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So I finally gave in and got Coolsculpting done...

So I finally gave in and got Coolsculpting done yesterday. I am having a wedding in about 3.5months so I hope to see some great results before then! I will definitely update this as the weeks progress.
I am a 23 year old girl, in fairly good condition. I work out on average, 3 days a week. I eat fairly healthy, and I am 5'9" and 154lbs. In highschool/middle school I was extremely athletic, and played on several basketball teams. However, ever since puberty I have had this annoying pooch on my lower stomach. No matter how athletic I am, or how healthy I eat, it never seems to go away! So I heard a few things about coolsculpting, and hopefully it works for me!
As far as the procedure went, it was slightly painful. Nothing compared to the tattoos I have gotten, but still a little bit more uncomfortable than I anticipated. That is for about the first 10 mins. After that my stomach went completely numb and I couldn't feel a thing, until the massage afterwards. That was pretty uncomfortable.
Today is day 2 and my lower stomach is still fairly numb. It is also pretty swollen I believe. But hopefully that will reduce in the next few days. So far there is no pain though, and I am able to do all my regular daily activities.
I will keep updating in the next few weeks! Wish me luck!

Well.... I am now changing my title from "I hope...

Well.... I am now changing my title from "I hope it works!" to "This is shit." I am now on my 9th day after the procedure was done, and the pain has been so god aweful I can't stand it. So bad that if I could go back in time, I would save my money just to keep myself from this horrible pain. EVEN IF IT DOES WORK IN THE END!! I read so many reviews on RealSelf too, before I went through with the procedure. Yet somehow I never came across a review on how painful the days after were until I googled "severe pain after zeltiq." My belly button feels like I have a knife just stabbed right into it. It also feels like severe cramping. I thought that I had severe cramping on my periods, but not even the prescription medication I take for that is helping these stabbing cramps. Nothing is helping. Alive, tylonal, advil, hydrocodone... nothing. I feel like I need a morphine patch or something. Anyway, I dont know what makes one person experience more pain than the next, because I honestly wouldnt think of myself as having a low pain tolerance. I have several large tattoos, I gave birth naturallly, and I would rather do those things anyday than this. Hopefully the pain goes away in the next few days, but so far from what I have read it could take as long as 3 weeks to go away. I dont know if I could handle that. Anyway... I will continue to update. Hopefully the results in the end make me change my mind, and make all the pain worth it. "No pain, no gain" right?

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I actually notice a difference in her pictures. It is subtle, but the after view her abdomen is more defined.
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Do you have any updates on your procedure?
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I used Dr Lester at Baylor. The staff is great and the procedure was pain free. I had minor itching on day 10-12 and numbing for about 3 weeks but otherwise, it was easy! He is an actual plastic surgeon and super reasonably priced.
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Thank you! That's great news. That is just the first month too, so hopefully it changes even more in the coming months. :) Nobody else has seemed to notice a difference, so I am glad I am not the only one. lol
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I did it about 6 months ago, it did not work at all for me. In fact my abdomen area looks bigger than before the procedure. Waste of money!
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Im sorry that you had so much pain, i have never had it done, but as far as a difference I sure can see a difference in your body
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After a lot of back and forth I went to an open house last nigh locally and watched the proceedure done and talked to people who have had it. I'm booked for upper and lower abs the 23rd. Although she thinks I'll want a second on my lower but we will see in 5-6 months where I'm at. Can't wait for your update.
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Thanks so much nxtcanidate, actually an ice pack is the only thing that works. Also just keeping pressure on it. It just sucks because at work, or out and about its not always possible to keep an ice pack on it! The ice belt is a great idea though! It is now the 11th day and the pain is completely gone. Finally!! I just have these strange twinging feelings in the area now. When I run, or when I walk quickly and my belly jiggles a little it feels really strange. But not painful. Now that the pain is gone I can hopefully take back what I said about never wishing to get it done, because if the results turn out the way I hope, then hopefully the 10 days of pain are worth it. :)
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well i hope u get some good results too glad to help. please keep updating and let us know how it turns out for you
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i never had this procedure done but i was considering having it done and i read about the stabbing pains and at first it honestly freaked me out because other people were saying that they as well took all types of pain reliever medicine and it did not work so i did more research of how you can keep the pain at a minimal and i have read from doctors and other people that it really helps if you try an ice pack. this one woman used an ice cooling belt she purchased at walmart and she said she bought two and rotated them so shed have one ready in the fridge when the other one wasnt cold anymore. She said she did this throught the day and the pain went down. I cant believe that doctors dont prepare patient for this type of thing. please let me know how that works out for you. try it it and see if it works. i hope this helps good luck
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ok thank you so much!
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I actually found the doctor because of LivingSocial deals. You should sign up for that. They send you a ton of great coupons for different things, and I was so excited when they sent me one for this procedure! I absolutely loved this office though. EpiCentre in Plano, you should look in to it. The doctor was great, and very good about explaining what it was going to be like. Plus from now until the end of august I believe they are doing a sale price on the Coolsculpting! Call in and ask about it. :) Tell them Rikki referred you!
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Can you tell me who did your procedure? I was told 2 estheticians do that but I signed up with Daniella.
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i live in Carrollton and i have been looking for a doctor around the area that i can trust. Can you tell me where you found your doctor? i want to do the procedure but i cant find a doctor. i will be looking forward to your updates on your procedure. Good Luck
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