Zeltiq-just Had It Done Today - Plano, TX

I got a coupon so it was only $1000 for both inner...

I got a coupon so it was only $1000 for both inner thighs. The attendant put a cool wet gel like cloth on my thigh and attached the device for one hour. I didn't think it was painful at all but I can handle pain well. When she took off the device my skin was very cold and stayed and the shape of the device.

The attendant massaged it down. I didn't feel and tingled, it just felt cold and slightly numb but not bad. Same thing with other side. It's 8 hours later and I'm not bruised I feel fine.

When I tough my thigh it feels sore but not a painful sore. It's slightly swollen but nit bad. I have an appointment to see her again in three months but she said I'd start to see rests in 2-4 weeks considering my body type (fit, thin). She said I was a perfect candidate since I have a pocket of fat that I have been trying to get rid of for a year now and cannot. I am very excited my body took it well!

I don't know how to submit photos from my phone...

I don't know how to submit photos from my phone but I will when I get to my computer because I see a big difference in my inner thighs. Not only see but feel. I can no longer grab fat there it's amazing! I don't have any other problem areas or I'd get this done on another body part. It's amazing!
Plano Dermatology

I didn't see the doctor but her assistant knew what she was doing. She has had it done herself several times.

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ur doctor was plano dermatology on windhaven? do u feel comfortable showing your pics? want to go somewhere that has been suggested by a patient

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Yes it's on windhaven. I can post pics for you.
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that would be great. let me know
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Looking forward to seeing your photos, Jbscott. Send me a private message if you need help posting them.

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I got it on Groupon. There is one that was on Living Social over the weekend that was a really good price but it was a different location from mine. It was Plano Dermatology on Windhaven.
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What clinic did you use? They are running a special on Groupon for Zeltiq. I was wondering if this is the same location.

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