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I'm a male who has had acne since my senior...

I'm a male who has had acne since my senior year in high school. I never had a break out before my senior football season but after that, my skin has never been the same. I tried every thing in the stores, over the counter, and even perscription that my dermatolagist suggested. After everything failed, I was put on accutane for 7 1/2 months and finally got the results I had hoped for. But for me, it was to late because the acne left a nickle sized scar on each of my temples, a dime sized scar on one of my cheeks and a nickle sized one on the other cheek.

I'm now a sophmore in college and have had 2 sessions of laser resurfacing but wish I had not. I didnt have any other major scaring on my face except for in those areas. Now after 2 sessions the scars are basically still there, just not as deep, but I can still see them.

The reason I really regret it though is that now my whole face is redish and really sensitive to the sun, and I have to wear sunscreen every day to keep my face from becoming noticable in public and getting really red and burnt easily. When before, besides haveing those 4 scars, my complection was next to perfect on the sides of my face, forehead, chin, and nose.

Also I have started to notice what probably is what doctors call hypopigmetation on the right side of my face. This is an area of my skin that was perfectly fine, but the doctor hit it with the lasers anyways, and now there is square patch about the size of a post-it note where my skin looks blotchy, kind of like a mild burn from the laser im not sure. In the mornings when I 1st wake up I can hardly notice it, but as I go through the day, even when wearing spf50 sunscreen, the skin gets slightly raised and splotchy looking.

I am due to go back for a check up in about 10 days and this is something I will definetly ask about. If its permanent Im really going to be devistated and want to sue them even though I know I probably cant because of the terms and conditions I signed before having the Laser Resurfacing. So in conclusion I would not recommend having this done if you are a really active person and like to be outdoors alot. I have had to completley alter my life style because of it, and feel that my skin is actually a whole lot worse that it was before the lasers!

Im going to get photos from before my first session and after my second session from skintastic when I go back so that yall can see the difference.


Wow- I've heard really bad things about skintastic. Guess they were well deserved.
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Hypo pigmentation is a known side effect of laser and the main reason I would not do it on my face. I did do my neck and chest, had no good result and lots of redness and pain. I thank god I did let them near my face. This procedure is too risky. I discussed hypo pigmentation with a Board Certified PS and he said not to do it. Skin sensitivity may diminish, but use a good sun block on your face every day.
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I was told after a year or so the effects of the accutane, such as sensitivity to the sun, would demenish. It had been a year before I had my first laser session and about two when I had the second laser session. I am never going to put a laser on my skin again, because I hate how sensetive my skin is now. I just pray that if I stay away from lasers and let my skin heal naturally that my complexion will heal and get back to normal within a few years. LASERS ARE HORRIBLE FOR SENSETIVE SKIN and I wish the $$ hungry doctors would have explained the effects in better detail. They made it seem like the lasers would just magicaly heal my scars with minimal down time, but in reality the harsh lasers did more damage than good to my entire face and complexion :'(
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