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I did lip reduction. because my upper lip was huge...

I did lip reduction. because my upper lip was huge and had flares on the sides where you see the inside of the lip protruding down over the teeth. so you could see the red lip I guess. I wasn't looking for thin lip because I enjoy big lips although I'm a white individual but not originally from the states. I only wanted to take out the flares from the sides of my upper lip and keep my lip nice and full. and that is exactly what I got.

so I finally booked my trip my hotel stay a rental car made myself comfortable and went to his office for my scheduled procedure today. Dr L today made me twice as pretty. he corrected my upper lip something that I have been trying to decide whether or not to fix for the past 5 years. He showed great expertise. and you know what's funny? last week I saw Lisa rhinna on Wendy williams show and saw the results she had on her lip reduction she obviously got done with another doctor and I did not like her results. I am so surprised that she has not chosen Dr L he struck me as the best in the us if not the world. and believe me I researched everywhere. too bad she most likely would have had 100 times better results.

Anyway so I had my procedure done at 12:30 today oct 27 2010. when I looked in the mirror after the procedure which took aproximately half an hour and was absolutely painless, I was so happy. My lips lookes so beautiful and sexy. I am a little private and don't like to put my pictures on the internet but I really want to at least write something to help out people with the same problem.

I'm at my hotel room right now and the effect of the anesthesia has worn completely I haven't had to take anything for pain yet not even a tylenol. Although doctor sam explained to me thoroughly what could or could not occur after the procedure what I am actually experiencing right now is emmazing. I have no discomfort whatsoever. the only bad thing is that I can't smoke and can't eat anthing but soft food. pain wise or discomfore I would say I'm at level 1 (1 being the lowest discomfort).

I'll probably be putting in more info at later times may be after the recovery period is over. lol although I feel almost fully recovered already.

Thanks so much for your reply, it really gives me lots of hope. I seem to understand that regarding lips Dr Lam is an artist and a true expert.Please, do let me know about your progress & I can't stop saying I'm soo happy for you!!!
I can only tell you about my experience. it honestly has been wonderful. now I'm 3rd week after surgery. the sutures have completely dissolved. just have a little bit to go in terms of healing. but that's because I'm a smoker and also I think it's taking that long because from the time I was done with surgery I've been partying and laughing all the time. this last week I also had a cold. but I have refrained from laughing or smiling too much and I see that the healing has started to speed up. in terms of shape it can't be better. I am planning to post pictures when the healing is complete. in terms of bad reviews I honestly did not see any prior to my surgery, I only saw good ones. it may be that someone is jealous from Dr Lam's success and just wants to screw up his reputation. again I can only tell you what I have experienced. lip correction is the only procedure I have done so far with doctor Lam and he really proved his expertise. I look normal again! Anyway you really don't have to rush into doing anything yet just don't panic. it doesn't hurt to send dr Lam picutres and history of problem on his forum he's really good with replying and answering questions promptly. next if you feel comfortable you could schedule a phone consult with him and take it from there. Just don't panic!!!! Something can be done. I will keep you posted on my progress and anytime you have a question let me know.
Hi Orlando 4300,I'm soo happy for you that you are recovering well & that you are happy with the results.I had a bad lip augmentation job about 6 months ago. As a result my upper lip looks deformed,with an unnatural appearance. In frontal view it looks more like a sausage & on side views it looks like I 've got a duck lip.On top of that I can barely see my upper teeth now.I feel like I'm a perfect candidate,but I also feel like I need to do a bit more research about Dr Lam as I've read lots of bad reviews about him. Please help!!! Thanks very much & congratulations on your result!!!!

Just posted some pics

just posted some pics

Great result from Sam Lam, on another note. Enjoy it. It's just some of the resembling posts that make me wonder a bit given the fact it's crucial to find a good surgeon when getting revision work done on your lips and I guess I've encountered too much when it comes to staff of surgeons/surgeons and even partners of surgeons posting.
I had fat put into my lips and for 10 years have hated it. The doctor did a terrible job. There is fat above my upper lip and the very middle of the red part of the upper lip is too large. It looks distorted. My smile is distorted. This fat has pushed down my actual red lip part. My lip is too far away from my nose. I've searched for a solution for a long time. I've been in mental agony for years. Help
I would definitely contact Dr Lam, maybe send him some photos and get a quick consultation via email. He really is terrific with lips.
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ok well there are several reasons why I would recommend Dr L. from the moment I started out researching doctors for my lip reduction he just stood out with all the positive feedback I got from the internet. then I contacted him on the forum of his practice website. he was so prompt in responding to all my questions no matter how many they were and no matter how often asked. little by little over a span of few months and after having my phone consultation with him I made my decision. ( Not to forget that in addition to getting all his support and sensing all the confidence and experience that he has I also felt that every member of his team at the practice was incredibly helpful and pleasant and comforting). I chose doctor L also because he's specialized also in reconstructive surgery which I think is very important. he really showed to have alot of expertise with what I had done today. I feel so lucky OMG I can't describe it

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