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Had Juv Ultra put above top lip (between nose and...

Had Juv Ultra put above top lip (between nose and lip, above outer corner areas for loss of volume) about 3 years ago. It was definitely overfilled slightly when initially done but over time it seemed to gain volume and also seemed to migrate down toward the upper edges of my lip. So, when I got my actual lips filled (the pink part of your lip, where the wet meets the dry) it exacerbated the issue with the Juv above my lip so it just looked really swollen and weird (almost like I had braces when my mouth was closed). My new dr wasn't fully convinced the swelling issue was from 3-year old Juv Ultra but I brought him a 'before' photo and I called the original dr.'s office to get the material used and timing (the original dr is a VERY reputable plastic surgeon in Dallas) - I just knew it was still in my lip and it was seriously impacting my sanity. So, today I finally went in for hyaluronidase after hating how this looked for a long, long time. I'm so mad at myself for waiting, it was almost instantly better. By the time I got home (like 25 minutes) it was noticeably better - I couldn't believe it. Now, about 9 hours later it is much improved. One side is is almost back to normal and the other possibly needs one more small dose. He used a 30 gauge needle (same as used for Botox) and we used a conservative amount. No novocaine or any type of numbing was used and I literally felt nothing when injected (keep in mind it wasn't in my actual lip, above it); I can't imagine it would hurt worse than actual filler (even mixed with novocaine) because it was seriously nothing (it is a liquid so not thick at all). I didn't even get a pin prick let alone any bruises. So, if you are dealing with overfilled, lumpy, uneven, etc. lips due to filler like Restalyne, Juviderm, etc. don't hesitate to use this to fix it. Even if the first attempt leaves you a little uneven, at least 'non-puffy' and uneven seems to be easier to deal with than puffy, crazy looking uneven. :-) Dr. Verret in Plano, TX did this for me. He's fantastic.


How was the final product? I am going in tomorrow to get a second opinion on my lips by another doctor whom is actually a plastic surgeon. The area above my lip on the right became fuller than normal almost as if some of the filler migrated above. I am hoping a little bit of the enzyme can clear it up, I am just worried to get too much and end up with an indentation :/ Its not a large bump above my lip however it is noticeable in the morning and with certain angles in sun light. How did your final result turn out??? I hope you love it!
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I have to have surgery to get this lump out since it wouldn't dissolve. I have bags, a lump, dark dark hollowed out eyes and can't even look in the mirror. All I can say, is just be very conservative and if you think something is wrong, get it dissolved now, don't wait which is what happened to me. My doctor kept brushing off my concerns and made me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about. Go with your gut instinct, you know your body better than anyone. Good luck!
672RH; I have a terrible lump problem in my upper lip. If someone tells you it can be corrected with surgery, please let me know. I've had absolutely no luck...The problem is I had fat in it too, in 1990, but trying to even it out with Juviderm made the problem HIDEOUSLY WORSE after 2 years, the J gave me edema as it broke down...I look like a platypus..u can see my pics. No doctor will touch me, no one has given me ANY hope. I've had some Vitrase, it helped, but I'm the worse case I've ever seen...I am very, extremely depressed.
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