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Upper Eye Bleph and Lower Pinch W/Out Being Put Under - Plainfield, IL

I am 45 and had extra skin on hoods of eye and...

I am 45 and had extra skin on hoods of eye and extra skin under eye. I was not put under but was given numbing shots and valium. I listened to my IPOD so I wouldn't hear anything. I have to say you have to NOT think about what is actually happening!
I am happy with my results and it's only 1 month after. My lids are numb still on lash line. I LOVE that my eye liner stays on eyelash line now and not smudging on hoods. I'm so glad I did this at 45 and didn't wait till I am older. I believe the healing is quicker when your younger and I knew my lids would only get worse.
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I really search for an excellent doctor to trust with my precious eyes! I was very reassured by Dr. Will's experience and bedside manner.

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Im having my upper eyelids done in the office too along w restalyne injection on lower.... I too plan on listening to my iPod ... How many Valium did you take and while healing were you in a y pain?
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My procedure was done in my Plastic Surgeon's office. I was awake the whole time. I arrived about one hour before my procedure. I was given a valium an hour before. The doctor checked on me and I said I was still a little anxious and he gave me another 1/2. I felt no pain during the procedure and was fully aware. Could hear the conversations and when asked a question could answer. I did not wear any headset or music. I actually wanted to know what was going on. Afterwards the first two nights post surgery I took a Vicodin mainly just to sleep. After that nothing not even tylenol. Good luck with you procedure! The uppers only are much easier. Most anxiety stems from the lowers being done. I am now 5 weeks post op and can say each week it gets better. Be patient but aware. Call your doctor if your inner self is saying something does not look or feel right. God Bless!
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Thank you so much ... Your Feed back has common my anxiety alot ... I figure my iPod would ease my mind from what's happening and calm me more ... Glad to hear there was no pain for ya and hope that's the same for me.... I always have a problem sleeping incline it's not comfortable for me when sleeping but I know it needs to be done and had to do it w my other procedures....good luck on your healing w the lowers ... And all continues to get better
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Thanks for the clarification and explanation! Clearly, I misunderstood -- LOL! My problem is definitely with bags so, unfortunately, this doesn't sound like it will be an option for me. :-(
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I am 57 and just hit 4 weeks. I was fully awake for my upper and lower bleph. I also had total FX at the same time. I was pretty much pain free (and I do not like pain!!!). The key is ensuring your doctor gives you plenty of meds. I was told to arrive an hour before surgery and was given a Valium and one other drug (not sure what it was). I was fully awake be very relaxed and felt no pain. I was also given numbing cream and Novocain like shots (like the dentist gives you) for the total FX. The total FX laser treatment I felt more than the eye surgery. After I got home I only needed pain bills for the first 24 hours after that I never even took Tylenol. This is more of an emotional ride. It takes a long time to see final results and you become so obsessed with looking in the mirror to see if anything has changed. Its like wack-a-mole, just when you think one thing is resolved something else pops up to deal with. I'm not sure it was worth it for me but I am still waiting to see final outcomes.
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Did you have any thick swelling under the lower lash line. I am at 3 weeks and cannot seem to get the lower line of rope swelling to go down. Just curious if you had this?
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Not really. I iced every 20 minutes to reduce swelling.I did this for 3 to 4 days. Stay well
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Hey Girl...looking good... thanks for sharing. I'm having same procedure along with fat being removed from the lower lids too. I'm 52 and wish I could have done this at least 5yrs earlier, but very optimistic about procedure. I to, am having it done in Doctors office and will bring my IPOD too.. that was a great idea.. Looking at your pre-op pics and see you now, makes me more excited about having this done.. and I know it takes a while to achieve the look you are looking for.. but remember these nasty "bags, excess skin" did not happen over night, so... it does take time to heal. I will still have to continue Botox treatments for those damn "crows feet", but i'm thinking by removing the excess skin around my eyes, the "cross feet" should not be as noticeable.
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I still have botox. I still have some lines under eye, but much less since surgery. I am over a month after surgery and the eyes look better and better. The scars are still thick and noticable . I'm sure it will go away. NO one at work noticed a thing!!!! I'm not telling
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Joejah Peach - having same procedure with removal of excess fat under lower eye lids. Pre-op is no eating after midnight and yes, someone will have to drive you home... as you will be in lull lull land. I recently had surgery for a torn rotator cuff and have had other minor type surgeries... I can't image this surgery being more painful than my rotator cuff repair. Also, my cost is $3,500. I will post pics, etc.. after procedure.. hoping for the best and good luck to you
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I'm ten yrs older than you I would hope for the sames results, you look great. What was the total cost, it may be worth if to fly IL from N.O.
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$3700 This doctor offers 0% financing
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First, CONGRATS! Only 1 month out, and you look terrific! You're so naturally pretty that from the pic with your broad smile, it doesn't look as though you needed anything done! :-) But can definitely see the difference when looking at the pic from post-op day 7 compared to the one month pic. Second, BRAVO!!! You only used numbing shots and valium for BOTH the upper and lower?! That took a lot of courage! I looked into this as it would cut costs down considerably, but everything I read said that for the lower eyelids in particular, this is would be intolerably painful (see http://www.realself.com/question/blepharoplasty-eyelid-surgery-without-anesthesia). So, I'd like to know a little more from someone who actually did it! How many shots did it take for both upper and lower to be fully numbed? Was it numb during the entire surgery time, or did they have to re-inject at some point? Was your lower done externally (it looks like that from your post-op pic)? Did you have the any pre-op restrictions (e.g., no eating after midnight)? Were you able to drive yourself home after that? I plan to get mine done in April, and am really nervous about the anesthesia -- last time I had surgery, it made me throw up, even with anti-nausea medication! THANKS for sharing your experience!! :-)
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There is a huge difference with lower lid pinch and when they take out muscle and fat. I did not have muscle or fat remove or I'm sure I would have to be put under. The pinch is when the just take extra skin. I didn't have bags just loose skin. No way can you drive! You are drugged up with vicodin and valuim. Your vision is blurry for a few days. You get only 1 shot for upper and 1 for lower on each eye. I was terrified and it didn't help to look at the surgery on line...DON't do that. I pod was a great distraction. It is numb the whole time. Lower was just external skin. Iced every 20 mins for 3-4 days. Bruising gradually dissipated in 2 weeks. I didn't go out that much. Felt like everyone would think I was abused. My procedure was $3700. I prepared for staying in by getting magazines and movies. Feel free to ask any other questions. Oh yea, I did get Vicodin for a week.
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