Almost 6 months Post Op!!! - Plainfield, IL

I have been large chested since the beginning of...

I have been large chested since the beginning of puberty. During high school it didn't seem so bad, then in college I realized that they were such a pain (pun intended!) I got marred and had children soon after college so I just dealt with them because I figured I didn't really have time to take out time for me. My children are now almost 8 and 6 and I finally feel ready. I consulted with my PS in September and found out that insurance would cover it about 2 weeks later! I was elated!! I was shocked that they were covering it, but I am very large chested and have documented back issues. My surgery is scheduled for January 7, 2013 and I am soooooo excited! I would have done it earlier but I wanted to loose some weight first and get some medication changes that I needed to do prior to doing this surgery (I have multiple sclerosis so that is another thing that made me hesitant about surgery). I have my medication changes that I needed to do done and I have lost 35 pounds so far, hoping to have 50 gone prior to surgery. Figured I could loose some of my breasts myself then that way the PS could take from the excess that I couldn't loose!!
I have been looking on this website for the last 2 months and have so humbled by how you all share your stories and pictures! I have been truly amazed by how brave you all are! I am very nervous about having the surgery, not really of any pain, but more of having healing problems after. Also I'm scared that my nipples are going to be completely uneven or way too high or something crazy like that. I am sure that all of these thoughts are normal?!? A month ago I was thinking that I didn't care about any of that because all I want is the relief of back pain from them, but now I am starting to think about all of the "material" things! I mean I am still a women and I do want my hubby to still find my breasts attractive! He keeps telling me that 1. they will look fine and 2. even if they do get botched that he will always find me attractive! That is reassuring, but I am still nervous!
Any one else have a similar thought process?? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!
Will post pics soon of my pre surgical knockers!!

So, the holidays have been crazy and I have had...

So, the holidays have been crazy and I have had family at the house and just am getting over a cold, but my surgery is on Monday and I am so emotional about it!! Just have never had surgery so am nervous about anesthesia mostly! But I know in my heart I'll be fine and I just need to keep focused on the great results I will have!!
I have all of my pre-op stuff done, met with my PS recently who went over more of what to expect on the day of surgery and post op care. I meet with her 2 days post op to get drains removed. I'm sure I'll be ready to get those out, but I think they are for the good! Wouldn't want all of that swelling to collect in my breasts, I would rather have it drain out if there is any! I also made an appt at a nearby hair salon to have my hair washed and blow-dried every other day for a week. Figure that will be my little present to myself.....I cant stand when my hair doesn't get washed and I know I may be in pain/can't shower for the first few days.
My parents are also coming into town on Monday for a week to help out around the house and with the kids and my hubby is off for a week too! Im hoping I can just lay in the recliner and watch TV and enjoy my family! Hoping not to be in too much pain and also hoping I at least am able to sleep a little! I am a 100% a tummy sleeper so this is going to be a challenge for me!!! :) But it's worth it I know!!
I will keep all posted as I go.....

Just finished up my last day at work for 3 weeks!!...

Just finished up my last day at work for 3 weeks!! Got the house all cleaned and grocery shopping done! Just am going to relax and lay low all weekend for my big day on Monday!! All I want to do is talk about it! Im sure my friends are thinking, "enough all ready"!! I am of course nervous but am trying to look past it and just enjoy my relaxation this weekend and look forward to a new me!!
I do have a question though?? My surgeon never mentioned anything about washing with dial soap or hibiclense prior to surgery?!? Is that something anyone knows anything about??

Tossed and turned all night last night :( Just...

Tossed and turned all night last night :( Just very anxious I guess!! I am so excited AND nervous all is the same breath! It's such a bizarre feeling that probably you ladies can understand!! I just can't believe its finally here, I have been waiting for this day for so long that it is weird thinking that it is ACTUALLY TOMORROW!! ahhhhhhh!! I'm thinking I need to go take some of the valium
now that is supposed to be for post op?!?! I just need my mind to stop racing!!! LOL!

Hey ladies!! Everything went well and I'm at home!...

Hey ladies!! Everything went well and I'm at home! Have a little pain now and am hoping to get some rest!!

So I'm wrapping with an ace bandage with drains...

So I'm wrapping with an ace bandage with drains and a pain pump in. I dont get to take the ace off until I see my PS on wednesday....I took a couple of vicodin since Ive been home and now Im itchy all over. I am sensitive to narcotics and get real itchy. Ugh, and they put this ace on sooooo tight and I can't itch under it at all!! I'm miserable right now....All i want to do is rip the ace off, get the drains pulled and shower!! I want this part of recovery to be over! Plus I want to see my new boobs and I can't :(
Just needed to vent I guess!!
Im real happy with how small they seem though :) I need to keep all of the positives in mind!!!

Slept ok last night, finally the itching stopped...

Slept ok last night, finally the itching stopped because I took benadryl. Haven't taken any vicodin for pain today, just motrin and valium which has actually been fine! The itching was worse than the pain in my opinion!
I had a few friends come see me today and all were shocked with how small I looked! It was kinda cool seeing their reactions!! They do seem sooooo much smaller, but I have only seen them a little by sneaking down the ace wrap to look real quick. Have been icing my chest on and off all day, which i do think definitely helps! my drains have been draining a decent amount....about 120 ml on both side total and its still coming so I'm hoping that she will still be able to pull them tomorrow.....they have to go!! We will see what shes says I guess!
ok ladies, i will keep u posted and show pics tomorrow that I'll take at office when she unwraps me!!! So excited to see what they look like!!!

I am feeling pretty good, but I do have a question...

I am feeling pretty good, but I do have a question for the ladies who have already had their reductions! I am 3 days post op and feel totally engorged/swollen. Not sure if this is how they are just gonna stay like this because of the reduction or if this feeling will pass?!? Its not really painful, its just different from what I am used to, they feel very tight! I have been icing them non stop and taking Motrin in hopes it will help, but Im thinking it will just take time.....any words or wisdom for me ladies?!?
Also, I noticed that a lot of you have put on paper tape or steri strips after your hospital ones for a period of time. My PS told me yesterday that after my hospital ones fall off to do nothing at all?!? she said just to keep them clean and dry, but nothing special. She said when she sees me in 2 weeks that we will talk about scar creams etc, but I have to do nothing before then. I was very surprised......I had already purchased paper tape, should I just use it, or do nothing at all?!? Again, and words of wisdom?!?
Thanks ladies!!

I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty good! I...

I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty good! I have been sleeping ok at night, but still needing a nap during the day! I have been icing my boobs alot during the day and have been taking motrin for the pain during the day, then 2 vicodin and 2 benadryl (for itching) at bedtime! My steri strips are starting to peel off slowly so I am pretty much just keeping wounds clean and dry and wearing a post op type bra for most of the day and at night. I do have to place dry gauze on certain areas that seep so my bra doesn't need to be washed 10 times a day!
I added some pics.....Im very happy with results....pretty sure Im going to have a "dog ear" on both sides, but I could honestly care less about that right now!

I am 1 week post op!! A little yellow bruising,...

I am 1 week post op!! A little yellow bruising, and still swollen with a little pain, but nothing huge! I posted some new pics and am wondering if anyone thinks my nipple skin looks normal?!? I think once it heals it will even out, but it looks weird now to me. Any insight from anyone is appreciated!

And Look at how much bigger my right is that my...

And Look at how much bigger my right is that my left?!? Do you think it is because it is more swollen and has already dropped?!? I want them to be even!! Ugh!

Officially just about 10 days post op! Can't...

Officially just about 10 days post op! Can't believe it!! Still very swollen, so Im icing them very frequently, keeping a supportive bra on and resting as much as I can. Just went out and got some bras that are like sports bras, but clasp in the back and kinda have a cup indention, anyhoo love them so much!! Tried on some other bras, but didn't buy any because I'm still so swollen, but was shocked and so excited that I fit in a C Cup!!! So happy!!!!

Went to a work inservice today and boy oh boy it...

Went to a work inservice today and boy oh boy it was hard to get through! I'm used to my naps and my icing of the girls and my recliner!! I'm glad I still have another 10 days off work, I don't think I'd be ready to go back yet! I am going to walk on the treadmill a few times next week to try and build my endurance back up before going back to work (im an ER RN and i work 12 hour shifts so I need endurance!)

I have been doing well! I can't believe I'm...

I have been doing well! I can't believe I'm already 2 weeks post op!! Healing well, except I have a little area under my right breast at the T junction that is still buggin me! It is very small and I'm fairly certain it is just healing, but of course I'm worried of an infection or a wound separation! I do see my PS this friday, so I'm hoping that she can reassure me, but let me know what you guys think based on the picture!?!
I don't feel as swollen and I have stopped icing, I haven't taken an Vicodin in a few days and am feeling fine. I go back to work next Monday and think that I'll be ready! I still love the support of my post op bras too, for me they provide just the right amount of compression and support!
Ok all, hope everyone is doing well!!

Saw my PS today and she said everything looked...

Saw my PS today and she said everything looked great! I am starting on a cream I can massage on scars and I'm ordering silicone strips to help as well! I am just so happy I did this! I can't even believe it! I told my doctor today that I couldn't even thing of a way to actually thank her for what she has done for me! She is so sweet and I'm so happy I used her!

So I didn't wear a bra last night to bed, just a...

So I didn't wear a bra last night to bed, just a loose cami, and I really think what my T junctions needed is AIR!!! I feel like they are finally able to start to think about being true scabs if I get them a little oxygen!! So of course I posted new pics!!
Tis all for now!

Can't believe I'm already 3 weeks post op! I go...

Can't believe I'm already 3 weeks post op! I go back to work tomorrow and am excited (for the compliments and jaw drops!) LOL! I am real worried though about being there for 12 hours! Ugh, I still tire pretty easily, but I have to do it, I am healed up pretty good, and don't have any more sick time left, and kinda need to pay my bills ;) Hopefully it won't be too bad!
I can't wait to get my silicone cups in the mail too, not that I'm real worried about the scars, but my PS suggested them and I figure I might as well give them a try....can't hurt!
Still obciously sleeping on my back, which sucks! I love sleeping on my tummy! Heck at this point, I would even settle for a side sleep, but it still is too sore :( I'm by 12 weeks post op I'll be back to my normal 8-9 hour a night tummy sleep......i know i know, Im like a child!!! :)

Hi all, I'm doing real well adjusting to being...

Hi all,
I'm doing real well adjusting to being back at work post-op! The first day was rough, but I've been fine since! My breasts themselves aren't sore at all, but the incisions lines hurt every so often depending on what sports bra I'm wearing. The best thing I've done is wear a size above what I need to be so I can pull it down to where the fabric is under my incisions, and it still gives good support! I am still taking bromelain, pretty much just because I still have 1/4 of the bottle left, so figure I will just take it until it is gone. I think it is maybe helping?!? Who knows for sure, all I know is it can't hurt. I haven't had to ice them at all in the last week and haven't had any drainage or oozing from anywhere. The t junctions are looking better as well. I am actually waiting on the silicone strips until the t's are heals completely, as the package said not to but them on any 'open wounds'. I am thinking I'll start those in a week or so. I am still just using the lotion the doctor gave me to help with the scars. I haven't really noticed at huge difference within the week or so that I've been using it, but I know with time it may help. The scars themselves don't really bother me, but the redness of them does a little bit, but again, I know with time that will fade!
Everyday they look a little different to me! It's amazing how they change as they heal. I'm still very happy with how they look, I feel so blessed to have had this surgery done!! If anyone out there is considering it, DO IT! It really is a LIFE CHANGER!!
Oh and on a side note, as of today, I've lost 58 pounds since August 20th!!! Can't believe I have done that by diet alone! No exercise! I would hurt too bad because of my old boobs, that I just got lazy! Once I decided to get the breast reduction, I was motivated to change my body to get healthier, and I have! I just feel wonderful! I still have about 25 pounds or so to still loose, but now, after I get the clear from the PS, I can EXERCISE!!! YAH for new, smaller boobies!!!

Nothing too much has changed since last week! I am...

Nothing too much has changed since last week! I am feeling real good and have been putting lotion on my scars often. They are very red and once and a while cause a little pain, but not much! I am able to sleep on my tummy again, which is so great for me! I do wake up a few times during the night and have to adjust myself from a little discomfort I have. I am done with bromelain pills also. They still change everyday! Its amazing! One issue I have been having recently is that my dissolvable sutures have been starting to "poke" out in spots. It looks like a pimple under my skin for a few days, then it pokes out and I can literally scratch it off then. I just then keep the area moist with neosporin and wait for the inflammation to go down. The ones that hurt the most are the ones around my aerola! Ouch! But I only have had about 5 sutures do this and my PS said that it could happen as I heal so at least I knew it was a normal thing!
Ok ladies, everyone is looking good! I love watching all of our progress! Its so awesome!!

Nothing too much that is new! I keep having...

Nothing too much that is new! I keep having sutures that are "dissolvable" surfacing and causing me to have "pimples" still. Some are worse that others, but it is starting to annoy me because I feel like it is making my scar areas look worse. Time will tell I guess. I am also still very red, especially in the lighting in the pics I added. I feel great though and have been starting to jog and it feels awesome to be able to be active and not let my breasts get in the way!!!

Nothing real new to update you all on expect for...

Nothing real new to update you all on expect for the fact that I am in heaven with my new boobs!!! I am up to being able to run 4 miles!! NEVER would have been able to do that before!!!! I am continuing to lose weight and have never fit better in my clothes!! Hope you all are doing well!! Still just am so happy that I did this surgery!! Truly has already changed my life for the better and its only been 12 weeks!!

4.5 months Post-Op

I can't believe its been 4 and a 1/2 months since my BR! It has flown by!! I have been so happy with my results and feel that they are even still changing! I can't tolerate the silicone pads so I have been just using bio oil on my scars and have noticed very little changing in regards to the redness of them, but I know that will get better with more time! It is so nice now that it is getting warm out to be about to wear a strapless suit with confidence!! OMG I still can't believe I can do that! And its nice not feeling like I have to try to hide all the time behind my clothes; I just have so much confidence now and I never knew that would feel so good! That in itself made the BR worth it!
I have a friend at work that is getting her BR in less than a month and I am so happy for her! She is getting nervous and it is so nice being able to talk to her about how I had all those same feelings, I remember them like it was yesterday! I was a worried wreck; there were so many moments where I thought I was going to chicken out! SO glad I didn't thought! I finally feel like I am enjoying life!!!
I added some new photos to show the progress!!
Hope all are doing well!!

Almost 6 months post op!!

Nothing really new to report! Just ecstatic that I am able to wear a strapless swim top!! Who would have ever thought that would be a possibility for me?!? Never!! But this is so cool being able too!! Also I have been able to wear some cute summer dresses with no bra!! NO BRA!!! It's awesome to have that option now!!
I posted some recent pics!
Hope all of you are doing well!!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I was recommended by a friend to my PS and also had heard a lot of great things about here prior to that ! She exceeded all of my expectations! I knew at the first consultation that she was the PS for me! Not only is she knowledgeable, she is compassionate and empathic! I now not only have no back or shoulder pain from the reduction, but I have great looking perky new boobs!! So very happy that I did the reduction with, in my opinion, the best PS out there!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for sharing your journey through this very personal experience. The results are perfect and exactly what I'm looking for. I was scheduled to have a BR in January 2005 but was diagnosed with MS in December 2004. Since I was going through so many "picks and probes", I decided to not go through with it. Now, 10 years later and 50 pounds lighter, I am seriously considering pursuing a BR again. I wear a DD cup but should probably be wearing at least DDD. I just can't stand the back and shoulder pain anymore. Your posts were so helpful but you didn't mention if your MS interferred with this procedure. Did the trauma of surgery to your body cause any type of exacerbation. .. Thanks again for sharing your story-
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I am loving your results. thank you so much for your detailed journey!
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You look awesome!
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your boobs look a great size and shape, what a great op this is :-)
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Nice to see you! So glad your doing so well. I'm doing good but still a little sore and still have a hard area under right nipple and above it so hoping that goes away by itself. I'm at 4 months now. You look so fantastic!! We did it!!! Yay summer without big bras and big clothes !
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I just wanted to stop by and let you know how amazing you look! The shape and size is exactly what I'm hoping for!
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you are looking fabulous! congratulations!
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Looking great!!!!! Isn't this wonderful!!
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You look fab! Isn't it great to have the freedom of small tits? I am so happy I had the reduction myself. I haven't been out running yet, but when the snow disappears I'll give it a go :)
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Lookin great
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What size were you pre-op and what are you now?
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ok i apologize i read down your comments and it reads you are a 38 c/d? is that the bra size you are buying? my surgery is in april ..and i am scared out of my mind that i am going to come out with no boobies.. i am a 34 ii now and i am miserable everyday ..but i do not want little bitty boobies.. i have had big boobies for what seems like forever .. the size of yours look GREAT!!! everything about yours look great!! the doc and me talked about a d cup but i am thinking i might feel moore comfortable w/ full d small dd ..thanks for your posts and updates and pics it has really helped me get a better perspetive on what i can expect ;)
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Yes, I have been fitting into a 38 C or D really! I think at first they were really high and taunt and i was a C and now that everything is settling down and becoming more natural shaped, I am a D. Either was is fine by me :) I hear you with hoping that you aren't too small! Its a huge change really! but a good change at that! I think that when you are talking size with your MD you need to take in to consideration your body type/frame :) Im glad my posts have helped :) I know that for me I got so much info from others that I figured I would post my journey as well in hopes of helping others like others have helped me!!
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you are a cup now ? what is your band size ?
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You look great, nice and perky. Amazing difference between the old and new breasts. I hope to start jogging soon too. I want to try the couch to 5k program. How are you doing at work?
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Thanks!! I actually just started the couch to 5K, so funny that you mentioned that! I love it! It is perfect for those who haven't really ever been able to run because of large breasts! Really is helping to build endurance without completely wearing me out!! Work is going great! How about you!? How are you doing?!?
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I am doing pretty good. Work is pretty slow for the next few weeks. If I am lucky I work 2-3 days a week. I am feeling great and ready to start more intense workouts.
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Glad you are doing so well!!!
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Wow they do look great. Congratulations.. Looks like you are done with all the scarey issues now that can happen and it should be smooth sailing now..
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You look fabulous!!! I hope mine end up looking like yours..... I kept looking at the difference and they just look perfect. Congratulations
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Congratulations on the weight loss, that is downright impressive! Your girls look fab too :)
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Thanks guys! I appreciate it!
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Congrats on your weight loss! Thank you for sharing your journey from start to finish.I've been following your every post because it's 2 weeks from today for me! I'm so excited!
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I hope the 2 weeks files by for you!! You are so close! Yah!!!
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congratulations,wow that is great! and you look great! 58 pounds! awesome!
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