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Ever since i got pregnant, i started growing this...

ever since i got pregnant, i started growing this double chin. n even after i lost the weight it seems lik it just dont wanna go away. i gave it its chance but now im going to use force n suck it right out lol im doin chin lipo under local anesthesia n im curious of how all this will turn out. hopefully not too bad since i work around alot of people

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. When is it you're booked in for your procedure? Are you all set to go?


So yesterday afternoon i had my procedure. OMG i...

so yesterday afternoon i had my procedure. OMG i felt lik i died. so the procedure itself wasnt bad. it didnt hurt at all. but me n laughing gas dont mix apparently. i fainted with the laughing gas n i swear i had died because i felt lik i was in total darkness and i heard people talkin in the background. i heard the surgeon say "she has slipped on us" and then i hear suctioning noises, pouring and then a foot step. i kept hearing that over n over in that same order. i felt like my darkness world was spinning with that noise repeating itself until i saw a glimpse of light n i was able to force myself to open my eyes. wen i had awaken they told me that i had fainted. i was lik is it at least over n dey told me they barely made the incision n realized i was unresponsive. i told them they should of left me fainted until they were done. so i was then placed again wit laughing gas at a lower level. n in my my head i said "o boy here i go again". they had a blood pressure cup with an oxygen level reading on me to make sure i was okay during the procedure. i then slipped away in my world of darkness. i was so scared cause i was trapped with everything repeating itself. i can feel them working on me from far away. its just so hard to explain how i felt. n den i was able to communicate to the real world telling them i needed to throw up n i did. so the surgery was interrupted twice. they took the mask off n i came back completely to the real world lookin down at the floor where i just vomited. my brain was tryin to grasp reality n ddnt wana let go. it didnt wana b slipped away into the dark world. after they cleaned me up, again i was placd with the gas again but this time i was able to hold on to just a little b it of reality. i swear that i felt the force of the dark world trying to pull on me n drown me away n den the procedure was over n dey placed me on just oxygen n the struggle wit the dark world was gone.

i sat there thinkin because in my dark world i had lost all sense of who i am, how old i was, wat was going on, etc. in my dark world, i swore i thought that time has passed by n i was old n under major surgery n dat i died. n den my brain tried to tell me no i was just havin chin lipo n i was lik why would i pay for chin lipo. i mean i swear i ddnt knw wat was going on. i hope i never get to b put on laughing gas again.

but anyway the surgery went well they said despite everythin. i get to see my fat n i saw my chin nothing but loose skin. lol i am now wearin the biggest head garment there in the wrld (sarcasm) n its not that bad. i still feel a little nauseous n hopefully that goes away. i will update wat happens after this
where did you go in Plano to have this done
Presbyterian hospital. He did really good
what was the name of the physician?

I lik it. It's better than Wat it was before. Da...

I lik it. It's better than Wat it was before. Da only thing I don't lik is that my neck has an ugly crease due to the head garment I wore
Where is the scar from the head strap? I'm wearing mine now and don't want a mark left like you said you have :( I'm tired of wearing this thing!
I have a crease on my neck every time I look down. It looks ugly lik an extra skin fold on my neck
do you mind sharing your doctor's name?
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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