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So 15 years ago I lost 72 lbs and have kept 85% of...

So 15 years ago I lost 72 lbs and have kept 85% of it off all this time. My boobs sagged from a DD to a small C and I have pooches from my waist down. I'm a size 12/14. 5'10". 43 years old today. Surgery for a breast lift, implant and lipo on my abs, flanks outer thighs and knees is scheduled for 3/12.

After reading all of your posts, I am freaking out about the Lipo. The draining, the soreness, the garments, the ickyness - though I was told of this, until you read the stories of others, you don't know. Until you go through it yourself, you REALLY don't know.

I wonder if the money I'll spend (5k on just the lipo), and the pain and ickyness after surgery will all be worth it to lose a pants size of jelly rolls?

I've already paid for the surgery but since I'm also having a breast lift and implant, I am certain I won't even get charged a deposit if I chicken out.

Any feedback on if it was absolutely worth all the ickyness? I have to be back in commission by June. I'm an outdoors sporter and I have major competitions in June.

I'm a super healthy eater but I just returned to strength training in December (I was sick for a while with Lyme disease) and I can already see my body changing for the better. I'm just 12 lbs away from my best weight. So I'm worried.

Hmmmmmm. Any thoughts and feedback? I'm most concerned about swelling and the summer - water/fluid retention during competitions.

So I had a follow up meeting with Dr. Burt this...

So I had a follow up meeting with Dr. Burt this morning to check on some things that were nagging at me. She calmed my fears - answered all my questions. Her confidence is pleasing and reassuring. My expectations are on target for how my breasts will look and my recovery time regarding the liposuction. And I know that whatever I go through in recovery, I'm ready for it and this will be worth it! 10 days and counting! Yahoo!

So my surgery is on Tuesday the 12th. I'm nervous...

So my surgery is on Tuesday the 12th. I'm nervous but sticking with it! Drinking lots of water, eating lean, and exercising regularly preceeding the event hoping that going in healthy, will bring be out healthy. I don't have unrealistic expectations. I'm hoping to lose a pant size. I'm a 12/14 now and hoping just to be a solid 12.

I've also switched over the saline breast implants along with my lift vs. silicone. Saline just seemed to be more me.

Preparing for the WORST and hoping for the BEST!

Thanks all!

Tuesday morning is the day! I adjust had my last...

Tuesday morning is the day! I adjust had my last drink of water. I've bee doing some holistic clearing around the home. Sage, candles, music. Meditation... Hoping this helps me focus.

I am nervous. Lipo to abs, flanks, outer thighs, knees. Breast lift & saline implant. Sure sounds like a lot for 2.5 hrs of surgery. I hope I'm one of the good cases & recover well! Wish me luck!

Night of day two after ab/flank/knee/saddlebags...

Night of day two after ab/flank/knee/saddlebags 2500cc. Breast lift/saline implant 240cc.

Feeling okay. Napping on & off. Not a lot of draining. Soreness of a really hard work out?? Drinking lots of fluids. Nausea stopped around 1am today. No more nausea meds. Hoping top taper to Norco every 5 hours by day 3 or 4 but pain isn't worth it. lots of bruising but can't see it due to my awesome compression garment!

Follow up Friday at 11 am.

So far, so good!

Thursday evening. Been home for 48 hrs. Feeling...

Thursday evening. Been home for 48 hrs. Feeling pretty well! Compression suit is the best thing ever for liposuction. Just gives support needed. Bra for breast lift/saline implant is a little uncomfortable but I can deal w/it. Can see some bruising through the suit but I know that all goes away.

Follow up Friday at 11. I know my lipo results won't even be beginning to so but I can't wait to see my breasts ;) ;) !!!

Follow up appointment today. If the lipo...

Follow up appointment today. If the lipo eventually takes off 1-2 inches in the areas I had it, I'll be pleased. That should fit me well into my size 10/12 pants? If it smooths me out also, nice, awesome... My lower belly even just a little flatter, nice. I don't want to be unrealistic ;) but optimistic! I hope to see some 'forming results' by mid-late April?

As for my breasts, I can't wat to see how they look & feel! It'll be like opening a present! and cant wait to have a warm gentle shower today.

Feeling okay! grateful! (and still my hubby has been awesome!)

Just got home from my 3 day post op a bit ago. Wow...

Just got home from my 3 day post op a bit ago. Wow - can I just say that I am thrilled at my image in the mirror though I am bruised and swollen all to h$ll? LOL!

My breasts are perky for the first time since I was probably 12. I'll probably settle in to a full C cup which will be great for my athletic lifestyle. My tummy is so flat I can't believe it. Sagging a bit but it'll flatten up. We're washing my garments now and I'll get back in to them in a bit. While washing the compression garments, Doc wants me in 'spanx' type garments. Having a hard time finding a front zip/hook bra at the store so I had my hubby hook one of my D cups I bought in the back for me. Better than nothing! I ordered 2 online via Amazon as I'll be wearing those for 4-6 weeks. Compression garment she wants me in it for 16ish hours a day for 6ish weeks. We'll see. I am so please. I am hardly sore at all. Just like a hard work out.

Ladies - I was FREAKED out before I went through with this and now, just 3 days in, I am thrilled that I went through with it.

I hardly 'leaked' at all - didn't soak any bedding. Got a little blood on the sheets. I'm comfortable and happy. I cannot wait to see what the next 4-6 weeks bring. Being that I put on a pair of spanx-type leggings and I couldn't believe that I looked thinner already in the mirror - as of right now - HECK yeah I'll do it again!

Hopefully things keep progressing towards the positive!

From super duper FREAKE out scared to SUPER DUPER happy. Yup! That's me!

Just WOW!

I'll post more pics this weekend.

Day 4 post op. feeling functional. Trying to find...

Day 4 post op. feeling functional. Trying to find compression clothing to wear other than the surgical products. I was asked by doc at post op yesterday to wear surgicals 16-18 hrs per day. While washing the compression/surgical, I wore thick tights & a sports bra. While waiting for them to AIR fluff dry, I was starting to get sore. I was grateful to put them back on. My surgical bra itches though. I have 2 new surgical ones on the way and 2 zip front sports bras coming. Plus Long spanx on the way too from Amazon. I also ordered 2 cute dresses from Zulilly that one could only wear w/o a bra ;) looking forward to summer! Lol. Couldn't resist ;)

I had lipo on my knees too but I just don't see anything yet? No swelling, bruises, etc that would indicate that the results will make a difference. HOPING!

Abs & flanks are looking good but it seems some fat is settling in the upper hips above hip bones? Hopefully will smooth out?

It's only been 4 days? Such a baby I'm being... 6 weeks and getting through the hard bruising & swelling is essential ! Patience!

Other than that, I'm feeling okay! Sleeping a lot which is good. It is hardest and I hurt most when I wake up from a 3-4 hour nap to potty & take more meds! A lot to get up & moving around. Though it feels best when I'm moving as much as I can.

I hope this info is helping some of you! So far, pretty good!


So we're approaching 1 week anniversary day of...

So we're approaching 1 week anniversary day of Lipo to abs, flanks, outer thighs and knees... Breast Lift and Saline Implant.

I'm feeling pretty good but I am discovering quickly that being out of my compression suit for longer than an hour or so is uncomfortable. The swelling isn't tooooo awful but the compression suit helps.

I have some SPANX and a couple of different bras coming that should arrive tomorrow. I have to be able to wash this thing once and when we washed it and air fluffed it Friday after my post op appointment, it took over 4 hours. Ugh!

I keep reading differing opinions that spanx are okay after 2 weeks vs. the suit and then it is also okay to alternate between the two.

Body is shaping up - well the abs are at least - still bruised all the h$ll - I'm a redhead and bruise easily. I'm not happy with how my knees or thighs are looking at all - I know I must be patient but it is hard. To me they don't look any different except a bruised.

My breasts are quickly becoming my pride and joy. Though stitched and taped all over - I am so thrilled to see them NOT hanging down below my rib cage. That alone makes me look a little thinner. I had hoped they would be a little bigger bit we had talked about lifting (I was a small C) then implant to a D cup with a silicone - I changed my mind and went saline and I'm pretty sure they're looking more C than D already... And I can still tell that my left is a bit bigger than my right. Hopefully all the swelling adjusts all of that. As it goes down, I damn well better not end up a B cup! LOL!

But the surgical bra SUCKS and I'm hoping that one that I ordered on Amazon is better. If not, I'm hitting every sports store between here and Chicago to find a front zip sports bra that doesn't drive me NUTS! They said a good front zip sports bra will do the trick. We'll see... I think I need on that comes down below my ribs to be comfortable.

I've been off pain killers and muscle relaxers since Saturday. I took some Tylenol yesterday but even that isn't needed so I'm done with all that stuff for now.

Been a bit constipated (sorry) but it is true. I'm eating really well - taking my fiber, mag, probios, enzymes. Don't know what else to do to help that.

So anyway - I'll take some pics tomorrow maybe to show 1 week? we'll see. The bruising is disgusting. ;)

Keep on keeping on!


So yesterday I had a good day. The day after my...

So yesterday I had a good day. The day after my cat jumped on my knee turned out to be my best day since surgery. I had surgery on the 12th, I was out and about doing a bit of shopping on the 21st. 9/10 days. Not bad. I felt pretty good too. Driving was fine - thank God for power steering as I don't think my chest could handle driving after a boob-job without it ;)

I went out for about an hour and a 1/2 and shopped in a store for almost an hour.

I had my compression garment off for about 4 hours while I washed and 'blew' dry it with a fan....

Felt good to have it off - it feels good to have it on. Feels good to have it off, feels good to have it on? I'm interested in knowing what is the happy medium here. My doc said wear it for a min of 16 hours (I think that's what she said anyway - I was a little drugged when I saw her on day 4). I see her again on Monday for a two week check up.

Today I'm going for my first follow up massage this afternoon. I expect it to hurt but I gotta work these lumps out of my back that I can't reach myself. LOL! They feel like two big sacks of rock hard sand... I ice then heat then ice then heat a couple of times a day. I'm trying to do some gentle stretching too.

Anyway - Day 10, doin' Okay. I hope to be able to get to the gym next week to walk on a treadmill.... It is still super cold here in Chicago area. My doc said I could return to the gym to treadmill walk at 2mph at week two. I have EVERY intention to do that! Gotta get this body back together before the end of April! :)

Oh I also added new pics. I won't post the back view as that is where ALL my horrible bruising is and it really does not show the good results so far.

So I'm pretty happy with how things are shaping up...

So I'm pretty happy with how things are shaping up. My rear looks tons better than it did on day 9. My belly is getting flatter (we were looking for 60-70% improvement with lipo vs. doing a tummy tuck which I won't do....). And I really appreciate the huge difference in my flanks. Both should allow me to wear a shirt, tucked in to my jeans, with a belt. My breasts look good but things seem to be moving around too much on my right breast.
2 week follow up today. I'll let y'all know what she says!

So I'm just back from my 2 week apt. (which is...

So I'm just back from my 2 week apt. (which is technically tomorrow) and my doc is thrilled with my progress. Bruising - swelling - tenderness - lumpiness - is all consistant with what she sees at two weeks. Keep on keeping on with what I am doing she says... And I'll see her in 4 weeks. I'll try to post pics each week and it is good for me to take them also to help me truly SEE the progress.

Thank you all for your kind comments. Now if I can get some sleep - we'll be doing really well!

I went to the gym today! YAY! I walked a mile on...

I went to the gym today! YAY! I walked a mile on the treadmill and did some light stretching.

I'm hoping that the swelling starts going down more... I keep hoping that I can put some real clothes on. Wearing the compression garment isn't helpful. I can wear a few pair of jeans over it though. I think my breasts are two complete different sizes right now. My left is a large C and my right is a small C - that is gonna suck if they don't even out a bit. People say that my right is healing faster cuz I use it more... Eh. We'll see. Ups and downs of 'successful' surgery.

Good day today - Out and about - lunch with a...

Good day today - Out and about - lunch with a friend, went in to my biz to show my face for the 2nd time in two weeks. Went grocery shopping. Helped my husband make dinner (amazing! LOL).

I only woke 1 time last night and slept a total of just about 8 hours. I took my garment off when I woke, saw my bed, got back in to it for about 20 minutes completely naked. It felt SOOOOOO good - I miss it sooooo much! I was asked by my doc to wear my garment 16 hours a day min. I'm doing around 18-19 right now. I wean down to 16 hours and do a few hours off in the AM and the PM.
It is just as nice to have it off as it is to put it back on ;)

Anywho - just a quick update on day 15.

Oh - almost forgot - I took measurements today for...

Oh - almost forgot - I took measurements today for the first time since before surgery. Between my chest and my thighs I've lost a total of 8 inches. (3 inches in my lower belly alone!) Nice!

Leaving the house today with the garment ON and...

Leaving the house today with the garment ON and jeans over it. My regular jeans are loose and these were a *bit* tight two weeks ago! YAY! So I'm wearing a bra top cami under a sweater. I personally thing I look 'banging hot'! LOL. My waist, belly and thighs have slimmed down SOOOO much (inches). And my brests are feeling more comfortable.

I haven't left my house with out a FULL underwire bra or sports bra on in 30 years... I'm sure of it. I hope this is enough support - breasts feel good though! I'm showing quite a bit of cleavage. I am not ashamed to admit that I am very proud of my investment! LOL!

OMG - I cannot wait to take my 3 week pics on...

OMG - I cannot wait to take my 3 week pics on Tuesday the 2nd. I took measurements again today. 3 inches in the waist, 4 inches across my lower belly (the widest part) and 1.5 inches on each thigh. My knees are actually still a bit bigger than they were - VERY swollen still - - In time they'll 'catch' up I suppose - and hope!

Getting ready to head to Easter Brunch with my...

Getting ready to head to Easter Brunch with my family. They were all very supportive except for one brother (I have 5 bros/sisters).

I'm having a hard time finding something to wear as I am now imbetween sizes 12/14. My tightest 14's are fitting pretty good, but some are literally falling down. My loosest 12's are fittting in the waist but not in the thighs yet...

Ugh! LOL.

I would wear crop pants or a skirt but my ankles are a bit swollen still and look like cankles.

Not sure of what shirt to wear either.

I guess I'll keep it simple and throw on one pair of pants that ARE fitting and just a simple 3/4 sleeve scoop neck top. I certainly didn't do this for my family ! LOL! Who cares what they think!

Went ahead and took 3 week pics tonight vs. in the...

Went ahead and took 3 week pics tonight vs. in the AM. I love that the horrible bruising is mostly gone. But everything is still lumpy to touch. Swollen. I see no difference in the knees and the thighs - there is an inch smaller in the thighs but my knees are actually bigger. All the fluids pool there perhaps? My flanks are still very lumpy bumpy and so is my lower belly. I have lost around 10 inches between my waist and my thighs though. So... Sometimes the pics don't really show it but the measurements do.

It is hard to be patient! But things are lookin' good. I just hope my thighs and my knees catch up! I'll be really annoyed if I don't see some changes in the next 3 weeks.

Changed my name to Deserveit! Just felt more right ;)

Changed my name to Deserveit! Just felt more right ;)

Realself reminded me to update today....... It's...

Realself reminded me to update today....... It's been a month since surgery. It has gone SOOOO Fast! Breast lift, implant and lipo. I took pics today but personally, I don't see a whole lot more change since 3 weeks. I hope these aren't my final results. I took measurements and my knees are the same size, thighs, I've lost about an inch on each.

Waist (3-4 inches) and lower belly (4ish inches) are the most dramatic. I'm fitting in to size 10-12 jeans down from 14. With the surgery I can fit in to about 7 pairs of jeans I haven't worn in about 5 years. (Yes, they're classic so the style works.... ;) )

I have been lacking motivation to walk as much as I wanted. I inteded to go every day but have only been walking 2x's per week. Perhaps I go tomorrow then every day forward? I'm tired really and I can tell. But eating has been FANTASTIC though. Always been a decent eater since losing all the weight 15 years ago. But I'm down on the scale 6-8 lbs since my surgery day depending on the day and time of weighing. Though if I eat *anything* with sodium, FORGET IT. I'm easily up 5 lbs overnight. Yuck. Buhbye take out Chinese food probably forever. I am very proud of how I have been eating. I didn't fall off track on that at all...

I see some little changes in the pics but nothing worth posting. Perhaps I'll post at 6 weeks after my next follow up appointment.

I have a stage 2 garment on order from Marena. My original one is toooooo big and slides down about 6 inches! LOL. I hope to have it by the weekend as the flexies and spanx aren't giving me comfortable support like the garment.

I feel rather comfortable except for my numb/sore knees and lower back. Everything is still a bit swollen and tender. I stretch every day which helps a lot! And scars are healing nicely. Massages are helpful but I need a little more than lymphatic now.... The pain of the surgery was NOT that bad at all....... But I was putting lotion on my lower back yesterday though and just rubbed some lumps the wrong way and OUCH! But it was gone quickly....

I cannot say WORTH IT yet... still thinking about it. From her forward, it is all on me now to keep what I have paid for! Get to the gym and walk walk walk :)
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Hey!!! Stopping by to read your review and say hi. I haven't weighted or measure myself pre surgery so to be honest I can't keep record of progress like you do. Try not to focus on measurements and numbers. Instead, look at yourself in the mirror and think. Do you LIKE what you see? I LOVE what I see in the mirror!! And I'm only 2.5 weeks post op Also, let's not forget it's 80% diet 20% exercise. Walking helps lots, but a diet will keep the results for ever and even improve the results. I have not walked as much as I wanted last week either. Only 3x week and I only walked monday this week so far. But I'm feeling great!! Still eating low carb as that is my lifestyle (with a few exceptions here and there but that's how I always was) And loving how my clothes fit! I'm wearing my normal everyday clothes, and hope to fit into my skinny clothes soon :)
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Thanks! Yeah - it was kinda cool to wear a pair a jeans 2 sizes smaller today :) Pretty much liking the results I just wish my knees & thighs would catch up! Sounds like you're doin' great! I feel pretty good. I got my stage 2 compression garment today via UPS and I'm soooo happy it fits nice and 'fitted'. Finally some good compression again! I put it on as soon as I got it and tossed the flexies in a pile to wash ;) My measurements are looking great. I'm down like 6-8 pounds and as long as I maintain that, I know that I haven't 'gained' weight. My eating is very clean. She took about 5 lbs of 'fat'. She said 2500 CCs. So I want to make sure I keep my weight down. Anywho! thanks for checking in! I'm gonna post more pics at 6 weeks.
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Wow! My doc took out 2000cc yet my results are not as dramatic as hours! Keep up the good work I'm sure you are helping the process being good with the food!! How does the compression garment for stage two feel compared to stage one? Did you also get a marena? I went for a walk without a garment just to see what happens and I might be able to pull it off. My spanx compresses but is not as tight as I would like it to be Glad to hear it's all going so well!
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Hi!!! So I was thinking of you this morning. Reason is that I have these elastoplast bandaids in my inner legs, and I wam supposed to take them off this friday (2 week post op check up), but I could nOT wait and took some out today Turns out, the bandaids were helping keep the knees in place, now they look the same as before I think? Or not as nice as I thought they would be. They are smaller for sure but not as flat as I thought (they will probably be later) anyway!! I hate my bandaids, they itch so much!! So I took some out, I figured it would not make such a HUGE difference to take them off two days before
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I did have steri strips on my wounds that fell off at about 10 days. I think my knees were more swollen after that also. I think there is just a longer healing process because of all the nerves and joint connections there? What do you think? Let me know how your apt. goes! My tape fell off today for my breast lift! I'm soooo happy with how they look. If interested, please check my profile and my breasts review for my pic I just uploaded with no tape :)
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My band aids were 4" wide so they were huge and covered most of my legs Now that those are gone I can observe the following: I have NO bruises where the band aids were!! It's so funny it's like the bruise suddenly stops there and all I have is clear skin underneath Also, it helped with the swelling for sure. I have yet to see what happens tomorrow without the help of them My knees seem to be back to normal meaning prior to surgery but I am definitely skinnier as my clothes fit better even with my spanx tights which are only tight on the flank area and half of the upper leg I just looked at your pictures and the result is amazing I hope to lose inches on my waist as well!!
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Have you taken "after" measurements yet? My clothes fit really weird right now. Between the boobs and the lipo I have NO clue what to wear! LOL!
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I have not taken before or after measurements but I definitely see a change in shape :)
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My surgery is scheduled for April 25 lipo and breast augmentation. Any great advice for lipo recovery? I'm a repeat offender w/ the breast augmentation so I understand the recovery for that I'm just worried about the pain of both. What would u have done differently to prepare if u could? What should I already have purchased? I go for my pre- op appointment on Friday (April 5th). Thanks!!
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Hi! I am Day 11 from Lipo of the lower abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. This is a great site for really good advice and support. I am 5'2" and 121 pounds. I just had some areas that just wouldn't go away no matter how hard I worked out or how good I ate. The doctor took out about 2,200cc from all the areas combined. I have also had a BA in 2002 so I know that process as well. For me, the lipo was a harder recovery. Definitely stock up on Arnica Pills/Pellets and Gel. Start taking the pills 3 days before the procedure and continue after. They really make a HUGE difference in the bruising and swelling. I had hardly any bruising. The Arnica Gel is good to start when you start taking showers or can remove the garment for a bit to put it on. For me, that was not until Day 5. I use it twice a day (morning after shower and night before bed) and it really helps ease discomfort and reduce swelling. Not gonna lie, I had rough first 4-5 days. But as soon as I got off the pain meds the recovery really sped up. I stopped the pain meds day 3 and stopped Tylenol day 5. It is hard to go from sitting/lying down to standing but once you are up it isn't' so bad to walk around. Make sure you have enough ice packs. I really like the ACE bandage ones that already have cloth covering. Icing 20 minutes at a time really helped with pain and swelling. Just make sure you time it because your skin will have lost sensation due to the surgery and you don't want to leave them on too long and get frost bite. Sleep with your legs elevated with a pillow under your knees/lower legs. This will help with bruising and swelling. It is also more comfortable since you have to sleep on your back. I am not a back sleeper so this was a hard part for me. Get some maxi dresses or skirts (cotton or soft material) to wear. You will be able to get around and go places but not abel to wear your regular clothes. I found maxi dresses to be the most comfortable, easiest to put on, and best over the garment. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!! This is probably one of the most important. It will help flush out all the toxins form the meds and drain your lymphatic system to get the swelling down faster. Lemon is also a good lymphatic system stimulator so hot water with lemon and honey is good to drink and also soothes your tummy. Stay away from sodium as much as possible. Get some stool softener as you will be constipated from the meds. Even with the softener it took me 3 days after surgery to have a BM. The good news is you will see results and it will be worth it. I was a little down in the dumps for the first few days, but as soon as I got past Day 5 things got really good really fast. I am still really swollen but still have good results so far: lost 1 pound, lost .5" in waist, 2" in love handle area, 1" in thighs. Every day gets a little better and I can't wait to see the full results in the months to come. Good luck and hang in there! :)
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Thanks so much for the advice. I'm making my grocery/drug store list now. What type of garments did u need to buy?
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I got a Stage 2 Marena above knee garment and a couple spanx for later. (Slim Cognito® Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit, In-Power; Line Super Higher Power) I am still wearing the garment from the doctor and will start wearing my stage 2 and spans in a couple of days. The doctor said I can wear spanx now, but I like the garment he gave me. It is starting to get loose so I will have to change garments soon. Also, the garment he put me in was too tight at the top of the band so I had my boyfriend make a couple of cuts to help loosen it. It was so tight I was having trouble breathing. If you have to cut it, just make sure you don't cut all the way through the elastic. Just the top.
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Hi Andrea, Thank you for your post. I am feeling pretty miserable, day 4 post lipo in the flanks and abdomen. I have been surprised to see how difficult this recover is in comparison to my Caesarian sections. The most difficult part is having an almost 4 year old and not quite 2 year old to manage. My husband has been as helpful as he can but he also has a business he mu run, thankfully he works from home. I wanted to be private about my surgery so I didn't tell anyone else, but I broke down and told my mom because I need her help. I was in really good shape so I thought I would bounce back quicker. When did you start returning to normal activity, I.e. not hunched over? I have a physical job so I decided to take a week off. Thanks for our advice.
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HI! I hear ya'! This was a lot harder than I expected. Day 4 I broke down crying to my boyfriend. BUT, after Day 5 things got a lot better real fast. It was at that time walking became easier and I could stand up straight. I too am in good shape and thought this would be easier, boy was I wrong. I am now Day 11 and it still gives me a little twinge to go from lying down/sitting to standing up. Is your job really physical? You should be ok after taking off one full week. I understand this would be hard for you with the kids, but if you can rest as much as possible until you have to go back I think you will be ok. I did no tell anyone except my boyfriend about this because they would have said I didn't need it. But I went to Easter dinner with the whole exam on Day 9 and was fine. I helped cook, played with the kids and no one had any idea under my maxi dress was a compression garment. :) Good luck!!! It gets better I promise!!!
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whole fan, not exam...:)
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ugh, fam
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Also, are you still on pain meds? As soon as I stopped taking those I got better really fast.
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I got off pain meds day 3 and now only took Tylenol when I woke up and when I go to bed. Also am taking arnica. I am a massage therapist and this who,e experience has made me much more sympathetic for my clients in chronic pain. Did you start going for short walks by day 5 or just around the house. I wish I would have had more vivid instructions by my doc on day to day activity. The literature says don't sit for for longer than a meal so I was up way too much my 1st day. Now I am trying to lay down more. I have a family function Thursday night, day 6, so I hope I can pull that off with no one noticing.
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Day 5 I walked around the house a lot and I went to the mall and walked around for a little bit. Now I am taking short walks but I don't want to overdue it. I definitely try not to sit in an upright position for too long. Mostly reclined or lying down. I planned to not really do anything physical for the first two weeks just because I am a runner and avid yoga practicer and I wanted my body to be 100% before I started putting strain on it again. I run half marathons and train year round. I did not want to push myself too soon and have to start at square one. A lot of people do too much too soon and end up super swollen again. I think for your job if you had a full work week + weekend off before you start you should be okay. If you can though, try to sit and elevate your legs in between clients. Definitely go home, ice, heat and elevate after work. I agree, it would shave been nice to have more day-to-day details but at least we have this site. :)
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Arnica! Arnica! Arnica ;) It has been really helpful. My doc started me on it before and I have continued taking it after. Health food stores have it. I also use the gel/lotions for self massage. Done differently? Hmmmmm - I don't know. I worked out every day preeeding the surgery - I ate really well... Hard to say. I way EXPECTING the WORST and hoped for the best. The best kinda happened. Hardley any drainage, just really sore. The garment was included with the price. I have the Marena Girdle 1st stage with side zippers - mid-calf. My breasts, I would have probably made sure she evened them out a bit more and went a little bigger - but everyone says that. I suppose when I'm out participating in my sports this summer, I'll appreciate the 'smaller' fills on the saline. Good luck to you! One day at a time and know it is uncomfortable, but NOT unbearable! :)
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agree! Drink LOTS of water! And this is the one I have ....... http://marenagroup.com/garmentstore/product/tabid/199/p-86-1st-stage-girdle-with-medium-legs.aspx .... It is too big now (you'll have to copy and paste the link). It took me almost 5 days to BM :( I just kept adding more fiber to my green smoothies in the AM. I use Arbonne's Fiber powder. Very helpful! Really!
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Yeah - My doc said spanx/flexies are Okay but they don't fit as comfortably as the Marena. I want to get another Marena but I only have to wear it for 3 more weeks. Is it worth the invenstment of another 100.00? Eh.
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My husband was great toooooo Thank God! Yes?
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I think my breakdown was around day 7. I'd have to look through my notes. My cat got scared by my dog and jumped right on my knee (my sorest area after Lipo!) I sobbed and sobbed. But I have gotten through the worst of it. 3 weeks today. Doin' Okay!
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