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I plan to schedule for Lipo, BBL and AG with Dr O...

I plan to schedule for Lipo, BBL and AG with Dr O but would like more feedback from previous patients. I am 5'2", approx. 120 lbs but skinny fat, if you all know what I mean? I have two kids which of course caused me to lose my buttocks.. I do have some fat in my belly, back and love handles. I would like to hear from those who have had a BBL with Dr O with my type of body..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Thank you!

Opting BBL

I decided against BBL for now.. Reason is because I truly believe I will not be satisfied with my results and will waste my money. If I decide in the future to proceed I will look into getting it done with a Dr that specializes strictly with BBL! I will however be proceeding with getting a BA! My pre-op is tomorrow and scheduled for my procedure on 12.20! Feeling excited, nervous, nauseous.. You name it! Can't imagine how I'd feel if I was moving forward with BBL!! ???? will keep you posted on my procedure!
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I'm also looking for a dr in Dallas area . What made u choose Dr. O over the others?
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I was first looking into doing BA only then got motivated to look into BBL. I consulted with him and basically got sold.. All seemed doable and even the dates that I am looking at doing are also available. His work seems decent compared to others I've looked into.. He has been the only one I have actually consulted but now for some reason am having second thoughts.. Want more actual testimonials then just the pictures he showed me. Have you consulted with any doctor?
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Hey lady thanx for the quick response. I want to visit as many dr as I can till I get the feeling of "he is the one" . I have been thinking about Dr Cortez out of Houston . He is more expensive but does great work . If I can't find a dr that does as good of work I'll bite the bullet n use him . I found Dr Salas in Fl for $4500 but I prefer to have a local dr for just in case purposes . Have u been looking into dr outside of Dallas area? When do u want to get the procedure done?
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Hi there! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have decided against doing the BBL. I will however proceed with BA. After reading so many reviews wasn't sure Id be satisfied with my results..if I decide to proceed later I would consider a Dr that is really known for this procedure (bbl).. So if you have any luck keep me posted ;) I do have my pre-op tomorrow and scheduled for BA procedure on 12.20.
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