33,3kids, and in Desperate Need to Get my Butt Back

I was once the girl that everyone referred to as...

I was once the girl that everyone referred to as big booty Rhonda..... what happened to my butt i have no clue. This depresses me and makes me feel very unattractive. I have tried all kinds of exercises and simply put this crap aint working.. lol and besides i be tired after doin all those damn squats.... so my search has started.. just requested a consult with dr obiad. This is my start... let the journey begin.


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Hey there, your surgery date is coming up soon. Are you all prepared?
Hey. I'm goin in june 16. Have you found a surgeon yet?
Girl no i havent. Still tryna decide if i want to travel or not
Love your screen name :) and looking forward to following your review. I will be going to DR for my bbl surgery this spring with either dr Baez or dr Duran.
Thank you!!! Oh ok awesome! I follow Dr Duran on Instagram and Facebook, her work is phenomenal! Ok, I will most definitely be keeping up with you and your progress Hun! Good luck!
Thanks hun. And i will keep in touchwith urs too
Welcome to RS...I absolutely love Dr Salama, he just did my BBL on Tues. I feel great, no complications, and he did an amazing job sculpting my body. Check out the pics
I stalked his website too.... lol wish he was not so far
Dr.Cortes was also my surgeon last month and he is one of the best surgeon in the states for this type of surgery. He is an amazing doctor and his results speak for themselves.
That new butt is the truth too... verynice
Thanks hun :-)
Good luck on the search. U should try Dr. Cortes he is my dr n I've heard nothing but good about him.
I have looked into cortes and i love his results he just so far away from me and i am worried about the follow up. He is actually one of my first choices