33,3kids, and in Desperate Need to Get my Butt Back

I was once the girl that everyone referred to as...

I was once the girl that everyone referred to as big booty Rhonda..... what happened to my butt i have no clue. This depresses me and makes me feel very unattractive. I have tried all kinds of exercises and simply put this crap aint working.. lol and besides i be tired after doin all those damn squats.... so my search has started.. just requested a consult with dr obiad. This is my start... let the journey begin.


A year later and still the same butt

Ok so its been exactly a little over a year since i first started looking to get my butt done. I can not lie, i am terrified to get this done. My mistake was looking at all these videos on the procedure being done.. lord... any way found a doctor right? -_- only charging 5000. This was perfect because thats all i have to pay right now. It took me forever to save that. Lol anyway he has done work on one of my friends and her butt is perfect so i was too hype for myself. Well i went and watched one of his videos and NOTHING on that video looked right. Especially from all the videos i have watched previously. I read the comments under the video and they were all bad. So this made me google him and my goodness the reviews were horrible. He has many things on the medical board website that freaked me out. Long story short he will not be getting my 5k... so now im looking again. Do anyone knw anyone who will help me under 6000 or maybe 6500( pushing it because i am paying cash)? Please help

wish pic

Ok so i been on here ALL DAMN DAY researching doctors, prices, and etc. From the looks of things Vanity will probably end up being my economical decision. Im still looking but Dr Fisher is calling my name. We shall see. Anywho here is another wish pic. This is perfect to me. Not too big. Believable. And she doesnt have that big shelf i see on many people. I dont want that. Those hips are perfect too... yaaaaasssssss
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