BBL with Dr Hasan May 26, 2014... 30 Years Old, Need Buddy to Share RH

Hey guys i just pay my deposit today, $2000, and i...

hey guys
i just pay my deposit today, $2000, and i have my BBL for may 26 with dr Hasan,, if someone go around this date, we can go together and share the RH or the hotel
the RH is $2000
and if we share it will be $1500
I m scared to get my sx but i want a nice round butt
i hope I will be ok for june 15th for my sister wedding
Welcome to RS! Good luck on your surgery. I'll be following your journey.
wish i could go I'm not too far from you.. i still gotta lose 25lbs more lbs i live in sayreville i would love to see how your results come out well good luck and god bless with ur surgery
thanks Nancy

Where do I start ?

Hi everybody,
First of all, Thanks to supporting me
second, sorry for my poor english
ok , where do I start now
I called Vanity this morning ( I mean Anna) and I asked for a pre-ops , she told me it will be send tomorrow on my email
I asked her if she found someone to share the room with me because I will not pay $2000 on RH, I m thinking to take a hotel room and a caregiver , I think it will be cheaper...
I didn t book my ticket yet, I don t know why but I m little bit scary plus my 8 years daughter asked me yesterday where I will go for one week, I didnt know what to answer
I wish i can get my surgery closer my home so I don t have to be far from home for one week
I just switched to dr hassan...gonna try in get in the week of july 7.
Uw! Sorry for the late response new phn not able to connect to u all!


i will get my surgery in 3 days, i finally stay at the recovery house, after my calcul 650 for 7 days hotel, i found a caregiver for 7 days for 700, 250 for 5 massage, medecine, garment, etc, i was at $200 difference for the price for the recovery house, so i d rather to take a recovery house, at least i don t have to stress
Yes D3...I took the recovery house option too cause ot was very stressful trying to get things together.

A perfect booty for me

Those are the kind of booty I want, we will see the result


My dream booty
Your day is getting closer!!! My sx day is the 29th & my husband & I are staying at the RH as well!! Can't wait to see your results!
With DC hasan too? I will see you there then
Yep! I love Dr.Hasan work so I had to choose him!

Make me feel better, email from coordinator

On behalf of our entire Vanity Cosmetic staffing, I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome you as a new patient of ours and our facility. We would also like to thank you for choosing Vanity Cosmetic Surgery for your cosmetic procedure. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the services that we offer. My name is Oniria, I will be assisting you in everything that you will be needing from the moment that you arrive here in Miami till your departure day. I will be assisting you and helping you coordinate all your massage treatments, as well as I will be picking you up on your arrival day at the airport and will be taking you at your departure time to the airport as well. I will also be attending you the first night after surgery and taking care of you as needed for that night. I will assist to you in every way I can to try and make this experience as welcoming as possible, our goal here is to have our out of state patients feel like there right at home. If at any time you have any questions or concerns I can help you out with that, that’s what I am here for to clear your mind of any doubts or concerns you may have or be having. If you may also please send me your information of your arrival date and time as well as your departure date and time. Please feel free to contact me as needed. Below I will list for you all of my contact information so that you can reach me at any time. Once again thank you for choosing Vanity Cosmetic Surgery.

In my mind...

I start dreaming about my surgery ... I m worry about the result, I m worry for me lol! I hope it will be like I want it...
I m wonder how you dolls did on the flight back, about sitting , I m going alone and I have 5 hours flight and I will stay only for 7 days
Flawless running. Best of lucl, your going to look great. Let us know how your going. Also, Real self members (its rehab time, makemeova77) are both their at same vanity cosmetic center with you. Read their blogs and contact them maybe you guys can support each other. I go June 9 to Miami. I'm excited. Best of luck.
Praying all goes well!!! Can't wait to hear from you!
Wishing u a healthy and safe procedure and recovery!!

Day minus 1 !!!

hello !!!
awake since 5 am because my flight was at 6;30am, tired and stressed...
I finally did my lab at vanity
I m little bit upset because Anna from vanity lie to me, she told me that the RH include 3 meals, but my coordinator told me today that it s only include the breakfast, anyway it s not professionnal at all
Plus I m not sure to get my surgery anymore because I get half of my thyroid removed few years ago, and Dc hasan told me that if something is going wrong on my lab, he would cancel the surgery... but I removed my tyroid because it was swallow not because i was sick... anyway we will see the result from the lab, they did a special test on me...
i keep on complaining, Anna told me that i will stay at the house, now i m at the hotel and they will put me at the house tomorrow, thats what they said...
and thank you for your support and your prayers
take care
Chubb813 how are you? Were the labs okay to get surgery? Sending you hugs
MIS mejores deseos. Q todo te salga bien y q se resuelva lo de la casa /hotel de recuperación. / Best wishes. Hopefully the RH/hotel situation gets resolved quickly. Note: always ask for everything in writing w/ details. Its called a "Surgery Proposal" with surgery price, and what that includes and what doesn't include, refund policy, Dr. Of choice. If you get the package than a detail in writing of what that includes, emailed to you before you pay. Ex: RH includes driver back and forward to appointments, 3 meals, x5 lymphatic massages and refund policy if you don't get them. I asked last week for everything in writing and did not hear from her again, until today. Today another girl contacted me *_*. Take care hun. Dr. Hasan did Amazinglyme a few weeks ago and she looks good. (he doesn't do hips) Fisher does hips (they didn't tell her that)
thank you very much! did she wrote 3 meal included in your proposal?

Quick up to date

Hello dolls
Thanks for all your prayers and support
My surgery was reported for this morning at 5:30am
I m at the recovery house now, bleeding for drain, I take pill for pain and I sleep a lot
It s hurt but that's the price of beauty
I have nurse take care of me
I will put picture in few days because my garment is full of blood it's disgusting
I m feeling nauseous and dizzy and sleeping
One advice : wear ugly black clothes to go for your sx
That was the picture I show to hasan
He is very nice
I kiss you all
Congrats on a successful procedure, and welcome to the other side in bootyland! #TeamHasanifiedBarbies
Glad everything went well. He let you show him a picture? I heard it didn't look at wish photos. I can't wait to see your results. Get some rest and walk often. Happy healing doll and congrats!
I heard *he NOT it.

I Know you guys want to see it

Here dolls
Thanks for the pictures!! I'm so excited for you. You have a nice booty there. Congratulations :-)
Hey!! I'm at the recovery house too!! My sx is at 9:00 in the morning! I hope to see you when you are feeling better!
Oh my goodness look very good. Oh my I just got another boost of hope, excitement, and courage. Thank you. I know it was well worth it and some. Happy healing.


Hello girls
1 days post op
I sleep pretty good last night, I woke up at 1:30am to go bathroom and eat my antibiotic
They send me Joanna as a nurse, she s adorable, she know what she s doing, service is awful with vanity but she made the exception
She make me eat , laugh, walk, it's the kinda of persons that you need after your surgery ! I love her
My body is sore mainly my butt and my belly
I put my pillow on my belly so I sleep good and a small pillow on my head
The only thing bother me is my neck when I sleep long time on the left side or right side
Lol i wrote more but i didn't post :( u look great
Thank you

Day +1

Worse pain ever
I got my massage I was crying
My butt hurt so bad when I walk
You look great!
omg ur body is perfect!!
Your results are great! Are your boobs real!?

Pain killer my best friend

I m in pain mainly my right butt and my right
My left side is good
But I feel like I m limping and I still not walk straight
Idk if someone had the same thing
I try to eat good everyday sometimes I have headache and I m cold
The nurse says it s normal to have a little bit fever
I am on post op +3
I don't even know how I will make it home because each step I make is killing me
My night become hard and harder, I m tired and hurt sleeping on my stomach, it's hurt my neck and my shoulder
I can't wait to be out of all those pain
Love you all
You'll need a towel to place under your thighs when you sit on the wheelchair, cause you can't sit on your new booty. Ask some of the booty veterans and see how they did. There's no way you can walk it. You'll miss your flight, cause you not gonna be fast enough. Also ask for a letter stating you had surgery and take it to the counter. You'll get a ride on the wheelchair or the little cars they use. Best of luck :-) thanks for updating us xo
Thank you That's good to know
It's really help me

Lymphatic massage in NJ

Does someone know where I can get my lymphatic massage in NJ?
Damn girl your results make me want to switch to Hasan! You look amazing!!! :) Hope you feel better.
Thank you doll! Yea dr hasan did a great job
You look great. You can see your results already. Happy healing!!!

The price of beauty???

Hey love! I m on day 4, I m still in pain and limping , i m supposed to go home tomorrow and the coordinator at the RH told me that we won't see the doctor before we go home! I wanted to see him for a letter for the airport, for my pain in right side chick because it's more painful everyday... And I wanted a refill for my pain killer...but the nurse at RH say they don't give refill...Anyway service is awful with vanity
Here are some picture for you guys, I took them yesterday after the massage
You look amazing if that's any consolation!! Sorry You're having to go through that pain alone! Aftercare is the most important thing & Vanity has been dropping the ball a lot lately! Wish you a speedy recovery sweetie!
Looking great doll! It is frustrating that the customer service is not as good as it should be. Did you ask why he can't see you? He pretty much sees everybody, even if it's brief, before they leave. Maybe he's going to be out of the office on that day. You should be able to be seen by his medical assistant at the very least to address your concerns.
Congratulations hun, how many cc's did he give you?

Sitting after bbl

I found those idea and I want to share with you guys
Girl, if you want to see your Dr you should be able to. Especially if you have such bad pain in your cheek that it makes you limp. Take advantage of seeing him one more time before you are back home. Then it will be too late. Why is the RH saying you can't see him? And that letter you get from the Dr for when you fly, it does help. Call him and tell him you want to come by before you leave. I'm sorry you are not feeling good. Your booty looks good though! Congrats! =)
What are your measurements hun?
DAYUM I MIGHT HAVE TO GO TO VANITY OMG. Wat was ur weight and height also how many ccs

Home sweet home

I finally see Hasan before I left! I was so happy with the result and took some picture. He told me that I m going to make all guys crazy this summer lol...
Btw I m home finally made it
Vanity gave me a letter for the plane and it's really help
I feel much better. I stop my medecine I only take my antibiotic ...
I drive few time and I put something on my seat so my ass can balance and won't touch the seat
I m still very uncomfortable to slip on my belly or side because my shoulder hurt even my elbow hurt too lol
They gave me the lipo foam and I don't want to wear it , it hurts and uncomfortable too
I found this girl for massage and she charge 100$ to come to my house but her massage is very painful and I don't think I will call her again lol
I m trying to find another person for the massage
By the way here some picture for you guys!
Dr Hasan is my life saver haha
You look very lovely and natural. Thank you for sharing your pics I am considering your doctor based on your experience.
thank you, my dr is very good and nice human being
Wow you look amazing! I am still trying to decide if I am booking w Hasan or Baez--I heard Hasan only gives Tylenol w codeine though and not Percocet? I know that I will need Percocet bc that's what they gave me when I got my boobs done. What did he prescribe you for pain?

guess what

first time in my life that I pray for my fat to survive lol
I dont want to loose any of this butt
Hope all is well with you. It's been 3 months since we last read about you. How are you doing? Is the booty holding up or did it go down a little? Take care girl
hey i m good thank you! how about you?
Im doing good. Got a march date for myself. Can't believe I'm actually gonna do this. Especially with the revision rate or round #2 rate going up. But going in with my eyes open. Scared of the pain too but on the wagon. Glad to hear from you. :-)

5 month after surgery

hey dolls!
we are 5 months after surgery now... my butt is still pretty big, my measurement 34 - 27- 40
i love my butt
it s kinda hard for me to find a good jean because if it s fit on mu butt it wont fit on my waist
i will post picture soon
Hi mami ur back yaaaaa!! Lol cant wait for ur update
hey mami I just put more pics! xoxo
Good to all is well Doll.

Pic after 5months

Here a picture
Sorry for my cellulite I star work out to get rid of it

Pic after 5months

Here a picture
Sorry for my cellulite I star work out to get rid of it




You look beautiful love
You look so good!!! I'm not sure why ur pics aren't posting but I can't wait to see more!!
Oops....meant to say, Good to know al is well.

pictures 5 months after surgery

hey guys!!!
sorry I could not download my picture before
so I am around 5 months after my BBL now, I will never thank dc Hassan enough for his perfect job!!! I love my butt even I lost a little bit, I still love it
Very nice shape and booty!! Thanks for updating us girl. We were missing you :-)
Your booty is amazing
hey where did you stay??
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr Hasan give me a dream body! I m hassan field now! He is nice, charming, really care about you, and give you what you want!!!! He is not Selling you a dream! He give you YOUR DREAM!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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