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Can't Wait for Boobies!!!! – Plano, TX

I have wanted bigger boobies ever since I could...

I have wanted bigger boobies ever since I could remember! I have done a lot of research and watched many you-tube videos on the process of a BA. I had my first consultation yesterday with a Plastic Surgeon (North Texas Plastic Surgery Dr. Obaid) and it went great!

Currently I am:
Age: 27
Height: 5'7 and a half....
Weight: 155lbs
Bra Size: 34C
Dress Size: varies from 8-10

Now about my consultation,

Setting the appointment was super easy and they had appointments that worked around my schedule. All the ladies in the office were very nice and made me feel comfortable. I tried on several different size implants and for right now I feel really good about going with the 500cc, Silicone, under the muscle and incision under the breast fold.


Going into my appointment I knew a lot from the research I did on my own. A good piece of advice they shared with me is to go with an implant size that makes you a little bit UNCOMFORTABLE. The reason being is a lot of girls complain after their BA that they "Should have went bigger". This made a lot of sense to me and is why I am debating between 500cc and 550cc. The 500cc makes me uncomfortable just a little bit and the 550 make me real uncomfortable but I still have time to decide.

Another thing they told me which I never heard of was that the profile you get is not decided until you are in surgery. I told them I wanted High Profile implants but they stated everyone's chest cavity is different and they don't know until you are opened up what type of profile will fit best. It makes sense but I was a tad bit disappointed there is a chance I may not get High Profile.

**Really? Rolling Eyes...**

The only thing I didn't like about my consultation is when they brought out the samples of saline vs. silicone. The saline implant they had filled to the max with air like a balloon about to break and a third of water in it.... It looked like it was going to burst at any minute from being over filled with air. If you go online and to you tube there is no example of a saline implants that look like that. I already knew before my consultation I wanted silicone so it wasn’t a big deal to me but for someone who truly does not know what they want I did not like the way they made the comparison. Saline is cheaper than silicone so most Doctors try to push for silicone.

**Wrapping Up **

After I was dressed again Dr. Obaid sat down with me and we went through some pictures of different BA. He mentioned since I have had a child it is a good idea to also get a breast lift since your boobies naturally sag a bit after. I didn’t really agree with this. For me I never breast feed and my boobs are still perky. Looking at the pictures of women who had breast lifts vs. those who have not I like the pictures of the women who have not had a breast lift better. I want to look natural and just really blessed! I like that Dr. Obaid didn’t make me feel pressured about the breast lift and he genuinely wanted to make sure he understood the look I am going for. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable plus he was cuuute.

**Follow Up**
I got a lot of information during my consultation but I didn’t have anything to write it down ? I wish they had some kind of pre-made pamphlets they could give out with just the basic information. They probably do but wait until you book your appointment (?). From what I remember surgery lasts 1 hour and I go home the same day. I can go back to work after 3 days but I’m taking the whole week off anyways. I can’t shower for 2 days, the stiches will absorb, and I can’t go swimming for 2-3 weeks. We went over exercising and surgical bra’s but I can’t remember the time frames on those other than I can’t do yoga for 6 weeks ?

Once I confirm my boyfriend can get the same week off from work I am looking to book for April 9th and I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post pics soon


Who all do you tell you are having? Has anyone experienced less than supportive friends or family when you told them about the BA? Were you surprised and how did you handle it?

I haven’t told any of my family yet,
One- because I rarely see them so they may not notice a difference
Two- because I don’t want them to worry
Three- I don’t think they would be supportive

My boyfriend knows and he is supportive but some of my friends I have told have been less than excited for me. I was kind of surprised by some of the reactions I got when I shared what was exciting news to me ?
I also have some feelings of guilt. The money I am spending on the BA could help people in my family pay off bills etc… I almost feel like I would be responsible for their “hardships” because I spent the money on myself. I’m still going to go through with the BA I just want to know if anyone else has had the same experiences / feelings

Additional Before photos! :)

Getting Supplies!

I bought some more bum sweats for surgery and post op ( like i need any more...) I got a small victoria secret catalog in the mail today and it makes me want to go soooo bad! How long do you have to wait after your BA before you can get sized and start buying new stuff? I've never been properly sized so I am thinkging about going to Victoria Secrets tomorrow and finding out. I know if i go I will have a hard time not buying a bra. May-be I could just get a sports bra.

Other than that I bought some Flex straws today but I couldnt find any Arnica Montana. It's supposed to help with swelling and brusing. Has anyone ever tried it?

41 Days left

The more reviews I read the more anxiety I get. I have been practicing sleeping on my back so I can get used to it. I make it through half the night before I can’t take it anymore and I have to roll over. I’ve started taking extra zinc and vitamin C then I normally would so I can build my immune system. I mostly worried about the pain. I think I have a high tolerance for pain and a few days of misery would still be worth it in the end. I’ve been doing the rice test but get frustrated because depending on what bra I put on they look totally different. I wish my PS had the 3D imaging.
1. How long before I can move my arms around without any pain?
2. How long before I can sleep on my side?
3. How long before I can spend “quality time” with my man without worrying about getting hurt?
4. How long before I can start massaging?
5. When can I start working out again?
6. How long do you stay in recovery before you can go home?
7. When can I start taking my normal nutrition again ( I know you can’t take Vitamin E and stuff like that)
8. When does the swelling go down?
9. How long do I have to fast before surgery?
10. Has anyone bought a wedge pillow for after surgery? Did it help at all?

This is what I have bought so far. Besides more ice packs what else would you suggest?
1long Ice pack (They literally only had 1 when I went to target)
2 front closure bras
2 large sports bras
Vitamin C
Scar Sheets
Bio oil
Arnica Cream and Pills
Fruit cups
Bendy straws

Will post rice pics soon

31 Days 10 hours 46 minutes

I couldn't help myself! It was only $5.00 :D Can't wait till after surgery. Nothing new really to talk about. Anxious and obssessed with boobs. I have a countdown on my phone now. I have been eating really healthy lately so I don't have so much sodium in my body another benefit is I have been feeling great. I do struggle drinking enough water. I hate having to get up and go pee all the time. I just don't think about drinking liquids through out the day. Need to figure something out about that. I have been able to sleep on my back longer at night. I think it helps I rolled up a medium towel and use it as lumbar support. FEELS AMAZING! Happy Blogging!

20 Days, 12 hours, 11 minutes.. Another Consultation, and Pre-Op Apt

Hi Guys,

So I had another consultation yesterday but this time it was for lipo. I know $$$ wise adding lipo to my procedure is not in by budget but I really wanted to see what my options were since I am already having a BA I know it would be as much since I have already paid for the OR, anesthesia, etc.. Well it’s still an extra $3k for lipo just to do my thighs ? I know I am not overweight but I wanted to get lipo on my legs to make my cellulite go away. My PS said even with lipo I would still have cellulite because it has to do with your genes and not the fat on your body.. bummer

While I was there we went ahead and did my pre op. I took pictures, tried on my sizers again, and I FINALLY got my pamphlets :D. I got all my prescriptions (around $80.00), My pre-op was supposed to be next week so I didn’t bring any of my questions with me to the lipo consult. I think I am still going to keep my appointment for next week so my partner can go with me and see the sizers and stuff.

My anxiety is rising because I have been sick the past week or 2. I know I have to really watch what I take 2 weeks prior to surgery so I am nervous if I don’t get well soon I am either going to have to be sick with no medicine or continue to take medicine and take a chance that my surgery may get rescheduled. I still have a week left before my 2 week mark and my primary doctor gave me a different prescription today. I just really hope it works so I can start rebuilding my immune system again. AND I have been doing so good eating healthy but every time I get sick I just want all the bad comfort foods.

I’ve deep cleaned my whole house already so as long as I keep doing touch ups I won’t have to stress about it when it gets closer to my surgery time. I still need to stock up on food but I like fresh foods so I need to wait closer to my surgery date. I still haven’t found a button up shirt to wear. I really want to wear a pull over. I have some tanks that are really stretchy and loose on me so as long as someone puts it over my head and shoulders I can pull my arms through. If I need to take it off it slips of my shoulders and I can push it down But everyone is so adamant that I need a button up.. I think I will take both to the hospital with me.

These meds are kicking in and Im ready for a nap. Talk to you guys later


Is 2 days after surgery too soon to get your hair done? ( dyed, highlights etc...) I want to get my hair done before I go back to work but the ONLY time my girl can get me in is 2 days after :( ( I texted her a month before my surgery to make sure I could get a spot and she was already full). All I have to do is sit there and bend my hair but I have SOO much hair it takes forever. Anyone on the other side sit still in a chair for a few hours and have been okay?

Last Pre-Op, NEW SIZE, 14 days 11 hours & 55 minutes left

SOOOOO I picked a new size and I feel really excited!!!!

I kept going back and forth between the 500cc and 550cc and I decided I just needed to go for it. I feel really good about my choice :D I think it really helped that my boyfriend was able to go with me to my appointment today and I brought some tank tops to try on with the sizers too. I tried to take pictures but the lighting made them come out so weird.

These are some of the questions I asked, (My PS gave more details I’m just giving the highlights)

1.) Does sleeping at a 45 degree angle help the implants heal better or drop sooner?
PS: No sleep however you like. – I was concerned about slowing down my healing process but he said the pain I would be in from putting too much pressure on them would keep me from doing anything that could hurt them.

2.) How long after surgery can stretch marks appear?
PS: Stretch marks can appear up to 6 months after surgery but if you have had children and already have stretch marks like I do I am less likely to get new ones

3.) How long do I stay in recovery before I can go home?
PS: typical person stays around 90minutes

4.) I like the look of HP but I was told it depends on my body cavity what I get
- So he said that the HP means you have more of a gap between your breast because the implants are more narrow. I don’t want the gap in between but I do like the upper pole fullness… ugh I am going to trust his judgment to make the decision.

5.) When can I start taking my normal nutrition again (Fish oil etc)?
PS: 10 days

6.) How long does it take for the swelling to go down?
PS: Around 2 weeks to start seeing a difference but for full swelling to go down 6-8weeks

7.) How often do you see complications in your practice?
PS: less than 1%

8.) If a complication does occur how will it be handled?
- He said he would re-operate for free and he also has a really good relationship with the implant company. The only thing I would be out of pocket is the hospital and anesthesia fees.

9.) Is there anything I can do to prevent complications?
PS: Follow directions (no working out before released, fish oil, do your massaging etc)
- I mentioned mordor’s cord and he said that happens typically with girls who get implants that are too big.

10.) What kind of bra should I be wearing after surgery and for how long?
PS: You can wear whatever bra you feel comfortable in as long as it does not have a underwire for 6 weeks

11.) Is 2 days after surgery too soon to get my hair dyed?
PS: lol no

12.) How long before I should be able to move my arms around without any pain?
PS: typically 48 hours

~ Getting so close now! My anxiety has really gone down after I got to spend quality time with my PS today to ask all my questions. Still can't believe this is going to happen ! ~


So I always wondered why I never got any updates when someone replied to my comments or review. Just realized everything was going to my spam folder.... lol


Some random pics of what I have so far

Bio Oil
Stretch Mark Cream
Bendy saws
Arnica Cream
Eye Drops
Ice packs
Scar sheets
Gift Cards! I have been saving these gift cards since Christmas to go shopping we after. I also get random gift cards from work as little bonuses :)

The other pic is just the nutrition I take daily.

Fish oil- good for your heart. I already stopped taking it it's on the naughty list of what you can't take before surgery.

Dim - I have hypothyroidism so I take this instead of drug company's stuff

5htp- helps my mood and anxiety

Chromium picolinate- helps me stop craving junk food and appetite control

Vitamin C & Zinc - been taking past few weeks to help boost my immune system for surgery but seeing how sick I was last week makes me wonder. ...

Arnica- started taking this week. Will help with brushing and swelling

Mangosteen- helps metabolizes food & energy

B12 chews & ginseng- energy

Ultra Mega Green Maximum Nutrition- best one! Does so much provide green foods, multi vitamin, super food, digest and energy. I have been using this for a month and I am in love. I feel so full and I have been able to pick up on when my body tells me I have had enough to eat. I crave healthy food now. I want to lose fat. My mom has health problems because of her weight. Ever since I started working a desk job I've been gaining weight. If I gain 5-10 more lbs I will officially be over weight. It really scares me :( I love my body and how I look but I don't want to lose control.

6 Days- 8hours- 11 minutes

I've been sick again! booo. I feel fine but I have all of these cold symptoms :(

A lady from the hospital called me this morning to pre-register. So now when I show up I just have to bring my driver's license and I am good to go. Am I supposed to bring my perscriptions with me to the hospital? I asked the lady who registered me but she wasn't sure. She did say the nurse who is going to be with me the day of surgery will call me a few days before so I could ask her.

All I have to do this weekend is vacum, clean my bathroom, and stock my pantry and I will be ready. I also had my netflix account reactivated :D 3 days left of work and I will be off Tuesday- the following Wed. Work 2 days, off the weekend, then be back to my normal M-F shift.

Oh yeah I told my sister-in law and my mom about the surgery. It went better then I expected. they were supportive and encouraging. Haven't told my dad yet. I am thinking about telling him after the surgery because he worries so much and I don''t want to stress him out.

How sensitve is your stomache after surgery? I read some girls having to stick to applesauce or light foods for a couple days. I love to eat! I just want to make sure I am stocked up on the right stuff.

All for tonight XOXOXO

1 Day 10 hours 17 minutes

So my cold is bronchitis… I got a steroid shot and some other prescriptions. I was soo scared my surgery was going to be cancelled. My doctor listed to my lungs and he said they sounded good and the anesthesiologist shouldn’t have a problem getting the tube in. The hospital called me earlier and said I had to let me PS know I have a “cold” so I did but and just got a call back saying that my surgery doesn’t need to be post-poned. I made a consultation for my BF with my PS tomorrow because he is thinking about getting some work done. So hopefully all will go well when they see me. I lost my voice Friday and it’s just coming back today.
The past few days have definitely been a roller coaster. All I want to do is rest and watch Netflix. I want to troll this website and read the reviews and everyone’s updates but it just makes me more anxious. I don’t want my surgery rearranged. ?

Tommorow is The Day

So my surgery time was changed to 9:30a. My PS has an emergency surgery for a kid so I got bumped back. I'm not really nervous other then I am afriad they will cancel my surgery because of my cold. The anesthesiologist called me around 8pm to go over tomorrow. She was nice so I feel comfortable. I just wish I was in recovery already! I'm not nervous about the surgery I am just ready to get my boobs!!!!


Wide Awake

So I'm supposed to be sleeping. .. I have to get up in less than a hour to start getting ready but I can't sleep. The same thing happens when I am going on a vacation. I get so excited and I don't sleep the night before. My life is going to change today. I packed a small bag with all of my prescriptions, snacks for after, and my Kindle for my wait time. I know I will probably get to the hospital an hour before I'm supposed to just because I will be to anxious to wait at home. I'm just going to wear my outfit I plan on wearing home to the hospital (no bra that's right :p ) so I don't have to take anything else.


Never slept. I'm showered, dressed, have my bag packed and bed covered with pillows. Leaving for the hospital in the next 45 minutes. I need to set my alarm for when I am supposed to take my pills. I did buy a pill cutter the other day and a As seen on TV Genie Bra. The bra is soo soft I just wish it was a front closure so i can test it out sooner.



Hi My Loves!

I just wanted to that everyone for the well wishes and thinking of me today. Once we left for the hospital this morning I had a mini panic attack in the car. My stomach was in knots and I felt a lot of pain. It took me about 10 mins of deep breathing and visualization to calm myself down.
We got to the hospital an hour early but checking in was so fast and easy. I was in my bed by 7:30am hooked up to an IV getting my electrolytes. I had to pee in a cup and they made me take all of my clothes off. I didn’t get to keep my panties or socks on ? they did provide me with stockings that went up to my knees and hospital socks, all of which were designed to prevent blood clots. Ten they put these braces around my calves that had air tubes in it. When they were turned on it was this wonderful massage! The nurse said it simulates walking movements to prevent blood clots.

I answered a lot of the same questions repeatedly anytime I meet someone new but I rather repeat myself then a mistake happen so I am glad they were very through. Side note I was kind of disappointed no one in my family who knew about the surgery called me the night before or in the morning to check on me.

My scheduled time was originally 7:30 but was pushed to 9:30a because of an emergency surgery for a little kid. No biggie. 9:15a my anesthesiologist came in and said it would be another 30 minutes before Dr. Obhaid (my PS) would come in and mark on me. 10am rolls around and no one had come to see me yet. I didn’t really mind. I was trying to get a little sleep because I hadn’t slept all night but it was just too noisy. Dr. Obhaid came around 10:15a did my markings and then we waited for my anesthesiologist to give me my “margarita” :)? 10:45a I got my cocktail and the nurse started pushing me back to the OR. I asked how long It takes to kick in and that’s all I remember. Lol. I’m used to feeling the drowsiness come on and I know when I am about to pass out but this I was wide awake and then I was gone haha.

I woke up in the recovery room around 1ish? Time frames started to get fuzzy. I remember asking for my boyfriend a lot but they said I had to wake up more. It was about 1:45ish before they let him back to see me. Surgery had already been over for a little over an hour but I was still asleep. I ate some jello and had 3 big cups of water. The nurse gave me some valium and a muscle relaxer and said I would have to stay another 30-4mins.

My boyfriend helped me get dressed and I think we left close to 3pm. I texted my friends and family to let them know I was still alive and we headed home. I didn’t feel nausea but the ride home was not fun when there were rough patches in the road.

I remember them masking me when I woke up my pain level and I said 6. I don’t feel a lot of pain right now and I don’t have that heaviness everyone talks about. My boobs feel numb and it more of my muscles that are sore.

*** Home***

Once we got home my BF got me situation on the couch and I called my dad to let him know I had surgery. He understands why I didn’t tell him and he was supportive so that made me feel good ? My BF left and got me subway and I snoozed on the couch. The hardest thing so far is getting up and down. I have been sleeping on my couch the past couple of nights because of my cold and I don’t want to keep my BF awake all night with my coughing. Tonight though I am going to try sleeping in bed because it will be easier for me to get up when I need to pee and if I need something in the middle of the night by BF will be right there. My stomach does not feel sensitive at all. I have my normal appetite. My BF is headed to jason’s deli right now to pick us up some dinner.

Bendy straws are miracle workers! I put an ice pack on the top of my breast and it felt good but I feel asleep with it on and by the time I woke up it was not cold anymore. That made me nervous because I know you are not supposed to ice for more than 20 minutes. So I am going to wait to do that again. I have been in and out of sleep since I got home. My BF is absolutely amazing. He has waited on my hand and foot ( even got a little foot massage :)?)

That’s all I can think of right now. Still a little foggy. Thanks everyone for your support! It means so much to me XOXOXO

Surgery Pictures

Day 1 Recovery

The nurses at the hospital and my PS staff have been so nice and helpful. I got a call from a nurse and my PS assistant today to check on how I was doing. They confirmed I got HP 550cc implants :D I was happy to hear that everything worked out. Turns out I really didn’t need to take anything to the hospital but my ID and Insurance card. They never asked for my prescriptions and they had plenty of snacks there but better safe than sorry.

I have been worried about over doing it but talking to the nurse today I think I am under doing it. She said that I need to be doing my daily activities like normal but just not lifting anything over 10lbs. I have been trying to do more myself but my BF is over protective too and wants to do everything for me.

I slept really well last night! I had 3 pillows propping me up, a pillow under my arms, a pillow under my knees and a U pillow around my neck. Slept all night long. :D

I feel so dirty and nasty. I want to take a shower so bad but I have to wait until tomorrow. I am still sick too so coughing hurts even more because it moves my chest muscles a lot. A nurse at the hospital suggested to put my arms like a X across my chest to hold my boobs when I cough. It actually helps.

I’m still not in any pain. My boobs just feel numb. I did feel a little tingle in my left nipple earlier today but it didn’t last very long.

Recovery Day 2

Today I think was harder then the first. On a normal day I usually get up around 5am to get ready for work so my internal clock still wakes me up around this time even though I am not going to work. Past few days I get up around 5am to take my meds and I will go back to sleep. I did the same thing today and got up around 9am. Boobs still feel numb on the sides and bottom but I am getting more feeling on the top and inbetween.

* 1st Shower*

This is the first day I was allowed to take a shower. It felt weird because my boobs still feel swollen. I was able to wash my hair with shampoo but I started feeling really dizzy and nausea. I tried to wash my body but I got to scared thinking I was going to pass out so I just got out of the shower and sat on the bathroom floor floor until I fealt better. I am thinking I should eat something with my morning meds and maybe thats what caused my dizziness. So my shower was half successfull and I am going to try again tomorrow. (I didn't attempt to blow dry my hair)

* Getting out of the house*

My BF had a Dr. Appt today so I decided to go with him. I should have staied at home. We got to his appt an hr early so we were just sitting in the waiting room. I was feeling really drowsey and my nipples were starting to burn. My BF had to walk me back to our car so I could take a nap. I don't know if my nipples burning was because I wore a different bra today or if they are just reconnecting to the nerves. I bought this generic bra off of ebay that has a front zipper. It was only $13.00 and it seems to fit well. Not sure if it is chaffing or not.

We got home around 2:30p and I slept until 7p. I love to sleep but this is getting to be a lot of sleeping...

* MildStones*

I am able to tie my own hair back in a pony
Put on pants today ( took me a minute to button)
Wore a shirt that goes over my head instead of a button up
Half way took a shower.


This is the bra I wore today. It's very soft but not sure if it is causing chaffing. I think I am going to change back to the bra they put me in once it is dry.

Day 3 Recovery

I forgot to mention yesterday that I had a BM and another one today. So I guess all is good on that subject... I successfully took a shower today but still didn't blow dry my hair. The hardest part was drying off.

I am getting more feeling back in my boobs and a little hint of softness at the very top. I hear those noises people talk about their boobs make after surgery. Almost like air popping. I tired on the black bra I got from wal-mart after my shower. It's a sports bra that clips in the front. I bought it in a 36 D but when I tried it on I thought my boobs were going to burst. Not sure if I should take it back and get a bigger size or wait until the swelling goes down.

I do feel boob greed. In my mind I just thought they were going to be bigger. They seem so normal to me and I know they are going to be smaller when the swelling goes down. But it's more then what I had before :)

I put tissue in my bra to cover my nipples. It seems to help with the burning sensation. Also I rolled up a wash cloth and put it between my incisions and bra band.

I feel more like myself today. Not 100% but better. I can move my arms all around and I don't feel any pain or discomfort. I can also half way lay on my side with out any issues too. I stopped taking the pain meds yesterday but I still feel tired. Just laid on the couch all day and read or watched TV. Nothing exciting. I want to get to the point where I want to play dress up like i see everyone doing to compare before's and after's but I'm just not there yet.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

North Texas Plastic Surgery- Dr. Obaid

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Hi love !! Omg congrats and yayyy for boobies ^_^ girl your going to look amazing once the swelling subsides and you begin the D&F - look forward to seeing your progress happy healing xo ^_^
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Congratulations!! Welcome to the club, get ready for a healthy shot of self esteem really soon :) lol
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Congratulation you look beautiful!!!!
  • Reply
I'm a few weeks out and still dealing with the hypersensitivity. For me it felt like a sunburn on the bottoms and sides of my boobs, especially nipples. I got a Hanes Comfortflex bra from Walmart. It's mostly nylon and you have to pull it over your head, but it's flexible and snug so it doesn't rub your skin. I think it's kind of a Genie bra knock off? Glad you're doing well!!
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Yes the nipples become so sensitive! One little touch feels like a hundred times more .. Get better!
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Hope your recovery is going well! They look great so far, can't wait to see more pictures soon
  • Reply
Thanks! I'm thinking about doing weekly pics
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I was sick too so I know how bad the coughing hurt if u still feel anything when doing the x across ya chest hold each breast and squeeze it towards ya chest some that helped me alot
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Congrats girl! Very nice glad to hear everything went well & your getting treated well! Happy healing!
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Congratulations. U look fab already xxx
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Congrats can't wait to see the results hope u love em!!
  • Reply
I'm worried about boob greed. I like the size of them now but I know they are going to shrink from the swelling
  • Reply
Yea they are :( imiss em swollen hopefully urs won't shrink much u don't look too swollen
  • Reply
Ugh mine did! Lol :'(
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Thanks, I can't believe I have boobs now :)
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Congratulations!!! Road to recovery begins! Can't wait to see the girls:)
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Yup post ed a pic from yesterday. They feel hard and numb!
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Haha......yep! Mine are still like rocks after 8 days-lots of massages to come girl;)
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How are you? Reading your last posts gave me goose bumps. I hope you are doing well!!
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Hey Nikki! I'm doing great :) The hardest part is getting up and down. I'm not sure how much of my muscles I am supposed to be using. How do you know when you can stop taking the muscle relaxers? Not sure how that works
  • Reply
I know! I used to put my foot under my bed somehow to help me get up. I was constantly holding my boobies while getting up. I will be better in a few days! I used Valium every 6 hrs for 5 days. I used just 2.5 mg. I had a few left, and I used them later on when I felt really tight. What is your dosage? And time interval?
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They didn't give me any perscription valium just hydrocodene with acetamediphen in it 7.5-325. it says take 1-2 pill every 4-6 hours as needed. I don't feel any pain i just feel like I need a really good stretch.
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Some surgeons give Valium, and some don't... It helped me with tightness. Also, I was able to sleep while taking it. Good that you don't feel pain! It means your surgeon was really gentle which is great!!! I hope you feel better soon. I used moistured wipes for face and body because I wasn't able to take shower immediately.
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Hope you're doing well!!
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