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Excuse my grammar since English is not my first...

Excuse my grammar since English is not my first language. Dr. Lam Is very Unique he is the very few that uses tools that makes things safer (no Needles) but a speciall canula (safer) I been having fillers from Dr. Lam. for a few years now. He really lisens to you and he takes his time. I feel great energy from him, He is genuine and he is passionate about his work. Before he became a Doctor he was already wealthy. So for him is not just about the money he donates his skills for people in need with facial defects. He is a humanitarian.

I go to the his spa in his Willow Bend for laser treatments and his staff loves him and respects him for the person he is. He is at the top of what is new in the market. He makes you feel that you matter and not just a number. His practice is always really busy but the way the office is designed like a spa is relaxing and they move patience along efficientley so not everyone is packed on the waitting room wich is really relaxing by the way. Dr. Lam makes you feel you are important to him. And takes his time with you. I felt embarrsed last time because , I felt I took to much of his time and ask to many questions and let him know about my frustrations with loosing volumen and having to spend money all over again. He was sooo cool and answer all my questions and put my fears at ease. He sugested permanent fillers and took the plunge and did it !

I don't regret it because. I feel like my hard earned money is well invested in my face and will not melt away in a few months like it did with the temporary fillers. My plan is to do it on the rest of my face. I look they way I always wanted to look is me but enhanced.

I am spanish and russian decent I often get coments that I have a beautifull face. I wonder how much was from Dr. Lam sculpting my face a little at the time..wihat cheek enhancements, eyes, chin etc... all small but over time...and the acccent laser skin thigtning. I am work in progress....

Dr. Lam treats you like royalty even if you are geting a small thing done and did not spent much money staff treats you like you spend thousands. Because you matter as a human being and not just because you spend a lot of money.

He always tells me less is best and he does not pressure you in to a lot. He focus on the Natural look. Never had a lump ot anything bad after filers in me. I dont bruise but may be is because I eat right and take care of my health and do not drink. Results may be diferent on someone that is not really healthy. On me ? is always perfect and very little pain due to his techinque with his hands. He sees the face and has an eye for sculpting it with passsion and it shows !! Like if he was sculpting a fine piece of Art. His love and energy will surround you and you feel good since is what he transmits Love and positive energy.... He is a well balance individual (mind,body,and soul). You leave feeling good and better looking than before. I am a real patient . I do look a lot younger than my true age been told like 30 but I am 46 today. My secret Is taking a little preventive work and Dr Lam enhancing my face a little at the time.

I AM NOT GETTING A DIME OUT OF THIS REVIEW . But I wanted write something FOR GRATITUD there is still doctors out there that care for their patiences lifes. I am not just a number I am someone that matters. My last treatment was diferent I have not see my eyes look likes this since I was 28. Is like I regress back in time and my dark circles are gone and hollows are gone. I cryed when I look in the mirror. I don't look grey under the eye and I wont have to wear tons of concealer to hide the grey under my eyes. He was right !

I was afraid to do it, but I know he would not do something to hurt me. I trusted him to do the Perm filler since the other injectables dont last and I had to do it over an over.. I am happy that I won"t have to do it again for at least 5 years which is better then every 6 months. Is going to save me money in the long run. And I am happy about that. I am sure other doctors ofices would not tell me to do permanent filler because they probabley want me to come back over an over. Like their cash cow. But I work to hard to Invest on something that won't last to long. I do know there is some fillers that last 2 or 3 years. I am greatfull for him and because I never had spent to much money instead I done small improvements over time that has alowed my face to build its own collagen.

Dr, Lam and staff is amazing !

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Update Sorry I meant to post a review for my...


Sorry I meant to post a review for my Doctor . As Far as the Artefill so far is been ok. I can't tell a diference from the temp fillers it feels the same. exept that Artefill covers the dark circles better than the others and when I toach it it feels the same as mu own skin and hard to tell that is there.
The pros? well is better because is longer lasting and it wont ,melt away to fast ... it makes me feel better because I dont look tired anymore ....Cons? I have not found a con yet .. I understand that this material has been used for 50 years and if there was a porblem they would have found out by know. Plus the material has been refined. But find a doctor that has experience with the fillers so there is no mistakes.


I am unsure what you are speaking of. I went to Dr. Lam, for assistance with a deformity after a car accident. He offered no solutions, and then charged me for a consultation and wanted me to buy his book.....this was after crying in his office about how broke I was after thousands of dollars in medical bills. I ended up going to another physician who charged me almost half HALF!!!! of what Dr. Lam was going to charge for a small procedure, and I look amazing now!!!! WOULD NEVER GO BACK TO THAT DOCTOR!
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What ? He offer no solution ? If he offer no solution why do you say the other doctor charged you half ?? That means Dr. Lam did offer a solution otherwise he would not have giving you a quote for his services !!!!!! You make no sense !! I never hard of a Doctor giving a quote for a non solution .. lol lol What an absurd comment .. His staff charged you a fee for his consult like any doctor office would. You are angry because you could not afford him. He is highly skill and I rather pay a bit more for the security of not going blind when I get my eyes done. It takes a hell of a great surgeon to inject a permanent solution and have no bumps around the eyes. I am a real patient and may be there is a lot of Jealous doctors around that have to charge less and or almost give away there services because they are not that good. Well is not going to give any one a fire sale or a Groupon discount any time soon. I will be very concerned when a Surgeon tries to discount their services.. And the doctors that may not charge a fee is because they may not have enough patients. Dr Lam has way to many patients and his only problem is that he is overbook constantly and it is hard to book an appointment with him sometimes. I am approaching late forties and people think I am in early 30's He has been working on my face for years now... I WOULD GO BACK TO HIM OVER AND OVER BECAUSE I CAN AFFORD HIM !! GET YOUR STORY STRAIT ! You said he was going to charge you for a non solution ??

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follow up on Artefill

is now 6 months and so far so good ... no problems with my eyes what so ever ! they look even better now... Is all about the skill of the doctor injecting the Artefill.


I'm in Edmond/Oklahoma City. If I can't find anyone here, I might consult Dr Lam, as it's of utmost importance to get the best experience possible with any procedure. I'm looking for fillers.. the area of concern is only my mouth to chin lines. I've had one consult here and he wanted to do a face full of Artefill. Actually I wasn't impressed. If anyone knows of someone in my area I'd love to know! Thanks for the reviews on this doc!
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FYI----living on credit cards does not constitute for having money. You want to fix wrinkles....imagine getting your lip torn off your face, scars all over your face, and being terrified just to leave your home, have procedure after procedure to get you closer to normality!!!! He treated you so wonderfully, because you had money honey. You werent asking for him to work with you, so you could look normal and get back to work and raise your daughter.....trust me....you loose everything andf you half your face....and all your money....see how much he cares about you then!
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always good.

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