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I had Coolsculpting 3 days ago to my abdomen w/the...

I had Coolsculpting 3 days ago to my abdomen w/the largest treatment piece. I am not overweight but just wanted a flatter tummy w/o any surgery/incisions. I was wrong in believing the md office and Zeltiq rep. that there wouldn't be any downtime. I had it done one day during my lunch break and felt fine during the procedure-I even fell asleep! When they removed the handpiece, I experienced the WORST pain of my life! I was crying and it felt like someone was dragging a sharp knife through my intestines. The nurse looked surprised and told me I was "the first person" to experience the most pain in having the handpiece removed. It resolved completely in about 5 minutes but it would've been nice if I had been prepared for it.

I went back to work and worked the next 2 days fine, with just a little soreness. (although not necessary, a compression garment DID help me during those days w/the discomfort.) From last night until tonight, the pain has doubled. There is no "tingling" or superficial "zings", it is a DEEP, SHARP and CRAMPING pain and I cannot even stand up straight. The ideal situation for me would have been to take 2 weeks off from work taking medication to ease the pain and resting (ESPECIALLY when having your abdomen treated as you use the core of your body in everything you do!) It is not a surgery but definitely feels like it!

Even if I DO get the desired results, the experience was bad and it could've been 100% better if offices would just LISTEN to the experiences of their patients and share that w/others considering it. I would've appreciated their honesty and still would've gone through w/the procedure if they had warned me about the possible 2 weeks of pain. Now, I just feel lied to and as though they don't care about me for not prescribing any meds. Needless to say, I cannot take any time off from work and sure hope this gets better soon! :( Sending hope to all those out there going through this right now!

I am 11 days out from my procedure now and still...

I am 11 days out from my procedure now and still experiencing a LOT of pain- not a "numbness" or "tingling" but sharp,stabbing, burning pain. My abdomen is even hot to the touch. I am sick of hearing from the office that I am a "rare exception"--(is that supposed to make me feel better?? B/C it kind of just makes me feel like they don't know what to do with me) I am updating my review bc a few days ago, I developed a new symptom- not being able to urinate. Believe me, I have been in touch w/the md office every day since my treatment and asked if the doctor would at least see me to make sure everything looked okay. The office would not bring me in for an appointment and the receptionist told me that since they already gave me pain medication (just a few pills), that at this point there was "nothing they could do for me". After contacting 2 Zeltiq regional reps, I was directed to corporate headquarters so they could document my experience and collect data for their literature. They were more compassionate than the office that did the procedure! I haven't slept in DAYS and my body is just EXHAUSTED from going through all of this. After visiting w/my own doctor, he said the large amount of abdominal swelling I have now could be pressing on my bladder or on a part of one of my ureters, affecting urine flow. This was a procedure that I PAID for, that was advertised as "no downtime" with "mild discomfort". Hopefully just temporary, my new medical problem will resolve itself but I feel like a fool for doing this to my body. I would've had better care, better results and a better outcome from just going under the knife. Please read and listen to other reviews and save your money! The chances you will see results are not guaranteed and I would hate to have anyone suffer with the experience I paid a lot of money to go through and am STILL going through... :(

Okay, so I made it to 18 days out! I feel almost...

Okay, so I made it to 18 days out! I feel almost COMPLETELY better, just a little sore when putting on pants. Any swelling I had has gone down but I don't notice any improvements yet to my abdomen...I took "before" photos so will post "after" photos if I have something to show for it! :) And will def update anything new.
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Yeah I had difficulty urinating after my breast surgery. It turned out to be the Oxycodone! I spent about 10 minutes each time painfully starting and stopping! It stung like a UTI but worse! Then came the worst constipation of my life! Bad stuff. I hope you are all better now. Sorry for your awful experience!
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I, too, feel like my Dr.'s office is not sympathetic to my pain. When I called on day 5, they told me to take Motrin and an OTC cream. I had explained that I already took Motrin and it didn't help. I've had two c-sections and numerous other gynocological procedures and have never had pain like this. I only took 2-3 days of Ibuprofen with my c-sections. Ice packs seem to help. I think they need to collect more data on people with pain from this procedure.
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All I can say is that I would NEVER do this again. I feel like I was totally misled when told NO PAIN AND NO DOWNTIME. I, too, can't take off work. The compression garment does help. I work retail and do a lot of bending, stooping, etc. It has been a tough experience. I am going out of town on March 24th and hope and pray I will be better by then. Won't be a fun vacation if I feel like this!!!!! I didn't even think of scheduling it so close to my trip. After all, they told me it was no big deal, no pain, back at work right after it is done.
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"Misled" is a great description...I wouldn't be surprised if a class-action lawsuit comes from this within a few years time. I truly do not believe it is the fault of the offices doing the procedure, but rather the corporation pushing sales on it and their AD execs providing incorrect information about this procedure. You don't know how many times I have wished the pain I had on all the reps out there using the words "no down time". Heehee.
I am hoping you feel better for your trip and will be thinking of you! Best of luck these next few days and nights!
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Okay you have given me hope. It had been one week since my procedure for lower abs and love handles. I am very numb with shooting pains.
Very uncomfortable in my clothes. I was told zero downtime and minimal pain. I have been suffering. My doctor works prescribe nothing. Over the counter pain meds do zilch. I am truly suffering. Don't know if this will be worth it or not. Time will tell.
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