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I'm 39 years old and have always been a large...

I'm 39 years old and have always been a large perky "C" cup. The last few years since early menopause and 30 lb weight lose my breast are sagging to much for my comfort. I have a friend at work that had the same surge ya year ago and got excellent results so I figured this would be a nice treat for myself and a reward for all the hard work I've put into working out over the last 2 years. I'm doing breast lift and aug at the same time. My surgeon said I would not have to have my nipple removed so I'm thank full for that. I will have the vertical scar but perky breast are worth it to me.
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Dr. Pollock explained things in great detail. I go back for my pre op next week so more to come

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dekota486, I'm so excited for u. I am in surgical menopause, I have been for over a decade & I just turned 40. Everything changes & breast tissue really becomes different even with hormone replacement. I breastfed one child for 18 months. I'm 5 wks post op & had a major anchor lift with augmention under muscle. I have 425cc silicone moderate plus smooth round implants & I love them....they feel so soft & firm. But they definitely don't feel hard like some of the saline implants I have felt. How exciting, I look forward to seeing how your surgery goes & how your Girls turn out! I'm sure everything will be wonderful. I took Arnica Montana for bruising, swelling & inflammation. It really made a big difference for me. I only had bruising for 2wks. Welcome to Realself, it's a fabulous community with lots of support & encouragement! What a fabulous gift to give yourself :) I'm glad u won't have to have your nipples cut off. Thank God my dr only cut the skin around my areolas & didn't actually open up my breast envelope. I'm so excited for u, do u know what size & profile of implants you want yet? Best of luck
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Hi...Thanks for the words of encouragement. I go in on Monday to finalize my selection. I am still a little confused on which profile I should use...any suggestions are welcome..
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