Lower transconjunctival bleph with pinch under local anesthesia

After researching this surgery for about 7 months,...

after researching this surgery for about 7 months, I finally decided to go with under eye bag removal. lower bleph...with Dr. Will in Plainfield. I will post pics and will update on my process. The surgery is scheduled for Wed. March 26th and I will be under local anesthesia only. yes I'm very nervous about being awake but I heard its not so bad so we'll see...more to come soon..
I had the same surgery five weeks ago under a local. You'll be fine. They do make sure you are loopy that's for sure. Lol. I remember bits and pieces, but I don't remember being in any pain. I can't wait to see your journey. Good luck!
Thank you! that makes me feel better...do you like your results?
Yes, I do! I'm only five weeks post op, but I am already very happy. I look much better and I'm still healing!

Day of surgery

I had the procedure done today at 11am. I was given two Valium a half hour before surgery then was giving shots to numb the area. (Yes they hurt) I listened to my iPod to take away the distraction but found myself lowering the sound to hear what was going on. It wasn't painful. Just felt heat and pulling from the fat removal. A few times I had to be given more numbing because I would start feeling the pinch or heat. Overall it wasn't too bad. I have begun icing every 20 min which is annoying but should make the swelling less. My only concern now is my lower eyelids are pulled down which is very ugly and feels very odd. The doc said this is ok and should go back to normal in a few days but I'm starting to get anxiety over it. I guess it's only the first day so I shouldn't freak out just yet. I'll keep updating on this progress.
I'm sure you are very swollen. Don't worry about how you look. Just keep icing and make sure you sleep propped up with lots of pillows or sleep in a recliner. (That's what I did.) don't look in mirrors unless you absolutely have to. I was lucky because my surgeon likes to out compression tape in after surgery, so with bandages under my eyes I couldn't see the swelling it bruising until I went to have my stitches out. (Just two stitches that were use to keep repositioned fat in place. My Lower lids had dissolvable stitches.) I'm glad I couldn't see anything. The first week is the worst. Just concentrate on resting and healing.

Day 3

It's day 3 and not looking any better. I woke up with my eyes closed shut from crusting and oozing. I don't know if I can wash the area w the stitches to take off the crusting. My eyes are red and swollen and the outer corners are drooping which is my main concern. I think I'm going to call the doctor today. My eyes are very sore also. I have been really good with icing so the swelling and brushing under my eyes isn't that bad but I don't like that my eyelids are pulled away from my eye balls. I hope it's just the swelling...my eye shape is definitely different right now and I don't like it.

Day 4 and getting better

I woke up this morning and couldn't open my eyes again from all the crust and puss. Dr called this morning (thank god because I was about to call her) and prescribed me a steroid eye drop so that should help the swelling and redness of my eye. But overall bruising is minimal and swelling is not bad except right at the eyelash line where it's still pulling away from my eyeball. Right eye is still drooping but was told that should go back to normal. Today I actually feel pretty good and people are telling me I look good. Hopefully this just keeps getting better. I will post a pic soon.
I'm glad your feeling better. My eyes were really red and watery too. One of my eyes developed Chemosis. My doctor gave me steroid drops and a steroid shot to help get rid of it. You will feel much better once you get those drops in your eyes. Did you ask your surgeon if you could gently clean away the gunk in your eyes? I can't wait to see your photos!
You are! Darn. No way to edit when you make stupid typos. :/

Day 4

Having a hard time taking pics of myself but this is my right eye which is the worst of the two. See what I mean about drooping? Other than that looks pretty good I think. And yes I do plan to get my upper eyes done too but wasnt ready yet...:)
Your incision looks great and I think the drooping you see is probably just swelling. I really don't see it… just swelling. I think you look like you are healing really well.
Thank you I hope so. I'm surprised at how little bruising I have compared to people I've seen on here. I see my doc tomorrow so I'm sure she'll Let me know about the drooping and if it's normal. I just looked at your pics and you look great!! What a difference!! I wish I had my before pics so I could really compare after I'm all healed.
Since you, like me, only had lowers done, we had less bruising. Most people on this site are having multiple procedures at one time. I know I would also like to do my uppers, but I wanted to be conservative. I'm getting married in October and I wanted to make sure I was completely healed. Also, I need to save up in order to have my uppers done. Yeah, there is that. Lol.

one week out

I have been bad with updating but I'm one week since my surgery. I saw my doctor on Monday and she said my swelling/drooping is normal and should slowly go back to normal in the next two weeks. my bruising and swelling under my eye is pretty much all gone but the swelling/redness of my eyelid is still somewhat bad still and the dropping of my right eye is getting annoying and worrying me a little. I just have to be patient I guess but everyday I am hoping to see some sort of improvement but I'm not. Once the swelling and drooping goes away I think I'm going to be extremely happy. I don't see the bags anymore and the dark circles are not as bad as they were. I will post a pic later. I am back at work(with my glasses on) and no one seems to notice... My stitches are starting to come out (they are dissolvable) and I do have some little bumps around where the stitches are...(I assume that is normal) but its not bad...my eyes are still sore and I am taking some advil for it but the pain has really not been bad at all...dryness is sometimes bad but I use rewetting drops which seems to help.....I will update again in a few more days with hopefully better news that my swelling/drooping is gone! :)
Isn't Advil a no no? I was told to only take Tylenol for my pain. I would check with your doctor. It sounds like you are right on track and healing normally. I would try not to worry. You really look excellent for just one week post.

one month

I'm one month out of my surgery and things are not healing normally so I'm not sure at this point if this surgery was worth it. I look exactly the same as I did 2 weeks ago...I hate how my eyes look right now...I never wanted the shape of my eyes to change...just the bags to be gone... The swelling of my lids is still there and the drooping did not go away. I'm starting to think I may need revision surgery if this drooping doesn't go away. I'm so frustrated. I see my doctor again on Monday but she isn't sure why I'm looking swollen still and thinks allergies has something to do w/it but I just don't know...the incisions under my eyes are pretty bad but I expected that to take a while to go away or at least look better....I really don't know what to do at this point but right now I'm regretting doing this...
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