards the goal. Good luck!
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Ooh, you're almost there! Do you have your supplies ready? What about the surgery has you most nervous?
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Congrats on your decision. How exciting it's right around the corner! Excited to see your pics. Good luck.
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